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Vibrant Coven

Vibrant Coven

By the vibrant hak
full episodes & extras from the private VC Podcast shared exclusively in the Vibrant Coven >>
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Confirmation Bias in Manifestation
in this full episode, i take The Conversation to a place that not many (white) spiritual folx do - to a space where the real world’s influence can be seen in our spiritual work, and the soul’s desires are understood to be deeply affected by experiences from our material lives. meaning: intersectionality is for spiritual conversations, too. for the episode i’m sharing with you here, i’d like for you to reflect on how your own experiences have had a relationship with your Inner Unfolding journey. then, head to to share & commune with others about these reflections. what have you been exposed to because of your beliefs? what have you been sheltered from because of your beliefs? 💜
April 11, 2021
High Vibrations - SAMPLE
it’s not enough to be positive vibes only, just because that’s where you WANNA be. as a whole humyn, you experience a range of positive- & negative-feeling feeeelingsss for a reason. join us in the Vibrant Coven to discover the true meaning of “high vibrations” - 💜
April 6, 2021
True Humility Sample
in this clip episode, i start us off with what we’ve been taught about humility, and the painful associations we’ve made with humbling (or even humiliating) experiences. do you ever wonder if there’s another way? a different path we can take to learning from life to live more vibrantly?? well, in the full episode up in the Vibrant Coven on Patreon, i spend a solid 44 minutes helping us shift our perspective on the issue of growing only from our flaws & unworthiness, to a perspective that’s empowering as fuuuuck!! — you can check out the Vibrant Coven on and book a card reading with me through my website 💜
March 21, 2021
Energetic Conflict & Announcement!!
have you noticed how the inner conflict you experience - that voice in your head that shoots you down whenever you try asking for what you want, or urges you to please other people, or makes you stay in situations waaaayyy past the time when your gut told you “i wanna go!” - is reflected in the conflict you experience with others? in this episode, i talk about the evidence i’ve got to prove how managing my inner conflict has created this force field of respect & love around me that no one can get through!! — i also share an announcement about the Vibrant Coven, and just what it feels like to have come this far. the Inner Unfolding journey is life-long, so i’m really proud to say that this comm-UNITY is finally here, stable, READY to make that journey less isolating, and more of a connective, playful, joyous path. you can check out the Vibrant Coven on 💜
March 17, 2021
Curious Conflict - SAMPLE
this week, i’m posting samples of what y’all can expect from the new space i’m creating 💖 COMING 10/10! join via the link in my bio on Instagram this Saturday if you feel called to check out this free offering 🤗 IG: @the_vibrant_hak
October 7, 2020
Suffering & Silence
KA walking & talking about feeling stuck in a certain kind of suffering. 💜
September 26, 2020
Week of July 27 Energy Reading
Threads of Fate (Shadow) - Destruction - The Weaver -The Explorer 💜 don’t live in your head, kids.
July 28, 2020
The Power of Patience
you have the power to heal yourself, but that power is only activated through patience 💜 ig: @the_vibrant_hak & @the_vibrant_coven
July 24, 2020
Week of July 20 Energy Reading - New Moon in Cancer
the inner child cannot be crushed. you know how resilient kids are!! with guidance, they keep coming back. so when this week tries to crush your spirit before it even starts, rise up and WISE up! dont let naysayers fuck up your mood. find the fears & doubts reflected in the unfolding of this week, and surrender them to Love 💜 ig: @the_vibrant_coven
July 20, 2020
Week of July 15 Energy Reading
BLESS U CHIRON gracing us with the self-compassion to escape our traps & lick our wounds 💜 subscribe if you’d like weekly energy readings (usually delivered Sunday evenings, but i’m getting into the swing of things after moving this week 🥵) - and share with a friend who would love on-point guidance. this podcast is also for meditations and rant-y episodes where i dive deeply into a subject... and eventually resurface at the point i was trying to make 💫 so get ready babes, the Vibrant Coven has expanded into its own handle on IG @the_vibrant_coven - and now we’re getting serious about our magic, playtime, potent healing rituals, and laughter medicine. (yes, you CAN be serious about all of those things 💅🏻) J O I N U S. 💜✨💞✨💜
July 15, 2020
Week of July 6 Energy Reading
learn about the cosmic energies you may encounter throughout the week ahead, day by day.
July 6, 2020
Relationship ROLES & RESPECT
this is a clip from the full Episode 5 of the Vibrant Coven Podcast, available on
March 30, 2020
Sister/Sibling Bonds
are they soulmates? or woundmates? parents are here to care for our needs, but what is the purpose that siblings serve? and what does it mean when we meet people who feel like family?
February 26, 2020
Facing Your Fears
however much lightwork youre willing to do, it’s not going to get you far if you ignore the growing shadow cast by the light. learning & growing is intense, but much more authentic and REWARDING than showing fake gratitude to your blessings. blessings come wrapped up in the life lessons you encounter, so discarding the struggle to focus on the success makes your appreciation for the blessings hollow. in this episode, i talk about what it means to appreciate your shadow and how it can increase your overall quality of life in the long run.
February 15, 2020
DETANGLE Meditation
as per the #VisionFor2020 challenge on instagram for starting the year with clarity, here is the meditation for Day 16! find a restful spot to listen & release attachments to expired expectations 💜 @v_for_vibrant
January 20, 2020
Priestess-in-Progress Ep 2: Sixth Sense CLIP
listen to the full episode in the Vibrant Coven by going to
October 22, 2019
Priestess-in-Progress Podcast Ep 1: Soul Family CLIP
as my first official podcast episode, i wouldve liked it to be better, but here’s my learning & self-loving moment for the day: 💖 give up the perfectionist ways, because done is way better than perfect!! yall just get to watch me blossom in the process of going from good to EXCELLENT 🤩 which can only happen by failing fast, so here i go!! 💫💫 ————— the clip is supposed to end with “you’re not meant to do this alone,” but the universe didnt want it that way hahaha 😅💁🏻‍♀️ ————— hope yall enjoyed this nugget and visit 🌙 >> >> 👯‍♀️ to join us in the Vibrant Coven for more insights & giggles 🤗🤗
October 9, 2019