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Destination Unknown (The Truth Lies Between)

Destination Unknown (The Truth Lies Between)

By Missing Persons Cases Network
This Podcast was originally about Karlie Guse, but I have decided to do mini-series on many cases. The 2nd season is about Jessica Dietzel. The third. Season looks at cases with Missing Addicts

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Missing Persons Cases Network
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Destination Unknown Podcast | Missing Mother Wendy Gessing
Wendy Gessing, 50, was last seen on June 12, 2021 at her place of employment that is owned by her long time live-in boyfriend. She left that day in the vehicle used primarily for deliveries yet articles state she was going to meet acquaintances not make a delivery. Three Days later her husband brings her phone into the Police Department to report her missing. Two days after that her car is located a short distance away at a Budget Inn Motel. Inside the car was a Motel 6 Key Card. There were reports that she was seen at the Motel 6 days after her disappearance. Investigators from Local PD, DHS and FBI along with her husband do not believe it was her. Last week a new article came out saying she may be in South Bend Indiana. South Bend Police Department shared her flyer and asked residents to keep an eye out. There is no activity on her bank or credit cards at this time. Is she running from someone or has she been met with foul play? Is she possibly on a bender? TikTok: YouTube: Twitter: @The_MpcNetwork Instagram: Missing_Persons_Network Podcast: Our Website: We have bracelets for sale for $5 that help in running MPCN. You can pay by PayPal or Cash App - [ ] PayPal: Dee@MissingPersonsCases.Com - [ ] CashApp: $MpcnDee - [ ] Venmo: Derek-DeMasi
July 26, 2021
Koby Roush, Raymont Willis, Michael Saylor and The Vanishing Men of Southeast Ohio
The Pike County Sheriff linked Koby Roush’s Case to Raymont Willis but the Persons of Interest was found deceased after making a statement about his involvement in the cases. We have linked at least one other case but in Part 2 we will discuss more that are possible links. Destination Unknown is a weekly video/podcast about missing addicts and missing mentally ill. Southeast Ohio is experiencing an epidemic due to opiates and meth. It is causing many to go missing with obvious foul play. It is also causing a slew of unsolved murders and unidentified bodies to turn up. This is Part 1 as we look into the area. We take a look into Koby Roush, Raymont Willis and Michael Saylor in this episode. Our Website: Donations Paypal: Dee@MissingPersonsCases.Com Cash App: $MpcnDee Main Facebook MPCN Page Tiktok
July 15, 2021
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel | The Truth Lies Between | Prime Suspect | Episode 9
I go into the new timeline as well as the beginning of Gary Lyn Potter’s record and how the system has failed Jessica.
February 24, 2021
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel |The Truth Lies Between| Episode 8
New Information is being announced tonight. Our Page will have a live stream for the vigil tonight and Friday at 9 PM there is a live with Lee and Dee.
February 18, 2021
Jessica Vanzant Johnson |The Truth LIES Between | | Episode 7 | Part 2
This is the first part of the last scheduled episode. For the one year mark tomorrow the rest of this will be out along with the video. I hope you enjoy. Until new information arises this is the last episode until we bring her home safely.
February 17, 2021
Jessica Vanzant DietzelEpisode Episode 7 | Part 1 | Will The Real AJ Cannon Please Stand Up?|
This is the tentative second to last episode. We will be doing a LIVE on The One Year Anniversary in which we go over that have not been discussed as well as where we stand on what each of us believes happened.
January 22, 2021
The Truth Lies Between | Karlie Guse | Episode 8 The FBI Files | |MPCN|
Listening to and analyzing the new FBI videos about Karlie Guse's case. I also give an opinion on another possible suspect. 
November 21, 2020
The Truth Lies Between | Karlie Guse | Episode 7 | |MPCN|
Discussion about new videos released by FBI.
October 22, 2020
BONUS | Jory Worthen Captured! |
New information on scumbag Jory Worthen
October 14, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel | The Three Stooges | Episode 6 | Part 1|
In this episode we discuss "The Three Stooges." All three men live down by the river and were last known to be with her. Aj Cannon, her boyfriend at the time. Bryan Sadler, whose tent she was last in and Patrick Rambone. 
October 14, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel | Episode 5 | Blair Jarvis & The 3 Stooges Down BY The River | |MPCN|
This is a recorded conversation where the informant speaks about Blair Jarvis skipping town as well as the Shed at 622 Pick that has been talked about a lot as well.  Expect Part 1 sometime this week.
September 21, 2020
Wanted Monsters | JORY WORTHEN | BONUS | The Truth Lies Between |
Episode about another Domestic Abusing Scumbag: JORy WOrthen
September 09, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel |Episode 4|The Truth Lies Between | Rigo Miller & The Dead Dog | |MPCN|
We dig into 622 Pick and the rumor about her being seen in a freezer. This comes up time after time. cases that deal with a lot of meth use in small towns seem to have correct  rumors when they first come up. I believe thee is truth to this one.  There will be a bonus episode also released tonight. it is about another case involving Domestic Violence out of Arkansas. Alyssa and Brayden Cannon. they were missing for 2 days but found beaten to death. The coward who did it is still on the run. Jory Worthem.  Please consider joining My Patreon Subscription Service that gives all of my followers a sneak peak into what goes into making a Podcast as well at a glimpse into my life on a more personal level.
