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The Village

The Village

By The Village
Join Melissa Rowe - counsellor & creator of and Melina Bagnato - stylist & owner of as they interview inspiring mamas. It takes a Village to raise a child and given the village has somewhat disappeared - this is your village. A place to gather inspo, support and wisdom as you listen to the stories of mamas just like you.
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e.11 - motherhood and expectations

The Village

e.11 - motherhood and expectations
Join Melissa Rowe and Melina bagnato as they discuss motherhood and expectations.
March 28, 2019
e.10 - enoughness is a thing.
Melissa and Melina explore the concept of enoughness - the good enough is good enough approach for mamas
February 28, 2019
e.9- Jo Betz on grief and loss
Melissa and Melina interview gorgeous Jo Betz on her inspiring journey of grief and loss of her husband.
February 21, 2019
e.8 - tech time - the greatest challenge of modern mamas
e.8 - tech time with Melina and Melissa. How do you manage your children’s tech time ?
February 14, 2019
e.7 - happy new year... hello 2019
e.7 - happy new year! Melina and Melissa discuss how they start the new year, sending kids back to school and getting ready for the year ahead.
February 07, 2019
e.6 - meet Natalie Roberts- Mazzeo
Natalie is a mama to two young Goddesses Grace (8) and Chiara (5) and an author, speaker and coach for mothers of children with additional needs. Natalie is inspired by her youngest daughter who suffered a stroke. She inspires natalie through her strength, resilience and smile. Both her daughters have been a catalyst for bringing miracles and grace into her world. Join us as Natalie discusses her journey of mothering her daughter, Chiara including her diagnosis and moving from surviving to thriving.
December 14, 2018
e.4 - Chatting with Chezzi Denyer
Join Melissa Rowe & Melina Bagnato as they chat with Chezzi Denyer. Chezzi shares her experience with post natal anxiety after having her first daughter, how she manages the work life juggle whilst her hubbie works away from home and her self care tips for mamas..
December 06, 2018
e.3 - Self Care for mamas
Join your hosts Melina Bagnato & Melissa Rowe as they discuss self care and how they personally engage in it and why its essential to incorporate into motherhood.
November 29, 2018
e.2 - Meet Melissa Rowe - Mindful Mamas
Join Melina Bagneto as she interviews her co host Melissa Rowe about motherhood, her work as creator of Mindful Mamas and her passion for supporting women to be the best mamas they can be.
November 21, 2018
e.1 - Meet Melina Bagnato - style me over
Join your hosts Melissa Rowe & Melina Bagnato as we get to know Melina on a deeper level - mama, stylist and Style Me Over clothing Boutique owner.
November 16, 2018
Coming soon - The Village with Melissa Rowe & Melina Bagnato
Coming soon - The Village with Melissa Rowe & Melina Bagnato
November 02, 2018