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The Weird Christian Podcast

The Weird Christian Podcast

By Samuel Delgado
This is the show that covers all the weird christian stuff we typically don’t hear about from the pulpit or Sunday school classes. If you’re like me, your curious mind wonders, not only about the weird things we read about in the Bible, but also seeks to find biblical answers to all the weird things we see in world around us. So journey with me as I interview guests who are willing to share what Christ has done in their life and aren’t afraid to get a little weird!
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39. Christopher Yuan - Holy Sexuality

The Weird Christian Podcast

47. Joseph Dumond - Are We In the Final Jubilee?
Joseph Dumond is an author, and bible prophecy speaker. He has done extensive work looking into the sabbath and jubilees. In this episode we discuss his findings including, the final jubilee starting in 1996, the 70th week of Daniel starting in 1996 and possible patterns that could play out in this final jubilee leading up to Christ's second coming that mirror what happened in Noah's day, Lot's day and Joseph's day.  Guest Website:  Amazon Author Page:  Prophecy Chart:  YouTube: Email Host: 
January 21, 2022
46. John Walton - Is Torah God’s Divine Law? (Lost World of the Ancient Near East)
John Walton is an author and Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College. He has a Ph.D. of Hebrew and Cognate Studies from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. In this episode, we discuss his book, The Lost World of the Torah. We talk about what the Torah is and what is not (legislation v. wisdom), the purpose of the law, if the law was a means to salvation, if the law teaches morality, how to view sensitivities like slavery, capital punishment, patriarchy, tattoos, and much more! Guest's Amazon Page: YouTube: Email Host:
January 14, 2022
45. Brian Godawa - Did God Really Harden Pharaoh’s Heart? (Moses: Against the Gods of Egypt)
Brian Godawa is a best selling author, Hollywood screenwriter and filmmaker. In this episode, we discuss his latest installment in the Chronicles of the Watchers Book Series, Moses: Against the Gods of Egypt. We get into all the research that went into writing about Moses and the exodus like how many Israelites were there, where was the Red Sea crossing, Moses’ speech impediment, the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart, the plagues and much more! Guest Website: Previous interview about his testimony and eschatological believes: Brian Godawa - End Time Biblical Prophecy, Partial Preterism, Postmillennialism Brian’s Amazon Author Page: YouTube:
January 07, 2022
44. William Wood - Jesus Encounter & Evangelism
A Global Awakening Associate Evangelist, William Wood is also a graduate of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and founder of the Relentless conference. In 2005 William Wood had a dramatic encounter with God where he was supernaturally delivered from alcohol and drug abuse. Since this encounter he has had a passion for revival and for seeing people step into the fullness of what Christ paid for on the cross. In this episode, William goes into detail about his encounter with God and his miraculous healing, and we talk about evangelism. Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
