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The Talking Story Podcast

The Talking Story Podcast

By Kelsey Waliszewski
The Talking Story Podcast absolutely knows that there is a reason for YOU being here on this planet. We all have purpose and a reason to be! Join father and daughter, Bob and Kelsey Waliszewski, as they travel the world talking with ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. We hope these conversations will give you tools to live into your purpose, because we KNOW you are extraordinary and can make this world a better place. 2021 we begin a series called "Picking up the Pieces", where we bring to the table practical tools to help rebuild a life of purpose after significant set backs.
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Purpose in Anxiety?
Hey ya'll. It is me. Solo podcast here.  Want to share with you about a personal journey of anxiety. So listen in.  Also would you consider purchasing our Children's book, Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure? To donate
December 22, 2021
How is the "You do you" working out?
Guess what? We have Alex McFarland on our podcast today! As a Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture  analyst, and advocate for biblical truth, Alex McFarland speaks  worldwide. He has preached in over 2,000 churches throughout North  America and numerous more internationally. He also speaks at Christian  events, conferences, debates, and other venues to teach biblical truths  and preach the gospel. In today's world we hear "there are many roads that lead to heaven" or "you do you". However, why is that mindset contributing to the moral decay of society as a whole? Pull up a chair as we talk about religion, and how Christianity is not just "another" religion. What makes it different and how is altruism at play? is a great website to check out for those maybe on the fence about the Christian faith.  To purchase the "Little Gray's Altruistic Adventure" click here Here's the latest review from a customer of the book we refer to: "Just read your book about Little Gray. Wow! Not just for kids. I couldn't put it down; it made me cry and smile and be inspired". 
December 06, 2021
Altruism: Someone Somewhere is Depending on You to do what God has Created YOU to do!
Someone somewhere is depending on you to do what God has called you to do.  This is God's way. He puts extraordinary tasks on the plates of ordinary people so that ordinary people can see what an extraordinary God can do.  We refer to episodes: The Story Behind the Children's book: Season 4 Episode 1 Dr. Dobson is a VERY... Season 3 episode 25 Dallas Jenkins: Season 3 Episode 14 Forgotten Children: Season 3 Episode 12 The Four Letter Word: Jenny Nuccio Season 1 Episode 25 I'll Push You: Season 1 Episode 27 Over 140 plus women: Jenny McGee- Season 1 Episode 12/13
November 11, 2021
The Story Behind the Children's Book: Supporting Generation Alpha to Live Altruistically
You guys! We here at Moi Moi Market have launched our first product! The dream for this children's book began in Indiana, manifested in Hawaii, was put into action in Illinois, then flown to Africa where it then was manufactured in Kansas. So many people have been a part of this altruistic journey, and we want to thank you all for being a part of this beautiful experience. By purchasing this book, you can help continue the altruism by teaching Generation Alpha, what it means to live beyond themselves and help us continue the work of helping people get back on their feet post pandemic.  To purchase the book click here
November 02, 2021
Dr. Dobson is our VERY Special Guest, and Personally a Hero of Mine; He Has Used His Life to Truly Make a Difference in the Lives of Others
Dr. James Dobson even  in his eighties continues to live his life to help others. His heart to  help the family has been influential throughout the last 5 decades. As  he shares in this podcast, his journey to a life of purpose begins with  his faith in Jesus. He truly believes that if we operate in God's  original design of family, we would see a healthier society and world.  He believes this wholeheartedly that he has devoted his time, energy,  resources, and money to building organizations that offer free support  to help support and sustain the family. Bob Waliszewski and Dr Dobson have a huge respect for one another, and we appreciate  the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in this conversation. The wisdom  we glean from Dr. Dobson is very inspirational, and we would encourage  you to share this episode with friends and family! Also check out his daily podcast called Family Talk for 20-30 minute episodes that give you the tools to become a better  parent, husband, wife, grandparent, friend, and more. We all have room  to grow right? In order to grow, we must water and think of his podcast  as the daily watering system you and your family need to walk into God's  plan for your life!
July 26, 2021
Feeling Stuck? Exploring the Enneagram and How it Can Help Us Find Purpose: Amy from Simply Wholehearted
We are so excited to announce Amy Wicks from Simply Wholehearted Enneagram as our next podcast guest!  She is a wife, mother, and life coach passionate about  helping an  individual find freedom IN their God given personality! As we pursue  tools to help you continue a purposeful life, Amy helps us explore the  enneagram as a tool to understand our strengths and weaknesses and walk  with an understanding of both. She helps us eliminate the shame that  often we feel in this journey, and uncovers nuggets of wisdom in how to  live our best life. We encourage you to check out her FREE hour of coaching and her FREE  seminars that will give you the tools you need to continue to succeed!
July 19, 2021
Show Notes Coming Soon
July 13, 2021
Aloha Ke Akua: Using Culture to Reach People with Daniel Kikawa
OH WOW, this conversation with Daniel Kikawa, founder of Aloha Ke Akua, is eye opening and thought provoking. We talk about new ideas in how to share the gospel using what is already established in other people's culture vs forcing the western way. Daniel the author of books God of Light and God of Darkness and Perpetuated in Righteousness, a well known speaker, pastor, husband and father takes the time to share with us using personal stories hoping to inspire change in how we relate to others whether in our backyard or across the globe.  This conversation took place right before I, Kelsey, went to Africa and I believe it is a must listen for ANYONE planning to travel overseas. You will be blessed, encouraged and inspired. 
July 06, 2021
Debrief on Africa and Feelings of Being Inadaquate
Show notes coming soon
July 01, 2021
The Next Big Thing: How Little Choices Can Make a Big Impact: Danny Lehmann
Today's podcast is for those who are feeling stuck. For those who feel a Big call on their life but can't seem to figure out the how. To those who want to do and be a part of BIG things, this conversation is one you don't want to miss.  What a privilege to have Danny Lehmann on The Talking Story Podcast! Danny is an international speaker who has been featured at  numerous Christian conferences and taught at Youth With A Mission (YWAM)  schools worldwide. He is also the author of several books about  evangelism, spiritual discipline and the Christian life, including  "Beautiful Feet," "Before You Hit The Wall," and "The Next Big Thing." (which is the book we discuss on today's podcast).  He has provided leadership within YWAM at the local level and globally  through his roles within its academic arm, the University of the  Nations. Danny lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, with his wife, Linda.  We discuss how little choices can really lead to a BIG impact. It is easy to get discouraged in the day to day; being intentional and faithful in the "smaller" things can really be investment into greater things.  We talk about community and positive Gossip inspired by his wife Linda. 
June 14, 2021
Experiencing the Jitters before Heading to Africa: How do I Cope with Uncertain Things?
Taking a step into the unknown can be very scary and intimidating. I, Kelsey, show up in real time and share what I'm feeling about heading to Africa. God has been teaching me a lot in Exodus and Joshua, so I share with you what I shared with the Emmaus church in Hilo, that God is faithful, He is good, He works miracles...but we (humans) have a short term memory. It's important that we do something to document the cool things that God does, so when the hard or uncertain things start we can be reminded that God has got this:) I share my strategy and idea for documentation of all the cool things God has done and will continue to do to those who believe in his Son Jesus Christ! Stay tuned to how you can join us on a trip to Africa or other amazing places at Sign up for our email list so you can be the first to know when those trips will launch. Space is limited!
June 07, 2021
Friendshipping 102
A couple of dear friends have come to The Talking Story Podcast table to talk about *drum roll please* FRIENDSHIP! In real time I come seeking advice about some of my personal struggles in friendship. I've been recently wounded by a friend. What do I do? How do I forgive? Do I let go? How do I take responsibility in a friendship? How can I be a better friend? And what can I do on social media to help build friendships? So I wanted to seek Godly counsel to find answers to these questions. Jacque and Rachael are friends from elementary days. These gals love Jesus and spend time in God's word daily and in prayer, so I knew that their wisdom was coming not just from personal experience but from their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. So if you have ever struggled in this area of friendship, this podcast is for you. Heal, be inspired, and be encouraged that you can be the friend that the people in this world need! And don't forget to share your feedback on our instagram The Talking Story Podcast. Also, check out our podcast we did about friendship in Season 1 Episode 44, MAKING FRIENDS IS HARD. My story on reconciliation or hooponopono: How To "ONE ANOTHER", Google it It's a Thing Season 2 Episode7
May 31, 2021
Friendshipping 101 (that's now a word:) with Rachael and Jacque
A couple of dear friends have come to The Talking Story Podcast table to talk about *drum roll please* FRIENDSHIP! In real time I come seeking advice about some of my personal struggles in friendship. I've been recently wounded by a friend. What do I do? How do I forgive? Do I let go? How do I take responsibility in a friendship? How can I be a better friend? And what can I do on social media to help build friendships? So I wanted to seek Godly counsel to find answers to these questions.  Jacque and Rachael are friends from elementary days. These gals love Jesus and spend time in God's word daily and in prayer, so I knew that their wisdom was coming not just from personal experience but from their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  So if you have ever struggled in this area of friendship, this podcast is for you. Heal, be inspired, and be encouraged that you can be the friend that the people in this world need! And don't forget to share your feedback on our instagram The Talking Story Podcast.  Also, check out our podcast we did about friendship in Season 1 Episode 44, MAKING FRIENDS IS HARD.
May 24, 2021
Altruism: Foster Care and Adoption with Loving Shepherd Ministries
We are so excited to share this podcast with you all from Blufton,  Indiana! I tell you, great things are coming out of Blufton. Refer back  to our podcasts Season 3 Episode 3 and 12.  However, we feel that this blog needs to direct attention to their blog... Read "Small Decisions with Big Outcomes"  as an encouragement that you don't need to have the whole plan figured  out, but altruism takes one step of going outside your comfort  a time. Enjoy the blog and enjoy the podcast with Doug Isch.
May 17, 2021
To You Mommas Out There (Announcements and Rebroadcast)
May 9, 2021 was Mother's Day. And in honor of Mother's Day and reminding you, if you are a mom, have one of the most important jobs on the planet! So be encouraged, be inspired, know you are not alone and that I'm in awe of you each and every day! Thanks for raising our next generation of leaders...well! Love, Kelsey
May 10, 2021
Season 3 Ep.14. God Can Be Trusted in ANY Season- our interview with Dallas Jenkins, Director of The Chosen.
What a fabulous way to launch The Talking Story Podcast after a month long hiatus by interviewing Dallas Jenkins, the Director of The Chosen, a TV series about the life of Jesus.  We get it, you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking "not another Jesus film", but ya'll let me tell you, this TV series is life changing, exceptional, inspiring, heart-provoking. It's a must watch. Still not convinced? Well, watch the first 2 episodes, and if it doesn't hook you by then, I'm not sure what will. I was the biggest skeptic, but after 2 seasons in, this series has literally changed my life.  We are honored to bring Dallas Jenkins, the director of The Chosen, to the table to talk about the "behind the scenes". It's easy to look at someone like Dallas and say, "Sure looks like he's got his life together", but that's the thing we don't understand, life was/is not easy and in fact he suffered from a huge Hollywood embarrassment with his Box Office flop, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (which I liked by the way). How do you recovery from something like that? Well Dallas shares his story and his advice on The Talking Story Podcast today.  1) Prayer- he and his wife went to their knees and the word to get answers and direction 2) Paid attention to Peace- what was on his heart that he couldn't shake? 3) Trust- Believed God could take him, in his obedience, and do more than he ever thought was possible 4) Gave God the Glory- He saw that God created this opportunity in his life, took his "loaves and fish", and did more than anyone could imagine. As I write this there have been more than 144 million views! Dallas points to Jesus in all his success, as most of it can be contributed as miraculous! So first listen to this podcast. Find @thetalkingstorypodcast on social media and DM us your thoughts.  Then go find The Chosen APP and watch Season 1 and the first few episodes of Season 2 And support our sponsor today and
May 03, 2021
Forgotten Children? A conversation with Matt Hartsell and Kody Kumfer
Show notes coming soon
March 24, 2021
I'm Broken Inside... inviting you into a real and deep conversation with a friend
Want to join this conversation? Start a message with us here or email me, Kelsey, at
March 08, 2021
“When Four Gunmen Started Toward My Family...” Our Chat with YWAMers Kevin and Sue Prins about how to Find Direction after Dealing with Hard Things
In the series of Picking up the Pieces, The Talking Story wants to  hear from you. We all have gone through hard things, and having a safe  place to wrestle through the pain, doubts, anger, and fear is the  beginning to healing and ultimately finding direction and purpose. We truly believe God does not waste anything in our lives, even the pain and struggle. We want to hear your story. We want to hear your questions. We want to hear you success or your struggle. Send us a DM to start the conversation. To learn more about Excelling Leaders and What Kevin and Sue Prins are up to in St. Paul, MN, check out their website. And to learn more about YWAM and all that they are doing around the world, click here. Sponsor:
March 01, 2021
Finding Purpose...
