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The Trumpet Gurus Hang

The Trumpet Gurus Hang

By Jose Johnson
Your chance to hang with some of the gurus of trumpet performance, education, repair, and manufacturing. Real people. Real talk. Real fun. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and join in on the hang.

New episodes drop every Tuesday!
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Episode 27: Hanging With Gary Grant
What would you get if you gave your favorite uncle that always wore Hawaiian shirts and loved to tell stories a blistering double high C?  You would get my guest for this episode, the legendary Gary Grant.   Gary is an iconic trumpet player who’s career has spanned over 5 decades of playing on chart-toppers and blockbusters. As part of the genre-defining Jerry Hey Horns, Gary has played and recorded with a who-who list of iconic artists. And as a producer, Gary is lending his ears as well as his chops to the musicians you know and love. Plus, he’s one hell of a storyteller.   Check out what Gary has to say about the music scene in Hawaii, working with Jerry Hey, growing up in a musical family, why he became a studio player, Bud Brisbois, being a "musical prostitute", the studio musicians manual, being a renegade, being part of the Earth, Wind & Fire family, changes in the LA studio scene, producing Arturo Sandoval, and so much more!  So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Read The Studio Musician's Manual here:  Learn more about your host here:  Need to keep your chops fresh? Show them some love:
October 20, 2020
Episode 26: Hanging With Walter White
If you don’t know who my next guest is, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly. My guest for this episode is the real Walter White. Walter is an amazing trumpet player, composer, and arranger. From his early days at Interlochen and Julliard to traveling the globe with Maynard Ferguson to recording in his home studio, Walter’s love for music pours out of his every note. Sometimes sweet, sometimes fiery, but always genuine, Walter has established himself as a unique voice both on and off the horn. Check out what Walter has to say about keeping busy during the pandemic, working with Conrad Herwig and Wayne Bergeron on his new release, long tones, intelligent practice, the essentials of building a home recording studio, growing up in a musical family, lessons from Interlochen, his major influences, being the brand ambassador for Robinson's Remedies, and so much more! So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn more about Walter and get his new release "BB XL" at: Check out the Making Of BB XL: Learn more about Jose :
October 13, 2020
Episode 25:Hanging With Willie Murillo
What do you get when you mix world-class trumpet chops, silky smooth vocals, and impeccable style? You get my guest for this episode, Willie Murillo.    Willie is a man of many talents. Besides being a top-flight session player, Willie is also an arranger, songwriter, producer, and vocalist. But his talents don't stop there. Willie is also an entrepreneur whose passion for education lead him to co-develop The Practice App, a web-based way to practice with the pros. Willie is passionate, driven, and perhaps the best-dressed trumpet player in LA.   Check put what Willie has to say about staying on the grind during the pandemic, the joy in slowing down, the power of social media to increase connection, the reality of the politics of the music business, accepting the fact that we are all human, navigating the studio hierarchy, the power of Jon Lewis' High C, lessons from James Morrison, being comfortable in his own skin, why it's important to be vulnerable, why Wayne Bergeron is Mr. Incredible, important lessons from Uan Rasey's memorial, the power of consistency, and so much more!   So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  Find out more about Willie at:   Check out the Practice App at:   Find out more about Jose at:
October 6, 2020
Episode 24: Hanging With Jose Sibaja
If any trumpet player has been Livin' La Vida Loca, it's my guest for this episode- Jose Sibaja    Jose is an amazing talent. Since his first performance as a featured soloist at the age of 17, Jose has built a varied and successful career for himself. Whether it was playing in front of thousands while on world-tour with Ricky Martin, performing classical repertoire in Concert halls with the Boston Brass, or teaching one-on-one in his position at Vanderbilt University, José's love for music rings out in everything he does.    Check out what Jose has to say about becoming a trumpet professor, the importance of making a name for himself, music and life lessons from Ricky Martin, the importance of remaining humble, making hard decisions, seeing the bigger picture, making the most out of your practice and your life, having a beautiful heart, why he loves playing the trumpet, his approach to performing with joy, the importance of being willing to make mistakes, and so much more!  So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Want to find out more about Jose Sibaja?   Want to find out more about Jose Johnson?