December 31, 2021
43. Douglas W. Krieger - Tribulation in 2025? (New Jerusalem, Commonwealth Theology, Etc.)
Douglas W. Krieger is the chief editor/publisher of TRIBNET PUBLICATIONS based in Northern California - some 40+ books bear his name as author or co-author.His background includes serving as an elder-pastor in Berkeley, California during the Jesus Movement and is a frequent speaker at prophecy and other theologically-oriented conferences during the past decade. In this episode we discuss his book, Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth: Man’s Days are Numbered. We get into timing of the end, New Jerusalem and it’s measurements, commonwealth theology and much more! Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
December 24, 2021
42. Jeffery D. Johnson - Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice (Critical Theory, Wokeness, Etc)
Jeff is the author of several Christian books, including the Amazon #1 Bestseller, The Church:Why Bother? He is pastor of Grace Bible Church in Conway, Arkansas and also the president of Grace Bible Theological Seminary. Jeff graduated from Central Baptist College in Bible and earned his M. Rel. in Biblical Studies. He earned his Th.D in Systematics from Veritas Theological Seminary. Along with his pastoral and publishing ministry, Jeff is a sought-after conference speaker and contributes regularly to the Reformed Baptist Blog. In this episode we discuss his book, What Every Christian Needs to Know About Social Justice. We get into critical theory, hegemony, gaslighting, wokeness, group think, cancel culture, the global reset and much more! Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
December 17, 2021
41. Jack Deere - Can Christians Be Demon Possessed? (Holy Laughter, Heavenly Rewards, Etc)
Jack Deere, formerly an associate professor of Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, is a writer and lecturer who speaks on friendship with God and on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is the author of the bestselling book, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit. In this episode, we get into several different topics from his book, Why I’m Still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, including demonization, unforgiveness, physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit, spiritual disciplines, godly friendships, heavenly rewards and much more! Guest Amazon page: YouTube: Email Host:
December 10, 2021
40. William Struse - Are There Numerical Patterns to Prophecy? (#13, 70 weeks, Jubilees)
William is a follower of Yeshua, a husband, father, author, and blogger. His writings reflect a life long interest in Biblical history and Bible prophecy. In this episode, we discuss topics from his Prophecies and Patterns book series including Jesus’ lineage in Matthew 1, the number 13, Pi, Daniel’s 70 weeks, jubilee cycles, and the masorteic text compared to the Septuagint. Guest Website: Where History and the Bible Meet Buy Book Series: YouTube: Email Host:
December 03, 2021
39. Christopher Yuan - Holy Sexuality
Dr. Christopher Yuan taught the Bible at Moody Bible Institute for over ten years and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached five continents. Dr. Yuan’s newest book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story, was named 2020 book of the year for social issues by Outreach Magazine. In this episode he shares his incredible testimony of how he found God in prison after being incarcerated for being a drug supplier. We talk about holy sexuality, singleness, how to respond to same sex attraction, how to love others with same sec attraction and much more! Guest Website: Christopher Yuan Buy Books Here: YouTube: Email Host:
November 26, 2021
38. Stan Deyo - Is Time Travel Possible?
Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology." He’s written about his experiences having been recruited by the Illuminati in his book, Cosmic Conspiracy. In this book, he has written about time dilation, which was the topic of our conversation in this episode. We talk about what is possible and not when it comes to actual time dilation technology and its applications. We discuss biblical examples of time travel, the tie into the UFO/alien phenomena, multiverse v parallel universes, Mandela effect and much more! Guest Website: Welcome! YouTube: Previous Episode Links: Here is the passage I referenced is 1 Samuel 23: 1-13
November 19, 2021
37. Dinah Dye - Was Noah’s Ark Really Just a Big Boat?
Dinah Dye is an author, TV host (Israel TV Network) and Co-Host to Returning to Eden, discusses the language of the Kingdom of God from a Biblical and ancient Near Eastern perspective. Dye’s latest research revolves around the Temple. She suggests the Temple holds a key for unlocking many of the mysteries in the Bible. In this episode we talk about her latest book of a series of 3, The Temple Revealed in Noah's Ark: From Chaos to Order. We get into the flood story, the Image of God, Leviathan, the King of Tyre, Ezekiel’s temple, Noah’s nakedness, the Olivet discourse and much more! Buy the Book: The Temple Revealed in Noah's Ark: From Chaos to Order - Kindle edition by Dye, Dinah. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
