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The Styling Advisory Podcast - Personal Styling Business Interviews

The Styling Advisory Podcast - Personal Styling Business Interviews

By Sarah Cohen: Founder, The Styling Advisory
How does a personal stylist build their client base in 2022?

Join Personal Styling Business Expert, Sarah Cohen, as she interviews successful image experts from around the world to learn about the marketing tactics that helped them build successful businesses.

You'll find out how these successful stylists:

✨Built a social media audience
✨Connect meaningfully with that audience
✨Build an email list of subscribers
✨Nurture those subscribers into clients

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Networking Events, Facebook Groups & Getting Visible with Stylist Janine Coney
How did personal stylist Janine Coney build her Instagram audience to over 11,000 followers? What grass -roots, 'old school' marketing activity works better for Janine than any other? And what's the most popular styling services her UK clients are booking in now? Find out the unique marketing mix that works for Janine in today's episode. As always, you'll see that there are so many different ways to grow your social media audience, build your email list, drive web traffic and grow your client base - we just need to find the solution that works for you. Janine and I worked together in my 1 on 1 coaching sessions last year and it's been a pleasure to see her building on her mission of making women visible! If you're ready to find the ideal marketing strategy for your business, let's customise a plan together! Head to to book your complimentary tea & chat.
April 21, 2022
Creativity-Based Marketing with International Stylist, Coco-Louise
In today’s podcast episode, International Stylist and Bespoke Shopper Coco-Louise explains why she values creativity-based marketing over complicated strategies to attract clients. Coco-Louise helps her ‘guests’ (styling clients) embrace their most true self. And she’s decided to follow suit with the way she approaches digital content creation, choosing to tap into her own creativity instead of being paralyzed by the myriad marketing strategies out there. It’s an interesting perspective from a genuinely creative, artistic soul who felt inhibited by the traditional or ‘right way’ to market her styling business. Her story proves there is ALWAYS a way to market your styling business that feels right for you, no matter what everyone else is doing. Let's create the most engaging, creative and completely unique content plan for your styling business together in our 1 on 1 Coaching Program!
March 18, 2022
From Styling Princesses To Personal Clients, With UK Celebrity Stylist Ozuola Martins
Ozuola Martins is a celebrity, editorial and red carpet stylist now pivoting into the world of personal styling. The challenge for many celebrity stylists looking to build up their personal clientbase is the need to move away from the reliance on word-of-mouth and referrals towards a more strategic marketing plan that attracts the right personal styling clients consistently. A key component of this marketing plan is the need to COMMUNICATE YOUR VALUE. Which is easier said than done if we don’t believe whole heartedly in ourselves. With over 20 years experience, Ozuola is one of London’s most talented stylists. I mean, let’s just look at some of her incredible styling achievements: ✨Styling members of The Royal Family for editorial shoots, personal shopping and event looks ✨Styling for BBC, ITV & Channel 4 Presenters ✨Curating Celebrity Special Event Looks - Derby, Ascott, Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball, Red Carpets ✨Styling ad campaigns for international retailers like SPACENK & BROWNS ✨Editorial styling for Hello Magazine, Tatler ✨Corporate consulting for The HYATT Group And yet, in today’s episode, Ozuola shares her own struggle to believe in herself and her abilities, despite these numerous styling accolades. Join us for another real, raw and honest conversation about the ups and downs of being a successful stylist, creating content we really care about, and what Ozuola had for lunch in the Royal Lodge! Make sure you RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE to our show below. Want To Work Together? Click here to see our programs. Watch this Interview on StylingAdvisory TV via Youtube
February 20, 2022
How To Get Your Personal Styling Audience Connecting With You Online (Masterclass)
Welcome to another 'TEA & CHATS - STYLING BUSINESS MASTERCLASS!'  This time, we were joined by Clinical Psychologist Talya Rabinowitz and C-Suite Brand Transformation Specialist, Dara Donnelly, along with image experts from around the world to uncover this pressing issue....  ⭐How In The Name Of Zeus Can We Get People Actually Connecting With Our Posts, Blogs & Emails??? ⭐  It's so soul-destroying when you put hours into a piece of content, only to have it generate a few likes from friends and family.... We're doing this stuff to attract amazing, like-minded individuals to our business, and we don't have time to waste!  So let's find out what makes someone feel a sense of connection on a subconscious level, and then create social media/digital content from that place!  PS 💥 We can teach you how to create this type of MAGNETISING CONTENT for your own brand in a fabulous new program called 'THE CONNECTION'.  Our Connection participants finally discover the path to build their version of a styling business, with content that flows from their soul. Like this gal:  "This course with Sarah Cohen and her colleagues was a game changer for me. I was feeling completely overwhelmed on how to approach my marketing strategy. Feeling unable to handle the realm of social media, Sarah was able to guide me through processes and strategies on how to best approach this whilst being my true self. Sarah and her team were able to ‘set me free’ of all preconceived ideas and allow me to speak my truth in my own way. She showed me that being true to oneself speaks volumes! I would highly recommend this course if you are truly looking for a way to move forward in your business and are needing a fresh, authentic and realistic approach. Great work Sarah and team! X - Patrizia Smreker, VIC  If you want to:  🔥 Learn how to regulate your own nervous system to get the BEST stuff out of you without anxiety 🔥 Unblock your ideas for a truly unique styling business  🔥 Create a year's worth of content for all your marketing platforms that feels 100% you instead of the boring old formula AND  🔥Start build an online community of people, like you, who are desperate for your services THEN JOIN US!  Head to Want to join our next masterclass FREE? Head to The Styling Advisory website and join our styling community.