September 29, 2020
Episode 23: Hanging With Kenny Rampton
Who's part entrepreneur, part philanthropist, part educator, but a total bad-ass on the horn? My guest for this episode, Kenny Rampton.   As a featured member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the Mingus Big Band as well as numerous Broadway shows, Kenny has established himself as a versatile player and passionate educator. Through his non-profit, the Jazz Outreach Initiative, Kenny is keeping jazz alive for young Las Vegas musicians. But it’s his gig as the trumpet voice on Sesame Street that might make Kenny the most popular trumpet player with kid’s around the world.   Check out what Kenny has to say about growing up in a musical family in Las Vegas, his first experience trying out instruments, starting the Jazz Outreach Initiative, developing the KR Indigo mute, focusing on the positives, music as a healing art, working with Wynton Marsalis, being part of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, growing into the role of being an educator, touring with Ray Charles, the impact of Sesame Street, the importance of building relationships, and so much more!   So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  Learn about the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra here:  Help support the Jazz Outreach Initiative here:  Check out the KR Indigo mute here:  Learn more about your host here:
September 22, 2020
Episode 22: Hanging With Terry Warburton
My guest for this episode is the hardest working man in the trumpet business, Terry Warburton.   Terry is a mainstay in the trumpet world. From his early days at Giardinellis in New York to his current shop in Florida, Terry has been the go-to-guy for professionals around the world. In recent years Terry has expanded his product line to include mutes, horns, and of course, the gadgets that so many trumpet players can’t do without. Known as The Godfather, Terry is never without an opinion and seldom sitting still, but is always willing to share his knowledge with others.    So check out what Terry has to say about staying busy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the next 50 years of Warburton Music Products, why life always goes on, making the best of the shift in the global marketplace, his take on the biggest changes that have taken place in the instrument design industry in the past few decades, what US manufacturers need to change to regain dominance, his relentless work effort, balancing modern technology with old-world craftsmanship, why dealing with cancer didn't change his approach to life, and so much more.   So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Interested in Warburton products?  Want to learn more about your host?
September 15, 2020
Episode 21: Hanging With Mark Zauss
What would you get if you gave Sigmund Freud world-class lead trumpet chops? You would get this week's guest on The Trumpet Gurus Hang Podcast, Mark Zauss. Mark is an internationally acclaimed soloist, who for decades entertained audiences at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Videos of Mark’s performances have amazed and frustrated trumpet players around the globe. His seemingly effortless command of the extreme upper register of the trumpet puts him in elite company. But what sets Mark apart from other trumpet players is not his knowledge of the horn, it’s his knowledge of the brain. This episode is guaranteed to blow your mind. Check out what Mark has to say about the most important aspect of trumpet playing, how to relax to access the air more efficiently, using the breath to reduce stress and anxiety, understanding the nature of stage fright and how to deal with it, his years with Disney, natural players, the two methods that he used to improve his range, learning to play in a relaxed manner, and so much more! So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin! ______________________________________________ Check out Mark's website for some great blog posts and video tips: Learn more about your host and his approach to mindfulness here:
September 8, 2020
Episode 20: Hanging With Vinnie Ciesielski
What would you get if you crossed a beastly trumpet player with Tony Robbins and then stuck them in the Tour de France? You'd get my guest for this episode, Vinnie Ciesielski. Since the mid-90s, Vinnie has been one of the most in-demand session players in Nashville having well over 5000 sessions under his belt. He’s played all types of music and toured and recorded with the legends of the past and the giants of the future. But what makes Vinnie so special is not his blistering high chops, it’s his awesome approach to life and his ability to overcome adversity. Check out what Vinnie has to say about the state of the Nashville music scene, why the music industry needs to become more creative in COVID times, the skill sets that you need to be a successful session player, musical influences, some of his favorite Nashville horn players, playing with The Loudhorns, how and why he lost almost 100 pounds, his advise to anyone trying to lose weight, how he started being awesome, and at the 40-minute mark, Vinnie shares what is perhaps one of the most awesome and inspiring stories that you will ever hear. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out Vinnie on Facebook: Follow Vinnie on Instagram: Get a copy of The Loudhorn's "One For Maynard": Learn more about your host:
September 1, 2020
Episode 19: Hanging With Frank Greene
