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The Wellness Gahm

The Wellness Gahm

By The Wellness Gahm
The Wellness Gahm is podcast all about finding our way back to whole body health! From the basics like focusing on bio-individual diets, stress reduction, etc all the way to more specific bio-hacks like red light and grounding, detoxing mold

Let’s talk about accessing your best health!
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Iridology with Nichole Hosein
What can you tell about your health from looking at your eyes?  Nichole teaches us that there's ALOT to learn, including some personality traits, state of the adrenals, whether parasites are a strain on the boy as well as some constitutional characteristics. That's just scratching the surface! Grab a mirror and a flashlight and learn about what your eyes may be telling you! You can find Nichole here. She is also very active on IG as @ThreeSproutsHolistic. Of course we mention King, which you can find here.
May 18, 2022
Airway Health with Catherine Kangas
We've talked about sleep as a vital building block to health, but what if you can't get great sleep because you snore or have sleep apnea? Airway restriction could play a role in this. We've also gone over the importance of stress-reducing practices, getting the body into the calming rest-and-digest phase, but what if you can't because you're always breathing through your mouth (which triggers a fight or flight response)? So many connections with our tongue and breath to our greater big picture health. In this episode I get to talk with Orofacial MyoFunctional Therapist and Airway specialist Catherine Kangas. We discuss the importance of nasal breathing, tongue placement and posture, as well as tongue tie revision. You can find out more about Catherine and her work at and on Instagram at @integrative_myo.
May 11, 2022
1:30 Why Supplement? 2:25 Desiccated Liver Capsules as a super supplement! 3:53 Supplementing to Stimulate body systems 4:48 Supplementing to Support the body 6:28 King Coffee 7:50 Supplementing for Symptoms- Intelligent Allopathy 9:19 Supplement Graveyard 9:30 Dig deeper w/Root Cause- don’t get stuck band-aiding your symptoms 10:15 Self- Treating Root Cause issues 11:05 Stealth Pathogens are great at hiding 12:59 Why Amazon is not a great place to shop for supplements. 14:00 Working w/a practitioner is the best way to have some guidance w/your supplement regiment. 15:00 How I work with my clients 16:00 Closing our DRESS series
May 04, 2022
1:15- Most Doctor visits are stress related illness 1:41- Definition of Stress by Reid Davis FDN 2:43 Practicing Reducing EMOTIONAL Stress 3:20- Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping - 3:45 Breathwork- Breathe with Kimberly 4:30- The Body Keeps the Score- 5:30 Boundaries- 6:09 ACA and family of origin workACA and other 12 Step Recovery Work- 7:14 MBSR Mind Body Spirit Release- (I have also undergone MBSR training and am offering this modality as a service.) 8:15 Reducing PHYSICAL stress 8:30 Poor Posture as repeat injury 9:20 Chiropractics and the affect on your nervous system 11:26 Cranio-sacral work 11;50 Reflexology 12:20 Yoga and tai chi 12:47 King Coffee 14:20 External Stressors on the body like chemicals and pesticides 15:26 Stealth Pathogens 16:08 Cortisol and DHEA ratio 17:30 Toxins in body products, home products, food, etc. and the Think Dirty App to help you with label reading. 19:15 You cannot heal in a stressed out state. 19:30 Make Stress Reduction a Practice *Forgot to also mention in this episode Acupuncture!
April 27, 2022
0:60 Exercise for a healing journey 3:00 Heart Rate Variability, colds, injuries -signs you need to chill. 4:15 consistency may trump intensity 4:40 Walking is the MVP 5:49 Resistance Training 6:37 King Coffee 8:04 Mobility Work 8:28 Fascia Work 8:50 Active Recovery 9:54 tips on finding Trainers w/Functional Movement 10:45 Making Movement Fun- what do you like doing?11:08 Cycle Synching Your Exercise 12:42 Recap: Focus of exercise during
April 21, 2022
Intro 0:45- R is for Rest/Sleep/Recovery 1:43 Glymphatic System- brain’s detox system. 3:06 Sleep Debt- your body keeps the score! 3:38 Circadian Rhythm- implementing morning light helps you sleep better at night! 5:00 Sleep Hygiene- you're not too old for a bedtime routine. 6:20 Waking at 3am? Often this is liver time. 9:14 Caffeine timing 10:21 Exercise timing 10:46- King coffee 12:15- Aim for 7-8 hrs for adults INSIGHT TIMER 14:00- The magic 10-2 window 15:15- Mouth Breathing and Snoring A Great Biologiacal Dentist who teaches about this is Blodgett. WHOOP or Oura Ring 17:37- Mouth-Taping Read “Breathe” by James Nestor To find someone to help evaluate your airways, use 21:37 please reach out with Q’s at
April 15, 2022
Intro  0:44- When I say Diet, I mean Nourishment. 1:47- Organic, Whole Foods Visit for the list of the Dirty Dozen for the list of produce that is the MOST covered in chemicals. Visit for The Clean Fifteen, or produce that is typically OK to eat non-organic. 4:20- Food Sensitivities- is testing necessary? What does it mean? 7:00- Blood Sugar Balancing- why is that important and how can we work on this? 9:58- Reishi highlight for blood sugar balance 10:18 - Macros: Protein/Fat/Carbs 10:39 Metabolic Typing, by Bill Wolcott: 13:33- King Coffee 14:50- Metabolic Eating- How to Heal Your Metabolism by Kate Deering: 16:39- Clean Water- is your water actually clean? 18:05- Distilled Water, is it dead water? 18:39- CT Minerals from CellCore Biosciences and Celtic Sea Salt, LMNT, Redmond Re-lyte. 21:33 Simplification: Make Your meal Plan for the week, Shop for mostly organic, Whole Foods. Buy or make distilled water and add minerals. Keep tabs on your blood sugar. Notice food sensitivities. Mindset around food. 23:30- Wrap up.
April 07, 2022
The Wellness Gahm is podcast all about finding our way back to whole body health! From the basics like focusing on bio-individual diets, stress reduction, etc all the way to more specific bio-hacks like red light and grounding, detoxing mold Let’s talk about accessing your best health! 0:00 Intro 1:00 Stealth Pathogens 2:22 Importance of Order of Operations and Bio-Individuality 3:00 My Story 3:40 Post-Partum Health Descent 6:00 Symptoms as Messengers 7:00 UTI and Kidney Crash 10:00 Long Term Antibiotics 10:50 Introducing Energy Testing 13:00 Timeline for healing 14.25 Germ theory vs Terrain Theory 15:00 Inspiration and School 17:00 Intelligent Design of the Body. 17:40 Basics of food, toxin burden, EMF protection, DRESS 22:00 Wholistically Functional Health 22:30 Plans and Hopes for the Podcast moving forward!
January 26, 2022