February 11, 2022
The Ethical Stylist Who Won A United Nations Award, With Melbourne's Donna Cameron.
What does 'ethical image consulting' look like, and how do stylists support this global shift in consumer interest?  The term 'sustainability' is thrown around ALOT in the styling world - so I wanted to ask the OG of ethical stylists, Colour Expert, Melbourne Image Expert, former President of the Melbourne Chapter of the AICI and author, Donna Cameron, what's happening in the sustainable styling realm right now.  I was also interested in understanding whether this retail trend was starting to show up in the demand from styling clients - are clients genuinely looking to change the way they consume fashion? Donna and her business partner Briar Jasper-Batson founded a really cool styling initiative, called 'Fashion By Foot'; The two take clients on a walking tour of Melbourne's independent designer studios, where you'll get to see first hand how the garments/accessories are made, the time it takes, the effort, and how this type of slow, considered, unique retail experience is a more sustainable way of shopping.  This episode is a great one for stylists interested in using your image business as a vehicle to continue supporting ethical fashion and sustainable initiatives. HAVE YOU JOINED OUR STYLING EXPERT COMMUNITY? ☕👗🦄🤣 We host free, monthly 'Tea & Chats' Sessions, tackling all the big marketing questions that image experts face. You can join us here AND receive 50% Off your annual subsciprtion to Virtual Styling Biz Tool Shopshare!  Catch up on the latest Tea & Chats Business Masterclass HERE.
December 09, 2021
INSYZE - The New Platform For Plus-Size Styling Clients (And how stylists can use it)
Are you a personal stylist struggling to find amazing brands for your plus-size clients?  Or are you a stylist specialising in curvy, full figured or tall styling, looking to find new clients? In this week’s episode of The Styling Advisory Podcast, I got to chat with Sylvie Wilson, Co-Founder of INSYZE, a personalised shopping and community platform for plus-size fashion.   Founded by Sylvie and her sister Danielle, INSYZE is a plus size ecommerce site and search engine, helping users (and stylists) search for the clothes you want, from lots of different brands - all in your size and in one space.   What I loved about this concept was:   1. The average woman is technically ‘plus-size’ and for too long retailers haven’t prioritised extending their size ranges. So businesses like INSYZE are pioneering this segment of the market   2. They’ve built in a community component to their ecommerce site, which actually drives most of their engagement and sales, because it’s built on genuine, real, no b/s conversations  3. Stylists can use this platform to quickly source incredible options for clients, and then present them in cool shoppable videos using Shopshare 4. Stylists can also use the ‘CHATS’ community feature to build their profile.   STYLING JOB OPPORTUNITY (Nov 2021) INSYZE are looking to hire a stylist to work with them for a new 'get the look' feature they've just launched.  Please email your interest to and we’ll connect you with INSYZE.
November 11, 2021
What's New With Shopshare (Styling Tech Update, With Emma Inteman)
This week we catch up with Emma Inteman, founder of the ultimate video tool SHOPSHARE, to find out what new features they’ve introduced to help personal stylists build incredible, global styling businesses.   With their exclusive tech, SHOPSHARE is the only platform offering a human touch to online shopping via video integration. The ideal virtual styling solution for clients who want to personalise their recommendations, curated looks and shopping services.   You’ll learn:   *How to monetize the ‘pre-shop’ work you do for each client  *How to turn 1 shoppable video or mood board into a marketing tool, commission generator AND a paid service  *How to use shoppable videos and mood boards to prove your value as a stylist   *** Didn’t catch the first episode? Check it out here: Want 50% off your annual subscription to SHOPSHARE? Make sure you sign up to become a Styling Advisory Committee member here.   WE NEED YOUR HELP! At The Styling Advisory HQ, we’re working our super hard to provide you all with AS MUCH free content as possible.   All we ask is that you rate, review and subscribe to our podcast, so we can keep brining you real insights from people that share honest styling business stories.
