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THEVOICEOFJP : An open narrative build on human perspectives. Covering millennial culture, wellness, growth, teaching moments…and a lil’ bit of laughter
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S2 EP9 - Time to Recalibrate
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP sits back and speak to things that help him RECALIBRATE: Consistency, Vulnerability, Sacrifice, & Love. Additionally we shout out a Black Fluid Author @GEESMALLS book Black Enough Man Enough | a story about embracing his mixed race and fluid sexuality. Pick up a copy on Amazon or on his Website. I hope this episode helps someone. Until next week I love you - Jordan P. |
October 15, 2020
S2 EP8 - Let's Talk Self Love w. Eric E.
This week we sit with one of my close friends Eric Eichelberger | @eric.ike. We talk about Self Love the journey, what it means, and how did we begin to love ourselves and who we are today. Thank you Eric for opening up about your journey. I know someone will learn so much from you. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @THEVOICEOFJP | Check out our BLOG -
October 08, 2020
S2 EP7 - A Deep Dive Into Emotions w. BRE PITTMAN
This month we start off our journey of a healthier life! We want to begin our journey talking about Emotions. We sit with my sister Bre Pittman - Owner of Honor&PrivilegeTM and we talk about our childhood, our emotions, emotional maturity, our responses, and how we move forward in our lives. Sit down with the one you love, share this with someone you know may need this, and get a Pen and Paper to take some notes. I'm so happy to bring this to you all. Here's our conversation on Emotions. - @THEVOICEOFJP |
October 01, 2020
S2 EP 6 - BLK.Thought | A Conversation on Business & Social Media
This week we sit down with Tony Eldon Candidate for FL Senate - District 21 and Founder of BLK.Thought a Black Media and News company based originally on Instagram. Tony shares his history of how his business began, some awesome stories from @BLK.Thought and much more. Thank you so much Tony is was a pleasure having you and I'm sure we will see you in Tallahassee soon. Peace and Love Brother - @THEVOICEOFJP
September 24, 2020
S2 EP 5 - A Talk w. Katia Luu
A throwback Episode from the beginning of Season 2 - We talk with @KatiaLuu a Florida based Videographer and Photographer. Speaking on her journey into media, her influences, what makes her who she is, and her childhood. We discuss how we both got to know one another and much more. Thank you so much Katia for taking the time. You can check our her and her work at she is super DOPE and has worked for and with some of the best in the game! Peace and Love
September 17, 2020
S2 EP 4 - JP's Thoughts. Introducing "Mood Elevation"
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP - Brings you back into the fold. Apologies we've been gone for a small bit but, we lost a show due to a bit of inebriation. We will introduce our Blog of the Month brought to you by @treasure.thenow owner of a Blog. We shout out my new favorite candle brand @poisescent and it's wonderful fragrance Brave Heart you can shop directly with her using this Link. I'm so happy to bring you back into the fold. Follow me @THEVOICEOFJP on all Platforms and check out our website | P.S. - The show will now release every THURSDAY! 
September 17, 2020
S2 EP3 - Empowering the Young Women w. IAMTHATLADY, INC.
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP sits w. Chaunterria J., MPA, B.S. - CEO of IAMTHATLADY,INC. based in Jacksonville, FL. Chaunterria is a two time Graduate of Florida A&M University where she obtained a Bachelors in Political Science & Masters of Public Administration she can be described as an unstoppable millennial. We take the time to discuss her work, leading young ladies to create their life.  Chaunterria takes pride in being a visionary. I'm sure you will enjoy this and if you want to get involved with her movement reach out via or on Instagram: @iam_thatlady | Thank you for listening have an awesome week! - @THEVOICEOFJP Black Business Shout Out: Innovative Concepts & So Royal
August 31, 2020
S2 EP2 - COVID-19 & The Return To School
This week we sat with Dr. Sherika Evans, Ed.D a fearless Principal and Leader of Suncoast School for Innovative Studies – SSIS located in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Evans and our show curator @THEVOICEOFJP sit and discuss, COVID-19, the effects on our education system, charter vs. public schools, how it feels to be a leader at this time, how she tackles every obstacle thrown her way, and much more. We know this conversation will bless someone and it's truly for EVERYONE! For more information on SSIS contact Dr. Evans at (941) 953-4433 or for enrollment information. Check out the for all drinks and businesses listed in this episode.
August 24, 2020
S2 EP1 - Since We've Been Away!