This episode aired on the Business with Purpose podcast, to learn more, click here Have you ever wished it could be easier to find and purchase products of  purpose? Have you ever wanted to really know how your dollar is helping  to bring hope and healing to an individual or community’s life? My  guest today is on a mission to do just that. Kelsey Waliszewski is the  founder of Moi Moi Market , an online marketplace that makes it easy for people to find and buy  products that help women out of sexual exploitation, provide clean  water, build schools, and clean up our oceans. She is also the host of  the Talking Story Podcast , a podcast that shares stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary  things, hoping to give the listener tools to positively impact their  community and use their life for purpose. Her cohost is her dad, Bob  Waliszewski, who is also the retired Focus on the Family Plugged In  movie director. Kelsey is an avid kiteboarder, triathlete, and boat  captain for a whale watch operation on the Big Island in Hawaii.  Kelsey’s love for challenge and adventure is a huge part of who she is.  Kelsey is so much fun and I learned so much I didn’t know before this  chat! Join me to learn from Kelsey Waliszewski! Read more here
February 22, 2021
How to Impact Others by Using Your Story
Donna and Dawn Glass, a mother/daughter team, has devoted their lives  in helping others share their stories. Their ministry, Life Unwrapped- Empowers believers to be courageous, confident, and committed as active witnesses in their journey... for God's glory. We  are the only credible witness to share our life-altering moment with  Jesus, that took our story and became our life-changing testimony. They share with us the difference between a testimony vs. a story. We  love the acronym they use. A.T.V (Authenticity, Transparency, and  Vulnerability) "You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone." 2 Corinthians 3:2 NIV These gals are passionate about what they do and more information about Life Unwrapped can be found here: Workshops  and Get-A-Ways - Empowering believers with "The Change Project" The  hope that brings change starts withIN each of us. Two approaches: "Plan,  Act, Change" (PAC Your Life), and "I'm All IN"  Donna's dad lived by this truth: If I CAN and I DON'T, What will I use for an Excuse? So join us today on The Talking Story Podcast to learn more about how  you can use YOUR story to impact the lives of others. They say an  average person can influence 10,000 people in a lifetime...that's a huge  and exciting responsibility. Let's begin together, today! “About Dawn and Donna Glass and Life Unwrapped: These two amazing  women are cut from the same cloth. They are kind and compassionate,  great listeners, discerning in the Spirit, gifted in exhortation and  encouragement, and devoted to prayer. To spend time with them is to see  their passionate desire to help women to know their identity in Christ  and to give them a voice to share their unique stories, and in the  telling to allow the Lord to heal and breathe courage into them. Dawn  and Donna facilitate God’s healing touch in the lives of women; they are  a like a fresh breeze in the Spring–exquisitely refreshing and life  giving.” – Susan Evans
February 15, 2021
Sustainable Living in Uncertain Times and What to do When you don’t see Eye to Eye with Your Spouse
This week we are so excited to talk to Ryan and Dani McAfee on The  Talking Story Podcast. Dani and Kelsey were inseparable when interns on  the Big Island of Hawaii in 2007 as juniors in college. Despite being in  very different seasons of life, Dani and Kelsey have continued to  cultivate a beautiful friendship over the last decade. After spending almost 10 days on Ryan and Dani's farm in 2020, Kelsey  walked away very inspired. The McAfee's have used their farm to grow  their family (physically, spiritually and emotionally) and help others.  Listen in as Ryan and Dani share their joys and struggles of sustaining a  marriage and growing a family of 4 in a way that they believe God has  called them to. And as someone who has always had a black thumb, both Bob and Kelsey,  are inspired to re-try gardening using some of Dani and Ryan's  practical "how tos". -Grow what you eat (no duh, right) but how many times have a tried to  grow pumpkins when really, I don't eat pumpkin that often. Now what I  do eat often is let's grow some cilantro, tomato, and onion? -Start with what you have. Don't feel like you need to own a giant farm to begin...use what you have -Be Faithful. Wherever you start, be faithful. Tend to the soil.  Water it. Don't forget about it. Food, real food, needs our help and  faithfulness to grow. -Learn the spiritual lessons. Watch nature and figure out how it relates to your spiritual journey.
February 08, 2021
3 Things to do When You Hit Bumpy Times
Hey TTSP tribe, Happy February 1. I felt this week that I should get on and share  with you in real time, some things I'm learning in my life as I'm in the  process of "Picking up the Pieces" after a very difficult 2020. If I'm  being open, which I try to be on this platform, 2020 was a year of loss.  I lost a dear family member, I lost my job, I lost an opportunity to  travel to Uganda, I lost a relationship, and I truly lost life as I had  known it. This isn't a pitty party, in fact, looking back I can see a lot of  silver linings in a very dark season, and I will be the first to confirm  that God is faithful. But that doesn't mean I don't feel all the  feelings, and even in 2021 I'm still feeling all the feelings. I have  good days, and I have bad. Some days I want to crawl into a hole and never come out, can anyone relate? But here's the deal. It is human to feel the feelings: hopelessness,  sadness, pain, anger, depression, hurt, betrayal. So yes, I give you  permission to feel. We must, we have to. However, we can't stay there. Once we start to feel these feelings, we are at such a vulnerable  state to allow fear and doubt to creep in. And when that happens, and  isn't dealt with, our lives look pretty grim. Let's take a look at Joseph in the Bible. Put yourself in his shoes  (that's empathy by the way, a gift/tool essential to have in this life).  Yes, he was a bit cawky.  And yes it was probably his arrogance and  pride that started off the chain of events: oh you know being sold into  slavery to a foreign country, being accused of rape when you actually  ran away, being thrown in prison for the rape that you didn't do, and  then forgotten by the guy who promised to help get you out. Yea, I could imagine that Joseph felt all the feelings. I could imagine Joseph's struggle. I could imagine the hopelessness Joseph must have felt. But what I love about this story, is we know that God used EVERY  season of Joseph's life to help cultivate him into the man God had  intended him to be. God doesn't waste a season. God doesn't waste pain. How do I know this? Well Joseph's story starts off at "Look at me brothers" as he showed  off his beautiful coat to a jealous group of brothers, who yes, then  took their jealousy to the extreme. Pretending your brother was murdered  by a wild animal when you actually sold him instead is never a good  idea. But when Joseph, after years in prison falsely accused (remember?),  was called into Pharaoh's court to interpret Pharaoh's dream, Joseph had  grown, he matured. Old Joseph would have responded..."Pharaoh, my man,  it is I, Joseph son of Jacob, that interprets dreams and they come to  pass, pretty cool right?". Or he could have been bitter Joseph,  "Pharaoh, it's about time. Before we get to your dream, let's talk about  all the ways I've been wronged..." But instead we see the "new" Joseph. "Pharaoh, it is not I that interprets dreams but God". Read more here
February 01, 2021
Family Economics: It Takes a Village to Live a Thriving Life
At the age of 31, I moved in with my parents. I had a successful  career, I had been on my own for 16 years, I was an adult living my best  life...yet here I was, moving in with the parentals. It was very humbling, very humbling. Why  would I do such a thing... one may ask in this western-  individualistic- society we live in? Well the simple answer, I felt God  was telling me to and I have wonderful, giving, generous parents who are  also open and led by Jesus. It was  suppose to be for just 6 months, helping them adjust since they just  moved to Hawaii and allowing me to save a little. The house that was  "mine" became "theirs" overnight. It was tough. My  stuff went into boxes, theirs came out. Now mind you, they were anxious  to nest because they had just lived with my dad's mom for 7 months and  they are in their mid-sixties. A year and  half later, I finally moved out...right in the middle of COVID. I just  lost my job, and now was the time to move out? Doesn't make sense right?  Don't ask me to explain, it still doesn't make sense, I just feel what I  believe is the Holy Spirit telling me what to do, and I often go by the  peace I feel in my heart. But I tell you,  if I didn't take that 18 month season and humble myself to live in  their basement, 2020 would have looked extremely different for me. But  because I had the opportunity to save, I entered a scary season of  unknown a bit more confident and peaceful. The  Clapback Couch Podcast ladies join us on today's podcast to talk about  family economics. How does God's design of the family look in seasons of  struggle, uncertainty, and pain. How can family help each other within,  and how can a family be a source of help to those outside the familial  circle. We loved our conversation with these New York gals, and would encourage you to check out their podcast and website here
January 25, 2021
In a Crisis? We Talk about ALL the Things: Men in crisis, where to go in a crisis, abortion, and...
Guarantee all of us have experienced a crisis in our lives. In fact, maybe some of us are currently in a crisis. In our conversation today, we talk to Brandy from Helping Hands who shares her beginnings on starting a crisis pregnancy center. It doesn't matter what your crisis is, the application from this interview applies to anyone at anytime no matter the situation.   We discuss so many topics:  What to do when God takes your dream and gives it to someone else? Men in Crisis Where to Go in Crisis What to do if you are contemplating abortion What if you already have had an abortion What to do if a friend has had an abortion Pro Life vs Pro Choice Living in Community Coming Alongside someone in Crisis Starting a Crisis Pregnancy Center I promise you, there is something in the conversation for EVERYONE! And if you want to participate with the amazing things at Helping Hands, then we encourage you to use your time, resources, and/or money to help continue on the great things taking place through this organization in Blufton, IN. 
January 18, 2021
Need Help in Finding Your ‘Why’??
Sex Trafficking Awareness DAY...January 11, 2021 Easy things you can do to combat the issues of Sex Trafficking 1) Educate yourself Listen to a The Talking Story Podcast episode each day this week that talks about sex trafficking (or re-listen if you are a TTSP avid listener).  Season 1 Episode 3- Hoolanapua Season 1 Episode 9-Thistle Farms Season 1 Episode 20- Becca Stevens Season 1 Episode 25- Fair Trade/Exploitation in Kenya Season 1 Episode 33- Fashion combating Sex Trafficking in South Africa Season 1 Episode 13- Starfish Project, Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia Season 1 Episode 37- How to Generate Hope Season 2 Episode 6- Victor and Eileen Marx, Sex Trafficking in Syria and Domestic Trafficking Season 2 Episode 9- Women's Shelter in Israel Season  2  Episode 12- Covered Colorado Season 2 Episode 14- A Coffeehouse that combats Sexual Exploitation 2)  Help Educate a Friend -Screenshot and post on your social media -Send a link via text or email to a friend -Go out to coffee and bring it up in conversation, point them to TTSP and/or the brands and businesses that are doing amazing things! 3) Support a Brand or Organization that helps provide hope and healing for individuals who have been sexually exploited.  This month's fundraiser is below, and we are giving 25% back to Covered Colorado. Contact us at to sign your non-profit up for a fundraiser. Article about Finding Purpose and your WHY "First, define what success means to you personally. Second, create a vivid mental image of you as a success. This image should be as vivid as you can you make it. Third, clarify your personal values. Getting clear about what you want is a process of  trial and error! Try something. Then ask yourself: Do I like this? Yes.  No. Get a journal and start putting down your feelings, thoughts,  actions, and behaviors. Use what you write as a way to pinpoint areas you  are constantly exploring. Evaluate your results constantly."