October 18, 2021
The Power Of Listening To Clients, with AICI CIM and author, Carla Mathis
SIGN UP TO OUR STYLING ADVISORY COMMITTEE AND RECEIVE: ✔Invitations to our monthly, LIVE business and marketing webinars ✔Plus 50% OFF Virtual Styling Tool 'Shopshare' CLICK HERE: ****** In my latest podcast, I get to deep dive into the heart of styling with AICI Certified Image Master and author of 'The Triumph of Individual Style', Carla Mathis. I first met Carla as a student of The Style Core, and am fortunate to call her both a friend and business partner in the ‘Going Virtual’ Program we co-run alongside Erin Mathis. In today’s conversation, we really delve into the soul of styling, and the role of the ‘identity’ for clients. Carla has experienced incredible hardships growing up, but she has used this trauma to empathise with her clients and shift the meaning of an image consulting session towards something much more holistically healing. As an image expert, you get to remind your client of what they’ve forgotten about themselves, and how to tap into that deep soulful stuff. Despite their body shape challenges or concerns, what you’re really doing is helping them uncover and acknowledge what is beautiful about themselves. Listen to how Carla teaches 'connection' to aspiring stylists and what this means for your own brand, business and marketing moving forward. READY TO BUILD A BRAND AND CONTENT THAT GUARANTEES CONNECTION WITH THE RIGHT AUDIENCE? Join our live coaching program, 'The Connection' starting Oct 4, 2021.... you'll get a brand identity and content plan that flows from the heart seamlessly and effectively, delivered by brand specialists and psychologists.
September 28, 2021
How To Build Connections With Your Audience Using Your Heart
I wanted to share a recording of our monthly, free industry catch-up called 'Tea & Chats' Styling Business Masterclasses. Any and all stylists, image experts and aspiring stylists are invited, just sign up to our Facebook community @StylingAdvisoryCommittee via our website. This month we spoke with clinical psychologist Talya Rabinovitz about how we can start to build real, genuine connections with our audience and build trust towards client bookings. We shared: ⭐Why we are hating the process of marketing right now ⭐What's impacted our ability to show up as ourselves ⭐What happens when you acknowledge your soul's true purpose Want to learn how to build connections with your audience in a fulfilling, gentle, authentic way without having to smash out post after post? Then you need to join THE CONNECTION program. ✨WHAT IS IT? A mentor-facilitated program to develop your authentic brand, niche client and digital marketing content designed to magnetise clients. ✨WHAT'S THE FORMAT? -Weekly instructional training -Weekly exercise to complete a new step of the brand & marketing plan -Weekly group working session with mentor to refine each section of your plan ✨WHO ARE THE TEACHERS? Sarah Cohen, Founder of The Styling Advisory Talya Rabinovitz (Clinical Psychologist) Dara Donnelly (C-Suite Brand Advisor) ✨WHAT DO I GET? A powerful brand summary co-created by a C-Suite brand specialist A clear niche you intrinsically know how to talk to without effort A strategic content plan for the year that is so clear, aligned, exciting and easy you'll fall in love with building your business again *PLUS* 💥Access to mentors weekly 💥Exercises to help you activate the most creative part of your brain ✨WHEN ARE THE SESSIONS? We call them 'Cosy Connection Circles', and they happen weekly at 9am at 4.30pm AEST Starts Oct 4th - Dec 22nd 2021. BOOK A CHAT WITH SARAH 🔽
September 13, 2021
Using Your Gut To Build A Styling Business, with Lauren Messiah
Hi everyone! I was so excited to reconnect with personal stylist and entrepreneur, Lauren Messiah! Lauren is an amazing example of someone who makes decisions based on gut feel, and right now, her gut is telling her there is power in slowing down, talking from the heart and connecting with people who totally get her. Over 12 years she has thrown herself into endless launches, and built a 7-figure business as a result. But her reflections of that period and her renewed focus are a refreshing message for those of us who are ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED with the content expectations for entrepreneurs. There is so much gold in here.... but I hope you takeaway this beautiful piece of wisdom..... 'WHY' you started your styling business, why you care about helping others, why you are driven to this industry, is what builds connections. And connections are the only thing that drive client bookings. So if you're not getting any love from your current marketing efforts, it might be that you've lost yours.... we'll help you find it via
September 03, 2021
"The 3x Secrets To My Styling Business Success" with International Personal Stylist, Traci Jeske"
Traci Jeske is the director of En Vogue Stylist, and an internationally certified personal stylist based in Italy. "Blending Italian la dolce vita with her flair for fashion and style Traci takes her personal life experiences, living in Australia, working in Dubai, London and abroad, overcoming an eating disorder and her experience of over 30 years in the fashion industry to help women find their unique style." At the beginning of her personal styling business, Traci quickly realised that just having a social media page and a website was not enough of a marketing plan to successfully attract clients.  So Traci found mentors, courses and external support to help her build brand awareness and credibility; 2x marketing objectives that became pivotal in her ability to grow her business internationally.  Business owners working for themselves, like most stylists, often miss out on the dynamic engagement with other people to generate ideas, talk through strategies and stay motivated.  This is why Traci reached out to mentors and marketing coaches; Her success is partly due to her ability to identify and build a team of experts around her.  This interview is another great reminder that success happens over time, you don’t have to go it alone, and if you stay consistently on task with your marketing, you will build the business of your dreams, whatever that looks like to you.  If you love learning new ideas and hearing other stylists share their business lessons, please join us every month for ‘Tea & Chats’: Styling Business Masterclasses on Zoom.  You can join us via our private FB Group @StylingAdvisoryCommittee
July 27, 2021
Marketing Your Styling Membership with Personal Stylist, Caitlin Marwaha.
