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The True Centre Podcast

The True Centre Podcast

By Jeff Pagano
A podcast on Irish and American politics with a progressive slant, from the site First Person Plural
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The True Centre Podcast 011 - "The Cost Of Living Coalition March"
My thoughts on the Irish Left in general and a march/rally in Dublin on Saturday in particular. Learn more about the Cost of Living Coalition here >
June 19, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 010 - "Beware The Thirty Odd Percent"
The Marriage Equality and Repeal the 8th referenda results were great, but if we're not careful the losing minority could be organised and well-funded enough to fight back, just look what's happening in the USA.
June 17, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 009 - US media "forgets" that governing is for everyone
Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia says one thing, US media spins it as another - and not just the right wing media either. An article on what Stacey Abrams actually said > Georgia GOP attacks Stacey Abrams ... for speaking the truth ( How Fox News covered the same speech > Stacey Abrams calls Georgia 'worst state in the country to live' | Fox News Video #IANWAE
May 24, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 008 - Elon Musk helps me define 'true centre'
A pod to go with this post from the FPP blog >  Elon Musk graphic proves “left/right” depiction of politics is arbitrary – First Person Plural (
April 29, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 007 - Happy 20th birthday TYT
As my favourite source of Progressive online news turns 20 years old, I talk about how I came across them, how they cover the news and what other options are out there. The Young Turks > Best of the Left >
February 18, 2022
True Centre Podcast 006 - Succession and the Bridge Too Far
Could've gone a lot longer with this ramble on rich people and their excesses but thankfully I kept it to 10 minutes!
February 10, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 005 - "Brave Fishermen & Ireland's Fluid Neutrality"
The Irish government's policy of neutrality has meant different things over the years, but just how neutral have they been when it comes to the citizens who elected them?
January 27, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 004 - "Biden's First Year"
A ramble on Biden's presidency so far... * How he was nominated * The goodwill he had at the time of inauguration * How niggly Senate rules allowed Republicans & a couple of Democrat Senators to stall his agenda * How he is guaranteed net negative coverage from the US mainstream media * How things are shaping up for 2022
January 20, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 003 - "My Brush With The Misinformation Nation"
I normally want these to be just 10 minutes but I go on a bit longer as I explain my side of the story after going down a COVID related twitter rabbit hole with Ewan McKenna on St Stephens' Day.   Here is a link to the Quote Tweet that started the whole thing off.
January 02, 2022
The True Centre Podcast 002 - "Who the hell am I?"
Episode 2 of TTCP where I ramble on about why literally anyone should be able to talk about politics and government. First Person Plural >
December 17, 2021
The True Centre Podcast 001 - Introduction
The latest attempt at relaunching my political site First Person Plural sees the first episode of what I'm calling The True Centre Podcast where I try to explain my way of thinking when it comes to government which inspired the name.
December 10, 2021
FPP Rants & Rambles 5 - Palestine
Why I feel I’m entitled to opinions on the latest Middle East crisis, followed by those opinions. Also available on YouTube > Check out the main site at
May 20, 2021
FFP Rants & Rambles 4 - Voting rights
It might not be the sexiest topic but when it comes to getting the most from our elected officials it could be the most important.
May 12, 2021
FPP Rants & Rambles 3 - Some thoughts on...The Big Lie
Republicans and right wing media normally do soundbites and branding better than anyone but this might one of the best of them all. First Person Plural - Commentary & shared links, mostly on Irish & US politics, with a progressive slant. #IANWAE
May 07, 2021
FPP Rants & Rambles 2 - Some thoughts on...Biden's First 100 Days
Is “not being Trump” enough for Biden’s first 100 days to be a success or has there been more?
April 28, 2021
FPP Rants & Rambles 1 - Some thoughts on...#DerekChauvinTrial
Quick look at my takeaways from the trial, like how racism was talked about without being talked about, how the trial was misrepresented in the press and how an Irish doctor nearly knocked out the whole jury.
April 22, 2021
Finale : What's The Story With...Trump Derangement Syndrome?
With Joe Biden finally in the White House, Jeff & Keego round off the series with a chat about what comes next. In future you'll find Jeff's political scribblings here > While Keego puts his at The Couch Pundit Ireland > Many thanks for tuning in!!!!
January 22, 2021
#21 : What's The Story With...The Georgia Runoffs?
