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The Sugar Pusher Podcast

The Sugar Pusher Podcast

By Domo
The podcast that gives you a dash of advice, a pinch of life, a sprinkle of laughs and a whole lot of gang shit! Not really but.. still.
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Lets Kick Things Off

The Sugar Pusher Podcast

Lets Kick Things Off

The Sugar Pusher Podcast

Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies are just sweet ass crumbly potato chips
Heyy yall!! Yall see me being fake consistent?! Okayy!! This episode is type short but it is also 11pm so.. there's that. So this week's episode I spoke about some things that bakers, chefs and any creative may face. So customers take note! Enjoy!! Instagram: heyy_domonique
August 5, 2020
During a Damn Pandemic? During a Damn Pandemic?
Heyyy yall!! I missed talking and rambling about random shit. I tried to go by order of topic but EFF IT! This is my platform. So anyways, I gave y'all a few cooking/baking tips. Talked about what I've been up to during the pandemic. Sexual assualt. I even vaguely discuss my new businesses! So enjoy!!! YouTube: Konfectionery Karaoke| Instagram & Twitter: heyy_domonique
July 8, 2020
Well Done Steak Is Beef Jerky
Heyyy yall!! I'm finally back with another episode! I'm learning to be more consistent! So anyways, I talk briefly about my trip to Costa Rica, why cutting people off is not so one dimensional and why you should have a group of solid friends in your life!! I probably ranted a bit but so what. It's my podcast and I can do whatever I want.
October 6, 2019
Lets Kick Things Off
I figured I'd talk about something that was on my mind. I literally have been trying to narrow down on one topic but nothing seemed.. right. So.. I hope you all enjoy! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter at heyy_domonique! Enjoy!
August 14, 2019
I'm Yo Pushaaaa
Hey guys! This is a tease on what is to come! I hope to bring awareness in various topics in typical Me fashion! I hope you guys are with it, lil babies!
June 28, 2019