This episode is sponsored by our new offering, The Ultimate Stylist Marketing Funnel; a prioritized planning and implementation program to help you create the most effective marketing content every month for your business.  This is the perfect solution for stylists struggling to reach their ideal client online, or convert that audience, subscriber base or web visitor into clients.  We want to convert these people into clients but we also want to get a handle on our marketing activity so it’s effective without taking over our lives….  We need to give our audience the right content, at the right time, on the right platform, moving them through a buyer journey.  Our Marketing Funnel helps you create content for every stage of this journey for the whole year!  You’ll receive worksheets, monthly group coaching sessions and weekly access to marketing mentors, to get you creating a unique brand, niche client, and all the marketing content you’ll need for the year! Head to our website for more details. **** Our guest today is Caitlin Marwaha, a Melbourne based stylist and founder of the CM Style Squad.  Caitlin shares her approach to marketing her business, how long it takes for her to convert clients, and the reality of building a 6 figure styling business…. It takes time, consistency, keeping track of what content works, a personal brand that resonates with your tribe, and realistic expectations.  All those stylists with imposter syndrome or a feeling of failure because you haven’t got enough clients yet… this one’s for you!  TimeStamps💥 [00:00:17] Caitlin’s current launch period, styling experience to date and the decision to start running an online styling group program. [00:03:28] Recurring revenue for stylists verses the unpredictable nature of client appointments. Launching to a warm audience on social media.  00:04:51] How Covid impacted the messaging and value of a styling membership; it’s about community. “It's one hundred percent the community element that keeps the women there.”  [00:05:48] Why Caitlin’s styling community is the perfect example of why Imposter Syndrome shouldn’t be an issue, nor stop you from building your styling business. “It’s not the service itself, it's how that service makes you feel”. [00:07:03] Why there is room for every stylist. Clients will find their own tribe.  [00:09:00] Whether to promote the tangible styling results of a membership or the community experience. The marketing messages that work? Exclusivity and social proof.  [00:10:00] The Style Quad Niche Client  [00:11:26] What clients want and how they want their styling problems solved; Group or one on one.  [00:12:00] How long it really takes for someone to become a styling client  [00:14:06] Growing her community on Instagram, paid marketing (Facebook ads) and networks.  [00:16:00] Committing to consistent marketing content.  [00:16:27] The struggle with getting that balance between how much value do you share online and how much do you keep for your paid clients.  [00:17:27] Blogging vs Social Media to attract clients  [00:19:05] The metrics or data Caitlin looks at to determine whether the marketing content was effective.  [00:23:04] Setting realistic expectations when building a styling business.  [00:24:30] Why success doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen.
June 08, 2021
‘The Rise of The Capsule Collection’ with Personal Stylist Jessica Ryan
JOIN OTHER STYLISTS FOR TEA & CHATS EVERY MONTH! ☕ Head to and join us for discussions on the styling industry and business challenges. @StylingAdvisoryCommittee  Hi everyone! I’m your host, Sarah Cohen, Stylist Marketing Specialist and founder of the Styling Advisory, and in this podcast I ask successful personal stylists how they built their business, and what marketing tactics worked for them. 🚀✨If you’re a personal stylist or image expert looking to attract, convert and retain clients, you might be interested in joining our Stylist Marketing Collective; where you’ll effective styling client attraction activities from digital marketing specialists AND implement them together. For more details head to  ++++++ 'The Rise of The Capsule Collection' and how 1x clever marketing image attracts personal styling clients.  In this episode, I’m chatting with Jessica Ryan who is a Multi Award Winning Personal Stylist and Fashion Curator and mum of two based in Gippsland, Victoria and has built her successful business based on her ability to curate and style the ideal capsule wardrobe.  After over a decade of working in the retail fashion industry Jess developed a curiosity for women’s consumer behaviour and what exactly makes the perfect ‘curated wardrobe’.  She experimented with the art of curated wardrobing herself, living with 40 piece wardrobe for 3 years; to prove you can develop a balance between fashion obsession and mindful shopping.  We talk about how Jess tapped into this niche and marketed it beautifully using a powerful visual image of ‘The Rack’.  ❤👍Be sure to rate, review and subscribe to learn from experts making a living doing what they love!  TIMESTAMPS [00:00:10] How Jessica started her journey in the fashion industry and discovered the alarming message of always buying new, more, now [00:01:00] Becoming a mum and her decision to live with a 40 piece wardrobe  [00:01:34] The cathartic nature of a capsule wardrobe  [00:02:00] Becoming a mother and losing touch with our identity  [00:04:00] The decision to start reconnecting what what Jess loved through fashion  [00:04:42] What makes her clients decide to take that step too  [00:06:00] A focus on mindfulness and intention with how we shop and build our wardrobe.  [00:08:24] The turning point when bookings started to come in  [00:09:54] The inception and success of The Rack image; reducing the overwhelm for the client and showing them a beautiful collection  [00:12:00] The idea that a capsule brings a sense of control  [ [00:13:00] The weekly rack challenge  [00:13:51] Bringing your services to life with a visual image  [00:15:00] Every stylist’s marketing plan is unique, it's not a one size fits all.  [00:17:55] The overwhelming side effect of client growth and the benefit of taking things step by step. Just pick something to work on and ignore the rest!  [00:20:28] Just create something people care about  [00:22:05] Making sure that my community are getting something from me whenever I show up. And that's it.
