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The Technology Geek

The Technology Geek

By Brandon Lipani
We talk about computers, smartphones, the internet, gaming, and anything technology-related, including tech news. Time To Talk Tech.

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Not All USB-C Is Created Equal
Today on the show Brandon goes on a rant about why all computers can't be charged via USB-C and why Apple is moving away from it after years of having it on the MacBook Pro lineup. We review a Windows on ARM device powered by Snapdragon processors. The cryptocurrency crash is causing a video card glut across the world. Spotify releases a new playlist feature and much more. I answer your questions and plus the news of the week.
June 30, 2022
TikTok Plus Is Coming
I talk about the Sonos Roam speaker and we get into TikTok data. Microsoft has to monitor its Store for issues. PlayStation is launching a competitor for the Xbox game pass. YouTube shorts are becoming more popular with their users. Internet Explorer is officially riding into the sunset. Adobe looking into a web-based product and Walmart ads are coming to Roku. Plus, I will answer your will questions. Send your tech questions to
June 23, 2022
We Are Back
The Technology Geek Podcast returns after being gone for a while. We get into Apple and its issues in the EU. We get into the developer space talking about the dev programs on the Apple and Windows Stores. A quick look at the new HP Dev One laptop with PopOS Linux on it from System76. What is going on with sports and Apple TV+? Send your tech questions to
June 16, 2022