January 11, 2021
2021 Picking up the Pieces: Starts with Forgiving the Hurt
Happy New Year and welcome to our series "Picking up the Pieces". Many of us probably never want to visit 2020 again. 2020 brought significant trials: job loss, broken relationships, financial crumbling, health deterioration, and/or a death of a loved one. So here we are, a new year, and where do we go from here? The Talking Story Podcast has been pointing to finding purpose in life, but so many are just trying to figure out how to get back to a "life". So what do we do when we experience significant trials? How do we find a purpose-filled life again? Is there hope from the pain? This year, we want to bring to the table conversations that help us "pick up the pieces" of a broken life. But our hope is that by having these deep, hard conversations YOU will find once again a beautiful, healthy, purposeful, and joyful life.  Our first conversation is with Kent Whitaker, author of the non-fiction book called Murder by Family. Back in December 2003, Kent experienced an atrocity that not many of us could fathom. Kent walks us through his journey of getting his life back on track after losing EVERYTHING! Personally, we gleaned so much wisdom from this conversation, and ultimately it made us take a good look into our lives. Kent's key to healing is forgiveness, but not just any forgiveness... a divine forgiveness. We encourage you to listen in to learn more, and join us on this journey of "Picking up the Pieces". 
January 04, 2021
Christmas in 2020, shall we Reset that Too?
Hey ya'll! Merry Christmas! This will be the last podcast of 2020. We can't wait to launch a new series called Picking up the Pieces in 2021! Here are the links we mentioned in the podcast. As always, we would LOVE your feedback. Join us in conversation on our instagram @thetalkingstorypodcast
December 21, 2020
What!? There's a Coffeehouse...with Purpose? Coffeehouse Ten24
A stream of chattering neighbors and friends filing into the local barbershop after the big game. Families gathering at the diner to plan and discuss an upcoming event. We’ve seen them in the movies, or maybe even experienced them ourselves: community meeting places. They’ve forever been the focal point of small towns, but as populations and individualism have grown across the U.S., many of these treasured spaces are becoming a novelty of the past. But not in Eaton, Colorado, thanks to the guests of today’s podcast, Dorris and Colette.  As the town faced a time of tragedy and loss, born-and-raised resident Dorris felt her heart for global missions turning to local ones. The family-owned marketplace which had served as the communal heart of the town for years had closed down, and the town needed a new meeting space— a place to gather and grieve, find encouragement and fellowship, to strengthen and keep alive the ties of community; a space to stir up one another to love and good deeds. That’s what Coffee House Ten 24 is all about. Established in 2018, it not only sells coffee (or chai!) and provides a building for all of those things, but it also functions as a non-profit and gives back generously. Via the profits of Ten 24, help and resources are provided for the town’s single women and their children, survivors of sex trafficking, and donations are made to several wonderful causes like The Tabitha Center and Saruni International (tune in or visit their website below to learn more!). Great steps of faith were taken by Dorris, Colette and many volunteers in the planning and building of this beautiful coffee shop, but it all began with two very simple questions: “What are we doing for the people of Eaton?” And “What do they need?” From there, everything truly fell into place. “God has intervened again,” Dorris remembers thinking. God can intervene in your town, city, neighborhood or village. What do the people around you need, and what can you do about it? We must not be afraid to ask that question, and then to act on it.  Press that play button to hear the rest of this exciting story! You can “visit” the coffee house or learn more at, and can also find them on Instagram and Facebook. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not forgetting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.                                     Hebrews 10:24
December 14, 2020
Guy Talk
It's not often that you get a group of guys around a microphone to talk! This interview is such a treat as we listen to the raw and real of men exploring the idea of why it's important to care how you spend your dollar. Colin, from Bought Beautifully, guests hosts on TTSP, and brings 2 other guys to the table to talk about ethical and purposeful purchasing! It's so great that we can sit at the table and listen. And don't forget, you can always share your feedback on our Instagram HERE:  Colin mentions a couple things and links can be found here: Here's a link to the laptop article...very interesting! And here's the other clothing company I mention
December 07, 2020
The Beginning to Life Change and Transformation: Our Interview with Jen from Covered Colorado
For 9 years we have heard about Giving Tuesday, as it started in 2011. It is a global movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.  In the midst of the pandemic, nonprofits across the country are  struggling with fundraising. Even the American Cancer Society says it  will have to cut its funding for cancer research by 50%, which would  represent the organization's lowest investment this century. We  have interviewed over 50 non-profits and social enterprises here at The  Talking Story Podcast that do what they do because they are passionate  about changing the WORLD. And they do that by making a difference in the  lives of others. How? Number 1: Investing in relationship. Taking the time to get to know a person/community and their needs. Number  2: Addressing those needs, a common factor that we have seen is thru  providing employment, but there are other ways like maintaining  and  building water wells in central Africa, building schools, and offering  horse- back riding lessons as a form of therapy and healing. For more show notes click here
November 30, 2020
3 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Hawaii
It's Kelsey here, at your service, with a blog that is quite  different than the norm. But yet, it very much relates to the work we  are doing thru Moi Moi Market. How so? Well bear with me and read on. I  want to help with some questions that have been coming at me...and that  is HOW DO I TRAVEL TO AND FROM HAWAII? Why am I potentially the qualified individual to talk on this  subject? Well in this season of pandemic uncertainty, I have traveled to  and from Hawaii 3 times since March, and let me tell you the rules have  changed EVERY TIME. So what I share is from my personal travel  experience, but everything should be verified on the state's website. (to see the updated rules to enter the state of Hawaii and/or inter-island travel click here) Let me preface this blog to say I never realized how tourist  dependent Hawaii really is. And for many of us to get back to work, it  will require the arrival of tourists...safely. For countries, economies,  and communities to thrive people need to work. For poverty to be  fought, jobs need to be created. Over the last decade, as a society, we  have made some ground in this area of employment worldwide. However,  even with 2 steps forward, this pandemic has made us go 10 steps back. And Hawaii has definitely felt the affects of economic shut down in  ways most of the mainland has not, due to its very strict 14 day  quarantine upon arrival. Who wants to spend loads of money to sit in a  hotel room? I mean, an individual can't even go out and shop for food  and it isn't like we have Uber Eats on the islands, well maybe in Oahu.  My point is that 200,000 residents live below the poverty line, and in  order for than number to NOT increase, Hawaii needs to safely resume  tourism soon because the devastation will not be from the virus but the  economic crumble of small businesses. We are seeing the same devastation  in places like Kenya, Indonesia, and other countries who have made  progress of fighting poverty through tourism, and when tourism stops  people's livelihood stops; from tourist companies to small market  businesses. And most of these countries don't have "stimulus programs"  to keep families fed. Starvation is more of a fear, than the virus  itself. Hawaii needs you. Other countries and communities need you! People, worldwide, need to get back to work. Let me share some of my travel experiences with you in hopes you can  make the best decision for you and your family of when and how to  travel. As of October 15, 2020 Hawaii has "opened" but with requirements if  you want to avoid the 14 day house arrest...I mean quarantine. (It's all  about changing the narrative, right?) READ MORE
November 26, 2020
Financially Anxious? Join the Club.
Hey Ya'll! Gosh am I learning a lot this week about 1) being the hands and feet of Jesus and 2) trusting in Him for my daily bread. This week I received correspondence from a Kenyan friend. His trials are "immense" but he is trying to understand the lessons to glean from the current hardships and see opportunities to help people even though he is in need himself. He described a situation, where he had just enough money for some food for lunch. However, instead of buying food for himself to relieve his hunger pains, he felt prompted by God to use what little he had and buy a beggar some cakes and a soda. Did that mean no lunch for him that day? Yep! But he wouldn't have it any other way. What he did gave him an indescribable joy, a joy that no one, no circumstance, can take away.  Well, that has got me thinking and I think I'm on my way to an emergency spiritual surgery.  This man's text, which can be found on my Instagram (here) has started me down this thought journey. I truly believe that my friend John was the hands and feet of Jesus that day. In fact, if Jesus was physically present walking the same streets and encountering the same beggar, I believe not only would Jesus have given him food to meet his physical needs, but I believe that Jesus would have healed the man from his physical ailments as well. Did you know that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is the same spirit that lives inside of us today (those that confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord). That power comes from the Holy Spirit. The spirit of the LIVING GOD lives in US!!  (How cool would it be to see the western church to begin to walk in faith and power of the Holy Spirit? I sure hope that's in my lifetime, and I want to be a part of that!) So no wonder we have opportunities to be the proof that God exists! I think of sunsets. It is one of my favorite times of day. I believe a sunset makes me realize how little I am and how little control I have. I believe a sunset points to a Creator, something greater than ourselves. The Bible says that creation testifies that there is a God. However, watching a sunset does not show us that same Creator actually cares about us. He gives us, human beings, that opportunity. We get to reflect the characteristic of God. We are proof of God's love. When we have an encounter with the Living God, how can we not go public and display the transformation that has happened in our lives. Isn't it only natural to love others, to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others? Isn't that what Jesus did on the cross for us? John's text inspired me to trust in God's provision. Although what may be considered as little, John gave EVERYTHING! It was all that he had. Imagine giving all that you had? Right? Not an easy thing. What if you lived day to day not knowing where your "bread" would come from? That is a faith I have not experienced, but I want to. John gave when it hurt. Not sure I can say that I've done that. But that, that is true altruism. That shows that He trusts in Jesus to not let him down, and provide for his daily needs. Luke 21:1-4 shows a woman, a widow, who gave 2 small coins to the temple. That was everything she had. And Jesus said that those 2 coins meant more than the 100 coins given by others, because she gave everything and others gave only a dent of their wealth. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Where is your heart today? These are the very questions I'm asking myself.  "There is no other work in life that will fill you with more joy and purpose than seeing God's promises fulfilled. " " ;
November 23, 2020
Dog Lover? Spoil Your Pooch while Transforming Lives
Aloha TTSP Listeners! Calling all Dog Moms and Dads! Moi Moi Market is now selling artisan made dog collars from Chiapas, Mexico. I'm in LOVE! But what I love more than the product is the mission of Amor Handmade.  "Our project aims to address socioeconomic problems within artisan  communities. For the majority of artisans, work is only seasonal and  dependent on tourism. Due to these meager seasonal earnings, the next  generation of artisans is abandoning their cultural arts  for alternatives such as strenous work on farms or factories.   This takes them on dangerous journeys far away from their homes for  little gain.  This results in the loss of culturally significant  techniques, great personal risk for each artisan, and no way to improve  their quality of life or economic situation. To tackle these issues, every sale at AMOR supports artisan women  with steady local employment.  With AMOR, they can work from the safety  of their homes and not worry about when or where they can sell their  wares.  We pay upfront because their financial security comes first.  We  hope to preserve their arts and create a brighter, safer future for  their families and culture." Bob Waliszewski, a former Focus on the Family Plugged In Movie Critic, talks with Chris about his journey of Amor Handmade and how it impacts artisans. What Bob found fascinating, was the alternative employment for these people...a modern form of slavery. So by purchasing a dog collar, dog leash, bracelet, and/or earrings you are empowering individuals to earn a fair wage while doing something they LOVE! Chris's mission is to increase the quality of products while using the artisan's craft and skill. Amor Handmade is focused on modern and practical products which is what is needed to help a small community break into a western market.  It's exciting to pamper your pooch while using your dollar to change lives. And that's what Moi Moi Market is all about. 
November 16, 2020
Bought Beautifully: A Family Using Business to Fight Global Injustice
A decision to only buy Christmas gifts that matter sparked an idea that led one Wyoming couple on an exciting journey partnering with amazing organizations all around the globe. These are “people who love Jesus and want to use their finances to make changes in the world.” Emily and Collin met as college students studying abroad in Costa Rica, married, had 3 awesome kids, and were enjoying professional careers. Yet they felt there was “something more” that they should be pursuing together as a tea Read more here
November 09, 2020
What to do with the Inner Nudge? Our Conversation with Mama Rita from with Africa's Heart located in Israel
It's  easy to look back and see how God put the pieces of life together and  understand why the bad things happened, why one's heart felt a certain  way, and why the outcomes of situations were the outcomes. But the  concept of looking forward and discerning the inner nudges of the heart,  navigating the pain, and questioning the questionable outcomes, well  that's just hard. Our conversation with Mama Rita, from Africa’s Heart in Israel, will inspire us that the pain, the nudging, the questions are worth it! Rita did not have a plan to help severely traumatized women, nor did she  ever think she’d be running a shelter on the top of Mt. Carmel.  As a  Jew who had a true encounter with the Messiah, her journey took her on a  different path than she could have ever imagined.  She realized that in  following God, her life needed to demonstrate His love through serving  others,  and in seeking to do that, her own aspirations would need to  aligned with a much greater plan. The condition of the African women, smuggled across Israel’s border with the Sinai, was heart wrenching for Rita and her team. "Many of them [were] stripped of their identity and both  physically and emotionally broken, [they] recognized that there was a  tremendous need to build their sense of self worth and value." There was  no option to turn away, pretend it wasn't happening, and go on living  life. Rita, after being exposed to the need had  to do something about helping these women find hope, healing, and  purpose and *walah* Africa's Heart was born, well not quite… "As a number of the women were pregnant or with newborn babies and, in  most cases, unable to work outside the shelter, the project had to take  place on our property and without extensive training. One of our staff  asked the interested women what kind of handicraft they were already  skilled in doing. She then purchased the necessary materials and began  meeting with the project participants on a regular basis to oversee  their work. Within weeks, the women were producing creative and unique  pieces of handiwork – crocheted, embroidered, and assembled by hand."  This project allowed these women to create, find purpose, and support  themselves. This form of empowerment truly brings healing in a woman who  has been battered and abused. But like with any product, but especially one that comes from purpose (Starfish Project is also a great example of that), there’s a need on the other end, the buyer *cue YOU*.