April 19, 2021
Using IGTV Videos To Convert Styling Clients with Raquel Macias
JOIN OUR FB GROUP FOR TEA & CHATS WITH STYLISTS ☕😉  🎬 Personal Stylist Raquel Macias - Podcast Interview Show Notes 🎬  Today I'm talking to personal stylist Raquel Macias about her marketing approach, which focusses predominantly on creating video content on IGTV to convert clients.  Raquel spent time analyzing what type of posts/blogs/emails/ads were working to build relationships with followers and clients - and it turned out that every DM or email, booking or subscription was linked to videos she created.  Armed with this knowledge, Raquel decided to double down on this type of content rather than keep trying to create loads of different types of posts/content.  This approach works for her and her audience, but every one of us needs our own unique 'recipe' of marketing ingredients to drive our clients into booking in.  [00:00:00] Introduction to Raquel Macias, her styling journey and the business she has built.  [00:04:42] Do Raquel’s clients just want her to tell them what their style should be? Or do they have an idea of what they want their style to be and they just can't?  [00:07:44] What type of marketing activity or marketing decisions have enabled Raquel to build her business.  [00:08:40] Studying her own content and the feedback she was getting [00:10:00] For Raquel, video is a better way of communicating her knowledge.  [00:10:47] Reviewing the engagement, the metrics, and the information to attract clients.  [00:12:05] How likes and comments sometimes can be misleading when you use Instagram as a business platform.  [00:13:07] Raquel’s client journey from video views to clients .  [00:15:10] Free resources and freebies  [00:16:12] Planning video ideas and the creative process  [00:23:00] The mindset shift which will fuel the popularity of stylist's  [00:25:34] Why the more clothing choices you have, the harder it is for you to make a decision on your outfit.  [00:27:04] What the call-to-action could be in your video  [00:31:37] The channel Raquel receives the most engagement from followers  #stylist #stylingbusiness #rosiemckay #shoppablestyleboard #virtualstyling #virtualstylist #imageconsultants #imageexperts #wardrobeedit #wardobedetox #stylingvideos #howtostylingvideos #personalstylist #personalstyling #personalstylists #personalshopper #closetconcierge #stylistbranding #stylingadvisory #virtuallookbook #stylingsubscription #stylingmembership #editorialstylist #fashionstylist
February 24, 2021
Success Secrets for Virtual Styling Services with Celebrity & Personal Stylist, Bridget Bell
How do you find enough clients that you'll be booked out months in advance? Celebrity stylist turned personal stylist (and a client of mine) Bridget Bell of Style Ambition ( shares her experiences, insights and strategies with me in this episode of The Styling Advisory Podcast. As an industry expert who has styled over 150 celebrity shoots, television shows and events, Bridget wanted to bring the celebrity styling experience to the everyday woman, delivering the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to their wardrobe regardless of budget or location. Known for nailing the brief no matter the silhouette, budget, creative vision or time frame, Bridget now helps executives, working mums and entrepreneurs ‘nail their own styling brief’ through shoppable videos and styling boards, virtual styling sessions and wardrobe edits all from the comfort of their own home. Virtual platform ShopShareTV has been an integral part of this revised business model, despite Bridget not being a big online shopper….and Bridget explains: -How she uses online tools -Her transition to online services -How virtual styling services work especially wardrobe edits Over the course of 2020, Bridget and I worked together to build a brilliant brand identity, value proposition, compelling services and social media content… and you can too! Sign up for the program Bridget completed: 👑 The Empire Blueprint Marketing & Business Program
January 05, 2021
‘Stylist Partnership Channels & Style Boxes' with Garmentier Founder, Lisa Bubes
Garmentier was founded in 2018 by professional stylist and retail veteran Lisa Bubes, who recognized the potential for personal shoppers to change the retail world through an entirely new direct sales model. The Garmentier digital platform revolutionizes the relationship between retailers, brands and stylists and removes the barriers that have prevented a seamless and strong commercial partnership between them and the brands they help support. Commissions, pulling and sending stock to clients without them lifting a finger and custom tailoring are just some of the features of this platform. In my interview today, Lisa and I talk about the industry challenges and how Garmentier was built to remove them in an innovative and intuitive way. Currently available to US image professionals only, they do have plans to open the functionality and membership to other countries in 2021.