From the home office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania comes this episode's Top Ten List of "The Top 10 Things To Never Say To A Lead Trumpet Player." Number 1, "You're good, but you're no Frank Greene" And my guest for this episode IS Frank Greene. Frank is one of the most in-demand lead trumpet players on the East Coast as well as a published author and coach. After attending North Texas State, Frank got his big start with Woody Herman, followed by a 5 year run playing lead with Maynard Ferguson. Frank has played with a who’s who list of artists including The Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars, and the Roy Hargrove and Christian McBride big bands. But it’s his time working with Paul Shaffer on the David Letterman show that officially makes Frank "The World’s Most Dangerous Trumpet Player." Join Frank as he talks about how he is managing the changes caused by COVID1-19, being part of a historically significant period, playing with Vinyl Hampdin, how he developed his unique approach to trumpet pedagogy, the importance of knowing what you want your life to look like, breaking down the obstacles of forward motion,  the importance of starting with fun, paying your dues, learning other player's processes while on the road, reprogramming your autopilot, the reasoning behind his latest book, the joy of embouchure changes, and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buy a copy of Frank's book "I Knew That!" here: Find out more about your host here:
August 25, 2020
Episode 18: Hanging With Kenny Robinson and Richard Mukamal
What do you get when you mix Maurice Andre, Jonas Salk, and Bill Gates? You get my guests for this episode, Kenny Robinson and Richard Mukamal. Kenny is a world-class trumpet player who toured with Maynard Ferguson and whose career was almost cut short by chronic cold sores. Richard is a trumpet and euphonium player and is also a mover and shaker in the world of the arts and education. Together they form the dynamic duo behind Robinson’s Remedies, a growing company that has developed a number of natural products that help brass players around the world keep their chops feeling repaired and renewed. So check out what they have to say about making the best out of a bad situation, the importance of relationships, how Robinson's Remedies got started, life lessons from Maynard Ferguson, the forming of a partnership, the desire to be of service to the brass playing community, the importance of music in public schools, a lesson on Mahler 5 from Bud Herseth, the fraternity of MF alumni, the changing face of education during the COVID crisis, Kenny's piccolo trumpet collection, snickerdoodles, and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
August 18, 2020
Episode 17: Hanging With Augie Haas
Looking for a recipe for sizzling high chops? Then you need to check out my guest for this episode, Augie Haas. Augie is a New York-based trumpet player, composer, and educator.  Augie toured and recorded with Harry Connick, Jr., and has been a member of The Maria Schneider, Vanguard Jazz, and Radio City Orchestras as well as The Gil Evans Project and Birdland Big Band.  Augie is also the author of the play-along method book, Build Your Range.  While Augie certainly knows how to get things cooking on stage, he is also known for his ability to get things cooking in the kitchen. Join Augie as he talks about the importance of finding a creative outlet during COVID-19 shutdowns, finding his "voice" as a vocalist, the challenge of playing multiple-roles with Harry Connick, Jr., the Haas 2 Scream, what he personally got out of his dissertation on how to play high notes and why it wasn't his first choice for a topic, writing his book "Build Your Range", the state of music education,  and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more about Augie's book, dissertation, and recordings go to For more about your host Jose Johnson, go to
August 11, 2020
Episode 16: Hanging With Scott Belck
What do you get when you cross an insightful teacher with a deep thinker and then throw in a liberal dose of sarcasm? You get my guest for this episode, the Lord of the Lip Slur, Scott Belk.   Scott is the director of Jazz Studies at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.  Scott is a versatile player who is as comfortable in his role with the trumpet ensemble Tromba Mundi as he is playing lead with Bootsy Collins.  Scott is also the slightly twisted mind behind Lip Slur World Headquarters and his two books Modern Lip Flexibilities for Brass and Progressive Lip Flexibilities for Brass which have frustrated brass players around the world.   Join Scott as he talks about the creation of Lip Slur World Headquarters, the power of social media, publishing his first book, the creative process for writing lip slurs, the importance of practicing technical studies musically, why being in "flow" doesn't make you get better, maintaining balance, the importance of routine and problem-solving skills, what he learned at North Texas State, and so much more.   So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin!   -----------------------------------------------------------------------   Find out more about Scott here:   Find out more about your host here:
August 4, 2020
Episode 15: Hanging With Jeff Curnow
What would you get if you mixed Bud Herseth with Gary Trudeau? You would probably end up with my guest for this episode,  Jeff Curnow. Jeff is a bit of a dichotomy. He’s a world-class orchestral player currently with the Philadelphia Orchestra. He’s recorded and performed around the world as a member of internationally acclaimed Empire Brass. But Jeff is also a regularly published satirical cartoonist and a video creator with an absurd sense of humor.  So join us and check out what Jeff has to say about balancing being a serious classical musician and a satirical artist, the one thing that drives him crazy about classical music, the importance of being a team player, growing up in a musical family, being a musical rebel by playing Ravel, the process of going from horrible practice to expert performance, the challenge of playing orchestral music, lessons learned while playing with the Empire Brass, understanding the various roles in the trumpet section, surreal gigs, and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin!
