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The Virtual Instructor Podcast

The Virtual Instructor Podcast

By Timothy M Stafford, PhD
Whether you are a college professor, corporate trainer, K12 instructor, or HR professional, digital education, remote work and eLearning are affecting you. Join virtual learning scholar & design expert, Dr. Timothy M. Stafford, Program Director for the MS program in Instructional Design and Technology at St. Thomas University as he tackles some of the issues with designing facilitating and assessing instruction in digital spaces, along with some special "rockstar” guests along the way.
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January 28, 2020

The Virtual Instructor Podcast

S2E2: 7 Must Have Tools for the Virtual Instructor
Join Dr. Tim Stafford of St. Thomas University as he "opens his toolbox," as a virtual instructor and talks about the 7 important tools that you need to be a successful virtual instructor. There are many different kinds of tools out there, and many of them do a great job, so you need to have them in your toolbox as you continue to teach in a virtual environment. You don't want to miss this episode.  Show notes: Infographic: 7 must-have Tools for the virtual instructor
September 6, 2021
S2E1: The 4 C's of Value-Added Feedback
We are back!  Join Dr. Tim Stafford from the MS in ID&T program at St. Thomas University as he kicks off the 2021-2022 season with the first episode of Season 2 - the 4 Cs of Value-added feedback. We have reengineered this episode to be better, shorter, and more impactful so take a listen and see what you think.   In online learning, providing feedback is a critical component of the job of a virtual instructor. Students do not interact the same with instructors and peers in online and digital environments, so feedback becomes an important voice and tool in the process, and so this episode goes into greater detail of how to give great feedback that will give value to your learners regardless of your industry or type of digital learning environment.  Thanks for listening! Show Products: Click here to download the Infographic that does along with this episode. 
August 23, 2021
New episodes are coming soon!
After taking a bit of a hiatus, we will be back with new episodes starting August 24, 2021. We are excited to share more information with you about becoming a "Rockstar" virtual instructor. Talk to you soon - Literally! Dr. Tim Stafford
August 4, 2021
S1E17: 2020 Wrap up - Stats, Thanks, and the Lens of Transformation
Join Dr. Tim Stafford from St. Thomas University as he wraps up the podcast year with:  Stats and thanks yous - Click Here to see our Spotify stats for the year Future plans for the podcast and beyond A short proposal of looking at 2020 through the lens of transformation and not just an evolution.  2020 has been difficult but has given us so much opportunity, and we cannot thank you all enough for all of your support, emails, encouragement, downloads, and most of all, thank you for being rockstar virtual instructors, and instructional designers.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May 2021 find transformational success for you and your loved ones as we transition into the world of "next year.
December 22, 2020
S1E16: Campfires in Cyberspace Part 2 - Enhancement, Obsolescence, Reversal, and Rekindling
In this episode, Dr. Timothy M. Stafford of St. Thomas University continues with Part 2 of his three-part discussion of David Thornburg's incredibly insightful book, Campfires in Cyberspace. Dr. Stafford explores the application nature of Marshall McLuhan's framework about the implications of technology called the Tetrad. There are insightful discussions here about the impact of technology for enhancement, obsolescence, reversal, and rekindling and attempts to look at all of these things through a lens of education and educational technology. Join us for some thought-provoking ideas.  Resources/Sponsors: Episode Sponsor: SendFox - email newsletters a now easier than ever! Transcript for the show - Zoom transcription and more JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST - Get great resources and information delivered right to your email! I only send the best stuff!
October 19, 2020
S1E15: Campfires in Cyberspace Part 1 - David Thornburg and McLuhan's Tetrad
In his incredibly insightful book, Campfires in Cyberspace, David Thornburg explores and revisits Marshall McLuhan's framework about the applicational implications of technology called the Tetrad. In this episode, Dr. Timothy M. Stafford from St. Thomas University begins a three-part series in Thornburg's work published in 1996 about the impact of technology on education and the needs of humans for the learning process. Join us for some thought-provoking ideas. Also, be sure to download the transcript from this episode thanks to  Resources/Sponsors: Episode Sponsor: SendFox - email newsletters a now easier than ever! Transcript for the show - Zoom transcription and more JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST - Get great resources and information delivered right to your email! I only send the best stuff!