November 09, 2020
Business can be a Tool to Do Good in the World!
North Dakotan couple Mariah and Derek were excited to begin building their dream family home, until they saw the price tag. After praying it over and wondering what direction they should take, Mariah woke up one morning with a curious thought on her mind, one that could only be from God- “build a home there.” In Ethiopia.  A call to missions had bloomed in Mariah’s heart as a teen, and some years later a simple google search had led her and her best friend on a journey to Ethiopia to work in an orphanage in the village Harbu Chulu. It was a short 9 days of an “emotional roller coaster” ride. The poverty was heart wrenching, while God’s presence and light in the orphanage joy giving. Mariah knew she wanted to continue serving these orphans even after she stepped off the plane home, and God’s word to her that one morning after a night of prayer was the answer. Well, three cheers for supportive husbands! Derek jumped on board and together they started a brand new business that pours 100% of its earnings into the orphanage Mariah visited!  Agape Co. sells a variety of quality leather bags and other accessories made in Ethiopia to help fund the expansion of HOPEthiopia. HOPEthiopia is not just an orphanage— they also work to conserve and reforest Ethiopian land, they’ve opened a trade center where they teach skills such as hand making goods, and they serve the whole community of Harbu Chulu with access to clean water at the well dug on their property.  Tune in to learn the full story of Agape Co., and to hear how love can make us capable of anything!  Visit, and stay tuned for some awesome new products coming in 2021 (genuine leather Bible covers are on the list!). Your guest hosts Collin & Emily will also be stocking their marketplace Bought Beautifully with some Agape Co. products this month, so keep checking back for that as well!  You can get in contact with Mariah & Derek at                                           
November 02, 2020
Tips on How to "One Another": Google it, it's a Thing.
Social media has been a discouraging place as of late. What was a  place that would connect the human race, has now become a tool to tear  apart friendships and relationships. Yes, I understand that there are a  lot of opinions surrounding this political election in 2020, and my  goodness, how privileged we are to live in a place that we can express  those opinions, kinda, although censorship is on the rise. But friends,  my plea to you today, even in the heat of the political battle, is that  we not lose sight of this truth: that we ALL are still human deserving  of love, dignity, and respect, WHY? Because of the fundamental truth  that we are created in the image of God. And even if the current leadership does not always exemplify kindness  and respect toward others (although one must always look at context, as  many things now a days are taken out of context), it does not give us  permission to treat others in the same manner. It doesn't matter to me how you've participated: Victim or  Instigator. My argument is what matters now is how we move forward to  build into and up future relationships.  How do we Hooponopono (reconcile) these relationships, because at the end of the day, we will  still be neighbors and have opportunities for friendship. Is what  happening now really worth breaking relationship over? What would Jesus  Do? What did he call us to do? What did he show us by how he lived his  life? I've just finished reading a book by Andy Stanley called Irresistible. It's a must, especially for one struggling with their Christian faith or wrestling with the world of 2020. I believe we need to get back to the fundamentals that Jesus preached  as he walked this earth. I believe for us to have a full relationship  with God, it starts by how we treat our neighbor. And who is our  neighbor? "Our neighbor is thus anyone in our proximity with whom we can share God’s love. We  are called not only to love those who are similar to us or with whom we  are comfortable, but all whom God places in our path. In fact, Jesus  said, “I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute  you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his  sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous  and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will  you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet  only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even  pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is  perfect” (Matthew 5:44–48)." My heart is to have a better world. And in order to have a better  world, it's not about who is in office. It's about each one of us and  the condition of our heart. Read the rest of this blog here To order a Moi Moi Empowerment box click here Send a FREE POSTCARD: CLICK HERE
October 28, 2020
All Things Are Possible: Find Out How with Victor and Eileen Marx
Isaiah 61 speaks of one being “sent to heal the broken hearted.” This is the message Victor Marx, a man who knows the ins and outs of trauma painfully well, carries to fractured hearts and minds around the world: God made us to heal. It is a desperately needed hope as violence, abuse, and trafficking continuously shatter lives, and it is one we can put our faith in. The severe abuse Victor endured as a very young child and his journey of forgiveness and healing have culminated in a heart dedicated to rescue and equip the vulnerable. When he and his wife Eileen began working with incarcerated youth, the discovery in a girls facility that every one of them had experienced sexual abuse in their young lives lead the couple to eventually open up a self defense training facility for men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds, to combat and prevent such abuse. They have also produced two films on trauma, garnering a reputation for themselves that ultimately brought them an invite from the Kurdistan government to enter ISIS ravaged areas. What they saw there drew and expanded their ministry from domestic to international work. Victor and Eileen’s 32 years of marriage, 5 children, and far-reaching, life-saving ministry stand as evidence that you can overcome the trauma you’ve experienced and live a very fruitful life. Whatever your past, whether fresh scars or excruciating memories that you’ve tried to bury ten feet under, You. Can. Heal. Don’t wait to cry out to God until you’re better; He uses the broken in mighty ways. “What the enemy meant for evil, God has worked for good.” Tune in to hear more about All Things Possible Ministry, to gain wisdom on walking alongside someone who has experienced trauma, and to find out how you can combat sex trafficking— the best place actually being within your own home. Find Eileen’s new book Imperfectly One here: Finding-Grateful-Meaning-ebook/dp/B08BTWLB8Z  The sponsor of this podcast is, your one stop shop for products of purpose. Victor Marx movie: Disarm:
October 19, 2020
Hands Producing Hope: Calling YOU!
A twenty minute cab ride followed by a forty five minute hike into Costa Rican wilderness finds you on the reservation of the Guaymi, an indigenous tribe who have faced great discrimination and hardship throughout history. Guaymi coffee pickers are paid half the wages of non-indigenous Costa Ricans, for example, and education opportunities for women and girls are rare.  On remote islands situated on a large Rwandan lake, meager job opportunity resulting in an 80-90% unemployment rate wreaks poverty on villagers. Families are often left with a heart-rending choice- which one of their children to enroll in the feeding program.  Stories like these leave us saddened and angry, but often unmoved to action because we just don’t know what we can do about it. The descriptions above belong to communities whom today’s guest, Rebecca Gardner, had the chance to visit (and now work with) herself. Burdened with “holy anger” by the disparities and utter poverty she witnessed, Rebecca founded a transformational program to help disadvantaged women around the world gain empowerment, employment and education.  Hands Producing Hope is igniting sustainable change in communities where women largely have no work or cannot even read or write. Artisan training, literacy programs, maternal health centers, and caring relationships are all providing skill, knowledge, camaraderie and income that will see impact on these people groups for generations. Rebecca, interviewed in this episode by Bought Beautifully founders Colin and Emily (be sure to check out episode 51 if you haven’t yet!), is here to tell you how you can get involved in real communities and real issues like these from your own home, through your own product choices. Also tune in for some encouragement towards cultivating your own unique and potentially life-changing ideas, which too often never make it past the brain or notebook they originate in. Rebecca says to “ignore the fear and start somewhere; ask for a lot of help and guidance…don’t let the bigness or scariness of the dream hold you back from starting that dream…the most dangerous thing is to just not do anything”!  Learn more and shop with a purpose at! Also check out and (this podcast’s sponsor) for more ethical & high quality products that support a variety of amazing causes and artisans. Subscribe on your platform of choice. Leave a feedback on our audio recorder found on
October 12, 2020
Psalm 23 says that God is Invested in You, He has a Stake in What Happens in Your Life
Hey guys! You don't want to miss this reflection. Bob Waliszewski shares his reflection on the 23rd Psalm. Many of us have read the psalm, some probably can recite from memory, but I bet you, like Bob, have overlooked an essential part of David's song, the part that says someone else has a stake in our lives. Read more here
September 28, 2020
Need a Pep Talk for 2020, This is Your Podcast
“If you can swim across the creek without a life jacket, you can take the boat.” You better believe almost any boy would dive right in and swim for dear life if his parents told him that! Zach Rollins and his family always lived less than a mile from the ocean, and with boat keys in hand, Zach revved into an explorer’s dream of a childhood. Endless Rhode Island hours were spent traversing islands and studying tide pools by a boy full of questions and curiosity. Read more here
September 21, 2020
Help! I'm now Homeschooling
An unlikely opportunity has rolled in with 2020, one that many  parents may not have otherwise considered: homeschooling. Do chills run  up and down your spine at the word? Or, had you already committed to  educating your kiddos at home, pre-pandemic? Either way, and even if  you’re not a parent, listen on! We welcome Leesa Waliszewski back on the podcast for this episode (go  check out episode 30 to hear some of her words of wisdom on  motherhood!) to discuss what being a life-long self-learner looks like,  and to glean some tips for those moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who  may be forced to homeschool their children during this season. Leesa has  worked in the education system for decades, implementing a philosophy  that brings more life into learning (see resources). Here she sheds  light and positivity in sharing how now could be the perfect time to get  back in touch with your child’s education. Because ultimately, you are  the one person(s) present through every new teacher and grade level  change. Moms and dads, you can make a HUGE difference by taking this  chance to get more involved! Sometimes, the curiosity and passion to discover knowledge is killed  in the place we’d least expect it— school. Stressing over good or bad  grades, pleasing mom and dad, test-taking, and info-cramming can really  take the spark out of learning. Kids (and adults!) need to be fed with  ideas, not just information. Tune in to learn how to step it up a notch  with something as simple as reading with your child and on your own  (books can change us, big time). This is the time of “becoming more  aware of what our kids’ minds are being fed on”…and stepping into the  learning journey with them. You may even end up learning a few things  from them! Come follow us, share your thoughts, and start a conversation with us on Instagram! @thetalkingstorypodcast Kelsey Waliszewski @captkelseyhawaii Bob Waliszewski @waliszrs Resources: Plugged In book reviews at Focus on the Family Charlotte Mason, practical ideas and resources for home education Book Lists Thank you to our sponsor, Moi Moi Market, your one stop shop for incredible products of purpose.
September 14, 2020
Labor Day!
Hey tribe, As discussed on last week's episode, once a month we are going to take a break from being on air. Here's why: 1)We want to demonstrate the health and importance of taking breaks, rests and sabbaths. 2)If you are really missing our voices, then we encourage you to go back and re-listen to an episode. This week we recommend Episode 30, 27, and 26 as our favorites. There are so many wise tools of truth, that we guarantee you will glean more by listening to episodes again.
September 07, 2020
Vacation is to the Mind as Vitamin D is to the Body
Is it just me, or does life sometimes seem on Fast Forward? Even in this season of COVID, life just seems busy. Well I'm no expert, but today's podcast I share with you what I'm learning about rest, and the importance of turning off our brain from time to time. Read more here
August 31, 2020
How I'm Learning to Step out of my Comfort Zone
"There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud."- Carl Sandburg. So here I am trying to find the inner eagle. However, in all honesty, I have probably been the hippo for far too long? Am I alone? Maybe. "You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone". -Roy T. Bennett. Read more here
August 24, 2020
Making Friends is HARD!
Do you struggle making friends, keeping friends, being rejected by "friends"? I'll be the first to raise my hand and say that making and keeping friends is HARD work. I have been rejected, uninvited, shunned, cold shouldered, you name it, I've been there. And because of all the feelings, it is easy to talk yourself out of making friends because the more friends you have, the chances of hurt becomes greater, am I right? Read more here
August 17, 2020
I Need Help!
show notes to come
August 10, 2020
Big Dreams Start Small?
