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Cool Kids Club

Cool Kids Club

By Ben Weasel
Ben Weasel talking. No guests and no music.
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The Awful Disclosures Of Screeching Weasel
The new Screeching Weasel album will be out July 15th. Our pre-order is live today at and we're previewing the first single, Any Minute Now, which I discuss after a whole lot of preamble. 
June 03, 2022
Not Every Problem Has A Solution
Thinking out loud about some of the potential causes of our national sickness. 
May 31, 2022
Eye On The Ball
A principled approach to free speech isn't just good for individuals, it's good for society as a whole. Here's why. 
May 21, 2022
You Could Really Use A Slogan Right Now
Justifying violence. 
May 09, 2022