July 28, 2020
Episode 14: Hanging With Tom Walsh
This episode of The Trumpet Gurus Hang takes us across the pond as I hang with a right proper chap,  Tom Walsh. Tom is one of the young lions on the London music scene. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, Tom has gone on to forge a name for himself in the studio and on the stage on both sides of the pond. And Tom’s hip work as an arranger has started to catch the attention of artists and fans worldwide. Tom is a sweetheart of a guy and a mother of a player. So check out what Tom has to say about how his approach to arranging, the importance of learning studio skills, his biggest influences, going from just getting by on the horn to becoming a serious player, studying at the Royal Academy of Music, staying moldable as a musician, working with Vince Mendoza, a chance gig with Al Jarreau,  the Jerry Hey influence, the difference between home and studio recording, and so much more. So pour yourself a pint, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
July 21, 2020
Episode 13: Hanging With Mike Del Quadro
Typically, this podcast is about getting to know the person behind the horn. This week is all about the man behind the beard. Mike Del Quadro is a Las Vegas-based trumpet builder and craftsman. Mike has become the go-to guy for his world-class repairs, restorations, and customizations. When you visit his shop, you never know who might be dropping their horn off for a little TLC. The Del Quadro line of custom-built trumpets are creating a buzz for their versatile sound, quality craftsmanship, and smooth appearance.  Join Mike and me as we discuss keeping business going during the COVID era, creating a horn that looks as good as it plays, building equipment for the artist and not the manufacturer, helping young players find the right gear, casinos and trumpet conferences, life in Vegas, real talk about social injustice and why people need to pick a side of the tracks to stand on, why people need to be willing to fail, and so much more. This episode has a lot of laughs, some serious social commentary, and more than a few F-bombs. So in other words, a typical day with DQ. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin!
July 14, 2020
Episode 12: Hanging With Jerry Hey
There are only a handful of artists that you can say have elevated the role of the trumpet into the public spotlight. Pops, Miles, Dizzy, and my special guest for this episode, Jerry Hey. Trumpet players around the world have been inspired by his brilliant playing and arranging. Non-musicians may not know his name, but they can probably whistle his memorable licks.  Since the 1970's Jerry has been a mainstay in the LA studio scene.  He has worked on countless projects as a player, arranger, and conductor. From his early days with Seawind to his chart-topping work with Quincy Jones, David Foster, and Maurice White, Jerry and his band of brothers set the new standard for studio excellence. A six-time Grammy Award winner, Jerry has become the gold (and multi-platinum) standard for horn sections worldwide.  In this episode, you can hear Jerry talk about the importance of being prepared and being a decent person,  how his sections are like family, what it takes to be a part of a Jerry Hey horn section, working with his son,  old school vs Pro-Tools,  playing with intensity in the studio,  the importance of having core to your sound, life lessons from Mr. Adam, more life lessons from Quincy Jones, the joys of wine, surviving cancer, which was the greatest Lakers team of all time, Wild Women of Wongo, and so much more. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a big glass (of wine), and let the hang begin!