This week I've been wrestling with the origins of BIG THINGS, BIG DREAMS, BIG GOALS! If you are like me, you can imagine a BIG FUTURE, but the process of getting there seems overwhelming. Like, so overwhelming you want to want to crawl into a small hole and never come out. Ok, maybe it's just me? Anyhoo, as you imagine YOUR BIG FUTURE, here's a little encouragement for you today. Read more here
August 03, 2020
Weather The Storm!
Hello TTSP friends! A category 1 hurricane, Douglas (can we call him Dougie), is approaching the island chain quickly. As people are boarding up windows, tying down lawn chairs, and stocking up on 2 weeks worth of water and food, I decided to take a stroll along the beach with a cup of Joe in hand. Although I think preparation for a storm is essential... Read more here
July 27, 2020
Reflection on Sleep and Nutrition: The 4 foods that have changed my life!
Aloha TTSP Tribe, Kelsey here, week 3 of my REFLECTIONS, where I'm sharing with you on a personal level the good, bad, and ugly. This week, let's talk sleep and nutrition. So it's been said that you really can't help anyone else until you  help yourself. And part of "helping ourselves" is by how we take care of  ourselves, am I right? Researchers have been telling us that sleep and  nutrition are HUGE factors in health. So here are my tricks and tips  when it comes to sleep and health. If you are experiencing this season of COVID like I am, unemployed,  then use it for your advantage. I know the anxiety is real (that's the  next podcast reflection), and the future is uncertain, but when will you  ever get a chance like this again? When COVID first hit, and people  stopped coming to Hawaii, and our boat business shut its doors, I for  the first time in my life, did not have anything pressing. I did not  HAVE to be at work by 7:30am. I did not HAVE to be anywhere at any  specific time. So, I stopped using an alarm clock. For the first few  days, I found myself sleeping 9-11 hours. I figured my body needed it.  For the last decade of my life, I was running around like a chicken with  its head cut off (weird figure of speech am I right, I need to research  the origin of that saying). But now, I had the opportunity to stop and  actually was forced to slow down. So I did. After about 4 days, my body  woke up naturally after 8 hours of sleep. I would go to bed by 10am. And  without an alarm, I was waking up at 6 am. For those who are still holding jobs (lucky! and I'm jealous), and  don't have that luxury yet of turning off alarm clocks. Prioritize  getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. Don't compromise. Netflix isn't worth  it, I promise. Prioritize yourself, and let nothing take away those  essential 8 hours and see the difference it makes in your life. And to moms of newborns and babies. Write in your calendars to refer  back to this episode in 4 years. I have the upmost respect for you! I've  never been a mom, but I know the sacrifice it takes (NOTE OUR MOTHER'S  DAY PODCAST, ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR EPISODES). Sleep won't be in your  vocab for a while, but remember you are doing extraordinary work raising  your little, and keeping he/she alive! My hats off to you! Now for nutrition. Two years ago, I came across the book BODY LOVE by Kelly Leveque.  This book changed my life and my diet. First it is a must read as she  explains the science behind the 4 foods that are essential to start your  day with. So don't let this blog be the only thing you read, consider  my writing as teaser. The 4 foods that EVERYONE should start their day with *drum roll please* 1. Greens 2. Fiber 3. Protein 4. Good Fat To learn more listen in to this Reflection episode or just go get her book. But literally, it has changed my life. click here for more
July 20, 2020
How I'm Dealing with Anger
Aloha TTSP Listeners, Another reminder that we are in a season of sabbatical and are  taking a break to refresh and refuel, and HOPEFULLY launch Season 2 this  Fall. However, to do so we need YOUR help! If you want more amazing  inspirational interviews with extraordinary people here's what YOU can  do to help: 1) Donate to our Kickstarter campaign 2) Purchase products from Moi Moi Market 3) Review and tell people about us! Today's reflection is not an easy one for me to share, because I'm  personally struggling through it, like right now, as I type this, I'm  angry. There's a righteous anger, a just anger, an anger that can spur  us toward righteous action and compassion. But there's also an anger that will lead to bitterness, division, and  hatred. This anger is where bridges get burned, relationships are left  in disarray, and we simply are left a mess. I'm teetering.  The struggle is real. So I watched this movie the other night called Free Burma Rangers (mind you this was my second time watching this movie, I think this was  the last movie I watched in theaters before COVID. ) FBR is an  incredible documentary, a must watch for all. In brief Dave Eubank, and his wife Karen,  have dedicated their lives  to help others in war-torn countries: Burma, Syria, and Iraq. They go  in to help the injured AND to share the story of what is actually  happening and how innocent people are dying due to horrific evil. They know the enemy. They have seen the effects of the enemy. And at  one point Dave admits wanting to kill the enemy, which I think we all  would consider a justified thought. However, Dave said that if he acted on that thought, that anger would  have led him down a dark path, so instead he choose to continue to love  his enemies, pray for them, and help those who encounter their path of  destruction. I tell you, I'm a fighter. When I get hurt, I can hurt back, wall up,  or push away. Loving someone who has hurt me, it ain't easy. Loving  someone who hurts someone else, ohh man world watch out, because that  enrages me. Bitterness is an easier drug to turn to, a short term  remedy. But long term? It kills. It begins to destroy a person from the  inside out. Guys, I'm on a journey. I haven't arrived. But I'm trying to choose  love. I'm trying to do the right thing and love, through actions, people  who have wounded me. I'm trying to turn my anger into compassion. Are  boundaries necessary? Absolutely, especially if repentance hasn't taken  place. Is wisdom essential? It's critical. We don't walk into a war  without knowledge and a plan. We do need to do what's necessary to  protect ourselves and those around us. But when faced with anger or  love, may we continue to choose love, the action of love, to help our  persecutor, to pray for their well being, and to help those who have  been wounded in their path. Ephesians 4:31-32
July 13, 2020
Reflections: How I Start My Day
For the next 60 days we are taking a break from our "normal" schedule. Why? Well 3 reasons: 1.  There's always a need for rest, prayer, growth, and reflection. We will  take your feedback, the dreams in our hearts, and the uncertainty of  the future and lay it down at the feet of Jesus and ask "what's next?". 2.  We need to Fundraise. I, Kelsey, have been funding the podcast for the  last 37 episodes and it ain't cheap. However, it has been so worth it!  But if this is to continue, we will need financial help, so we are  putting the power into the hands of our listeners and you  want this to continue? If so, would you support us in purchasing from  Moi Moi Market or giving to our Kickstarter Fundraiser? Our fundraiser  will end September 1, and at that point we trust we will have an answer  for the direction of the podcast. 3.  I'm human and I've been going through a lot, like I am sure you have  too in this "unprecedented time". So I want to take the next 8 weeks and  come on air and just share the raw and the real of me. Maybe you can  connect and relate, and maybe you can't. And all of that is ok! In a  season of social distancing, it is hard to connect. And although this is  still virtual, grab a cup of coffee, and let's talk through some things  together. To continue the conversation, find me on social media at The Talking Story Podcastor Kelsey Waliszewski.  Thank you to our continued sponsor a One Stop Shop for Products of Purpose. We Believe YOU can Make a Difference in the World just by How YOU Shop!
July 05, 2020
Joy Can Be Found After Trauma!
Let’s talk more on another pressing global pandemic: sex trafficking. It’s happening in high schools, middle schools, malls, parks, among family and friend circles, through the internet, across boarders, within boarders, on every continent, every single day. San Diego, California alone is seeing an annual eight hundred million dollars generated by the underground sex trade. The city is considered an international gateway for sex trafficking. For show notes click here
June 29, 2020
Fatherhood: Present not Perfect
On Mother’s Day weekend we heard from several dedicated, hard-working moms (check out episode 30); now it’s prime time to hear from some dads! So dads: what are some of the most impactful things you feel you’ve done in your kids lives? If you had the chance for a do-over, what would you go back and do differently as a parent? What advice or wisdom could you lend to younger/future dads? For more show notes, click here
June 20, 2020
Going from "I Can't" to Photography That Changes Lives
“I. Can’t.” For a kid who bottomed out on his aptitude test, whose grades stunk, and who couldn’t stick with any one activity for long, these 2 debilitating words could have had the final say in his young life. And yet today, Jeremy Cowart’s portfolio is crammed full of stunning photos and countless global ideas and projects while a fear of failure is nowhere to be found. What happened? Read more here
June 15, 2020
You Can Help Eradicate the World Water Crisis with Just $12
Over 1 billion people do not have water! That's a fact we don't hear on the news, see on social media, or discuss in conversation. That means 1 in 8 people wake up every day wondering how they are going to find safe drinking water. However, Richard and Terri Greenly decided to use their business, Pumps of Oklahoma (, to create wells and now businesses to meet the water crisis need. Click here for show notes
June 08, 2020
A World Restored: Human Trafficking is Fought with Fashion
“Tricked, trapped, transported, used”— this is human trafficking. It is real, it is an overwhelmingly global atrocity; it happens every day and in every part of the world. How do we start valuing human life at every level in order to stop this? How do we encourage others to do the same? Sisters Kate and Kimberly began asking questions like these over a decade ago, and have since been waging war against human trafficking through prevention, awareness, and the unexpected field of fashion. For more show notes click here
June 01, 2020
Putting Our Love Glasses On
Tara began giving glasses away to whoever she crossed paths with before starting Love Glasses Revolution, a business and social enterprise that would later be featured by USA Today. Love glasses go way beyond style. They convey the message that is close to Tara’s heart, to view everyone in love. She describes the act of choosing love as a superpower, and it’s something she wants everyone to experience. Read the show notes here
May 25, 2020
A Free Opportunity to Pay It Forward: Send a Card, Encourage Someone Today
Starting today, we are going to be offering something a bit different, something super cool, something that will completely make another's day. For free! That's right, absolutely zero mulah! But first, a trip down memory lane. Join me? Does anyone remember Valentine's Day grams? Yea, that's right the fundraising effort done by the Senior class that sold flowers and Valentine's day cards and provided the delivery service to get these flowers and cards to your desired person? Learn more here
May 18, 2020
Purpose in Motherhood
There are countless people all over the world doing incredible,  life-giving, life-changing things— individuals, non-profits, and  for-profits rescuing, feeding, innovating, healing, fighting for  justice; the list goes on. For 30+ episodes, The Talking Story Podcast  has been privileged to seek out and bring attention to those ordinary  people doing extraordinary things, as you the listener well know. But  none of those businesses, those amazing feats, or those people would  have ever been possible without one very essential group of people:  moms! In this special Mother’s Day episode, you’ll hear from 4  women coming from all stages of motherhood as they each share what helps  keep them afloat in the hectic, messy, day-to-dayness of the mom life.  You could collectively call these women’s nuggets of wisdom The 5 Musts of Motherhood, and they are: Waking up before the kids, + "good coffee and a whole lot of Jesus” Creating a bedtime ritual so as to end the day— even the roughest day— on a good note Striving to enjoy every moment you have with your kids; also taking time away for yourself Finding good friends and a strong support system Keeping on pursuing your passions Tune  in to hear these ladies expand on these musts and also discuss favorite  family activities (need some ideas?), hilarious stories (think diaper  blowouts and sassy teens), and bring you some words of encouragement. If  you’re not a mom, don’t tune out! There is wisdom to be found here for  you as well. These ladies will also be giving input on a very relevant  topic in this day and age, screen time. (Leesa Waliszewski, wife of Bob  and mom of Kelsey, says it well: “We want to raise kids who know how to  regulate their own emotions so they don’t have to rely on a screen to do  that for them.”) Moms, you are underrated. You may feel  ordinary, you may question if the work you are doing at home with your  kids is really mattering, but you truly are extraordinary, and your work  is some of the most — if not the most — important work in the world.  Keep it up. We have a website! Check us out on & have a very happy Mother’s Day!