November 12, 2021
36. Joshua Swamidass - Can Evolution and Young Adam & Eve Both be True?
S. Joshua Swamidass (MD, PhD, UC–Irvine) is a scientist, physician, and associate professor of laboratory and genomic medicine at Washington University in Saint Louis, where he uses artificial intelligence to explore science at the intersection of medicine, biology, and chemistry. In this episode we discuss his book, The Genealogical Adam and Eve: The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry. We get into evolution, young earth creationism, people outside of the garden, race, the doctrine of the immortal soul and the fall. Guest Website: Peaceful Science Buy the book: The Genealogical Adam and Eve: The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry - Kindle edition by Swamidass, S. Joshua. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ YouTube: Email Host: 
November 05, 2021
35. David Fiorazo - Cancelling Christianity
David Fiorazo is an author, speaker and radio host with over 30 years in broadcasting and entertainment and over 25 years in ministry. In this episode we discuss his best selling book, Cancelling Christianity. We talk about the election, BLM, COVID-19, christian apathy, separation of church and state and how all of these things impact the church. David Fiorazo shares some practical ways that we can combat this cancel culture that wants to silence God’s people. Guest Website: Email Host:
October 29, 2021
34. Doug Woodward - Are Our Bibles Missing 1500 Years? (Septuagint v Masoretic Chronology)
Doug Woodward is an author, speaker and researcher. In this episode we discuss his book, Rebooting the Bible Pt. 2. His research explores a very probable conspiracy by rabbinic Jews to “cover up” Jesus as the promised messiah. The evidence seems to expose that the genealogies were changed by shortening the timeline by deflating the begetting ages of several of the patriarchs. We discuss who, why, and how and the consequences of such a change. If the Septuagint timeline is authentic, it helps to reconcile the discrepancies between the timeline in the masoretic text and modern science. Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
October 22, 2021
33. W. Kent Smith - Biblical Misconceptions (Fish Tales)
W. Kent Smith is a writer, producer and biblical historian who has writing experience from commercials and documentaries to movie treatments and screenplays. This episode is about his book, Fish Tales (From the Belly of the Whale): Fifty of the Greatest Misconceptions Ever Blamed on the Bible. We get into all sorts of different topics, such as, the tower of Babel, pets going to heaven, Jesus, the carpenter, heaven and hell, the feminine accept of the Godhead, reaping what you sow and living a “good” life in order to get into heaven. Guest Website: YouTube:
October 15, 2021
32. Sam Storms - Spiritual Gifts: Tongues, Prophecy & Healing
Sam storms pastor, author and podcaster. He’s been the lead pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City since 2008, an author of several books on various topics, including spiritual gifts, eschatology and personal devotions, and host to the Exploring Word and Spirit podcast. In this episode we discuss spiritual gifts. Specifically, the gift of tongues, healing and prophecy. Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
October 08, 2021
31. Nicklas Arthur - Agenda 2030, The Papacy, America, The UN, Revelation 13 & The 3rd Temple
Nicklas Arthur is an author, YouTuber and radio broadcaster. He has a daily radio broadcast called Cross the Border, a YouTube channel called Prophecy Reality and has authored several books, including Reformed Prophecy Interpretation, which is the topic of this episode. We discuss the Antichrist, the mark of the beast, the great reset and the 2030 agenda, the whore of Babylon, the third temple, the rapture and much more! Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
October 01, 2021
30. Tracy Eckert - Dreams, Visions & Prophecy
Tracy Eckert is Co-founder and Senior Pastor of Storehouse, an apostolic organization and House of Prayer in Dallas. As a former marketing executive of a successful company, Tracy was radically converted in 1999. She’s now a prophetic voice to Dallas and America. Tracy and her husband, John have a fervent commitment to governmental intercession, justice issues, and the ending of abortion. In this episode she’s shares her testimony and radical conversion. We also talk about baptism of the spirit, dreams and visions, prophecy and much more, including the message behind her upcoming book. Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
September 24, 2021
29. Leonard Ulrich - New World Order, COVID-19 & Big Tech
Leonard Ulrich is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for exposing the new world order. With a background in education and history, he was primed and able to publish his first documentary for free on YouTube which was viewed collectively over 16 million times. In this episode we discuss topics covered in both of his documentaries including political Zionism, Israel, 9/11, COVID-19, and much more!   Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
September 17, 2021
28. Uninvtd - Christian Hip-Hop, 2 Become 1, The Pursuit of Love, Marriage, NBA Basketball
This was a special episode for me with Unintvd being my first recording artist on the show. We talk about his music, marriage, christian hip-hop, basketball, and so much more! YouTube: Guest Website: Email Host: 
September 10, 2021
Book Review - The Final Prophecy of Jesus by Oral E. Collins
Buy book here:
September 09, 2021
27. Heather O’Daniel - False Teachers, End-Times Israel, Mark of the Beast, Transhumanism
Heather O’ Daniel is an author and podcaster with a heart to warn people who are being deceived and led away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. In this episode we discuss topics from her book, The Remnant Believers, including false teachers in the church, end times Israel, the mark of the beast, Transhumanism and much more! Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
