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The Testament

The Testament

By Shockwave Ministries
The Testament Podcast explores individual testimonies about how Jesus Christ our Lord has changed hearts and lives.
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The Testament Podcast-Episode 2: David Soesbee
Author and evangelist David Soesbee shares his testimony of finding Jesus after a rough childhood.  Hear his adventures and the Lord's miraculous work in his life.
January 12, 2021
The Testament Podcast-Episode 1: Jeff Keck
Jeff Keck has been a law enforcement officer for more than 21 years and has served in various ministry opportunities with multiple churches and still currently serves in his church.  As the host of The Testament Podcast, Jeff shares his testimony here in Episode #1.
January 12, 2021
The Testament Podcast-Trailer
The Testament Podcast: Coming Soon in 2021 Hear the amazing stories of Jesus Christ the Savior changing hearts and lives!
December 25, 2020