May 09, 2020
The True Secret to be an Overcomer and Find Purpose
With no TV in the house, the Kendrick brothers spent their childhood running around the neighborhood filming action and stunt-packed movies on their camcorder. Their visions took a different turn as they grew and both placed their faith and focus in God, coming away with the desire to make meaningful movies that would bring messages of purpose. That dream is being fulfilled in their growing collection of faith-based hit titles including FireProof, Facing the Giants, War Room, and Overcomer. Read more here
May 04, 2020
It's Not About Your Past, But Where You Are Going
Today you can find former major league baseball employee Amy Peterson and her team scavenging for aged and fallen scraps of graffiti around the walls of Detroit, several times a year. What’s that? Grafitti? You heard right— Amy is “turning [graffitti and mural paint] scraps into wearable art,” each piece entirely unique, and each made by a unique woman helped out of joblessness, homelessness, the struggles of refugee life or life after incarceration. Read more show notes here
April 27, 2020
I'll Push You: An Emotional 500 mile Trek, 2 lifelong friends, and a wheelchair
500 miles, a set of wheels, and a demanding supply of strength, determination, and vulnerability mark Patrick and Justin’s story of deep friendship, trust and faith. In this inspiring episode Bob and Kelsey interview the stars of “I’ll Push You,” a documentary tracking the 40 day journey of two dedicated friends over the Camino De Santiago. Read more show notes here
April 20, 2020
26. The Ultimate Reset
Guys, a lot of us have been forced to stop what we are doing. We have been diverted from our "normal" lives because of COVID 19. And what we see as detrimental, discouraging, anxious, worrisome could really be our answer to prayer. I have wondered if God has given me this gift to stop doing and instead follow. To be honest, I'm not sure I would have had the guts to do it myself, even though I've had promptings in my heart for a while to change my course. Read more on our blog
April 12, 2020
25. The Four Letter Word Every Shopper Needs to Know
“If you wanna go to Mombasa, Kenya, call this number.” One glance at a bulletin board contain ing these words at the back of a crowded mega church was all it took for an adventure seeking 18-year-old to pack up and go. One trip led to two, two to three, until this born and raised Texan was selling her beloved truck and all she owned for a 7 month stay…and counting. That was 8 years ago. Yep, Jenny Nuccio never left. Read more on our blog here
April 06, 2020
24. What it is Really Like When You Quit a "Dream" Job
Jenna Wermes is living proof that happiness doesn’t always come through a promising career with a top notch company. This California girl scored her dream job working as a designer— in Hawaii! But after moving to paradise and excitedly beginning her work, something just wasn’t clicking. God had different plans for Jenna, and she knew it. Read more on our blog
March 30, 2020
23. COVID19: When the dust settles
How does one go from living jobless in their parents’ basement to running 7 ultramarathons on 7 continents, building up a company and brand, all while raising hundreds of thousands for charity?? Joel Runyon dives into the impossible in this episode, sharing the major mindset shift that allowed him to achieve all of these things, and detailing how we can break through the limits we subconsciously set for ourselves. It all starts with “turning the impossible into a challenge.” One of Joel’s “impossibles” was running a triathlon, which in time led to him taking on the ultras in order to raise money for building schools worldwide. No, it was. not. easy. Joel wasn’t a runner to begin with, and there were so many times he could have quit. But, to Joel, a few hours of pain was more than doable if it meant a lifetime of possibilities for a child given the gift of education. “Impossible” in areas of poverty around the world includes obtaining clean water and building schools. Remembering this, do your “impossibles” appear a little more achievable as you re-appreciate the resources you’ve been given? Often, the obstacle surrounding the seemingly-impossible is fear. Currently, there’s a lot of fear surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic. Joel and hosts Bob and Kelsey point out that there is also a lot of opportunity. We can either use our free time to sit around in the basement, eating junk food and watching Netflix, or we can read more books, set more goals, workout, grow stronger; breathe. “Don’t come out of this [social isolation] weaker.” Our response to a time of crisis, where much is beyond our control, is a choice. Getting into the practice of taking available opportunities puts us in a much better place to not just grow ourselves, but also to reach out to others. What will you use your lockdown time to achieve for yourself and for those around you? You can check out Joel’s business Impossible, its products and what it’s accomplishing worldwide at and You can also find impossiblehq and joelrunyon on Twitter and Instagram. Your hosts are on the gram too, looking forward to hearing from you! Kelsey Bob SHARE SHARE ON FACEBOOK TWEET TWEET ON TWITTER PIN IT PIN ON PINTEREST
March 23, 2020
22. PLASTIC: Practical Steps to be the Solution not the Problem!
One Big Island artist and business owner is calling on consumers to “put her out of business!” While an unusual request, it’s one that would reflect a major victory for Hawaii communities and beyond. Self proclaimed mad-scientist/artist Mattie Mae Larson hopes that one day, she will run out of the resources the products she sells are made from— rubbish. Mattie has a passion for transforming trash into treasure, an idea that arose from a childhood spent watching her parents repurpose everything and from witnessing the phenomena of pollution firsthand. Mattie grew up playing “king of the plastic mountain” down on remote South Point beaches, not realizing its impact until a college environmental science class unearthed the facts. She was struck by how damaging those hills and expanses of trash really were, and motivated to action. Several years later, toilet paper plastic wrappings are now being turned into versatile pouches; discarded fishing ropes, nets and rubber into keychains and jewelry. Upcycle Hawaii, where gathered and donated plastic and marine debris is melted down into a variety of colorful products, began with an old-school iron and one woman’s change of mindset to look at trash and see potential beauty. Leaving a full-time job and starting a business was undoubtedly a risk for Mattie, but five years in, she has no regrets. 12,000 square feet of plastic has already been diverted from the landfill over the past two years, and Mattie’s creativity is fostering awareness and opening the door to conversations surrounding personal and community-wide change. While discarded plastics and other non-biodegradable materials won’t be in short supply anytime soon, Mattie is determined to keep on unlocking their potential and promoting conscious consumerism and lifestyle change. “We have more power as consumers than we give ourselves credit for.” Visit to check out these awesome trash-to-treasure products and to learn more about Mattie and her mission. You can also donate to her cause by searching Upcycle Hawaii on JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Check in with your hosts on Instagram: Bob Kelsey SHARE SHARE ON FACEBOOK TWEET TWEET ON TWITTER PIN IT PIN ON PINTEREST
March 16, 2020
We live in a media-inundated society that is selling the message that stuff heals. We’re encouraged into an endless chase after whatever makes us feel like we’re “enough”— newest beauty products, age-erasers, clothes, gadgets, getaways…We max out credit cards to meet unachievable standards, yet so often we end up feeling plain empty. Read the blog
March 09, 2020
20. Turning Pain into Purpose, True Fair Trade, and Battling against Sexual Exploitation
When you walk into Thistle Farms, you enter the lively atmosphere of a bustling cafe, where you are served by survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Thistle Farms’ 20 years have seen thousands of women’s lives transformed from ashes to beauty, as they are rescued, counseled, educated and employed. In episode 9, we heard from Dorris and Katrina, beneficiaries of Thistle Farms. For this podcast, Bob Waliszewski had the privilege of flying to Nashville to talk with this incredible organization’s founder, Becca Stevens. It all began when her young son pointed at a billboard from his carseat and asked “why is she smiling?” Turning around, Becca saw an ad featuring a minimally-clad woman seductively sprawled across the board. It struck her that “Someday that little boy is not gonna ask that question. Someday it’s going to seem normal to him…I want him to say ‘we know what it means to love and respect women and have compassion for people we see.’” Thistle Farms was started that same day. The idea behind Becca’s organization is to give someone the kind of healing opportunity that she would want for herself. She doesn’t want to be the heroin, just a host relying on her tight-knit community to help her create beautiful healing spaces, rich with resources for the women who come there, leaving their old lives behind. A common idea revolving around people on the streets, in sex trafficking, prostitution, or with addictions is that they don’t want help. Tune in as Becca addresses this question, as well as her heartbreaking yet inspirational story, and how Thistle Farms is now part of a global movement to free women. Also join Kelsey as she wraps up the episode with a discussion on sex trafficking: how do we respond to it? How can we battle this worldwide atrocity? Listen in and join the discussion. Check out to learn more, shop, or donate. We’re on Instagram, looking forward to your reviews, comments, and conversations surrounding these podcasts! Bob Kelsey More notes
March 02, 2020
19. Imagine Hiring Lawn Care that Changes Lives
While most newlyweds search for the perfect location to begin their lives together, Alison and Kory Lantz looked for a neighborhood with needs— one where they could make the most impact. The mission-minded Bethel College graduates had a heart for youth, hospitality, working amongst different cultures, plus a big plan to move overseas to serve. But, this desire steadily turned into the realization that the diverse mission field they were called to was located just 15 minutes away from their alma mater. Transformation Ministries began out of Kory and Ali’s inner city South Bend home, with neighbors around the dinner table as the Lantzes got a feel for the area’s needs. Starting a youth group at their church allowed them to make connections with South Bend kids, invite them into their home, and eventually begin “Iron Sharpens Iron.” ISI is a safe and loving place for youth to go to after school to get help with homework and to just process life. It started with a handful of kids, and 10 years later now acts as a full nonprofit reaching around a hundred, many coming from impoverished, single-parent homes. Transformation Ministries also provides jobs for these kids through their for-profit “Greater Impact,” which started with a single push mower, 3 kids, and 4 yards. It’s grown exponentially over the years to now include construction and creative screen-printing opportunities. Kory and Ali believe “we’ve all been created to work,” and that providing dignifying jobs, along with unconditional love and in-depth mentoring, is a sure way to give marginalized youth a leg-up in life. Some takeaways. Many of us have the mindset that we need to move on to the “bigger better thing, to what God really wants us to do.” Often, finding that something just involves taking an attentive and deep look around us to see what the needs are. Other times, it’s something we’re already doing. It may be in seed-like form.. growth takes time. Fear of failure is another big obstacle, but “If God calls you to something, he sustains you.” Listen in to hear more from Kory and Ali: how their ministry has flourished over the past decade, future goals, one boy’s awesome transformation story, and their advice on how you can kickstart a ministry in your own community. Visit or tranformation.ministries on Instagram for more. Your father/daughter hosts can be found on Instagram as well: Bob Kelsey You can also check out this podcast’s sponsor and the many global needs they are helping to meet at show notes
February 24, 2020
18. Struggling with Spousal Support?
What's super cool about this particular episode is that Bob opens up about his relationship with Leesa, his wife. They have been married for over 30 years, and although their marriage is far from perfect, Bob shares what he has learned about supporting Leesa in the areas of life she finds purpose and fulfillment. Bob also opens up about what is important to him, as a man, that he needs from Leesa to actively pursue purpose in his life. For more show notes go here:
February 17, 2020
17. Where to Even Begin? Real Talk of a Startup
Meet Megan Reynolds, a San Diego native who has turned her college jewelry business into an avenue of empowerment for refugee women. After witnessing one of the nation’s largest influxes of Syrian refugees into her hometown, Megan knew she had a calling to help. Through a nonprofit, she was able to partner with a Syrian family, welcome and befriend them, and learn about their needs. What she has found among refugee women is a shared theme of trauma and utter culture shock. The Syrian Civil War is active and ongoing, and many refugees have family members still living through the horrors of war back home. Cultural differences (such as gender roles) make adjustment to the United States difficult, as does living in one of the most expensive cities in the US. Syrian wives are having to enter the workforce, many for the first time ever. Coming from a country where very few women are employed, this can be a struggle. “The women need something to do from home,” Megan explains. She has provided just that. Megan began employing Syrian women to make jewelry about a year ago, transforming both their lives and her business. Jamila Collective is in its grassroots phase with the goal of spreading its beautiful products all around the country, and with them, the stories of refugee women. Empowering these women through employment is Megan’s heartbeat, and her desire is to reach a wide variety of refugees with her business. Listen in to hear more about these women’s stories as well as Megan’s business journey and the impact it’s making. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs: “Take those baby steps. Do something…Put the idea out there and see what comes of it!” To view Megan’s jamila (Arabic for “beautiful”) jewelry and to learn more about Syrian refugee women, visit Also, check in with your hosts on Instagram, and don’t forget to leave some feedback and share your story with us! Bob Kelsey
February 10, 2020
16. Part 2 of Charles Mully, Don't forget to listen to Part 1
Hey guys, There was just so much content here, we had to split it up, and offer it in 2 parts. Be sure to listen in on part 1 that aired last week, Episode 15.Also we want to connect with you. Hear your story, passions, drive, or even hang ups. Oh, and folks, please please please support this podcast by checking out our sponsor Love you all, Keep living into your purpose Kelsey and Bob For more info click here
February 03, 2020
15. Charles Mully: A Father to 15,000 Children, and growing!
Imagine hearing these 2,000 year old words today, directed at yourself. The rich young ruler Jesus was speaking to went away sad, because he was unwilling to give up his earthly possessions. But in this episode, you’ll hear the captivating story of a man who was willing. Charles Mully worked from absolute rags to riches, only to give it all away. Charles’ early childhood in Kenya consisted of severe abuse, utter abandonment, begging, and near suicide as a teen. All of these hardships set the stage and prepared his heart for the future work in store for him. In the meantime, Charles was living the life as he evolved into a prominent businessman and acquired much wealth. His was the epitome of a financial success story. Until God spoke, calling him away from a life of personal wealth and prosperity and towards one focused entirely on selfless, unconditional love. Charles and his wife and children answered that call, selling everything and ceasing to work for pay in order to give themselves wholly to rescuing children off the streets. Charles had been convicted several years earlier after turning several hungry children away, feeling burdened yet empowered to help those out of the same lifestyle he had once suffered in as a child. He provided them with food and clothing, but soon realized it wasn’t enough. They needed a home. His home. The first day, the Mullys brought home 3 children— the beginning of Mully Children’s Family. Today, almost 30 years later, MCF has ministered to around 1500 children. Through MCF kids receive education, rehabilitation, spiritual nourishment, reintegration, a family, a home, and most importantly, love that knows no boundaries. Listen in to witness the amazing journey of Charles and MCF, and also to learn how you can get involved in MCF or in taking action for kids in your own community. Visit for more information. Connect with hosts Bob & Kelsey on Instagram: Bob Kelsey And, check out this podcast’s sponsor, MoiMoi Market, at, your one stop shop for products of purpose.
