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The Tartarian Meltdown Audio Podcast

The Tartarian Meltdown Audio Podcast

By Red Bricks
In this audio podcast, i'm gonna take you down the different rabbit holes of the world to attempt to get your mind thinking. There is alot of deceptions and illusions in this world, and i'm gonna try to reveal them for you. I'll try to keep it quick and easy for the busy people out there who don't have alot of extra time during their day.

You can also find me on YouTube where i make videos and do livestreams to give you the visual explanation of some of the stuff i try to teach.
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TTM Audio Podcast Episode 2: The Parasites Part 1
In this episode, i'm gonna explain a bit more about who or what the parasites are. More to come in future episodes, because there is alot to cover.
February 9, 2021
TTM Audio Podcast Episode 1: Introduction
In this episode, i'll give you a short introduction to tell you who i am and the foundation of what this podcast series is gonna be about.
February 7, 2021