November 17, 2020
'Understanding the Styling Client Journey' with My Virtual Stylist Founder, Rosie McKay
Rosie McKay is a stylist with over 15 years experience in editorial and commercial work, most notably styling for WHO and OK magazine in Australia. Rosie launched her personal styling business in 2017 and has since built a virtual styling platform ‘My Virtual Stylist’, offering clients ‘style subscriptions’ delivered quarterly. In today’s episode, we’ll be focusing on the Client Journey; How your ideal client journey defines your business success. Rosie has 2 distinct client profiles who each make purchasing and booking decisions in different ways. Understanding these differences have enabled Rosie to anticipate the needs of each client as they move through the buyer cycle, removing any barriers to booking in and getting them signed up to her programs! We’ll discuss: · The 2x types of Virtual Styling client and what they need from Rosie. · How each client likes to engage with Rosie. · How we get them from ‘unaware of your services’ to ‘booking in’ (the buyer cycle) · The service types that match each client’s needs Rosie also shares her advice as an entrepreneur growing a business organically; it’s all about testing and tweaking to get results! TAKEAWAY 🔑 Understanding exactly how your ideal client makes a decision about booking in a service or buying a product should define the customer journey in your business. SUPPORT 💻 Book a marketing coaching session in this month and we’ll define the steps your clients takes, make specific tweaks and help drive more bookings together! More info:
October 14, 2020
‘Shoppable Style Boards' with Goodpix Founder, MaryLiz Lehman.
In today’s episode, Goodpix Founder MaryLiz Lehman shares her journey towards digitising the stylist/client experience and how stylists today are offering virtual styling services to broaden their earning potential. MaryLiz is a firm believer in the power of the stylist to change the retail landscape, AND in the power of the ‘relationship -based entrepreneur’, which was the inspiration behind Goodpix; a digital tool allowing you to create shoppable content in a one-to-many format. Shoppable boards, collections, affiliate commissions and client micro-sites are all available for a monthly subscription fee to scale your styling or image business. We discuss why stylists won’t be replaced with subscription-based, algorithm driven fashion services, and how the Goodpix technology has helped to make the human-touch of styling, shopping and customer service more efficient.
September 28, 2020
'Customised Shoppable Styling Videos' with ShopShareTV Founder, Emma Inteman
Today's chat with ShopShare TV Founder Emma Inteman is a fabulous opportunity to understand the possibilities of the new tech tools from the mouths of the creators themselves! is here to change the impersonal online shopping experience for customers, by enabling stylists and personal shoppers to bring online stores and shopping experiences to life. With your styling clients can discover new brands and get customised shopping recommendations from you, just like the traditional, in person services, via pre-recorded online shopping sessions made from your hone office. In an age of digital innovation, image experts can finally capitalise on new tech tools like ShopShare TV to grow a global clientbase, reach more clients in a more affordable, accessible way and create engaging content that promotes your styling services. If you want to build this service into your current business and market it effectively, book in for a free 30 minute ‘Empire Designing’ session with The Styling Advisory (head to our website for more details).
September 13, 2020
Brand development when you’re a personal stylist AND.....
Today I’m talking with Danique Martin about her business; Fashion and Finance.  Danique is a stylist but she’s also spent the last 5 years building her own insurance business, and she came to me wanting to create an overarching brand and business model that would allow her to continue to do both.  This episode is particularly relevant for those of you who have been asking me what to do about your marketing activity when you have 2 separate audiences or service areas.  As a client of The Styling Advisory, we worked together on Danique’s mission, vision, brand proposition and services to create a business that opened up multiple revenue streams; all centred on the promise of personal empowerment and financial freedom.  The other reason I wanted to share Danique’s experience is because she is an insurance expert specializing in the fashion and styling industry – so for all of you listening, if you don’t know what coverage you need as a stylist, from public liability insurance to income protection, here is someone that can explain it in a relevant way for our industry! If you’ve got any questions about how you can create an overarching brand and business model for your own business, or if you want to learn more from Danique, you can email me, book in a chat or DM me @TheStylingAdvisory.  If you want to watch our lovely faces as we talk, you can also watch this episode on my Youtube Channel; The Styling Advisory.  Danique’s website:  @danique_fnf 
August 24, 2020
How to run a Personal Styling Subscription Service with 'Style Squad's' Anika Walker.
Anika Walker is an Australian personal stylist who has re-imagined the way she engages with women, regardless of age, size & budget, by launching a monthly subscription service called 'Style Squad.  Style Squad subscribers receive an email that contains two educational videos each month, including one using innovative shoppable video platform ShopShare.TV. The focus is on everyday, smart casual looks teaching subscribers how to style them up & down and how to master the art of mixing and matching. The move to a regional area prompted Anika's transition to online styling services, but it was her experience styling thousands of women for major retailers and shopping centres Australia-wide that sparked her journey towards offering a personal styling experience any woman could access.  In today's episode, Anika takes us inside Style Squad and shares her experience presenting a new concept to clients and subscribers.
July 27, 2020
‘Television Network Styling’ with Channel TEN’s Amanda Jessup.