August 25, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel |Bonus Episode| Did Natalie Eppler kill herself? Or is it murder? |MPCN|
In 2011, after a night of heavy drinking at a local bar, Natalie Eppler died. The circumstances surrounding that are very foggy. Did she commit suicide? Or did her husband James kill her?
July 22, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel Episode 3 Part II | MPCN | The Truth Lies Between
This episode myself and a volunteer discuss Kenny "Mann Mann's" Conversation and Live Video belittling Jessica. 
June 29, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel |The Truth Lies Between| Episode 3 Part 1 |MPCN|
We take a look into "Mexican" Sam. “Mexican Sam’s” name was brought into the case by Stephen Etherton when Mr. Etherton was talking to Kristina Johnson, Jessica’s Mother. Mr. Etherton mentioned him on that phone call from last week's Episode. We will also be sharing Information on Kenneth Dietzel, Jessica's estranged husband, including but not limited to phone conversations and video.
June 25, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel | Episode 2 | The Truth Lies Between Podcast |
This is the second Episode on Jessica Vanzant Dietzel. At the time of this Episode, Sean Etherton, was the MAIN Person of Interest and the Cops had been looking to question him for some time.  Please consider joining My Patreon Subscription Service that gives all of my followers a sneak peak into what goes into making a Podcast as well at a glimpse into my life on a more personal level.
June 16, 2020
Jessica Vanzant Dietzel | Episode 1 | The Truth Lies Between Podcast |
I believe that this case will both, receive, as well as help Karlie receive, New Awareness. Both of these cases have dedicated followers who will not stop until there is a resolution, Both have a lot of truth, lies and everything in between as well.  Please share for awareness. This episode I will be discussing the details as well as going over one  of the 911 calls.  Jessica Vanzant Dietzel 21-year-old Albany, Georgia Missing since February 18, 2020 Jessica is described as 5’7” tall, weighing 150 pounds with green eyes and long, straight blonde/brown hair. She has her nose pierced and a stud lip ring. She has multiple tattoos: “Elena” on her upper/left chest, stars down her upper thigh, with another tattoo on her opposite thigh, tattoo of writing on her left side and one on her upper right shoulder blade, one in the middle of her back at her neck area and a heart on her right hand.
June 11, 2020
The Truth Lies Between | Karlie Guse Case vs Morgan Nick (Episode 6)
We are taking a break away from Karlie's case until the final 2 are released, but in the meantime I will be discussing cases in which are comparable or can present you with a situation that you would have been more apt to seeing instead of what happened. It is a shame that this case is not only not solved but not even close. 
January 28, 2020
Social Media And it’s Effect on This Case (Episode 5 Part 2)
This is a very short episode finishing the list of negatives and adding some positive effects to Karlie’s Case. This is just leading up to the final couple episodes. The next episode will discuss a CAD dog, a scientist and his “machine”
June 15, 2019
Social Media's Negative Impacts on the case: Lies, Grants and More Lies (Episode 5 Part 1)
This episode was supposed to be social media's negative and positive impacts on this case, but I really only got to the negative impacts. The next episode will take care of the positive impacts. Like many other cases this one has a lot of drama and I get into some of that and how it started. 
April 17, 2019
Karlie Guse: The Truth Lies In Between - (Episode 4 re-upload)
Re-upload of Episode 4 without background music
April 06, 2019
Nancy Grace Interview's The Guse's & Calls Out Their Swiss Cheese "Stories" (Episode 4)
For some time now I have been on the record abut Nancy Grace's Podcast being the only real Journalism in this case. She actually questions the Guse's and did not back down like Dr. Phil. This is Episode 4 and it takes a look into Karlie Gusè’s Father and Stepmother’s interview on Nancy Grace where they discuss many issues including what she wore that day. I point out some things that I originally missed.
April 06, 2019
Timeline? What Timeline? What Happened to her "Footprint"? (Episode 3)
This is Episode 3 of Karlie Guse: The TRUTH LIES in Between. In this episode I am analyzing the Nancy Grace interview with Lindsay Fairley, Karlie Guse's Biological mother.  Nancy Grace discusses the "Footprint'. There were more than one pair of shoes missing as well. 
April 03, 2019
What LIES in Between (Episode 2)
This episode I analyze the last live video by Karlie Guse's stepmom along with the Dateline article that we recently learned was false. I have added some Dr Phil clips to show deception. This Episode is the second of the podcast. THE PODCAST is already scheduled for at least 6 episodes.  Throughout the episode I watch up Melissa Guse's lies with her own words. It is important to understand that she told two different News Outlet's 2 COMPLETELY different stories. 
March 25, 2019
Trial by Social Media: Facebook Live (Episode 1)
This episode just discusses the Live Video's that Karlie's stepmother did. This is one of the most important issues about the case and many have now been deleted for good. As far as circumstantial evidence goes those videos were GOLD!
March 18, 2019