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The TalkCast

The TalkCast

By Jordan Adler
The TalkCast is an inspirational,raw, genuine, authentic podcast hosted by Jordan Adler (DJ J-Man) with many various of topics range from life situations that every human being goes through to advice with relationships with bad exes to sit down interviews with extremely AWESOME people that share their story - anything goes on this podcast as Jordan gives you a key to his audio journal so sit back and relax and take some happy pills and enjoy the show!
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S4 E11 - Verbally Harassed..DUDE!
In this episode: Jordan talks about him getting verbally harassed by radio station staff members and why you don’t need to support ISSA! FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me - email me at
April 19, 2021
S4 E10 - Being Raw with Tornado Torres
In this episode of The TalkCast : I talk about everything but the kitchen sink with Tornado Torres, spilling my tea with her while getting to know her and what she’s all about from her being a Gay Christian,her future RV travels,masturbation and her real life situations - we also talk about us teaming up for a future podcast improv skit - check out her website here - FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me - email me at
April 12, 2021
S4 E9 - The Tornado Torres Collab
• In this episode of The TalkCast Podcast• Jordan gives you a update and inspirational talk and collabs with Tornado Torres for a DOPE interview on her podcast “Everyday Thoughts by Tornado Torres” this is the first dope collaboration of many more! Listen to her podcast everywhere and from her website - FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me - email me at
April 6, 2021
S4 E8 - 13 Reasons Why (emotional)
• In this episode of The TalkCast • Jordan talks about the 13 reasons why he wanted to pull the plug and say GAME OVER to LIFE and gives advice to those who may be feeling the same way! - FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me - email me at
March 1, 2021
S4 E7 - Dear Future Girlfriend...
The TalkCast is back - In this episode there are 26 things you should know about if you want to date ME in IRL!! - FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me or want to date me - email me at
February 22, 2021
S4 E6 - Screw 2020 (EOTY Wrap Up)
In this episode: Jordan Adler (DJ J-Man) talks about why we all want to screw 2020,talks about why 2020 was the worst year of his life, gives one positive thing about last year,this is the End of the year wrap up happy New Years 2021 ..........FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me email me at
January 2, 2021
S4 E5 - Coming Out (Exposing Myself)
Jordan Adler (DJ J-Man) exposes himself and comes out with the affection addictions that attract him the most to people and tells you it’s ok to have this in your life, he tells you what he got for Christmas 2K20 ............FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me email me at
December 26, 2020
S4 E4 - Sleepover Nightmare
In this episode Jordan Adler (DJ J-Man) tells his dramatic traumatizing sleepover nightmare that happened when he was 13 or 14 years old, that you don’t want to miss! “they planned this whole thing out” ••••••• FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me email me at
December 19, 2020
S4 E3 - My Best Buy Mission (Intense)
In this episode Jordan Adler (DJ J-Man) tells his EPIC Best Buy story that happened when he was 8 or 9 years old, that you don’t want to miss! “I literally can’t believe we got away with this” also gives a shout out to a podcast subscriber ••••••• FOLLOW ME on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me email me at
December 12, 2020
S4 E2 - Fake and Real Convos with Silvia B
*Disclaimer* some topics in this episode may include some discussions about explicit content regarding catfish d$ck pics and more- In this episode with special guest Silvia B,Jordan and DJ Stella talk about fake and real conversations in this throwback season 1 episode from 2017- follow me on social media at all links here and if you want to stay connected with me email me at
December 5, 2020
S4 E1 - Hardstyle Success with Eric Mazzocca
Season 4 premiere of The TalkCast DJ J-Man talks to founder of Hardstyle Canada and Hardstyle producer Eric Mazzocca talking about his success with Hardstyle Canada, his love life, how he is dealing with this corona outbreak and what he has planned the rest of the year - check him out @hardstylecanada on IG!
September 27, 2020
S3 E10 - Best Both Worlds with Renee Audrey
This is the season 3 finale of #TheTalkCast and it’s a good one! In this episode we chat with a extremely awesome personality by the name of Renee Audrey, she shares how she lives the best of both worlds in all that she does in her careers while living with ADHD, shares the tea about her new podcast “Fine-Tuned Between The Lyrics”, she also performs her unreleased song live for the first time! Follow Renee on Instagram @renee.aud and follow her podcast @btn.the.lyrics ❤️🎙📻 The TalkCast is returning for another season - coming soon!