January 27, 2020
14. Jenny McGee talks about being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur starting Starfish Project
Keep listening as we continued to record with Jenny McGee from Starfish Project where she is helping women out of sexual exploitation! Read the blog here
January 20, 2020
13. Over 140+ women have found freedom and hope from sexual exploitation thru Starfish Project
Imagine for a moment that dreaming and setting a goal for your life is  an imperceivable luxury. For millions around the globe who are bound by  slavery and human trafficking, that’s a reality. Today you’ll meet a  woman who has spent the past 17 years reaching girls and women of all  ages trapped in sexual exploitation. Jenny McGee has made it her mission  to walk the backstreets of East Asian countries, brothel to brothel,  offering the opportunity to live and to dream again. For some of these  women and girls, it’s for the first time. There are reasons  besides trickery and abduction why so many women are getting swallowed  into the sex trafficking industry. Learning these reasons firsthand put a  fire in Jenny to create an alternate path for them, back in the early  2000’s. Beads thrown on the table and a plea to friends to “help me  design something!” launched into Starfish Project, a now very  professional organization that sells jewelry made by women freed from  exploitation. Starfish not only provides a variety of transferable  employment, but also a safe environment for the women to create their  own emotional, educational, and vocational goals, to heal and build up  their lives again. Jenny didn’t have a background in design, or  even a business model to start with. All she had was faith, and the  open-heartedness it takes to be a servant. In this episode (part 1 of  2), you’ll learn how Jenny has been able to enter these rough areas to  reach forgotten faces, and how she and her team continue to show love to  broken women— even to their bosses! It’s a story of faith in dedicated,  on-the-ground action; a definite must-listen. 
You can learn more  and purchase beautiful jewelry made by healed and restored women at and also at Stay updated with your hosts on Instagram: Bob Kelsey
January 13, 2020
12. Busyness isn't always Effectiveness: Let's Talk Story with the Founders of Asia Heartbeat
A word of encouragement may be the final ray of light needed to  burst through and stamp out an inner darkness. Someone so trapped in  self-doubt, or in the shadow of poverty or turmoil may just need someone  to believe in them, to spur them on to make a difference. This week  you’ll meet two men, a doctor and a teacher, who’ve captured this idea  and who are combining their separate giftings to aid a country that’s  been described as a dark and isolated place. Join Bob Waliszewski in  Colorado Springs as he talks story with Dr. Bentley Tate and Matt  Perkins, founders of Asia Heartbeat. Both felt burdened by the issues of  children in Myanmar, a nation left broken by past dictatorship, civil  war, and cultural conflict. Asia Heartbeat’s goal is different from that  of many missional organizations who go in to solve problems in  undeveloped countries directly. Instead, Bentley and Matt work to equip  and encourage Burmese locals to make the needed changes in health care,  education, and other systems themselves. The locals have the biggest  heart for their own people, so coming alongside to strengthen and  support existing efforts is the ultimate purpose of Asia Heartbeat. Tune  in to hear how two very busy guys and their young families have  invested their free time in “furthering the passion and drive” of  others, cheering them on to do extraordinary things for their  communities. “When you come here and  you tell me you believe in me…and look around and see what we’ve  done…you point out good things that somehow we’ve been able to do. When  you tell me what’s ahead is even better.. I can run for 4-6 months on  that.” —A Burmese man who started his own music school with the help of  Asia Heartbeat. Visit or email Matt Perkins directly at to learn more and find out how you can get involved with bettering lives in Myanmar. Check in with your hosts on Instagram! Bob & Kelsey
January 06, 2020
11. $250 and a plane inspirational Paula Hammack and her give back to the Maasai Community
Travel to Kenya with The Talking Story Podcast this week to  hear the singular story of a woman who has committed her life to  fulfilling the needs of others. Paula Hammack and her husband  Sterling spent decades actively searching for ways to serve people in  poverty all over the world, with a focus in Sub-Saharan Africa. They  were particularly drawn to the Maasai, a people greatly misrepresented  by a tourism industry that tended to smooth over the reality of their  hardship. Looking deeper, the couple found villages without water,  money, adequate schools, or any government aid. 70 plus trips to Africa  over the years and growing relationships with Maasai villages laid the  bedrock for the organization Paula formed in 2010, after the death of  her husband. The Sterling Hammack Foundation gives the Maasai and other  impoverished people the gift of water, education for their children  through individual sponsorship, construction of schools, housing, and  much much more. Maybe surprisingly, giving wasn’t always easy. Between  different people groups there are cultural gaps to maneuver, and in this  podcast you’ll hear some of the strategies Paula used to get people the  change they needed. A significant takeaway  from Paula’s story is that, though she has been able to buy homes for  needy families, build schools, and travel the world, she started out  with just $250 in her pocket. We may feel we have little to give, or  wonder what power we have to change someone’s life. One or two dinners  out, a few last minute Christmas presents added to the teetering  pile…these are privileges many of us enjoy and don’t think twice about,  but their prices add up quick. You’ll learn in this podcast how  redirecting the cost of a few of these luxuries can completely change  the course of a child’s life, or even that of a whole village. Tune in  to learn what your dollar and your lifestyle can accomplish! Visit to learn more, and connect with your hosts on Instagram. We want to hear your story! Bob Kelsey
December 30, 2019
10.Why am I Here on this Planet? Talk Story with Bob and Kelsey
9 episodes in, and already we’ve heard from many ordinary (yet amazing!) people who are doing some pretty outstanding stuff. These  are people who are starting businesses and non-profits from the ground  up that benefit others, or those who have found purpose and fulfillment  through an existing organization. But, how do you live a more fulfilled life? How and where do you find your purpose? With a new year right around the corner, hosts Bob and Kelsey want to  take a moment to talk about a very important person, one who should not  be underestimated— you. They’ll give some helpful tools in this episode  for looking inward and finding your driving force, or your call to  something greater. We all have one. You’ll also get a look into Bob’s  story and learn how he went from sitting bored in church to being a  youth pastor, and from being a youth pastor to working in a position he  hadn’t even considered before. It was in this unexpected job that he  found purpose and fulfillment for 27 years! Whether you’ve just graduated high school, college, or recently  retired, there’s always that question of “what next?” Our very  future-focused society can create anxiety in us to just get a move on  with our lives. Combatting this, one of the steps Bob and Kelsey  elaborate on involves whipping out a journal and reflecting on the past.  What things have you done that you’re most proud of? These are events  we often forget in pursuit of the next greatest thing, but they serve as  hints to where our gifting lies. Self-care is another aspect we tend to  push to the side, but something so integral to getting in tune with our  passions and calling. Bob and Kelsey share their own self-care  strategies with you in this podcast, and explore other tools like  rediscovering your personal qualities, building up a value system, and  putting yourself out there. Listen in to get started (or re-started) on  your own personal journey to fulfillment and purpose! Connect with your hosts Kelsey Bob Share your story with us Sponsored by Moi Moi Market
December 23, 2019
9. Love Heals! Dorris and Katrina, beneficiaries of Thistle Farms
Cracked and worn-out feet. Exhausted. Broken. “What happened to you?” The question conveyed compassion; not criticism, not judgement. They  handed her keys to a beautiful room. Her own. They gave her a job. No  one even considered her past record. This is the experience of thousands of women who have walked through  the doors of Thistle Farms, a Nashville-based non-profit whose mission  is to heal, employ, and empower women who’ve been trafficked,  prostituted, abused, and addicted. Kelsey had the privilege of sitting  down and talking story with two women who have been through this  life-changing program, Dorris and Katrina. Both were freed from decades  on the streets battling abuse and addiction, and “loved back to life” at  Thistle Farms. Their heart-wrenching and inspiring stories told in this  episode reflect those of the many women who have found healing through  Thistle Farms. Healing, and jobs with incredible purpose. Thistle Farms empowers  through employment by giving each of its women a paid opportunity to  help others out of the same tattered lifestyle they once were in  themselves. Candles, lotions, lip balms, and other natural products are  hand-made with love, and the profits go towards getting the next woman  off the streets. Strategically placing these products in gift shops,  salons, and other businesses throughout the U.S. ensures that the  message of Thistle Farms spreads to areas it might not otherwise reach.  The program is transforming women’s lives, not just locally, but on a  global scale as well. “When you talk about healing women, you can’t just  talk about women in our backyard. You’ve gotta talk about women all  around the globe.” You won’t want to miss hearing the impact this  amazing organization is making around the world, and the powerful  stories of two women who’ve gotten their lives back because of it.  Thistle Farms’ motto rings true in this podcast: Love is the most  powerful force to heal. You can learn more about Thistle Farms and purchase products that help heal and restore women at or If you’re in the Nashville area, you can also stop in for a bite at Thistle Farms’ Cafe and gift store. Connect with Bob Connect with Kelsey Connect to our community
December 16, 2019
8. Mud+Love= $400,000 toward Clean Water efforts: Luke Wright
Get ready to meet a guy who has successfully turned his side hustle  into a full-time job!  Way too often, our passions get pushed into the  dusty corner of our busy agendas. The idea of doing what we really love  on a full-time basis is dismissed as impractical and not possible. Well,  The Talking Story Podcast is here with Luke from Indiana to tell you  that it is possible! Luke was working in construction while doing what  he loved on the side. He turned that side gig into MudLOVE, a pottery  business that has completely taken off.  It now gives back in a huge way  with every single sale. MudLOVE just celebrated its 10th anniversary, but it  probably wouldn’t exist today if Luke hadn’t tuned into something bigger  than himself. Depression, anxiety, and the emptiness of the party hardy  lifestyle had brought Luke to a breaking point in college. He realized  he was seriously missing his calling. He was struggling his way through  pre-pharmacy, when his skills were really in a less celebrated field—  ceramics. Luke faced quite a bit of failure, but it brought him to a  place where he could do what he was meant to do. He found peace and  fulfillment in following that still, small voice and getting his hands  back in the clay. A dusty studio, a box of clay, and grandma’s stamps set the scene for  MudLOVE’s beginning.  As it grew, Luke had a word from God: “deny  yourself.”  MudLOVE wasn’t meant to be just a money-maker. It had a  greater purpose.  Almost a decade later, it’s now a full-blown business  mission, making inspirational bracelets and mugs all while helping  provide one of the world’s direst needs, clean water.  Every product  sold equals one whole week of clean water! In places in Africa where  life expectancy hovers around 50 years, this couldn’t be more vital.   Tune in to hear more of Luke’s awesome journey and the impact being made  through the organization he supports, Water For Good. Visit and to check out Luke’s beautiful products and go to to learn more about their vision for clean water. “Deny yourself.” It’s amazing what can happen when you do. Hosts Bob Waliszewski Kelsey Waliszewski www.instagramcom/captkelseyhawaii
December 09, 2019
7. How YouTube and a second hand sewing machine has changed lives and the planet
Have you ever felt burdened by an issue in your community? Wanted to  help, but didn’t know where to begin? With so much need surrounding us,  getting started can be a real challenge. This week’s episode of The  Talking Story Podcast takes us to Bali to meet with an incredibly driven  and self-starting businesswoman, Yasmin, who faced this very dilemma.  She was enjoying life and working for a successful business, until her  30th birthday rolled around and brought with it a pressing question— what now? Yasmin had experienced poverty, inequality, and the shift from  organic to inorganic products while growing up in an Indonesian village.  As a teen, she was disheartened at the sight of so many hurting people  while volunteering in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami. She had a  passion to help, but the magnitude of the issues was beyond  discouraging. Words from a friend inspired her, as well as the business  model she would form over 10 years later: “You cannot save the world on  your own. You need all hands to do this.” Her heart for people, the environment, and a want to see change  motivated her to leave her job and begin an ethical and sustainable  business venture. “Yasminida” kickstarted with a second-hand sewing  machine, some YouTube tutorials, and a desire to go big. The goal is to  make beautiful and environmentally friendly products, holding fast to a  zero-waste policy.  Her main product, reusable utensil sets, are crafted  from locally grown bamboo with the goal to cut down on plastic  pollutants. Yasmin incorporates her heart for humanity and equality by  giving her 35 women employees, some of whom are disabled, some pretty  remarkable benefits! Give this week’s episode a listen to learn more  about her kindness-based business model, and how she keeps her company  entirely waste free.  You’ll be inspired by her passion and future  goals, and by how this “ordinary” woman is making big changes in her  community and beyond. Learn more about Yasminida and their sustainable products at  And, visit to purchase your reusable bamboo utensil set and help reduce plastic usage.
