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The Word & The Glass Podcast

The Word & The Glass Podcast

By The Word and the Glass Podcast
How do we navigate a society that is becoming more and more at odds with scripture?

The Word and The Glass is a round table discussion that looks at this question and finds answers from the inerrant, infallible, inspired and sole authority of the Bible.

This podcast is a Strasburg Baptist Church ministry that is wholly dedicated to a biblical world view.

Join us each week as we present real world topics through the lens of Doctrine, Theology, and the inerrant Word of God.
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Fair-Weather Christians
Stephen bringin' heat today, y'all! Hebrews 6:9 - Though we speak in this way, yet in your case, beloved, we feel sure of better things—things that belong to salvation Links Here!
October 11, 2021
The Government Does NOT Give Us Our Freedom
I Corinthians 1:18 - For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. What happens when you put 3 uneducated "fools" in a room with mics and the word of God? An honest and open discussion on moral authority... ... and more truth than you'll find anywhere in the media.  Join us for Episode 2 of Season 2 on this week's The Word & The Glass Our Links!
October 04, 2021
Equipped for the Call
Welcome to Season 2! Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. I’m tired, y’all Not tired of fighting the good fight, not tired of confessing the truth… not even tired of being bombarded with the lies and evils that this current culture continues to launch… I’m not tired of the battle… I’m tired of sitting back comfortably and watching it all go by without saying anything. I feel like so many of us (Christians as a whole) are tucking our heads in the sand - clinging to the promises of God while doing it - but, just closing out the world around us, hoping for the day that it’ll all go away, or get better, or return to normal. Join us as we prepare for Season 2 of The Word & The Glass Our Links! 
September 27, 2021
Calling Upon the Sovereign Lord when Confronted with Threats and Opposition
There is a necessity to pray in the life of the church: The church, as a priority, gathers together in the face of threats and adversity and with one accord cries out and prays to God. • AND those prayers are God-centered - rooted in the Omnipotent Sovereignty of God. • AND those prayers are Word-centered - influenced by a word-saturated life. • AND those prayers acknowledge a powerless desperate dependence upon God while praying for new power of change and great workings of God. • AND those prayers are answered by a gracious God who loves to give good gifts to His children. May the Lord grow us steadily into a praying people, trusting His sovereign, good hand to act in our lives, to help us walk by the Spirit, and be bold proclaimers for the sake of Christ or Lord. TW&TG Links!
September 13, 2021
Sharper: Wield the Word or Be Condemned by it
We will either be found justified by the Word, or we will find ourselves condemned before the Word of God. There is NO middle ground. The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword and is the only offensive weapon that we have as believers. Not politics, not social theory, not philosophy... not even apologetics... it is the word of God that wins wars, and we are in a war, Christian.  ...though our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  We are not in physical, earthly war, but in a spiritual war. And we must wield the word of God, lest we be condemned by it. TW&TG Links!
September 06, 2021
Courage and Conviction in the Face of Threatening Opposition
In this powerful message, we learn the true meaning of courage and conviction! You will be encouraged and you will be challenged. This sermon is such a timely message to ALL believers. Do not miss this episode. Share it with everyone you know. I don't even care if you copy it and share it with a million people without us getting a single "listen" or "download".  Those kinds of numbers aren't important here. Getting this message to the faithful is important here! The Word & The Glass Links Benjamin Bricker Music
August 30, 2021
Is Civil Disobedience a Sin?
In this episode of The Word & The Glass, Stephan walks us through the biblical answer to this question. Daniel was faced with hard decisions to obey God or to obey man. Join us this week on From the Pulpit to the Podcast, as we learn what it is to truly follow God. Our Links! Benjamin Bricker Music
August 23, 2021
Responding to Lies
This week we are responding to an article titled "8 Things Christians say that just ain't true". This article is a provocative hit-piece at best... at worst it is full of deception and aimed to lead readers away from God and His word. Normally, I wouldn't give an article like this the time of day, but seeing that these lies are permeating rapidly throughout our culture, I thought it might be a good idea to present it to the table and discuss. The 8 points that we dive into today are: 1. Masturbation is not a divine crime 2. No, Jeremiah doesn't say everyone is "wicked" 3. No, God doesn't hate women 4. No, God is not all-male 5. Women can be "clergy" if they want 6. No, divorces aren't some spiritual crime 7. No, God doesn't hate prostitutes 8. No, God doesn't hate LGBT people Join us as we read from scripture to determine what God truly says about these 8 points Our Links can be found here! Benjamin Bricker Music Ligonier Article
August 16, 2021
Sodom and Gomorrah II - The Word and The Glass - From the Pulpit to the Podcast
