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The Wedding Guru

The Wedding Guru

By Mia Crivaro
This podcast is for Brides and Wedding Vendors. Providing expert knowledge, advice and inspiration on Wedding beauty, style, DIY, planning, and women’s health and wellness. We also will be diving into the business side of weddings and providing support and advice for all you great vendors out there!
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A Fresh Start!
Don’t stress! Plan, prepare, and get organized. Now that things are opening up again, weddings will be happening soon also. Get your mind right and get your business off to a great start !
June 26, 2020
Motivational Monday
This little Podcast snack is to motivate, give you inspiration and drive to achieve your goals and take on the day! This minisode is all about having a positive mindset by creating vision boards  
June 15, 2020
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography is a huge business now. Whether you are a newly engaged couple or a newbie photographer wanting to jump into the wedding biz, the entire process can be a little overwhelming. I have Lauren Adams, owner of Bokeh Love Photography on today to give us the inside look at what that process looks like, both professionally and for the couple. IG: @bokehlovephotography
June 1, 2020
Wedding Vendors and Covid-19
On this episode I am going to answer some big questions that everyone has been asking about how the coronavirus will effect your wedding business and weddings in general . I will also provide some financial and resource guidance to let you know the options that are out there for you and your small business. I have listed below the website links to the sites I had mentioned on the show. I hope that everyone finds comfort in knowing that we are in this together.
May 24, 2020
Wedding Budgets
On this episode, I want to dive in to wedding budgets a little more and offer some great websites and apps that make budgets and planning so much easier.  Here are the links to those mentioned. I really hope they all help!! Thank you all for listening!
May 17, 2020
Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands
Today we are talking to an amazing jewelry designer, Emily Kiefer-Jackson of Emily Kiefer Fine Jewels and we are going to discuss Engagement rings and wedding bands!
May 8, 2020
The beginning Steps of wedding planning made easy!
On this episode I break down an easy way to start planning your wedding without feeling overwhelmed. A few simple steps to help organize your thoughts and get to off to a happy and stress free Beginning!
May 1, 2020
Intro and Welcome!
This is just a small clip I made to introduce myself, and let you know what this podcast is all about! If you are a Bride or Wedding Vendor this podcast is definitely for you!
April 30, 2020