December 02, 2019
6. Let's discuss Fair Trade and Sustainability with Carolin from Bali
Join us as we head to Bali! Bali is an island in Indonesia that  struggles, like all of us, with pollution, trash, and damage to their  coral reefs. However, they too are also on the brink of some MAJOR  sustainable and eco-friendly movements. Raising up our kiddos in the up  and coming generation in sustainable practices is essential for the  future of this globe. This awesome lady works a day job helping inspire  our youth to make positive changes in the planet, while on the side is  creating fair wage work for women in her community. In fact, Carolin  shares that the women who make these Shimmy Bracelets, actually make  more money than their husbands! That is not typical, especially in a  patriarchal society. We sit down with Carolin at a little cafe right on a busy street. We  love her smile, and her passion to help people and the animals in Bali  is inspiring. We truly understand that her joy comes from helping  others, and that is what we consider extraordinary. Want to help empower more sisters in a sustainable and fair wage?  Purchase a bracelet. Want to contribute to educating the youth in planet  friendly practices? Buy a bracelet. Love dogs and can relate with  Carolin in helping our furry friends? Buy a bracelet. Simply put, by  purchasing a water-proof, semi precious stone bracelet- you are  participating in making Bali a better, sustainable, and cleaner place.  We are all connected, as we are all together on this planet. And we can  cast a vote on the future of our planet in just how we spend our dollar.  Why not empower those who are alleviating poverty, addressing animal  issues, and educating our youth? Will you join me? Show notes:
November 25, 2019
5. Beauty from Bullets? Lenya Heitzig founder of ReLoad Love shares her passion to help others
I like to travel. In the past two years, I've been to China,  South Korea, Thailand Indonesia and Kenya. But I'll admit, when I go to  these places, I enjoy a bit of comfort. I don't have to stay in a 4 or  5-Star hotel, but I'm not chomping at the bit to stay in some flea  ridden place that may (or may not) change the sheets on the bed -- if  they have sheets at all. But our guest for Podcast No.5 has a much different perspective. And  that's one of many reasons I've grown to admire her. And I believe you  will, too.  Lenya Heitzig, in her words has pushed herself to become a  "G.I. Jane" --traipsing through the jungles with machette in hand (well  I'm not sure about the machette part). But all of this was for a  purpose, a purpose to help people. Pushing herself may be a bit of an understatement. Lenya calls  herself a "blonde Malibu Barbie." You might be asking yourself if a  Malibu Barbie can make a difference on this planet? I think you'll be  saying, "Wow, yes they can!" when you finish hearing her story, a story  that involves kids, terrorists, playgrounds, spent bullet cases, and an  acronym she uses: C.A.N. I know you'll be inspired by this podcast. But let me also say  she's not trying to encourage you to become a G.I. Jane. She just tells  her journey and I think you'll be encouraged to follow your dreams and  leadings too...wherever they may lead. Be sure to check out her bracelets that are made from recycled  bullet casings and paracord found on By  purchasing this product you can make a difference in these kids lives  and be a participant of the good that is taking place in this world! For more information on ReLoad Love and Lenya and her team visit You can find us all on Instagram Kelsey
November 18, 2019
4. Let's Go Deep: An Inside Look into a Father and Daughter Relationship
It’s Bob and Kelsey Waliszewski, the father/daughter duo, here again  on The Talking Story Podcast. First off, thank you so much for  subscribing, reviewing, and sharing our podcast with your friends,  family, and social media following. The only way that we can help  inspire more folks locally and globally via these fantastic stories that  have already aired and have yet to air…is through YOU. So thank you,  thank you, thank you. We truly can’t do this without you. We are a month in to this new endeavor of podcasting, and the  feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Last week, our episode  with Jessica Munoz of Hoolanpua aired and the response was fabulous. One  person wrote, “Love the idea of the podcast! Nice and short so I can  listen while I do the dishes or drive around town. Can’t wait to hear  more stories. I’m super interested to learn about what awesome thngs  people are doing to better the world”. If you’re one that has left us  feedback, thank you! If not, we want to hear from you. You can interact  with us @thetalkingstorypodcast. Ask questions. Provide feedback. Plus,  we want to hear yourstory. We all have one, and we want to  continue to inspire you to keep using your story to make a difference  and better this globe. So, with this week’s podcast (No.4 if you’re counting), we have  decided to go in a slightly different direction. This time around we  want to give you a little insight into the father/daughter relationship  of Bob and Kelsey. We wanted to make things a little bit more personal  and share how familial relationships can also combat and prevent sex  trafficking.
November 11, 2019
3. Do you have a Justice Gene? We think you probably do. Jessica Munoz founder of Hoolanapua a non-profit that combats Sex Trafficking in Hawaii
Imagine, you are a parent of a sixth-grade girl attending a private  school. As adolescence hits, your familial fights seem to escalate. Your  little girl is growing up way too fast, and it is hard to keep up in  her world. She tends to spend more time in her room and seems to be  increasing her distance from you. You see it as a phase and go with a  “this too shall pass” attitude. Your last fight was about the overage in  her screen time, she seems to be on her phone an awful lot. She marches  to her room and slams the door; this is becoming the norm in your  house. The next morning you find her room empty, window open, she’s  gone. Gone. You call the police, and the search for your daughter  begins. Stats show that 1.6-2.8 million kids run-away from home each year  according to National Runaway Safeline, especially during the turbulent  adolescent years. These run-aways come from all racial, social, and  economic backgrounds. The commonality that these runaways have is that  there is tension and unhappiness in their life, and they run away,  thinking that whatever is outside the home is the solution to their  problems. Most kids are approached with a “solution” within 24-48 hours  of running away. And that solution is the beginning to sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is a very real deal, and is happening all over the  world, and I promise you, even in your community wherever you may live.  Personally, we live in what is considered paradise, the Big Island of  Hawaii, yet it’s happening here every day. I (Kelsey) became aware of  this horrific issue through the educational efforts of Hoolanapua. (I’m  sure many of you, like me, are stuck at the pronunciation of this  extremely long Hawaiian word, so here’s the breakdown  *ho-oh-la-nuh-pooh-ah*). This incredible organization is leading the way  in educational efforts to combat the issues of trafficking in Hawaii.  They also are helping victims thru mentorships and are currently in the  process of building a 30-bedroom all-inclusive therapeutic facility that  will house minors who have come out of the emotionally abusive and  traumatic experience of being victims of trafficking. What does sex trafficking look like? Well it is forcing, co-ercing,  and/ or frauding an individual, boy or girl under the age of 18, to  perform sexual acts for money, housing, food, safety of friend and  family and/or basic necessities. I (Kelsey) first heard about sex  trafficking in when I was a youth pastor in Hilo. Since I was working  with kids there, we were kept apprised on what was happening locally.  Girls who were attending public schools were being wooed by boys their  same age attending the same school, who were actually staged pimps (the  person who arranges the sale and exploitation of the girl). These boys  would become these girls’ boyfriends and promise them the world. After a  few months, the boy would request the girl to perform a sex act for a  “friend” as a “loving” and committed gesture, in which he would use the  money to further “take care of her”. These “boyfriends” would also  encourage the girl to use drugs, and once addicted, the girl would need  to fund the now drug addiction by performing sex acts or the action of  sex itself. Now, after living in Hawaii for ten years, I’ve heard of  parents pimping out their kids to pay for a drug and/or alcohol  addiction. One sick story really stuck with me: A man sold a  two-year-old family member for an hour of abuse to help pay his bills! Horrible, horrible atrocities are occurring all over the world and  your neighborhood, and we must collectively rise up and take action to  stop it.
November 04, 2019
Bonus: Some behind the scenes conversations with Tony and Fronda
Did you not love the conversation with Tony and Fronda in Episode 2? Don't miss this Bonus Episode, Kelsey, gets a little teary as she describes how Heart Ranch changed her life in a personal way.
October 27, 2019
2. Is Patience Really Required? Heart Ranch: The Joy of Making a Difference Hawaii
Meet Tony and Fronda from Heart Ranch, an organization in Hilo,  Hawaii dedicated to serving families on the Big Island through horse  therapy. This podcast is not just for those interested in horses, horse  therapy or ranch-life. But the takeaway tools here today will help ya’ll  out there who are feeling…well… stuck, that things are just moving too  slow, or those trying to keep too many spinning plates, well spinning.  And all the while wondering if it is even worth doing what they’re  doing. Of this podcast is for those wanting to pay it forward … more. Maybe  you have some extra time and want to devote an hour or two a week and  help give back to your local community. Maybe you have a business or a  job, and feel as if this business or job could be a key to giving back  or giving back more.n Or maybe you’re just going through a low point in your life right  now. Well foks, this podcast is for you. In the bonus section, I,  Kelsey, open up about being a divorcee and how Heart Ranch played a  critical role at a very dark time in my life. Back to Tony and Fronda. This powerhouse couple talks about their  journey of owning a business and running a non-profit simultaneously.  Patience, perseverance, and hard work have all played a significant role  at Heart Ranch, and they wouldn’t trade a single second of it. They  talk about what a horse therapy ranch is and how it has incredible  impact in the lives of the kids and volunteers. They also talk about the  challenges of life, and how they get through the day to day. They even  discuss the five-year journey it took Heart Ranch to go from dream to  reality. I promise you, listening to this will help you with the tools  to change your life and other’s lives around you. And be sure to check  out the bonus section too. To learn more about Heart Ranch go to  They also refer to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, their inspiration and a  couple we plan to have on the podcast soon (Kim and Troy, we will be  reaching out to you soon☺). But check out Social media @heartranchhilo Sponsor of today @moimoimarket You can be a part of what is happening by purchasing one of Mercy's bracelets.  Mercy, a 10 year girl who volunteers at Heart Ranch, has collaborated  with Moi Moi Market to make these beautiful bracelets to raise money for  the needs at Heart Ranch. Keep in touch with us @thetalkingstorypodcast. We want to hear from you. And please share if you like what you hear. Thanks in advance!
October 27, 2019
Welcome to our first episode of the Talking Story Podcast. Meet Bob and Kelsey Waliszewski, a father and daughter team, as they share their heart behind the podcast. We are normal people with a heart and passion to use our lives to make a positive impact in this world. We are looking for folks who are using their lives, time, resources, and finances to make this planet a better place. We hope these stories will give you tools in which you can use to continue the passions and dreams stirring in your heart.
October 23, 2019