September 03, 2021
26. Brian Godawa - End Time Biblical Prophecy, Partial Preterism, Postmillennialism
Brian Godawa is a best selling author, Hollywood screenwriter and filmmaker. He is known for his Chronicles series of novels. His book, End Times Prophecy is the topic of our discussion in this episode. He explains the partial preterist, postmillennial viewpoint, which views most of biblical prophecy having been fulfilled. Topics discussed include the olivet discourse, the millennium, Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy, Israel, the antichrist and much more!   Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host: 
August 27, 2021
25. Carlie Gabbert - Strip Club Ministry, Seeing Women Break Free From Bondage, Abstinence, Modesty
Carlie Gabbert is the director of Cherished, a group of women who are rooted in God, planted in His church, and are passionate about seeing women break free from bondage. They reach out to women currently working in the sex industry, by visiting clubs with a gift which invites them into friendship. Through that friendship they aim to encourage them through prayer, testimony, and the Word of God, in order to help them realize how valuable they are. We talk about the fruit that Carlie has seen through years of ministry, abstinence, modesty, worldly sexuality v biblical sexuality, pole dancing for exercise and much more! Guest Websites: YouTube:
August 20, 2021
24. Carl Gallups - End Times Israel
In 2016 Fox News Business Report called Pastor Carl Gallups one of the top-five most influential evangelical leaders in America. Pastor Carl Gallups has been the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida since 1987. He is an internationally acclaimed Amazon TOP-60 best selling author of numerous books, including, his latest “The Summoning,” which is the topic of our discussion in this episode. We get into his calling into ministry, the incredible timing and relevancy of his last two books, what makes this generation stand out in history as the generation that will see Christ return, the parable of the fig tree and it’s connection to world events happening in our time and much more! Guest Website: YouTube: Host Email:
August 13, 2021
23. Jeff Rhoades - Dimensions, Spirit Realm, Digital Universe, Ghosts & Relativity of Time
Jeff Rhoades is a pastor and former missionary with a PhD in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University. In this episode we discuss many different topics from his book, The Bible, Dimensions & the Spirit Realm, including quantum entanglement, ghosts, digital universe, relativity of time, New Jerusalem (the tesseract?), our doorway to the higher dimension and spiritual warfare. Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
August 06, 2021
22. Ryan Pitterson - Judgement of the Nephilim, The Final Nephilim, Giants, Cain, Poseidon & Nimrod
Ryan Pitterson is a Biblical researcher and writer with an emphasis in ancient Hebrew thought and theology. He received his bachelors degree from the University of Rochester and his junior doctorate from Columbia University Law School. We discuss his book Judgement of the Nephilim and his upcoming sequel to that work, The Final Nephilim in this episode. I personally believe he has put together the best resource to date on the subject of the Nephilim and cannot wait to read the sequel. We not only deep dive into the what happened and how, but more importantly, why it matters for Christians to study this subject. We get into giants, hip-hop and Ryan even shared details, for the first time, about several upcoming projects.    Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
July 30, 2021
21. David Rainer - Discipleship, Church in America, Consumerism Christianity & Introverts
David Rainer is the pastor of discipleship at Concord Baptist Church in Chattanooga TN. He graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as a pastor in South Carolina and as a missionary in Japan. His testimony sheds light on the passion he has for discipleship today. We talk about the state of the church in America, discipleship in the local church and much more! Guest Website: YouTube: Email Host:
July 23, 2021
20. Stan Deyo - Alien Deception, UFOs & the Garden of Eden
Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology." He’s written about his experiences having been recruited by the Illuminati in his book, Cosmic Conspiracy. This best selling classic has been the basis for TV shows and documentaries. It’s been read in over 22 countries around the world and was a part of Ronald Reagan’s and Prince Charles’ personal libraries. He is currently writing his next book on the Garden of Eden and Atlantis and the asteroid that destroyed Atlantis and caused the Biblical Flood. In this episode, we talk about his testimony, UFOs, the alien deception, the Garden of Eden and much more! Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Host Email:
July 16, 2021
19. Doug Hamp - Corrupting the Image 2, Hybrids, Hades & the Mt Hermon Connection, Nephilim, Nimrod
Doug Hamp is pastor, author, and speaker, who earned his M.A. in the Bible and its World from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his PhD in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University. His books, articles and DVDs has led him to minister all around the world and has appeared on national and international TV, radio and internet programs, such as Prophecy in the News and Coast to Coast AM. Our discussion in this episode is around his latest book, Corrupting the Image 2, Hybrids, Hades, and the Mt Hermon Connection. We get into dragon, the beast, and the woman who rides this beast and its connection to ancient Mesopotamia, the nephilim, Nimrod, and so much more! Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email:
July 09, 2021
18. Judd Burton - Are Vampires & Werewolves Real?
Judd Burton is a biblical anthropologist, historian, author and professor with a PhD in Early Christianity and Greco-Roman religions. He is the founder of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology offering classes from Old Testament Survey to Witchcraft in the Bible. In this episode we discuss a popular topic of fiction, but one that is rarely discussed within western Christianity: Vampires and Werewolves.    Guest Websites:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
July 02, 2021
17. Dan Duval - Dimensions, Portals & the Spirit Realm
Daniel Duval is the Executive Director of BRIDE Ministries and is also the Senior Pastor of the BRIDE Ministries Church. He is the author of six books, host of the Discovering Truth with Dan Duval podcast. He speaks both nationally and internationally on a wide variety of subjects but is known for his expertise in the areas of inner-healing and deliverance. We focused this episode on his book, Higher Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions, and the Spirit Realm. We get into dimensions, portals, hollow earth, deliverance, demonic manifestation, generational curses, creation, pre-adamic earth, the garden of eden, the kingdom of God & so much more!   Guest Website:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email:
June 25, 2021
16. Doug Woodward - Mystery Babylon, CERN, Bill Gates, Russia to nuke the U.S.?, Return of Saturn's gods
Doug Woodward is an author, speaker and researcher of biblical prophecy. He has authored 18 books on various different subjects, including Mars, Mystery Babylon, and the Gog/Magog War. Our focus in this interview was on two subjects, America’s connection to Babylon and the next Great War in the Middle East and CERN. We also get into Bill Gates and Doug’s time working for him, the discrepancy between the masoretic and septuagenarian timeline, Russia and their threat to America, Joseph’s creation of the Hebrew alphabet, and Saturn & it’s possible connection to the return of the “gods.”   Guest Website:  Video links (discussed in interview):  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
June 18, 2021
15. David Wilber - Is God A Misogynist?, Women Leadership, Submission, Feminism v Christianity
David Wilber is an author, speaker and apologist. We talk about his book, Is God a Misogynist?, which covers a lot of difficult passages of the Bible involving women that deal with issues like polygamy and adultery, but we focused our discussion in this episode on one chapter in particular, Does the Bible Exclude Women From Ministry? We try to answer that question and more like, what does it mean to be submissive and which is better for women, feminism or Christianity?   Guest Website:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