August 12, 2020
S3 E9 - Mesen Around with Brandon Mesen
In this episode of #TheTalkCast Brandon Mesen joins DJ J-Man to mess around and talk about his music, life, book,love life,what music is all about and shares a exclusive story behind his song ‘Star Killer’ - follow Brandon on Instagram @mesen_around to stay up to date with his life! rate us 5 stars in your favorite podcast network by searching for The TalkCast
July 14, 2020
S3 E8 - Creating with Benjidance
Dancer/Singer/Director/Creator and live streamer Benjidance talks to DJ J-Man about his variety of careers, his online reality show, and how he is surviving the CoronaVirus • follow Benji on social media @benjidance22 subscribe to Big Brother Online on YouTube Season 5 premieres on July 7th exclusively on the Mico app search for benjidance
June 1, 2020
S3 E7 - Idol Memories with Michael Simeon
2015 American Idol contestant Michael Simeon joins DJ J-Man to talk about his Idol days, what he is doing now and how his whole music journey started, his love life,and the memories with his friends from the show, along with how he is surviving the Coronavirus Follow him on his social media handles @michaelsimeon visit his website
April 6, 2020
S3 E6 - Balancing Passions with Eva Eris
DJ J-Man sits down with Jessica Saenz (Eva Eris) about her music journey to California, how she is surviving the Coronavirus outbreak, her mental health miracles and about a cartoon character being named after her - to stay up to date with her follow Jessica on Instagram @evaerisofficial
March 23, 2020
S3 E5 - Change is Good with Weston Simonis
DJ J-Man talks to indie pop artist Weston Simonis about “My Little Bear” single and that moment that changed his life for good and he gives advice to YOU! Follow Weston on social media at WestonSimonisMusic
March 16, 2020
S3 E4 - Trusting Others with Tony Sounds
DJ J-Man talks to Tony Sounds about his radio career,his passion for his radio show and the support he gives to indie artist and advice for overcoming the hateful truth of trusting others check out his website here follow his social media accounts at TonySounds
March 9, 2020
S3 E3 - Mainstream with Sabrina Fallah
DJ J-Man talks to rock artist Sabrina Fallah about her music reaching mainstream,how she balances her personal life and career together,how her shyness helped her overcome her fear of talking and she gives advice to those who are getting into the music industry! Follow Sabrina Fallah on social media all @SabrinaFallah and for more information visit her website
March 2, 2020
S3 E2 - Chilaxing with TikToker Jacob Lee
DJ J-Man talks to Jacob Lee about his TikTok fame,his Disney fandom, his Radio life,his Boxing Bros and his dish washing days! follow Jacob on his social media accounts Facebook handle is RealJacobLee & Instagram is itsjacobleeofficial & Twitter is ItsJacobLee18 & YouTube is and subscribe to his podcast called “Poding It” here
February 24, 2020
S3 E1 - No Death Cards with Erin McWalters
*disclaimer* this episode may contain offensive topic or topics about tarot readings- listen at your own risk * DJ J-Man starts the inspirational interviews with special guest Erin McWalters from the Balanced Creation podcast talking about staying organized with routines, psychic tarot readings, she gives a live reading to DJ J-Man and we also talk about her podcast and more follow Erin here Instagram: @balancedcreation6 @erinstar66 @starsketchhart YouTube channels are : check out her podcast here
February 17, 2020
S2 E8 - Pros and Cons of Radio
In this Season 2 finale DJ J-Man telling you the pros and cons of radio and what you need to look out for if you want to be in this business also he talks about having fake followers on Instagram, and what you can expect in season 3 of The TalkCast! Check out Erin’s podcast
February 2, 2020
S2 E7 - I was on Big Brother Online
DJ J-Man talks about his experience on a internet reality show and some big changes that are coming to the podcast and the personal hacking situation is revealed!
January 22, 2020
S2 E6 - 2019 was COOL (EOTY Wrap Up)
DJ J-Man gives you his wrap up of 2019 and some updates about life advice to help your everyday lifestyles - NEW EPISODES COMING BACK In 2020
December 30, 2019
S2 E5 - Deleted My Comments on YouTube.. because
DJ J-Man talks about why he deleted his comment section on YouTube and the various topics that went on during the week that we can all relate together with!
October 24, 2019
S2 E4 - Dreams Come True with John Wade
DJ J-Man welcomes John Wade (The Bearded Sailor) from The Political Pogan Podcast to #TheTalkCast for the first time,John talks about gaming,his job opportunity,his podcast and the Windy City of Chicago!
September 29, 2019
S2 E2 - Hard Style Madness with Tixology
DJ J-Man welcomes the inspirational Tixology first time to the podcast talking about his music life also introducing us to Hard Style E.D.M. and his new projects! We will learn together🎵What the heck is Hard Style!? Follow Tixology on social media TixologyMusic • check out his website
September 15, 2019
S2 E1 - All About MAFS with Brittaney Peacock
Season 2 of The TalkCast kicks off with a chat with my bestie Brittaney Peacock talking all about our MAFS (Melissa Archer Fan Site ) about Melissa Archer and our favorite tv soaps we also introduce our new podcast!
September 8, 2019
E24 Part 3 - Catfish Mystery Saga (Stalkers Revealed)
season 1 finale of The TalkCast this is the final part of the Catfish Mystery Saga it comes down to this, will we unmask the stalkers?
