The We in Me

The We in Me

By Erika Reva
Discussing DID- Dissociative Identity Disorder, Navigating life after trauma. No longer surviving but living.

Dissecting and chatting all aspects of Trauma, Recovery and educating on lives complicated by traumatic experiences.

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The M is Silent
Today we're bringing you another We Reads episode. This was a guest post we had written up for Nikki O. at  Stay tuned at the end of episode we'll be chatting some about experiences and suggestions for handling bullying and getting help, as well as, transitions from high school to adult life. Music provided by: Compulsive Ink
January 13, 2019
Melissa Boyle - Geek Magnifique #12
We're thrilled to announce this special episode is for the newly released book, Geek Magnifique, from Melissa Boyle! We came to know Melissa, via Twitter and were thrilled she agreed to come on to share some of her story with all of you and celebrate her new book! If you haven't already go to your amazon app and order yours today!
January 8, 2019
Brittany Simon - BPD vs. DID
Greetings everyone and welcome to the first episode of The We in Me podcast in the New Year! We are very pleased to bring you our first guest of 2019, Brittany Simon. She is a Youtuber, BDSM educator and lives with BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. This episode comes with a trigger warning as some graphic and potentially triggering words are used during our discussion. Please note, that as always we ask our listeners to utilize their best judgement and avoid episodes with TW as they may not be able to handle them. Where to find Brittany: Youtube - Twitter - @BrittanySomeone Music Provided by: Compulsive Ink youtube:
January 6, 2019
Stewart & Nicola CSA Survivors
This episode comes with a trigger warning. Abuse is discussed but we will warn you with a TW during the more descriptive sections of the episode. As many of you probably know we had the pleasure of speaking at an event up in Barrie, Ontario October of this year (2018). While there we met Stewart and Nicola, both CSA survivors, advocates and Gatehouse volunteers. In this episode they share their own individual stories, what they're up to now and some amazing resources. Stewart- Twitter: UnforgivenWarrior, @GotToGetOutOf BlogTalkRadio: Nicola - Twitter: @LivingWithAbuse Blog: The Gatehouse: Resources for crisis outreach: As stated please reach out to your own doctor(s) if needed here are US and Canadian options- - - (US)National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255 Canada Crisis Services: Call 1 (833) 456-4566 Text 45645
December 30, 2018
Leave Me Be
Welcome to another episode of, "The We in Me," Reads! We hope everyone is enjoying these...As of right now we are planing on continuing this into the New Year; if you have any suggestions on written word you think we should read please let us know! We've received a few emails from people requesting a few things as well, so stay tuned for those episodes in the coming months! Wishing everyone safe, consensual, and Happy Holidays, we know how difficult this time of year gets for some. We hear you. We see you. We believe you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!
December 25, 2018
Robert Paul Taylor - Portraying DID in Film
Today's episode is quite an important topic. One that has been discussed a lot within the DID Community, but we are very pleased to be able to bring this discussion to the podcast for you our listeners. Robert Paul Taylor is an actor and a recent work of his was Five Piece movie, written and directed by Matthew Roth. In today's episode Robert discusses with us how he prepared for a role portraying a man living with DID, some of the ups and downs as well as some of his hope for the future. He also shares a bit about the film (no spoilers). We hope you enjoy and again a big thank you to Robert Paul Taylor for joining us on this episode! You can find him on social media: Twitter: @StreetFameBooks Instagram: @StreetFameBooks Don't forget to subscribe so you Never miss an episode! If you're enjoying the show don't forget to rate and review our work on your podcasting platform! Give us 5*'s on Apple podcasts and if you want to continue hearing from The We in Me don't forget to support our podcast via the anchor app. It's as easy as following the "support" prompts on your device and selecting which of the three options. As always if you have questions, comments or would like to be a guest on the show don't hesitate to reach out via Twitter- @TheWeinMe or through our blog See you next week everyone. Music provided by: Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink: One of our favorite's on Adam's page is "Rainy Day Love Song."
