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The Way Bobby Hears It

The Way Bobby Hears It

By Bobby McMullen
Like everyone, our lives are unique and made up of moments that are both good and bad, that have made us cry and to cheer, moments of success and failure, of fear and strength, but our lives are made up of moments.

These moments have brought experiences, and more importantly people into our lives. When people ask how I overcome and move forward, despite what are a unique combination of life circumstances I blame my parents and the people who surround me.

People all too often look past who they are and identify with what they do. This podcast is about the people in my life and who they are.
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008 - Lindsey Richter - From MTV to MTB. Join Us For An Intimate View Of Her Life's Journey Through Survivor: Africa, Howard Stern & David Letterman Appearances, Mental Health, And Women's Empowerment
Booted off Survivor: Africa (One of the earliest seasons) Sitting in with Howard Stern? David Letterman is a Dick? She co-starred in a music video with Eminem and a porn star? ? From MTV to MTB, please join mountain bike icon, leader within the women's ability and empowerment movement, Lindsey Richter, on the freshest episode of The Way Bobby Hear's It. Experience Lindsey's intimate view of her life's journey, the ups and downs of stardom, successes and failures both on and off the bike, transitioning to an industry leader and being an unstoppable voice in surviving oneself, mental health and empowering women using her love of the bike as her sharpest tool. To learn more about Bobby visit or connect on Instagram Links: Liv-Cycling
September 1, 2020
007 - Dr. Steve Katznelson - A talk with the man who married me: Transplants, Covid 19, parenting, Tequila and a lifelong bond
Sit down with me and Dr. Steve Katznelson as we share a few laughs and talk about health, mental well-being and moving in positive directions during difficult times.  Thank you for listening. Please share and subscribe.  Learn more about my journey at the Ride Blind Racing website Connect with Bobby on social media: Instagram | Linkedin | Facebook | Youtube Thank you to my sponsors: Crankworks   Santa Cruz Bicycles   Kali World   Clif Bar   Lezyne   Crank Brothers   WTB   Giro   OneUp Components   Wyley X   Rotor Cranks   SR Suntour   Tam Bikes   Twenty Two Alchemy
August 11, 2020
Ep. 006 - What Does The Stealth Bomber, F16 Fighters And Cycling Helmets Have In Common? Check out episode #006 with Kali Protectives full time, full throttle leader Brad Waldron to learn the answer.
Grab a cold whatever and join me for a conversation with one of the good guys who happens to be one of the great minds in cycling, BRAD WALDRON. Listen in as we chat about providing the best protection for cyclists and moto-riders, family, jet fighters and riding bikes. Don't miss this as I guarantee you will learn a lot and smile more.  Thank you to my sponsors: Crankworks Santa Cruz Bicycles Kali World Clif Bar Lezyne Crank Brothers WTB Giro OneUp Components Wyley X Rotor Cranks SR Suntour Tam Bikes Twenty Two Alchemy
June 19, 2020
005: Bjorn Enga - Movie Making, Freeriding And Downhilling The Uphills
Downhilling the uphill? Pedal assist on a Santa Cruz V10 downhill bike? Turn up the volume, firm up the suspension and slow the rebound down for my all smiles conversation with filmmaker and long time E bike advocate Bjorn Enga. Producer as well as director of the KRANKED FREERIDE mtb movie series, Bjorn was a key in introducing the innovative and eye popping  sport of freeriding to cyclists and the world in general.  Bjorn is a game changer first playing a key role in showing the world what is possible on a mountain bike and now as an innovator and advocate exploring the full potential of the bicycle worlds most recent technical innovation Pedal assist. Bjorn is a source of endless energy and creativity with his love for life  the kind of contagion we can all use a dose of these days. Visit my website: Ride Blind Racing  Thank you to my sponsors: Crankworks  Santa Cruz Bicycles Kali World Clif Bar  Lezyne Crank Brothers WTB Giro OneUp Components Wyley X Rotor Cranks  SR Suntour  Tam Bikes  Twenty Two Alchemy
May 28, 2020
004: KIRT VOREIS - "Purple Velvet Couches" and "You are gonna choke and I'm gonna DOME IT!"