August 21, 2019
E24 Part 2 - Catfish Mystery Saga (Cyber Pic Date)
Part 2 of EP 24 - DJ J-Man discusses what happens after receiving 'The Text'  Part 3 will have (won’t) Andrew Borjas as a guest host telling us his side of the story and will we finally unmask the catfish stalker?
August 11, 2019
E24 Part 1 - Catfish Mystery Saga (The Text)
part 1 of EP 24 - DJ J-Man talks about his true story behind his traumatic "Catfish Mystery Saga" from 2014 that all started with 'The Text' Disclaimer - to keep identity's a secret I will be blocking out real life names with make up names until the last part, don't want to get sued! I am doing this podcast to help others with their real life situations!
August 2, 2019
E22 - Radio Life with The David Bowers
DJ J-Man interviews his radio mentor and publicist The David Bowers after his BIG win at the 2019 J-Man Radio Awards! The 30 plus year radio veteran runs his own radio network helping indie artist and bands all over the world with radio interviews that help gain them exposer to thousands of listeners every week! Listen to The David Bowers Awards on Blog Talk Radio Sundays and On Demand here Follow him on Social Media TheDavidBowersAwards Email for song submissions here
June 20, 2019
E21 - Music Miracles with Vincent Rutley
Live directly from the 2019 J-Man Radio Awards After Party DJ J-Man interviews Gospel Singer/Comedian/Speaker Vincent Rutley about his miraculous inspiring story that changed his life! Follow Vincent Rutley :)
June 13, 2019
E20 - YOUR Assumptions!
You sent in your assumptions now DJ J-Man is answering them on this weeks episode also some news about the next upcoming episodes :)
June 2, 2019
E19 - My(Best)Regret!
DJ J-Man talks about his best regret in his 2014 life and what made it his best regret! Interview guests next upcoming episodes: Plus Size Model Lana & Chris the Piano Man from Chrislana15 Gospel Singer & Speaker : Vincent Rutley
May 24, 2019
E18 - Blindsided on a dating show?!
DJ J-Man talks about that time he got accidentally blindsided and his experience on a virtual dating show! this episode has a new intro voice, help us welcome Neena to The TalkCast family by checking out her podcast here Check out Neena's Poddy here :
April 27, 2019
E17 - Loosing Weight with Jessica G
DJ J-Man introduces a new inspirational series interviewing inspirational people all around the world talking about their struggles and obstacles and their miraculous overcoming story’s,this weeks guest is Jessica G Promotions country artist promoter that has overcome her 300 pound weight life and changing her life for the better,she talks all about her amazing weight loss story in this podcast listen to find out how she overcame it!
March 24, 2019
E15 - I have my own Cartoon show
DJ J-Man talks about his cartoon webseries "Jordan's Life" there are spoilers in this podcast episode about the cartoon and some characters make an appearance in this episode!
December 9, 2018
E14 - My Thoughts of The Mind Of Jake Paul Series
DJ J-Man talks about The Mind Of Jake Paul Series  *Disclaimer* I don't hate Jake Paul or Shane Dawson I think they did a good job with the series, only my opinions and truth are in this episode* I tell you all of my thoughts of the Mind of Jake Paul 8 part series that Shane Dawson released a few months ago
December 3, 2018
E13 - The Bro Code Rules
Thanks to Steve Allan White for sending the Bro Code rules for DJ J-Man to share with you this week on #TheTalkCast
November 25, 2018
E12 - The Bro Code with Steve Allan White
DJ J-Man chats with Blind Jokes Expert Steve Allan White talks about his difficulties while being blind and all about what The Bro Code is!
October 15, 2018
EP 11 - Updates
DJ J-Man discusses the updates about his life and the podcast!
October 10, 2018
EP 10 - Living with O.I.
DJ J-Man talks about the pros and cons that come with living with a bone disease called O.I. and gives advice for those who have it or families that discover that they have it with no family history!
June 15, 2018
EP 9 - My Love Story
DJ J-Man talks about his first love and their love story and how he discovered that he was in love!
June 1, 2018
EP 7 - Why The Podcast Took A Break
DJ J-Man talks about why the podcast took a break and the future plans for The TalkCast!
May 10, 2018
EP 6 - Bullying Is Not Ok
DJ J-Man talks about the Florida School Shooting and gives a moment of silence to the victims and mentions that bullying is not ok and gives advice about bullying !
February 15, 2018
EP 5 - Best and Worst Dating Sites
DJ J-Man gives you a run down of the best and worst dating sites and helps you decide which ones you should check out!
February 8, 2018
EP 3 - Dating On Holidays
DJ J-Man and DJ Stella talk about dating on holidays , is it good to date your special someone during the holidays ? When is it good to meet the family ? find out In this episode !
December 8, 2017
EP 2 - Questionnaires on Dating Sites
DJ J-Man and DJ Stella discuss about questionnaires on dating sites , are they useful to fill out ? what is the best way to meet someone special ?
November 30, 2017
EP 1 - TalkCast Pilot
DJ J-Man and DJ Stella introduce you to The TalkCast podcast and talk about themselves.
November 24, 2017