December 23, 2018
Karen Unrue - Blue Jellyfish Syndrome #14
Today's episode we're bringing you, author and advocate Karen Unrue! She literally wrote the book on Blue Jellyfish Syndrome. What the hell is that? Well, give a listen to find out. Don't Forget to Subscribe and rate us on Apple Podcasts or whatever platform you enjoy your podcasts on! Please subscribe and check out the new support section. Want to be a guest of the show? Don't hesitate to reach out via twitter: @TheWeinMe or through our blog Our guest this week was the fabulous Karen so go check her out on Twitter and pick up a copy of her book via the link below! See you next week everyone. Twitter: @KarenUnrue Blue Jellyfish Syndrome:
December 16, 2018
The We in Me - Chapter 1 #13
PLEASE READ BELOW FOR THIS EPISODE: This episode is very personal and dear to us... It is also quite an anxiety inducing episode to release. "The trauma after the trauma." As stated in the beginning we explain some about where the name "The We in Me," originated, as well as sharing far more about our life years ago, via the very first chapter of the book one of us has been writing for over 15 years. Yes, it's been that long (longer), but she's very private and self conscious. I am stunned we were allowed to share this with you here on The We in Me Podcast... We do so hope it's enjoyed. This was a time in life where I (Erika) was hardly ever present, constantly dissociating and very "switchy." It was around this time when I was beginning to lean towards giving up on finding help. My parts on the other hand had very different plans... PLEASE NOTE: There is adult content explicit language in this episode because you'll be hearing some from Anger (capital A) and Jynx. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our lives, my life before my diagnosis, and Bob's writing. We find her beyond good at what she does and how she explains us without giving away too much is pretty neat. In some of our own opinions she is one of my most talented parts. Oh and to our Canadian friends, you'll hear a bit about that too. We are Planning something special for the holiday season as we know it's a difficult time of year for so many, so stay tuned if you've been enjoying the "We Read,' episodes! Please send your comments questions and suggestions to Find us on Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Want to help support our work and The We in Me Podcast? You can now support our podcast here on the Anchor app! Don't forget to give us 5*'s and a rating if you're enjoying the show so far. Big thank you again to Adam Noizic for the continued support and use of his music. For those who don't know, Adam has a youtube channel with original songs, like the one you've heard at the end of the episode! Don't forget to check out Compulsive Ink and subscribe to their channel below.
December 9, 2018
Kevin & Co. - DID & LGBTQ+ #11
As many of you know we were up in Ontario, Canada in October of this year (2018). While there we had the opportunity to meet Kevin; he is transgender and also living with DID. In this episode we sat down with him and discussed some of the struggles his system experiences with gender identity and sexuality. Something we get many questions regarding. Our hope is by sharing some of Kevin's journey with you it can assist you in helping yourselves or your friends, family, and patients. NOTE: Poly & BDSM is discussed & mentioned in this episode, as always it is up to you to know you're own limits and what you can handle. Please listen with caution during this episode. Twitter: @Onelilpill As always you can reach out to us with questions, comments, and inquires...please send those messages to us at: Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Did you enjoy today's show? Don't forget to follow us and give us a 5 star rating or the equivalent on whichever platform you're using to enjoy your podcast experience! BONUS: Listen til the very end to hear information on the music you'll be hearing from Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink! Youtube:
December 2, 2018
Beyond The Curtain #10
THIS EPISODE COMES WITH A TRIGGER WARNING The latest episode of "The We in Me Reads." We hope everyone enjoys this episode but please note this Read comes with a Trigger and Explicit content Warning. Trauma is discussed. R*pe. Twitter: @TheWeinMe blog: Contact us: BIG Thank You to Adam Noizic of Compulsive Ink for reaching out and letting us use his music! Check out the link below to listen to more from Adam another member of the DID Community, with some serious musical talent! NOTE: it is safe to listen to this episode at 5:21 to hear a clip of the song Rogue. To listen to more of Adam's music follow the link below. Youtube:
November 25, 2018
Author & Advocate Shirley Davis #9
We were thrilled Shirley agreed to chat some with us about DID on this episode! We also discuss types of parts, legal problems and the issues with certain terminology such as, "perpetrators." Shirley Davis- Twitter: @ShirleyDavis18 Blog: Thanks again to Versus The Awake: The We in Me Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Please send all comments, questions, suggestions, requests etcetera to our blog email. If you are a DID System with singing/song writing talent we want to hear from you! Contact:
November 18, 2018
Terminology & Dissociative Disorders #8
