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the show about what’s current above & below in the worlds of art, architecture & design.
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EP05 | 'Size Matters'
It's Virgo Season, 'current Cuties. In this week's platter-o-Pod - we build our Post-Apocalypse Team look, we celebrate Honey's iconic jawn once again, and our Queen surprises Pete with a gift. How have our triple B Hosts navigated sizing and fit over the years? How does Sizing manifest in the fashion industry at large? Will The Undercurrent weather night sounds, storms, and caffeine to successfully provide considered content on Sizing for all of the varied, beautiful bodies reading this RIGHT NOW?! Find out ONLY on this week's episode of The Undercurrent.
August 30, 2020
EP04 | 'Fashion Forward'
Peace to the soil squad, dirt daddies, earth mami’s and all - we’re back. In this week’s audio meal - we go live with a feline friend, learn the ancient origins of sus toe shoe vibes, and sachet through the format you know and love. With the end near, what does the future of Fashion Week look like? Will we ever not talk at least a smidge about KidSuper? Will Honey be be able to cop the jawn of her dreams? Find out ONLY on this week’s Undercurrent.
August 02, 2020
EP03 | ‘Any Means Necessary’
First & foremost, black lives matter. “no one is free until we all are”
July 14, 2020
EP02 | ‘Work in Progress’
In this episode we dive into the background & predictions of the workwear aesthetic. Is workwear stolen valor? Let us know your thoughts, our DMs are open!
May 31, 2020
EP01 | ‘Sustainably Bougie’
In this episode we overcome some technical difficulties while we talk about our latest purchases, our ankles & the future of sustainability in fashion. Enjoy!
May 06, 2020