June 11, 2021
14. Robin Bertram - Does God Still Heal & Speak?
Robin is an author, speaker, and former host of the nationally syndicated TV program, Freedom Today. In this episode we talk about her book, No Regrets and how God healed her of ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, but truly, God began this work of healing in her many years before her diagnosis. God healed her of severe anxiety. God healed her son of Legg Perthes. God gave her a ministry which focused healing and deliverance after calling her away from her career as a Optician to “know Him.” Through all of this, God had prepared her to deal with the deep spiritual war for her very life. Of course, she was able to overcome, through faith in the One who gives life! We talk healing, God’s call for us to love like He loves, and many more miraculous stories.    Guest Website:  YouTube Channel:  Email Host:
June 04, 2021
13. Terry James - Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?, Pre-Trib Rapture, "Michael, Last Days Lightning"
Terry James is an author of over 40 books on Bible prophecy, a speaker and co-owner of the #1 Bible prophecy website on the internet, We discuss how God delivered him from depression after his diagnosis of a degenerative retinal disease, which eventually led to his blindness, the pre-tribulational rapture viewpoint, dispensationalism, do our pets go to heaven, his latest Novel, Michael, Last Days Lightning, nephilim, artificial intelligence, hive mind technology, the great reset and more!   Guest websites:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
May 28, 2021
12. Tracy Yates - Holographic Universe, Bible Code, Pre-Adamic Era, Time Travel, Ghosts
We discuss the possibility of our reality being holographic in nature. Tracy describes modern scientific discoveries like physical matter, essentially being empty at the most minute level. He proposes that our universe is formed by the light of God shining through a large mass of water separating us and God. We end the episode with both visual and audio evidence of this so you’ll definitely want to stick around for that. Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
May 21, 2021
11.1 Jim Barfield Pt. 2 - Daniel's 70th Week, Antichrist, Mystery Babylon, Gog & Magog War
This is a bonus episode. Jim and I discuss, Daniel's 70th Week, Antichrist, Mystery Babylon, Gog & Magog War, the Millennium and more. Plus, Jim broke out the timeline! Guest Website: Copper Scroll Project Book: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
May 17, 2021
11. Jim Barfield - Is the Ark of the Covenant in Qumran?, The Melchizedek Priesthood & the 144,000
Jim is a retired, award-winning arson investigator who has a passion for bible study. His passion led him to study the dead sea scrolls, and eventually the copper scroll, which is essentially a virtual treasure map leading to some of the bible’s most significant artifacts, including the tabernacle and potentially, even the ark of the covenant. Suffice it say, if Jim has discovered the locations of these treasures, it is no exaggeration to say that this will be the greatest archeological discovery in the history of mankind. We talk about the Copper Scroll Project, the Nazirites, the Melchizedek priesthood, the 144,000, 2012, the antichrist, the third temple, Jim recalls an incident that happened when he was 12 years old and had 24 hours of missing time, UFOs and much more! Guest Website:  Copper Scroll Project Book: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
May 14, 2021
10. Scott Mitchell - Bible Mysteries, The Earth Age Before Man, Satan the Dragon, 3 Heavens
Scott Mitchell is a former road musician turned pastor with a love for the scriptures. His podcast, Bible Mysteries, covers all sorts of topics covered in scripture that you will never hear taught in your average Sunday school class. We touch on a few of those mysteries in this episode. We discuss if the bible answers some of the following questions: Was the earth inhabited by angels before mankind?  Was the serpent in garden of Eden really just a garden snake or was he a dragon?  Are there three heavens, and is there a sea of glass separating the second and third? Is hell inside the earth? Listen as we explore answers to these bible mysteries and much more!  Guest Websites:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel:  Email Host:
May 07, 2021
9. Jamie Walden - Fighting ISIS, Fired For Too Much Jesus?, Last Church Age & The Great Apostasy
Jamie Walden grew up in a Christian home, but had a taste for rebellion. Nonetheless, he was headed for a life of security and prestige, but God had other plans. He shares how God led him to defend the Christians being slaughtered by ISIS in 2014 with no plans on ever returning. After God’s miraculous favor, power and sovereignty was displayed there, God did bring Jamie back to the U.S. only to be led to sell everything he had in order to be used for Him. After being fired from missionary work in the Dominican Republic for talking about Jesus too much, he is now commissioned to build up and admonish what he believes to be the Laodicean church (the last church age). We discuss the lateness of the hour, the great apostasy, and much more. Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
April 30, 2021
8. Keith Thibodeaux - Life After “I Love Lucy”
Keith was a child prodigy who began playing the drums at the age of two, and started his career touring at the age of 4 and eventually was cast for the role of “Little Ricky” on the I Love Lucy Show, in part, due to his God given abilities to play the drums. After the show ended and his parents divorced, he began to search for truth and identity in sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. God answered his desperate call for intervention through a vision with Jesus Christ after being slain in the spirit. He has since went on to magnify the Lord and lead others to HIs kingdom through his band, David and the Giants and him and his wife’s dance company, Ballet Magnificat. We talk about his relationship with Lucy, Desi and their children, his conversion experience, pioneering christian rock, forgiving his father, battling with depression, and much more! Guest Websites: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