July 7, 2020
Episode 11: Hanging With Danny Falcone
What happens in Vegas shouldn't always stay in Vegas. 'Cause Vegas got it goin' on! In this week's episode join me for a hang with Danny Falcone, Las Vegas trumpeter extraordinaire.  Among his numerous accomplishments, Danny has most recently played lead trumpet and toured with Celine Dion and is playing lead for Lady Gaga’s new Jazz & Piano show. Danny also a member of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, a collection of some of Sin City’s nastiest players. And I say nasty in the best way possible. Growing up hanging around some of Las Vegas’ top performers, Danny has some great stories to share about music and life. Check out what Danny has to say about growing up in the Las Vegas music scene, the music of Frank Sinatra, Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns, taking advantage of being around the best of the best, the changes in the Las Vegas music scene, the craziest show production, being blown away by Lady Gaga, dialing in equipment, making mouthpieces, and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin!
June 30, 2020
Episode 10: Hanging With Rob Quallich
My guest for this episode is Rob Quallich Rob is an extremely talented young trumpet player who gained notoriety during his stint as lead trumpet with the band No BS! Brass, and for his viral videos that highlight his impressive range and power, as well as his off the wall sense of humor. Rob is the author of the book Taming the Stratosphere, a recent transplant to the Nashville music scene, and a connoisseur of fine crafts brews. Check out what Rob has to say about recording an unmusical video, how he adjusted to life on a cruise ship, why America has the best beers, the importance of the arts, the importance of playing musically in the upper register,  how weight changes affect your playing, what it takes to be a lead player, why he likes to show up to gigs early, his biggest influences, how your mental state is too often based on your last gig, and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair and let the hang begin!
June 23, 2020
Episode 9: Hanging With Charles Hargett
If you love good stories, then you will love hanging with Charles Hargett.   Charles started out as a full-time player, but life led him down a different path. After several years away from music, the road brought Charles back to the trumpet, but in a new capacity. After accepting a position as sales manager for Kanstul Musical Instruments, Charles had the opportunity to work directly with industry legend Zig Kanstul and quickly developed a reputation for being a sort of “trumpet guru”, as well as being a friendly, modern face for the company. Charles has also worked for Eastman / Shires, served as an industry consultant, and is currently the Director of Sales for BAC - Best American Craftsmen where he still considers himself fortunate to have a day job in the music industry. Charles is a storehouse of knowledge and never at a loss for words, or drinks! So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
June 16, 2020
Episode 8: Hanging With Mike Williams
Road dog. Old Dog. Swamp dog.  Partner of Tommy The High Note Police. What else can be said about the great Mike Williams? Mike is an outstanding lead trumpet player and educator. After playing in the world-famous North Texas State 1:00 Band, Mike held down the lead trumpet chair in the Count Basie Orchestra for an incredible 31-year run, giving Mike the opportunity to play and hang with some of the legends of jazz. In this week's episode, Mike talks about life after Basie, jazz hangs in Europe, Blazing Saddles on the bus, learning from the "old-timers," virtual education, life at North Texas State, down-home cooking, and much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
June 9, 2020
Episode 7: Hanging With Mike Vax
Have you ever listened to the iconic lead trumpet solo in Stan Kenton's version of Here's That Rainy Day? Have you ever played on a 13A4A or a Schilke S model? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have been touched by the genius of Mike Vax. Mike is an iconic trumpet player and educator. His discography of 75 albums includes 20 under his own name. And in the past 50 years, Mike has presented over 3000 workshops around the globe. In this hang, Mike shares stories about how Willie Maiden "transcribed" on the tour bus, the backstory on the famous Live At Redlands album, breakfast with Stan and Dick Shearer, working with Ren Schilke, how oral surgery helped him become a better teacher, why he didn't wind up in LA, the importance of dialog, and so much more. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
June 2, 2020
Episode 6: Hanging With Adam Rapa
What do you get when you mix killer chops, deep philosophy, and outspoken candor? You get Adam Rapa.  Adam is truly a Trumpet Guru, and in this episode, we cover a lot of ground. Check out what Adam has to say about the state of trumpet design and what he's doing to make a difference, the cult of pedagogy, the impact of cultural diversity on his music and world view, being in a prime state on and off the stage, and why he doesn't have a favorite anything. This is one hang you don't want to miss. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
May 26, 2020
Episode 5: Hanging With Chris Cromer
When you've got a horn. And your valves are stuck. Who you gonna' call? Chris Cromer. That's right, this weeks episode features the skills and wit of Chris Cromer. Chris is a master repairman, an expert in brass technology, and connoisseur of fine beer and bad movies. Check out what Chris has to say about how he turned a hobby into a business, horn cheese,  yeast infection, why size doesn't matter, and why asking the right questions is so important. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
May 19, 2020
Episode 4: Hanging with Aaron Romm
Welcome to the world of Aaron Romm. The son of famed Candian Brass legend Ronald Romm, Aaron has performed around the world as a soloist as well as alongside his father and mother in the Romm Family Trio. Aaron is also a passionate educator, martial artist, and voice actor. In this episode, you will get an insight into what it was like to grow up as the son of an international trumpet star, why humor plays a big part in his music and life, the importance of keeping your ego in check, being dumb enough to say yes to The Brandenburg, being the "fundamentals guy," neurolinguistic programming and teaching, and how Sly Stallone has helped him get invited to weddings. So pour yourself a big glass, pull up a chair, and let the hang begin!