Just when we thought we were out, Trump dragged us back in.... Jeff & Keego return for some final pods leading up to Joe Biden's inauguration, assuming the current President throwing his toys out his pram doesn't also throw a spanner in the works.  We start with a "Jeffsplainer" about Tuesday's big Senate elections in Georgia but as always the Big Orange One tends to take over the topic under discussion.
January 05, 2021
#20b : What's the story with...elections having consequences?
Jeff & Keego discuss how the two candidates are dealing with the aftermath of the election as well as looking ahead to the further drama that lies ahead. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  @JeffandKeegopod (Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan)
November 13, 2020
#20a : Bonus episode - Result reactions & "The Original Jeffsplainer"
Jeff & Keego recorded their individual responses to the eventual declaration of a winner at the weekend, plus I recorded Jeffsplainer number 19 though it is a reworking of one from April 19.  We'll be back with our regular show later in the week. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here >
November 09, 2020
#19 : What's the story with...claiming victory?
Since the beginning of July this pod has been leading to this week, now all we have to do is work out what exaclty happened!!!  Jeff & Keego share thoughts from Election Day itself and two days after. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  @JeffandKeegopod (Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan)
November 05, 2020
#18 : "What's the story with...Election Night?"
It's almost here, folks.  Jeff & Keego look over different scenarios that could happen across the pond from November 3 onwards. Episode 1 as referenced can be heard here > See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  @JeffandKeegopod (Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan) See the full clip of this week’s “mic drop” here >
October 29, 2020
#17b : "What's the story with...the Final Debate?"
This week Jeff & Keego talk about coyotes, swimming lessons, rabid dogs,’s obvious our subject was the final presidential debate, right? See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  @JeffandKeegopod (Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan) FiveThirtyEight Election forecast source here > See the full clip of this week’s “mic drop” here >
October 23, 2020
#17a : What's the story with...campaign promises? (pre-debate bonus episode)
With the second/third Presidential debate taking place overnight between Thursday and Friday, I’ll have my weekly chat with Keego afterwards and that will be our full show for this week, so keep an eye on the feed for that.  Here Keego has recorded his thoughts going into the debate, and after that you’ll hear my latest Jeffsplainer which this week is about campaign promises.
October 22, 2020
#16 : What’s the story with…“Dark Money”?
Less than three weeks to polling day and Jeff & Keego discuss the murky waters of the money behind politics, as well as a contentious cable news spat that for once didn't involve anyone from the Trump universe. A Wiki explanation of Citizens United vs FEC > See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  @JeffandKeegopod (Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan) See the full clip of this week’s “mic drop” here > And also the Sheldon Whitehouse presentation at the Senate hearing here >
October 15, 2020
#15 - What's the story with...the October Surprise?
This week Jeff & Keego talk about expecting the unexpected in October and how the VP candidates got on in Wednesday night's debate. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  @JeffandKeegopod (Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan) This week's mic drop from Chris Rock on SNL >
October 09, 2020
#14b - "What's the story with...those two 'Master Debaters'???"
Jeff & Keego try so hard to make sense of that first debate that we run a bit longer than usual, but it was worthwhile.   See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan and the pod is @JeffandKeegopod See the full clip of this week’s “mic drop” here > ***The #TrumpHasCovid news broke after we recorded, follow these links for the twitter thoughts from Jeff and Keego upon finding out***
October 02, 2020
#14a : What's the story with...the first Presidential debate? (preview special)
In a special pre-first debate edition, Jeff & Keego offer some thoughts and expectations. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > Follow us on twitter :  Jeff is @JeffLeePagano while Keego is @nkeegan See the full clip of the “mic drop” here >
September 29, 2020
#13 : What’s the story with...the US Supreme Court?
This week we discuss the implications of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we take a look at the latest polls, and also Jeff has a new word he’s going to use every day. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > See the full clip of this week’s “mic drop” here >
September 25, 2020
#12 : What’s the story with...Trump’s enablers?
This week Jeff & Keego talk about those who help the President hold on to power - we also look at the polls, how Biden won the Irish-American vote with a single tweet, and how Trump brought peace to the Middle East, or at least he wants us to believe he did. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > The full clip for this week's "Mic Drop" is here >
September 18, 2020
#11 : What’s the story with...the US COVID19 response?