Welcome back to episode 004 of THE WAY BOBBY HEARS IT! The Way Bobby Hears It is back with a banger of a chat and with a banger of a human being. Listen in as Kirt shares one of the most honest and transparent views of a persons difficult upbringing with nothing but respect for those who raised him despite their own challenges, his life's path, bikes and perspectives which are humorous, insightful and at times Buddha like. Buckle up, its a lengthy conversation but you'll find worth every second you invest whether you ride a bike or not. ENJOY! Connect with Kirt on IG: @kirtvoreis_allride/ Thank you to my sponsors: Crankworks Santa Cruz Bicycles Kali World Clif Bar Lezyne Crank Brothers WTB Giro OneUp Components Wyley X Rotor Cranks SR Suntour Tam Bikes Twenty Two Alchemy
May 1, 2020
Professional Mountain Bike icon, Kyle Strait, was kind enough to spend some time on the phone with me the other day. Have a listen to this episode as Kyle talks about growing up in the sport of Mountain Biking helping shape the sport as a teenager, and his thoughts on the state of Mountain biking today. He shares some incredible insights into the mind of a competitor at the Redbull Rampage, the publics perception of what he and many others do on a bike, as well as how many fishing poles, dogs eating his cowboy hats, and a bit about Strait Acres. I was lucky enough to have him share with me where he is in the sport today and his thoughts on where he sees the bike going. Learn more about Bobby and his mission to build a more inclusive world by visiting his website at Ride Blind Racing Connect with Bobby on social: Click for social pages Connect with Kyle on social: Instagram Connect with Twenty Two Alchemy  Relavent Links: Meaty Paw Bike Grips 2013 Redbull Rampage Championship line video Interbike Freeride Redbull story on Kyle Redbull Crankworks New World Disorder Video Santa Cruz Bicycles Kali World Clif Bar Lezyne Crank Brothers WTB Giro OneUp Components Wyley X Rotor Cranks SR Suntour
February 27, 2020
This episode is between Blind Bobby and his Podcast Producer, Dan Osterman. In this episode, we fell into a discussion about appreciating the decisions we make in our lives and understanding the consequences that come along with the pursuit to be the best. Listen to us dive deep into the challenging topics of Mental Health, Body Image, the Cannabis Industry, and the taboo details of being an Elite Level Athlete. Dan grew up wrestling in the Midwest where he was a 3x Michigan High School State Champion and 4x State Finalist, with a combined record of 198-8. He went on to compete for Michigan State University where he won 93 matches, was a Team Captain and 3x D1 NCAA Championship Qualifier. After graduating he spent a year coaching wrestling at Stanford University before moving to Marin County, CA where he met Bobby. Enjoy this wide ranging conversation between two friends and be sure to share it with someone you think could benefit from listening. We appreciate you! Connect with Dan Osterman | Twenty Two Alchemy | Modern Day Mavericks | Linkedin |Instagram Visit Ride Blind Racing to learn more about Bobby and the work that he is doing to help make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.  Relevant Links: MSU Wrestling Interview Dan's Wrestling Matches Nice Guys Delivery Thank you to my sponsors: Crankworks Santa Cruz Bicycles Kali World Clif Bar Lezyne Crank Brothers WTB Giro OneUp Components Wyley X Rotor Cranks SR Suntour Tam Bikes
February 20, 2020
001 - Rob Roskopp - Halfpipes to Dirt
Welcome to the launch of Ride Blind Racing's 'The Way Bobby Hears It.'  Sit down with Bobby McMullen from Ride Blind Racing and Rob Roskopp who is a friend, mentor, former pro-skater turned Mountain Bike innovator. Catch this personal conversation between two long-time friends about life, relationships, family, the evolution of Santa Cruz Bikes, the driving force behind it, and what Rob is up to today.  I want to thank everyone for listening as well as those who have supported me, especially my wife Heidi and my beautiful daughter Ella, my incredible friends, along with the companies and special people who have long been in my corner.   Thank you to my supporters: Santa Cruz Bicycles Kali Protectives  Clif Lezyne WTB CrankBrothers Giro Wiley X One Up Components  Rotor Cranks Magura Tam Bikes Twenty Two Alchemy Connect with Bobby at Ride Blind Racing Online: Website Instagram  Facebook Linkedin Medium Pinterest 
January 15, 2020