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The Voiceover Family Podcast

The Voiceover Family Podcast

By Mike Schurko & Amanda Sellers
How do you become a voice actor? Well, it takes a lot more than a talented voice. Join Amanda and Mike, as they discuss running a voiceover business, managing work-life balance as stay at home parents, VO tips and tricks, life behind the mic, interviews with industry leaders, and more.

Amanda Sellers and Mike Schurko are the creators of The VoiceOver Family blog and podcast. They have a combined two decades of knowledge and experience in voiceovers, are entrepreneurs and founders of The VoiceOver School, where they teach other aspiring voice actors online how to launch a career in voiceover!
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08- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - Everett Oliver
This week, Mike gets authentic with booth director extraordinaire Everett Oliver (his credits include animation production on The Simpsons and King of the Hill to name a few). They talk about how in-person networking is everything (sorry, millenials!), how to truly stand out in an audition, and the value of having a strong acting foundation and a list of real, authentic characters at the ready.
November 18, 2019
07- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - George Whittam
In this episode, Mike gets Technical with legendary Audio Engineer and Consultant George “The Tech” Whittam. They discuss everything you need to know about setting up your ideal recording environment, choosing the right gear and recording software for you, and how to keep it all affordable along the way. Take a listen and learn about the most expensive thing you need to find in order to achieve competitive sound (it’s not what you think), why having your sound evaluated by a pro is vital, and why ignoring those nagging computer updates isn’t always such a bad idea.
November 04, 2019
06- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - AJ McKay
In this episode, Mike chats with 30-year veteran VO Talent and Demo Producer AJ McKay. They cover all facets of AJ’s recipe for VO victory from getting dressed for success, to diversifying your skillset, to not putting all your eggs in one basket. Find out why a Commercial Demo might not be the right one to start with (say wha?), his BIGGEST MISTAKE ever, and why a trusted coach is worth their weight in gold. All this and more…with AJ McKay.
October 05, 2019
05- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - Joe Zieja
In this week’s episode, Amanda has an incredible chat with powerhouse VO actor Joe Ziega. From AirForce Lieutenant to VO actor-in-demand (owning major roles in Nintendo’s Fire Emblem, Lego City Adventures and The Incredibles), Joe’s journey is inspirational to say the least. Find out how he “Engineers his Serendipity”, stands into his incredible success, and why he treats his corporate clients like kings. He may seem like an “overnight success” to some, but you may be surprised to discover just how many auditions he has done to date (hint: it’s more than 49,000). He’s living proof that putting in the work pays off.
September 24, 2019
04- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - Brad Ziffer
After first meeting virtually 10 years ago through an online casting site, Mike and Brad Ziffer finally get to have a real conversation, and boy is it chock-block full of insights and revelations! Hear about how Brad got his start, his tips for vocal preservation, how he does upward of 60 (!) auditions a day, why he prefers Commercials over Audiobooks, and a whole bunch of advice for new folks looking to crack in to VO.
July 07, 2019
03- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - Jen Knight
In this episode, Amanda chats with VO dynamo Jen Knight, where they talk about Jen’s stressful previous life in Health Care, how (with a lot of hard work) her VO Income surpassed her “stable job” earnings…and then some! They discuss everything from the importance of coaching, to how to find the best coach for you, how to get your kids rocking the mic…and the value of a Mentor.  Something to listen for: Jen discovers her own mentor during the interview! What?!?
June 20, 2019
02- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - Tara Travis
Theatre school buddies Amanda and Tara reunite 20 (cough cough) years later to talk about Tara’s journey from being a self-producing actor-writer-puppeteer into the wild and wonderful World of VO. Find out how these long time friends REALLY feel about each other. OooOOooo. (Spoiler alert: It’s a mutual admiration society of epic proportions).
June 11, 2019
01- The Voiceover Family Podcast - Interview - Marc Cashman
In Mike’s compelling interview with the great Marc Cashman, producer, writer, casting director, instructor, author, speaker and voice talent (!) extraordinaire, they explore the importance of VO workout groups, slating (when and how), the wonderful world of Audiobook Narration (high demand for VO and how to start auditioning today!), Voice Over vs Voice Acting (there’s a difference?) and so much more. Marc generously doles out fantastic advice to all VO up-and-comers…that reaches established talent, too! Find out what left Mike saying, “You’ve got me fired up!” 
May 30, 2019