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By thewebmachines
a webmachines podcast
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Education for visual developers


Tough times never last, but tough people do.
In this episode, I talk to Sergio Villasenor, founder of Dola about failure, positivity, and empowering culture via eCommerce
March 29, 2021
the nocode agency game is easy
Today I talk with Jesus from about getting in the nocode agency game, niches, and why you should say NO a lot even though is really hard.
March 22, 2021
nocode tools are possibilities
In this episode, I talk to Paul from the Thunkable team about education, and how no-code platforms are possibilities to empower users to create their own solutions
March 15, 2021
open source no code tools - featuring Tom from
What if you could make changes  or add functionality to your favorite nocode tool? with open source nocode tools, you can do just that! In this episode I had a great convo with Tom Nielsen, Founder of the nocode web app platform We discussed everything from the state of open source tools to the Haskell programming language and even why everybody has such a brittle Ego.
October 22, 2020
Education for visual developers
In this episode I explore with Goncalo from the way they are building the future of visual development education, what are limits, and great advice to people looking to make a career switch! LINKS
June 05, 2020
Design Thinking for #nocode
In this episode I have a great convo / brain storming session with Michael Novotny, founder of on everything from design thinking, design sprint and tools like Bravo Studio & webflow creating content, what is web machines is all about, closed vs open communities, bootstrap vs VC $$$, boring industries, shout out our favorite twitter viking and even why we should be bringing theater people into nocode hackathons! LINKS
May 26, 2020
Culture, Technology and nocode featuring Raymmar Tirado
Raymmar Tirado takes me into the rabbit hole of culture, technology and nocode. we also talk about the evolution of the internet and the place of nocode in it and go all the way back to the American revolution LINKS
May 20, 2020
Websites are obsolete
on this episode, I go with Sako (@SarkisBuniatyan ) over what is the present of #nocode, what is the future, and why baba ganush is not real. LINKS nocode rumble codeless ventures web machines baba ganoush recipe
May 17, 2020