September 26, 2020
S1E14: 3 Word Rebellion - Creating Movements through Instruction
Join us this week as Timothy M. Stafford, Ph.D. from St. Thomas University's MS in Instructional Design and Technology program talks about how to connect the major concepts of the 3 Word Rebellion by Michelle A. Mazur, Ph.D. right now to any course that you are tor will be eaching.  This incredible book written for any thought leader who is looking to get their message out to those that could be compelled to start a movement will take you through a journey fo discovery, brevity, and the power of a short message designed to make an impact and spark a movement.  What would happen if we could apply this to every course that we taught or designed? These are some of the ideas, thoughts, and questions that Tim tackles in this episode. Don't miss it!
September 9, 2020
S1E13: Interview with Mark Stafford of Ablaze Media
Join Tim Stafford of St. Thomas University as he  interviews Mark Stafford of Ablaze Media a graphic design and marketing firm out of Arizona who has worked with a wide array of clients to produce a wide scope of digital marketing and print media products.  Mark discusses how to approach making graphics for digital instructor and also how to get the most out of a graphic designer so that your graphics look great and are effective in relaying your message, without breaking the bank. This is a power packed show and so you don't want to miss it!
August 11, 2020
S1E12: An Instructional Forensics Conversation about the Role of the Instructor in Self-Directed Learning
Join Dr. Timothy M. Stafford from St. Thomas University as he looks at self-directed learning and the roles and responsibilities of the instructor and learner in digital (online) education. He also talks about one particular application of these responsibilities to the discussions within a course. You don't want to miss these ideas and practical applications. 
July 27, 2020
S1E11: Interview with Dr. Vern Czelusniak
Join Dr. Tim Stafford from St. Thomas University as he talks to one of his STU colleagues, Dr. Vern Czelusniak, Program Director for online EdD programming at STU and author of GED to PhD; Reaching Higher!. They discuss Dr. C's inspirational journey, COVID-19 and the impact that it has had on the students and faculty of STU.  Dr. C also talks openly about how the university has positioned itself to be able to serve digital educators in the near and distant future. There are a lot of exciting things happening at STU in educational leadership, digital instruction, and instructional design and technology, so that the graduates of St. Thomas can become leaders for life, and reach their limitless potential! Don't miss this short and powerful interview!
July 13, 2020
S1E10: Interview with Nic Finelli
In this episode, Dr. Tim Stafford from St. Thomas University interviews Nic Finelli of Blended Tech Learning.  Nic is a recognized expert in digital learning, professional learning, and technology integration consulting and training, and has been contracted by various tech companies (including Apple, Microsoft, and Google) to work on their behalf to provide training, support, and work for internal projects to help their education initiatives all over the United States. His expertise and work has allowed him to see first-hand and impact how all types of public and private schools and districts integrate technology for teaching and learning. On this episode we discuss strategies for technological integration for the following digital instruction applications: Remote instruction: Tools that make working remotely easier and how to create realistic workflows for remote instruction: Maybe even some tools that work with the LMS's Student Engagement: Tools and tips to help digital instructor engage with their students and keep their students engaged with them and each other. Evaluation: Tools and tops on evaluating digital deliverables and some great ideas and tips about making the administrative job of digital instruction smooth and seamless. Nic gives valuable insight into the foundational roles of different technologies and how to put the right toolbox together for your digital instruction needs. Don't miss this episode. SHOW NOTES Click on this link for the show notes for this episode.
