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By Gemma Mastroianni
The Soundtrack's in-house podcast hosted by Gemma Mastroianni where all things music and lifestyle are discussed.
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2021 Faves (Lifestyle and Music)


A chat with MØ
Danish singer-songwriter MØ joins me for a conversation about mental health, fashion, and her upcoming album.
January 20, 2022
Instagram I love you, but you're bringing me down
Many creators and musicians have spoken out this week in particular about their frustration with the platform, algorithm, and trends. I reflect on this and my own struggles as a creative. On a lighter note to finish off the episode, I talk about some anticipated albums in 2022.
January 07, 2022
2021 Faves (Lifestyle and Music)
See ya later 2021! I chat my favourite things this year in music, wellness, beauty, food, and more!
December 24, 2021
Timbiebs and Said The Whale
I review all Timbiebs flavours and have a lovely chat with Tyler from Said The Whale! We chat their new album Dandelion, their collaboration with Landyachtz longboards, tour plans, and Adele asking Spotify to remove the shuffle feature.
December 02, 2021
Bring Me The Horizon BBQ Sauce?
This episode consists of two segments. The first half of this show is inspired by my desire to shift my lifestyle, and I share several new tips that can make a difference in your life and bring some excitement to you. The second half of this episode I discuss some of the WEIRDEST merch items available on the market right now including Bring Me The Horizon BBQ Sauce????
November 25, 2021
Back to Concert Tips / Keys N Krates Interview
It's finally time - we can attend concerts again! I have all the tips for you so that you can get back to shows better than you ever have before. Part two of the episode features a chat with electronic trio Keys N Krates. We chat their new album 'Original Classic', genre bending, being a pet owner during COVID, and their favourite spots in Toronto.
November 18, 2021
Welcome to Crate Digging
A Special Preview: Crate Digging is a brand new podcast from The Soundtrack hosted by Dakota Arsenault, the Music and Creative Associate for the site. This show is all about flipping through peoples record collections. From musicians, to DJ's, to impassioned collectors, we answer questions like what makes a good record store, what is the most you've ever spent on a single record, what are your shopping patterns when in a record store and much more. Each season will be eight episodes long and for season one we have some amazing guests including The Beaches, The Zolas, Junia-T, DJ Waves and more! Visit for more info and make sure you subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. Crate Digging is produced by Dakota Arsenault and Gemma Mastroianni with original music by Jared Burke and graphic design by Stephanie Prior. Thief in the Night by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
June 24, 2021
Death From Above 1979
Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger, Death From Above 1979, join me for a conversation about their brand new LP "Is 4 Lovers." We chat gear, songwriting, promo, and best listening practices.
April 08, 2021
The Antlers
Peter Silberman, the singer of The Antlers, joins Gemma for a discussion about their brand new LP "Green to Gold" and a catch-up. Silberman chats about his hearing loss, songwriting, studio space, gear, and much more.
April 06, 2021
The Districts | One Year of "You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere"
Rob Groute, singer of The Districts, joins Gemma for a chat to reflect on the one-year anniversary of "You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere." They chat production, gear, lyricism, spirituality and religion, and what's next for The Districts.
March 25, 2021
Emma's Jammin joins me for a chat about the #FreeBritney movement and our thoughts on the documentary, Framing Britney. We also chat briefly about our vinyl collections!
March 01, 2021
Teen Daze
Jamison Isaac aka Teen Daze has a chat about his environmental inspirations explored through his music, his brand new EP "Breathing Tides", the gear you need to make music like his, EP's vs Albums, and so much more. Don't miss out on this inspiring and insightful conversation!
February 19, 2021
Most Anticipated Albums of 2021
Creative Associate Dakota Arsenault joins Gemma for a discussion of the best albums of 2020, and also the most anticipated albums for 2021.
January 29, 2021
21 Ways To Make 2021 a Better Year ft. Michelle Treacy
We're ready to make 2021 a better year than 2020. Michelle Treacy joins the podcast for the second time this season. We go over 21 different ways to make this year a better one and discuss a variety of topics regarding music, mental health, skincare, and more in between.
January 22, 2021
Ben Browning | Cut Copy and Solo Work
Solo artist and Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning chats his new single "I Concede", writing process, synths, and how he started playing bass in Cut Copy despite having spent most of his early life playing piano and guitar.
December 18, 2020
Chromeo and Anomalie
Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo (David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel) and Montreal based producer and electronic artist Anomalie (Nicolas Dupuis) have a discussion about their new collab jazz-funk EP "Bend The Rules", their record label Juliet Records, and how to make it in the music industry long-term.
December 16, 2020
Soul Pop with Tafari Anthony
Tafari Anthony talks his brand new EP "The Way You See Me," stepping outside of his comfort zone, networking, and spontaneously recording a music video in London, England.
November 27, 2020
Briston Maroney | "Music is my Language"
Briston Maroney talks about the transition of going independent to signed, his brand new singles, music festivals, and more!
November 19, 2020
How to drop an Indie song with Michelle Treacy
Michelle Treacy joins me to discuss how we worked together to drop her first-ever indie music release, "Time Off From A Letdown." Learn the do's and don'ts, and hear about the bumps and accomplishments we encountered along the way.
