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The Strive

The Strive

By Strive
A podcast interviewing people on there strive to be great! Find out why they started, what they went through, what they are working on, and how you can help them!

Hosted by, Jeremiah De Leon @Mr Strive
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The Strive of Nick Nanakos ( Building a FoodTruck empire )

The Strive

The Strive of Brenden Kumarasamy ( becoming a great speaking coach ) Tune in to hear about Brenden, and his strive to be a great speaking coach. He is the founder and Ceo of MasterTalk a youtube channel gives great info on how to be a good speaker for free. He is the person perfect to listen too if you are trying to find your way and want to figure out what you can be great at. ( )
June 30, 2020
The Strive of Sheetal Bahirat ( Finding Hidden Gems in food we waste )
Watch video format: Tune in to hear about Sheetal, and her strive to be great at finding ways to upcycle food that we waste in the world. She is the founder and Ceo of Reveal, a drink that is brewed out of avocado seeds. Sheetal is the perfect example of someone who doesn't sit back and wait for people to help her; she puts her sleeves up and learns to move forward.  Main points :  Sheetal strive will inspire you to pursue what you love, and if you don't have the tools or knowledge to do so, go out and learn.  Links :  @DrinkReveal
June 22, 2020
The Strive of Nick Nanakos ( Building a FoodTruck empire )
Tune in to hear the strive of Nick Nanakos the founder and Ceo of TruckBux on building an empire around the food truck market. We will dive into why he started this journey, what were some of the key factors to him growing his business, and finally where he wants to take it. If anyone loves the food truck market or wants to know more, Nick is your perfect foodtech entrepreneur to listen too. Enjoy!  Main take away :  Nick's Strive will inspire you to get out and talk to your customers and do all the "grunt" work. He truly is an example of getting his hands dirty as a founder and not looking at anything as too small of a job for him.  Links :
June 9, 2020