June 29, 2020
S1E9: Interview With Max H. Cropper, PhD
In this episode, Tim interviews Dr. Max H. Cropper and they have a great discussion on Merrill's First Principles of Instruction and how they apply to the digital instructor. Dr. Cropper is an award-winning instructional designer with a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. Has studied, researched, developed, implemented, and taught comprehensive instructional design and performance, management models. He has designed and developed best-practice instruction and evaluation for clients including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Institute of Health, the Veterans Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Western Governor's University, Utah State University,  the University of Phoenix, Shell Oil, Franklin Covey, National Education Training Group (NETg), Oracle, Hewlett Packard, the Brigham Young University Family History Center and Continuing Education Department and many others. Currently, he assists organizations in developing world-class training, and performance improvement programs. You do not want to miss this program.  Here are links to some of what is talked about in this episode: Five Star Course Review Rubric
June 15, 2020
S1E8 - Digital Citizenship: An Interview with Susan M. Bearden CETL
Susan M. Bearden CETL is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Consortium for School Networking (COSN). With over 12 years of experience, she has championed the adoption of a number of innovative classroom technologies, including BYOD, Google Apps for Education, social media in the classroom, iPads, Chromebooks, and Makerspaces. In 2015, she received the ISTE “Making IT Happen” award from the Florida Society for Technology in Education. In 2014, Bearden received the Bammy Award for School Technologist of the Year ( and was also a finalist in the category of Education Talk Show Host.   She has authored a great book called Digital Citizenship: A community-based approach and on this episode, we talk about what it means to be a good digital citizen, resources for teaching digital citizenship and how a community-based approach is the best way for all of us to strengthen the integrity of our digital footprints and keep our families, schools, employees and other stakeholders safe while using the most powerful digital tools for knowledge and learning, the world wide web and some of the greatest communication tools ever designed, the social media.   This is a great interview and has a host of ideas for any digital instructor on any educational level. Don't miss this episode!
May 18, 2020
S1E7: Social Constructivist Foundations for Digital Instruction, Learning and Design
In this episode, join Dr. Timothy M. Stafford from St. Thomas University as he discusses social constructivism and its approach to areas of education like reality, knowledge, and learning. These principles become part of the foundational fabric of social learning, digital education, digital instruction, and instructional design for online learning. This episode is full of things to really consider as you continue to move forward as a digital instructor using digital educational spaces and designing courses for those spaces and students. 
May 4, 2020
S1E6: On A Desert Island with My Students - Navigating Remote and Online Learning
S1E6: On A Desert Island with Your Students - Navigating Remote and Online Learning in and Beyond a Crisis Navigating remote and online learning due to the COVID-19 Curveball is tricky and there are many dilemmas that digital instructors are facing. Ther are also many decisions that are going to need to be made about the future of education and the evolution that is taking place. Join Dr. Tim Stafford from St. Thomas University as he discusses these issues and looks at how to begin to make decisions about the future "new normal," that education will take on post-COVID-19.
April 18, 2020
S1E5: The COVID-19 Curveball - Digital Instructors by Assignment
The COVID-19 curveball has come across the plate and many instructors have become digital instructors by assignment. Join Dr. Tim Stafford from St. Thomas University as he talks about five principles that every digital instructor including those who are new to destruction by assignment can apply to their digital instruction to become rockstars in online learning. For more information about getting your school online - Download Dr. Tim's new e-guide for schools at 
March 24, 2020
S1E4: Resourcing Digital Students and Building Community
Join Dr. Tim Stafford, Program Director for the MS in Instructional Design and Technology program at St. Thomas University, as he talks about resourcing students in digital environments, and using tools like Wakelet, to build communities and collegiality between digital instructors and their students. As promised in the podcast, here is a link to Dr. Tim's Wakelet collections. 
February 24, 2020
S1E3: 3 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Effective Digital Instruction
If you are concerned about being an effective digital instructor, and you are worried about your ability to keep moving forward, it might be time to shift your mindset in your digital role. Join Dr. Tim Stafford, of St. Thomas University as he details the three things that make the most impact as a digital instructor: Unfettered Access, Purposeful Engagement, and Leveraging of Humanity. 
February 17, 2020
S1E2: Digital Literacy: An Introduction
Join Dr. Tim Stafford of St. Thomas University as he talks about the foundations of digital literacy and its impact in the instructional space.
February 11, 2020
S1E1: Intro to the Digital Instructor Podcast
Meet Dr Tim Stafford of St. Thomas University. He introduces the podcast and also the discussion of education, instruction. And instructional design in digital spaces.
January 28, 2020
January 28, 2020
January 28, 2020