November 06, 2020
Polaris Prize 2020 Recap
Gemma is joined by Dakota Arsenault to discuss the 2020 Polaris Music Prize.
October 24, 2020
RALPH TV talk new album and the UK music scene
RALPH TV talk new album and the UK music scene.
May 20, 2020
How has TikTok Changed the Music Scene?
Jayben Favila joins Gemma talking about the origins of TikTok, the algorithm, and how it has changed the music scene.
May 12, 2020
Local Natives talk Violet Street Remixes
Taylor of Local Natives joins me to talk Violet Street Remixes, how the band is getting new quarantine, and new releases coming our way soon (one tune is in collaboration with Sharon Van Etten!)
May 06, 2020
James Blake
James Blake joins us to discuss music in film, how his relationship changed with music after working in radio,  and his wild story of how he got his nickname as "DJ Tigerpants."
April 22, 2020
Danny Mags on Bingpot Trivia, being on Life with Derek, and Ska Music.
Danny Maggs joins us to discuss his career in radio, acting, Life with Derek, and Bingpot Trivia. We also discuss ska music and crowd surfing.
April 14, 2020
Kyle Duke + The NYC Music Scene
Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer Kyle Duke is a rising artist in the indie rock scene. Since moving to New York in 2015, Duke has been hard at work spreading his own lo-fi brand of psychedelic, guitar-driven rock to new audiences. We chat about the NYC music scene, music lessons (are they worth it?), Netflix, and more.
April 07, 2020
Modular Synths & More with Sonja
Sonja, also known as Sofie Mikhaylova, is a DJ, electronic synth artist, music writer and editor, workshop organizer and facilitator, and creator of independent record label Biblioteka Records. We chat about modular synths, running workshops, the Toronto EDM scene and more.
March 31, 2020
Q&A with Gemma + Wellness Tips from Catherines Cabinet
Wavy host Gemma answers questions that the audience asked. During the second portion of the episode, Catherine Sugrue (catherinescabinet) who is a certified Holistic Nutritionist offers some wellness tips on how to stay healthy both mentally and physically during isolation. Catherine has also been featured/appeared in a number of online and in-person events – including the Harbourfront Hot & Spicy Food Festival, The National Women’s Show, The National Post, Live Daytime TV segments in Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, and Ottawa, as well as numerous workshops. Some of her previous roles include: Chief Operations Officer for, a leading international lifestyle blog with contributors around the globe, Veeva Happiness Ambassador, Community Manager and Practitioner for Sexy Food Therapy and Nutritional Consultant for several businesses within the health and wellness industry.
March 24, 2020
DJ Waves
DJ Waves joins us to tell us about her journey as a DJ, how to get gigs, and how coronavirus will affect the music scene.
March 17, 2020
Angsty Albums, Pit Etiquette, COVID19, and Ticketmaster BS
James Dallimore joins us to talk about nostalgic and angsty albums, mosh-pit etiquette, coronavirus and how it is affecting the music scene, ticketmaster and more.
March 10, 2020
Absorbing The Slow Rush
The new Tame Impala album is.... a lot. Dakota Arsenault joins us to discuss this new album in depth.
March 03, 2020
Guitar Pedals 101
Jared Burke from Ryley Patrick joins us to go through and sample his 16 guitar pedals on his board. He discusses where, when and why he bought each one, while he plays riffs to show us how each one sounds.
February 25, 2020
Jennifer Simpson
Jen Advises You (formerly Jen Declines You) joins us to discuss her obsession with the early 2000s, meeting Jessica Simpson, Aaron Carter, MTV reality shows, and her former country singing career.
February 18, 2020
California Dreaming feat. Harmless
Harmless discusses his new EP and the tragic accident that inspired it, the LA music scene, and more.
February 11, 2020
From China with Love ft. ZABO
Originally from Niagara Falls, Canada, DJ/Producer ZABO talks about how he found massive fame in China, playing one of the world's biggest EDM festivals alongside DJ Snake, China's music scene, meeting fans, and how he plans to market himself in North America. You don't wanna miss this crazy story!
February 04, 2020
Notes on a Musical Journey from Robyn Bond
Robyn Bond, the drummer from Blankscreen discusses her journey to becoming a musician, experience in the Toronto Music Scene, attending a Cognitive Learning, and more.
January 21, 2020
The Best and Worst Concerts of our Lives
Ryley Chorowiec, singer of Ryley Patrick, joins Gemma Mastroianni in a conversation about the best and worst concerts of their lives. From bad crowds and drunken artists to euphoric and life-changing concert experiences, this episode is one for the books! They also discuss fiscal responsibility when it comes to concert tickets, as well as scalpers.
January 14, 2020
The Tea on Music Marketing
Gemma Mastroianni chats with Andrew Colonico - singer of Revive the Rose. They talk about how to get your band noticed in 2020 through a variety of different networking and digital media tips. Colonico discusses what strategies and tactics have been successful, along with some bumps on the road and what he could have done differently.
January 07, 2020
Top Albums of The Decade
Follow along with Gemma Mastroianni and Dakota Arsenault as they go through their top albums all the way from 2010 to 2019.
December 31, 2019