Welcome Back Y'all. It's Season 2 and we are BACK and BETTER than EVER! Thank you for taking the opportunity to listen. We are so happy to bring our show back to you for a second season. So much has happened over the past two months. On this episode we catch you all up, fully introduce The Cocktail Corner, What's Going On?, The Black Business Corner, Our Monthly Blog Post, and The Benediction. (Whew ALOT has changed, lol) As you listen today stay engaged and make sure you share with someone else. Be Blessed! - @THEVOICEOFJP
August 17, 2020
J.Scott - Behind the Music
For our season closer we sat down with J.Scott - a singer, songwriter based out of NYC originally from Jacksonville, FL my home town. Scott, introduces his new single and we groove to some of his classics from his original EP: Call Me When You Get This. We talk about life, culture, who we are, the LBTQ+ community, and all of our talents. We are so happy to share this conversation with you all. Until Season 2 - ToooTaLoooooo. Don't forget to share and stream. I'll catch you all very soon. @THEVOICEOFJP. |
June 01, 2020
Can We Be Transparent?
Let us take the opportunity to be transparent. This episode our curator @THEVOICEOFJP dives into his personal life. A very well balanced conversation. Pull your boot straps up, and enjoy. Better yet clean your ears. They are dirty anyways. Check us out on: Thank you for helping us along the way this season. ToooooTaaaaLooooooo....
June 01, 2020
Is A Change Gonna Come? #IRUNWITHMAUD
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP  talks about the looming topic of Gun Violence and White Supremacy in America Society as it exist today! We uncover the story of Ahmad Aubrey a resident of Brunswick, GA was gunned down and killed by two THUGS - Gregory and Travis McMichael. We talk about the real reality of a black men and woman possibly not return home from everyday task. I ask you to open your hearts, your ears, and your minds. We challenge you this week to Run with Maud and Start a conversation about #BLACKLIVESMATTER. I hope you enjoy!  Articles Feat. This Week:
May 11, 2020
Preferences, Types, and Deal Breakers!
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP dives into dating preferences, types, and deal breakers. He explores the dynamics of each and how they are all interconnected. Click play to grown your perspective . Don’t forget to write a review, comment, and share.
April 20, 2020
Let's Talk About Music...
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP sits down with the FAMILY and we discuss MUSIC! Fat, Chris (@GURLwitdaFADE), and Joel all bring a perspective of what's really going on in the industry in 2020. We talk about some greats, some not so great's, and really dive into some artist who've made a mark in the industry. Honestly, we made this so you all would have a laugh during quarantine. I hope you all enjoy! Follow us @THEVOICEOFJP on Facebook and Instagram! 
April 06, 2020
Open Relationships? A Full Disclosure!
This week our curator @THEVOICEOFJP sits down and talks about OPEN RELATIONSHIPS! Discussing "Are Open Relationships and Non-Monogamous Relationships Really That Common" published by  Jordan, take the time to talk about communication, partnership, compromise, trust, and the growing lack of monogamy in the millennial generation. We promise, this episode will be thought provoking! | Let us know your thoughts - and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @THEVOICEOFJP. Enjoy! 
March 30, 2020
GURLwitdaFADE vs. TheeCraftBeerConnisseur
This week we sat down with our curators best friend @GURLwitdaFADE/@TheeCraftBeerConnoisseuur who is pretty much FAMOUS in our minds. Chris who's a comedian in her own right dives into both of her brands, how she got started, myths of the beer industry, and much more! It's so great to hear her story and we know God is taking her places. Keep walking your purpose - @THEVOICEOFJP
March 23, 2020
The Dynamics of the WOMAN...
This week we sit down with @jayde.stansell, @tiajermer, and @jlovesstilettos to talk about The Dynamics of the Woman. These ladies talk about faith, friendships, relationships, the different walks of their lives, and ways that they can be better humans in this world. I hope you enjoy the conversation. We sure did! - @THEVOICEOFJP
March 16, 2020
Delayed but, not Denied!
This week our Curator JP gives us an update on his life. Talking about his career, recent travels, and what’s new. He also dives into his journey of being delayed BUT not denied. We hope you enjoy the show! 
March 09, 2020
A BLACK Man's Narrative Part 2
This week we will continue the conversation (Part 2) with Darrell, Jr., Gabe, and Joel. Three black men who are open about discussing misconceptions, family, BLACK women, relationships, venerability, and so much more. I ask you to put on your ears of understanding and hats of empathy to indulge in a BLACK Man's Narrative.
March 02, 2020
A BLACK Man's Narrative Part 1
This week we have the opportunity to sit down and speak with Darrell, Jr., Gabe, and Joel. Three black men who are open about discussing misconceptions, family, BLACK women, relationships, masculinity, and so much more. I ask you to put on your ears of understanding and hats of empathy to indulge in a BLACK Man's Narrative. 
February 24, 2020
I want to welcome YOU to THEVOICEOFJP. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm JP your curator. Get ready for a journey we are going to talk, cry, LISTEN, engage, and HAVE SOME FUN! Take a moment to laugh it feels so much better. I welcome you to my FAMILY and my LIFE. -THEVOICEOFJP
February 17, 2020
February 14, 2020