May 12, 2020
Episode 3: Hanging With Lexie Signor & Jay Webb
Move over Jay-Z and Beyonce, it's time for a new music industry power couple! Lexie and Jay are each working hard to make their unique mark on the trumpet world. Lexie is a bit of a rebel and seeks to challenge the status quo in the worlds of both performance and education.  Jay is a true cross-over player and has taken on the ambitious goal of documenting and duplicating the works of the great Doc Severinsen.  In this hang, you'll hear why trumpet was the instrument of choice, why it's so difficult to be a female lead trumpet player, why different isn't always bad, why we all love Chris Botti, what Jay and Miles Davis have in common, how to deal with the pressure of being a lead trumpet, the importance of being "un-F-withable," the role of gender in music, and so much more. This episode is full of laughs, one-liners, truth bombs, and F-bombs. So in other words, a typical trumpet hang. So pour yourself a big glass. Pull up a chair. And let the hang begin!
May 5, 2020
Episode 2: Hanging with Trent Austin
In this episode, you get a chance to hang with Trent Austin. Trent is an extremely talented trumpet player, mouthpiece designer and purveyor of fine brass instruments. Trent has a huge smile and a huge heart, and his love for all things trumpet shines through in everything he does. Hear Trent talk about how he manages to keep his spirit and chops up during social distancing,  getting in shape for the zombie apocalypse, the importance of public service, life lessons from dogs, how Clark Terry helped shape him as a player and a person, tales from the tour bus, making the transition from New England to the Midwest, lobster vs BBQ, becoming a trumpet gear head, how he opened his first shop, the importance of being trustworthy, and so much more. Catch the video version of this hang on the Trumpet Gurus YouTube channel. Opening theme song composed and performed by Lexie Signor. Closing theme by The Greatest Funeral Ever. All music used by permission of the artists.
April 28, 2020
Episode 1: Hanging with Wayne Bergeron
If you ask any trumpet player to create a Top 10 list of people to hang with, you can be certain that the name Wayne Bergeron will be there. Wayne is an amazing trumpet player and an absolute blast to be around. His experiences as one of the LA studio scenes first-call players and as an in-demand clinician and solo artists give Wayne a great depth of experience and no shortage of stories. In this hang, Wayne shares his thoughts on the downfalls of being a "natural," why he hates being called a "high-note player," the importance of staying humble and relaxed in the world of session work, working with his personal trumpet heroes, the importance of playing with good time, coming back from chop problems, confidence vs ego, expanding on lessons from his years with Maynard Ferguson,  how hangs can create life-long friendships, and his thoughts on the most under-rated and over-rated aspects of trumpet playing.  For the video version of this hang, go to the Trumpet Gurus Hang YouTube channel.  Opening theme song composed and performed by Lexie Signor. Closing theme by The Greatest Funeral Ever. All music used by permission of the artists.
April 21, 2020
Episode 0: Trailer
What is the Trumpet Gurus Hang? If you are a trumpet player, it is the place to be.
April 14, 2020