Amanda Jessup is Channel 10’s Head of Network Styling, a role that sees her managing the creative direction for fashion, hair and makeup across every one of the network’s productions. She is also responsible for creating the national style guide in line with the network’s individual production branding requirements Amanda has worked across films, television dramas, advertising campaigns, magazine shoots, as well as teaching and consulting as the NSW trainer for an Australian cosmetic company. With over 20 years of experience across the various disciplines within the styling industry, it was a pleasure to gain a thorough insight into the world of television styling – the gruelling hours, the shift work, the multi-tasking and budget management requirements and her advice for how you can enter this area of styling successfully.
July 04, 2020
‘How The Pandemic Affected The Styling Industry' with Virtual Style Coach Erin Mathis
The pandemic has hit personal styling businesses hard, and I wanted to understand exactly what the commercial impact was, and how some styling industry leaders were not only surviving but thriving right now despite it. In Episode #10, I sat down with Erin Mathis, Co-Founder of The Style Core, and Director of @yourmilliondollarlook TedX Speaker and Leading Virtual Style Coach (Her services retail between $9 - $6000 US!) to talk about the severe impacts on personal styling and image consulting businesses, and what you can do about it. This episode will be useful if you can relate to any of these statements: -Your client bookings have dried up over the last 3 months and now you’re behind in sales -New clients are hard to find and engage in your home town right now -Potential clients are not ready to spend big on shopping and styling right now. While Erin’s pivot to virtual services happened way before the pandemic, we discuss her online styling business and what clients are looking for in this new economic landscape. From quicker, faster, digital services that support your core offering to complete virtual makeovers from the safety of your own home, we hear first hand how you can successfully pivot your traditional styling business online. ⚡💥👉JUNE 18,19, 2020 FREE WEBINAR (GO VIRTUAL & GROW) This 60 minutes will make an IMMEDIATE impact on your styling and image consulting business and revolutionize the way you service clients. We’ll take you through the 3 opportunities you can adopt right now that will fast-track your ability to earn more, attract more clients and broaden your styling business opportunities despite a global pandemic. PLUS We’ll give you 5x Virtual Service Ideas you can start offering RIGHT NOW….we promise these ideas are creative, fun and easy to build on your own! WANT TO KNOW THE BEST BIT?? Live Q&A with The Experts Erin, Carla and Sarah will stay online after the webinar for a live Q&A so you can access these experts directly and ask all of your specific questions! Mentoring sessions with Erin, Carla and Sarah start at $250 US per hour, so this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity not to be missed. Replicate the latest services, start using the most popular tools and pivot your styling or image business under the direction of experts who have lived, breathed, taught and defined styling for over 10 years, as well as marketing experts working and talking with successful stylists from around the globe. This is the MOST CURRENT ACTION PLAN you’ll find to grow your image or styling business starting right now. Register Now!
June 10, 2020
‘Editorial Styling & How To Start Pulling Stock’ with Sydney Style Director Carol Sae-Yang
Carol Sae-Yang is one of the most sought-after stylists in the industry, with a career spanning editorial, personal styling,  celebrity/media styling, fashion direction and most recently Sydney’s QVB Style Director.  Carol has been freelance styling beauty, fashion and lifestyle shoots for some of Australia’s most respected titles including Sydney Morning Herald, Instyle & Cosmo Bride, building a network of the country’s elite photographers, designers, HMU artists and models, as well styling personalities for productions aired on Channel 10, 7 and MTV Australia.  Carol’s breadth of experience and knowledge of the styling industry led us along various conversational paths in this interview, taking us behind the scenes of shoots, client needs, the industry in general, her unique approach to retaining clients, and finally, some incredible, tactical advice for the classic challenge all new stylists find for themselves - pulling stock as an unknown stylist. The purpose of our interview was initially to review her strategy for upselling clients; Branded photoshoots for her clientbase of modern leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to achieve their professional goals through strategic styling. Carol has drawn on her editorial roots to extend the styling service beyond shopping and outfit curation, culminating in new head shots, media shots and web assets….. but we covered SO MUCH MORE. This episode is jam packed with gold… so come join us for a truly eye opening journey into the world of styling. @TheStylingAdvisory
May 29, 2020
‘How To Work With Retailers’, with Westfield Sydney Personal Stylist Adriana Fernandez.
Today I’m talking with Westfield Sydney’s Head Stylist, Adriana Fernandez to find out how she works with brands in centres to deliver the best possible shopping experience for her styling clients. Many shopping centres like Westfield will offer personal styling sessions to customers, either paid or as part of a complimentary service. The centre takes an inquiry from the customer and connects them with their preferred stylists. Some centres have a styling suite the stylist can use, but more often than not, the stylist is working within the centre without a central point. A lot of stylists taking clients on a shopping trip within a specific centre have mixed views on the support and interaction with individual store staff. Some stores are great, and might keep a fitting room free, racks of pre-selected clothing out, and help the stylist navigate new stock, but how do you get to that point with each store? Adriana shares her approach to building the best relationships with each brand in a centre to deliver an exceptional client experience.
