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The Ukulele Brain Podcast

The Ukulele Brain Podcast

By Douglas Reynolds
Improve your playing skills and shorten your learning curves by exploring the cerebral side of your ukulele journey. “The Ukulele Brain” delves into the processes your brain uses to learn tasks. By combining brain-training exercises with insight from interviews with uke artists, you’ll learn to cooperate with your Ukulele Brain!

Do you remember, “Wax on, wax off,” from The Karate Kid? Mr. Miyagi had young Daniel perform menial chores, seemingly unrelated to karate, until the motions required for fighting were hard-wired into his brain. That’s the philosophy behind The Ukulele Brain Podcast.
Episode 2: Victoria Vox, Jack Maher, and Percussive Strumming Brain Training
Singer-Songwriter Victoria Vox and husband/musical partner Jack Maher discuss their thoughts on songwriting, percussive strumming, their time together as songwriting majors at Berklee College of Music, and their friendship with fellow-student-turned-guitar-superstar John Mayer. They also address a listener's question about soloing on the ukulele. The episode begins with a REVISED Percussive Strumming Brain-Training exercise for newer players. (I left a big chunk of it out the first time I posted!)
March 28, 2021
Episode 1: Daniel Ho & The Little Book of Talent
Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and six-time Grammy® award winner. He gave me the book that inspired this podcast, so it's only natural that he be my first guest. We discuss his career, various practice methods, and the theory behind The Little Book of Talent that has been an inspiration for both of us.
March 9, 2021