April 23, 2021
7. KathyGrace Duncan - Can We Choose Our Gender?
KathyGrace Duncan lived as a man for 11 years, but God had other plans for her. She shares her story of what led her to the transgender lifestyle and how God walked with her as He healed her of her relational wounds. She now ministers to others who struggle with homosexuality and transgenderism. We talk about the importance of community, the power of confession, forgiveness and much more.    Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
April 16, 2021
6. Jim Wilhelmsen - Hollow Earth, Hitler, Alien Abductions, & Alien Implants
Jim Wilhelmsen has had a very eclectic life, but has truly become all things for Christ. He is a nerd’s nerd, a science fiction buff, a biker, an ex-Delta Force, a pastor, an author, a counselor, and more. He shares his testimony of how God supernaturally preserved his life after a hit was put out on him, and we cover a several topics from his book, “Beyond Science Fiction” including America and it’s ties to the third reich, hollow earth, Hitler, alien abductions and so much more. Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
April 09, 2021
5. Mickey Robinson - Near Death Experience, Miracle Healing, River of Life, Outer Darkness
Mickey Robinson shares his supernatural experience of slowly dying after being on fire from head to toe in a plane crash, to being miraculously brought back to life after confronting God’s goodness and mercy in the third heaven. He went from being a thrill seeking, professional sky diver to traveling all over the world sharing the good news of the gospel. He shares his testimony, stories from his book, “Supernatural Courage,” and so much more.  Guest Website:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
April 02, 2021
4. Pastor Doug Riggs - Dissociative Identity Disorder, Human/Alien Hybrids, Demonic Possession
Pastor Doug Riggs has a very unique ministry. He counsels individuals who have developed DID - dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) as a result of satanic ritual abuse. He shares his testimony of how God showed him that a true high doesn’t come from a hallucinogenic drug, but from an encounter with the most high God. We talk about his counseling ministry, the ins and outs of DID, the modern day nephilim breeding program, and much more. Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
March 26, 2021
3. Crystal Sorrells - From Pew to Principal (of the Year)
I interview Hamilton County's, Principal of the Year, Crystal Sorrells. She talks about growing up attending both Baptist and Methodist churches and how her family instilled and modeled Christian values to her at a young age. She has always embodied hard work and vision as she worked three jobs to pay out-of-state tuition whenever she decided to not renew her athletic scholarship after discovering that there was more for her in college than basketball. We talk about her families' background in education and despite her pursuit to do something different, a summer of being a teacher's assistant, lit a fire in her to become an educator. Having discovered her destiny, she went on to become the "New Teacher of the Year" in her first year teaching and has had nothing but success since. We talk about her love for kids, principles of good leadership, 2020, memorable students and so much more.  Guest Website:  The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
March 20, 2021
2. Carla Goette - Growing Up In Satanic Cult, Former Witch, Biblical Counseling
I interview fellow church member and biblical counselor, Carla Goette. She shares her story of growing up being heralded as the future high priestess of her families’ satanic cult. She went from making potions as a witch to international missionary. This is an amazing story which displays God’s incredible grace. Carla wonders over the impossibility of her coming from her background to raising a family of children that all know the Lord. Not only did God make a way for her to escape all of that darkness, but He has given her a truly abundant life. Guest Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
March 16, 2021
1. David King - Demons Flee In The Name Of Jesus, Pastoring Through 2020
I had the honor of interviewing my pastor. He gives his testimony. We talk about a demonic visitation that he had and how he used the name of Jesus to overcome it. His story is dramatic and inspirational. We continue to talk about his career and his influences as a pastor. We talk about Concord Baptist Church, the church he pastors and its challenges. We talk 2020, the election cycle, and more.  Concord Baptist Church Website: The Weird Christian Podcast YouTube Channel: Email Host:
March 05, 2021