This week Jeff & Keego discuss how Trump's (mis-)handling of the COVID19 pandemic would remind you of Die Hard, just at the same time news is breaking about things he may have kept from the American people.  We also discuss other revelations as well as the latest polling. Our Hillary special as referenced in the show > This week's "Mic Drop" from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer >
September 11, 2020
#10 : What's the story with...Black Lives Matter?
This week Jeff & Keego talk about what people like us, who are likely to go our entire lives without experiencing injustice from the police, can do to help movements like Black Lives Matter.  Then we look at things Trump, Biden and Pelosi have done over the past few days...spoiler alert, most of them do little to help their party's campaign. This week's 'Mic Drop' in full > Joe Biden's speech from Monday > Laura Ingraham's interview with Trump > (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
September 03, 2020
#9 : What’s the story with...President Donald J Trump?
This week Jeff & Keego take on the "big man" himself and talk about who he actually is and how he manages to hide it.  We also look a bit more at how he's using the post office and other means to steal the election. Keego talked about how Trump would be richer if he'd invested his inheritance, here's an article on that > Link to Trump/QAnon clip > See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here >
August 28, 2020
#8 : What's the story with...Party Conventions?
This week Jeff tries to make the subject of political party conventions sound interesting.   Oh, well, at least he tried.  Then Keego points out a couple of Trump tweets that caught his eye from during the week before the lads discuss what's being done to the US Post Office. See the pod's blog here > See the Facebook page here > See the full clip of AOC's speech here >
August 20, 2020
#7 : What’s the story with...Hillary Clinton?
Slightly later than usual this week, and a slightly different format.  Keego has wanted to discuss Hillary's influence on this campaign so he kickstarted a conversation.  We agreed a lot more than we thought we would!  We also discuss the Kamala Harris appointment. Full clip of Kamala Harris skewering Attorney general Bill Barr in a Senate Committee hearing >
August 15, 2020
#6 : What’s the story with...voter suppression?
This week Jeff & Keego look at the timely issue of voter supression after the loss of two great civil rights campaigners named John.  They then discuss other recent developments in the campaign like Biden's one interview slip up, Trump's multiple ones and also the lawsuit against the NRA. Oprah Winfrey scene as referenced in the Jeffsplainer > Full clip from Barack Obama's eulogy at the John Lewis funeral >
August 07, 2020
#5 : What’s the story with...the US Media?
This week Jeff & Keego look at the ways Trump & Biden can use the different forms of media to their advantage in the campaign, and what we as media consumers can do to get the right levels of information. Full clip of Chuck Todd v Kelly Ann Conway interview here > Check our our website here >
July 31, 2020
#4 : What's the story with...The Vice Presidency?
This week the "Jeffsplainer" is all about the roles the VP has played over the years, where the current one Mike Pence fits in, and how a former one Joe Biden is going about choosing his own running mate.  Then Keego has a thing or two to say about Trump's Fox News interview last weekend. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez' speech in response to Rep Ted Yoho's "apology" > Trump's Fox News interview in full > Al Gore's concession speech in full >
July 24, 2020
#3 : What's the story with...The Democrat Party?
This week we get a "Jeffsplanation" of the Democrats, focusing on the challenges faced by Joe Biden ahead of November.  Then Keego looks at ways in which the two candidates need to hone their messaging. Here's a link to the full version of the quote played at the end of this week's pod... “We Must Think Strategically” by Bernie Sanders >
July 17, 2020
#2 : "What's the story with...The Republican Party?"
This week I talk about how the Republicans went from being "The Party of Lincoln" to being "The Party of The Lincoln Project", then Keego picks out the bits of news from throughout the week that caught his eye like New York City mayor Bill de Blasio leaving a little message outside Trump Tower. Here's a link to the Lincoln Project video mentioned at the end of today's pod >
July 10, 2020
#1 : What's the story with...the Electoral College?
It's the pilot episode, the time when you get all the gridlines, er grenades, er gremlins, out of the system.  Jeff has a go explaining how the Electoral College works, or least how it was MEANT to work, and then he & Keego have a chat about how a mixture of COVID and the economy have affected the campaign. You can hassle us on twitter Jeff is and Keego is
July 02, 2020
Pilot : "What, exactly, is a 'Progressive'?"
To get used to the podcast software, I read out a post on the FPP blog from April 2019.
July 05, 2019