May 17, 2020
Virtual Styling Masterclass with GlamHive CEO Stephanie Sprangers
In today’s episode, I talk with Stephanie Sprangers, CEO of Glamhive, the leading virtual styling marketplace connecting stylists with personal styling clients from around the world. Steph is a true champion of the styling community. Like me, she believes wholeheartedly in the value stylists bring to all clients, and the opportunities the styling industry has to shape the new retail landscape. Steph explains: · The virtual styling process and the vision of Glamhive · How to commercialise those extra texts and phone calls you’re currently providing for free · Why it’s so important your virtual styling service is a seamless client experience · The role your website plays in converting virtual clients and why Amazon is a great example · Why your website should be an e-commerce platform not a blog site · Why virtual styling is the perfect solution for both stylist and client. As always, we discuss the future of styling and where the opportunities are for you to carve your own niche in the digital styling space.
April 16, 2020
‘How To Nail Your Visual Brand Presence’ with Stylist Beth Jones of B.Jones Style
LA-based stylist/creative director, Beth Jones, has one of the most distinctive and recognisable visual brand identities in the market. Today, Sarah talks to Beth about the importance of a brand identity, how it helps clients and audiences connect with you and how to create one for your styling business. From photographic styles to posing ideas, her most popular branded content and the gradual process of forming her own style guidelines, you'll get a masterclass in the art of brand identity with one of the best. Check out Beth's website In 2009, Beth launched B. Jones Style, a fashion blog that peered into her daily outfits, home interiors and a fit & fab lifestyle. Beth has worked as a brand ambassador for Paul Mitchell, Timex, DKNY, Modcloth, Banana Republic and LOFT, Nike Women, MVMT, Sephora at JCPENNEY, Goodwill International, and Crossroads Trading Co and is a part of Vogue’s Influencer Network. In 2016, Beth launched her YOUTUBE CHANNEL and became the champion for “always playing dress up”. She brings her community into her magical world of styling up vintage finds from local thrift and vintage shops and documents her daily outfits on Instagram. With 12 years of experience under her belt, Beth currently works as a stylist, social media consultant, creative director, Youtube creator and fashion influencer.
March 31, 2020
How To Increase Your Styling Prices with Sydney Stylist Gessica Marmotta
Sydney stylist Gessica Marmotta shares with us her approach to pricing personal styling services, and how she went from ‘hobby pricing’ to charging $3000 AUD for styling appointments. · How do you gain the confidence to charge more? ·How do you know what to base your rates on? · How should you approach this rate change with new clients? Here are the ley takeaways from Gessica’s interview: Tips to help you establish a successful pricing structure: · Valuing yourself; believe in what you do · Research the market to ensure you are pricing your services appropriately · Gain advice from a financial expert to create a model that is commercially sustainable · Ensure the time you put in to the pre and post appointment is included in your pricing · Create packages with varying degrees of personal and financial investment, to build trust and attract a broader range of clients ·Be transparent with the outputs; what you deliver for the client behind the scenes, on the day and post-appointment support · Provide as much detail as possible on your website’s services page. Follow Gessica at @stylebygessica
March 16, 2020
How To Build Your Styling Business Brand with Dubai’s Kelly Lundberg.
Royal Stylist, Author & Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Kelly Lundberg explains the importance of building a credible brand for styling business success. Kelly has most recently sold her Dubai-based styling business, Style Me Divine, to focus on her online styling programs, brand partnerships (Chanel and Louis Vitton to name a few) and speaking engagements. Building a styling business is hard - structuring a business to make it commercially attractive to buyers is another thing entirely! We discover one of the secret ingredients to Kelly's global success - brand building - and reveal the top 3 brand building strategies Kelly adopted to kickstart her credibility. Head to The Styling Advisory website to book in your brand planning session now. Mention this episode for 15% off!
February 19, 2020
How To Be a Fashion Editor - Advertorial Styling with Emma Read
Former fashion and market editor and freelance stylist Emma Read takes us behind the styling scenes at Russh, ELLE, Cosmo and Grazia for a look into the role of advertorial styling. Emma also shares her forecast for styling opportunities in the digital era, as well as her recommendations for career growth.
January 28, 2020
How To Build A Personal Styling Empire with Hollywood’s Lauren Messiah
LA based personal stylist, Lauren Messiah, is one of the most successful personal stylists in the world. She shares a few tactics with us that you can adopt to grow your own styling empire... like how she got 5000 women into her free mini program and then converted them into paying clients.....You’re welcome.
November 26, 2019
Converting Styling Clients Over Coffee
This week we chat to Melbourne Stylist Shareena Winter about how she started her personal styling career, her approach to converting leads into clients and the exciting potential for stylists specialising in curvy silhouettes! We nail Shareena’s unique X-Factor and her niche audience too. A warm, beautiful soul I loved chatting with.
October 25, 2019
Welcome Guys!
A quick introduction to The Styling Advisory Podcast. Discover the business secrets of the most successful fashion, editorial and celebrity stylists.
October 21, 2019