In today's episode I'll be discussing various terms you may come across in the DID community as well as different Dissociative Diagnoses. It's just me today, so we hope you enjoy and bare with my wandering thought processes. As always, please practice self care when listening and know your own limits, if you need a break take one. Thank you to Versus the Awake for allowing us to use their music. "The Truth Is," quickly became one of our favorite songs last year. His voice is so powerful, we hope you are all enjoying the music on our episodes! Youtube: Versus The Awake - Multiplicity & Me: Power to the Plurals: Alternation is a closed Facebook group which means, ONLY members can view what is posted. There is a clear list of rules for participation and safety of all involved. It is not a child alter/part group, but that is left up to system's to decide whether or not under 18's participate. For us, The We in Me, we go based on ourselves not specifically age, BUT young/younger minded system members for us are not allowed to use the internet without the assistance of Jynx or another system member. This is what works for us. #DIDChat Twitter: @HashtagDIDChat For those who enjoyed our "We Reads" episode, don't worry we do have a few more of those planned; the next one is scheduled for the 25th of this month, so stay tuned! Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, suggestions etc...Oh and for our more musical listeners please pay attention to the end of this episode and reach out via our contact email or on twitter. Contact:
November 11, 2018
Taking Responsibility with Erez Shek #7
Oh Shekky, for those of you who follow along with us on social media, it is not likely a surprise we brought on our Shekky from The Shek Check (also here on Anchor). In this episode we discuss the importance of accepting responsibility for your own mental illness and health, as well as, how to balance life and work on bettering yourself and strengthening peoples understanding of you in a variety of relationships. We were thrilled Shek joined us and look forward to having him back again here on The We in Me Podcast. Twitter: @erezshek blog: Anchor: The Shek Check To support our continued work: (Yes, Sean is the name on the account)
November 4, 2018
Happy Halloween - The We Reads #6
Greetings everyone and welcome to a special little episode of The We in Me, Podcast. As many of you know some of my parts, one in particular, enjoys reading aloud to people. She has been doing this for sometime and has done some voice acting work over the years- with the assistance of Jynx. We decided to use the podcast to also help some of my parts. This is something she enjoys as several of you know she started up again in recent years reading stories to littles in a few private DID Groups we're apart of. :) We decided to break up some of our episodes as trauma can be a heavy overwhelming topic with some enjoyable self care episodes. Please note! This episode may not be suitable for children or littles alike, please use discretion when listening. Twitter: @TheWeinMe Blog: Contact: As always, please send questions, comments, concerns and requests to the above listed email. Are you enjoying our show? You can help by sending support to (Yes, the name is Sean) Thank you for all the support from you, our listeners, we greatly appreciate you spreading the word of our work. All the Best and the Happiest of Halloweens to you & yours.
October 31, 2018
Spilling Rice all Over the Cat's Kimono...Wait? #5
Welcome to an episode of, "The We in Me," Reads. We (my parts & I) will be taking posts from our own blog as well as, guest posts and other things we've written but never published and reading to you... This suggestion came months ago from a few friends of ours that enjoyed one of my parts story telling style. We are apart of a few smaller DID groups online and a few artistic communities, and as a part of that there have been opportunities for us to read other peoples work; which we enjoyed doing. One part in particular loves narrating various pieces of written word for people to enjoy; so much so in fact that Jynx and I have begun looking into finding authors who are seeking voice actors for their own work to be published on audible and other audio book platforms. We wanted to share our words with you in our own voice(s). (This Episode comes with EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING) We hope you enjoy these episodes and thank you, again, to those who have been suggesting it to us. We appreciate everyone who listens and continues to support us. Twitter: @TheWeinMe To support our work: NOTE: If you'd like to be a guest on our show or have a topic suggestion Please send all inquiries to us at:
October 28, 2018
Friendship & DID #4
Our long time friend, Jessie agreed to come on for an episode of The We in Me podcast! We're stoked about this because countless people - those living with DID & their friends or relatives - have reached out to us asking for assistance in "coming out," to their friends, family or relatives. Twitter: @DelibObtuse Music thanks to, Versus the Awake - their song, "The Truth is," is one of our new favorites. Check them out on youtube!
October 21, 2018
Travel & DID - Our Canada Trip #3
Last night (October 13th, 2018) we returned home from Barrie, Ontario! It was an amazing three days filled with fun, friendship and some wonderful conversations. Apologies in advance, certain words become stuck in my brain at times and today's word of the day seems to be, "amazing." We hope you enjoy this episode and continue to check this space as well as other platforms for more of "The We in Me," Podcast. Music from Brandon Dillon on youtube.
October 15, 2018
April & The Crew- Functioning as A System #2
A friend, April & the Crew, joined us for today's episode. She discusses her Life with DID & shares insider info on how her system functions. A big thank you to April & her system you can find them on Twitter at @AFR365 We will be flying to Canada tomorrow morning so wanted you to be able to enjoy this episode before we go! You can follow along with April, The Crew & The We in Me by checking out our #LivingDID posts on Twitter!
October 10, 2018
The We in Me - Episode 1
In Episode 1 I'll be discussing a few DID basics, experiences of my own and what we are planning for the future of The We in Me Podcast! Thank you for joining in & supporting us on this journey. A big thanks to Brandon Dillon for allowing us to use his fantastic music! 🖤
October 7, 2018
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