You’ll remember from last time that God had appeared to Abraham along with two angels. He then shared his plan to protect His covenant with Abraham… by destroying the morally depraved people in Sodom and Gomorrah.  From there God sent two angels to observe the state of the city first hand. Upon arrival, they met Abraham’s nephew, Lot, and went to his home for the night.  But after they had prepared for bed, a mob, consisting of every man in the city came demanding that they be permitted to ‘lay with’ the angelic beings.  After chastisement from Lot, the crowd was struck with blindness by the angels of the Lord.  And this is where we pick up the story. The Word & The Glass Links Benjamin Bricker Music
August 09, 2021
What is our Hope
The Psalmist asks in Psalm 2: Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.” Join us this week as we discuss hope!  Link to TW&TG Linktree Benjamin Bricker Music
August 02, 2021
Sodom and Gomorrah - The Word & The Glass - From the Pulpit to the Podcast Ep. 2
This week Stephan looks at Genesis 18 and 19. This is a very difficult message to hear and, I'm sure, doubly difficult to speak. Difficult only in the fact that so much of it stands in direct opposition to the current culture. Even so, 1 Corinthians 1:18 tells us: "For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." And Peter exhorts us in 1 Peter 2, saying: "So the honor is for you who believe, but for those who do not believe, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,” and “A stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense.” They stumble because they disobey the word, as they were destined to do." Join us for Episode 2 of The Word and The Glass "From the Pulpit to the Podcast" series. TW&TG Links Benjamin Bricker Music
July 26, 2021
Biblical Manhood: Quit Ye Like Men
“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” - 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 In a day and age when masculinity is considered toxic and effeminacy is a celebrated virtue, how are Christian men supposed to conduct themselves? What are we charged with biblically? How are we to conduct ourselves according to the Bible, especially knowing we struggle not against flesh and blood? It seems to me that if the apostles thought it necessary to tell the church to “be on the alert”, or to “be on guard”, or to be “prepare… for action”, then we mustn’t be complacent. We must consider our calling. We must be men of God. Follow Jesus, regardless of the consequences. I’m thinking of all the calls to be alert, be on guard, hold fast, stand firm. All calls for action. It is no exaggeration to say that “how we conduct ourselves now will have eternal implications.” If WE don’t stand firm, who else will? ...But If we don’t prepare ourselves, how will we be able to stand firm? “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.” - 1 Corinthians 10:12 The Word & The Glass Linktree Benjamin Bricker Music
July 19, 2021
From the Pulpit to the Podcast: Progressive Covenantalism
Stephan brings us a teaching from Genesis on Progressive Covenantalism. God's plan of redemption for His people unfolds throughout the Old Testament, from creation to the old (Abrahamic) Covenant to Christ. God's plan and promises unfold throughout the covenants and are fulfilled in Christ! Join us and be encouraged, edified and challenged as we walk through this study of Progressive Covenantalism! All our links are right here!
July 12, 2021
Sex and the Assault on Our Families
Satan wants our Children Children under the age of 10 now represent 22% of online pornography consumption in the UNDER 18 age bracket. Let that sink in. And this is not late night “skin-i-max” or “playboy”. This is not “softcore”. The #1 site visited by children in this age bracket is Pornhub. Pornhub receives 42 BILLION visits a year and releases its top searches in a “safe for work” report that shows violent, degrading, exploitative and rape scenarios as being the most viewed. This is not a discussion on porn or the sick, demented, purely evil ways that these girls (and boys) are coerced, drugged and forced into these scenes... but the REALITY of what is out there plays a pivotal role in our discussion for today. Join us for this convicting discussion on sex and the assault on our families Check out our links here!
July 12, 2021
Is "Good Enough" Good Enough? ...Who Then Can Be Saved?
Please join us as we look to what the Bible says about the idea of "Good Enough" and then the question: Who then can be saved. This was a heavy time at the table. There were tears, not to mention unrelenting thunderstorms and trains. But, the outcome was a blessing. Praise God! Be encouraged, Christian. God is at work even now. Click here for our Link Tree link!
July 12, 2021
The Southern Baptist Convention 2021
Join us this week for a very special episode of TW&TG as we speak with Stephan and Dwayne about the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention Meeting. This may seem like a boring or "dry" topic compared to previous episodes, and granted it may not be as thought-provoking or exciting as what you've come to expect, BUT that doesn't mean that it is not important. It is very important. This is the public voice of the largest Christian organization. As the MSM put it, "The world is watching". THAT is important. So listen, pray, encourage and be encouraged. Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Click here for all our Links!
July 12, 2021
Applying the Accord
Last week we spoke on the power of truth and tongue. That the tongue is a mighty tool for the ultimate good (life) and a damning force for the ultimate evil (death). Death and life is in the power of the tongue. That truth, though offensive and dangerous, must be heralded. That we are commissioned to do so, even in the face of persecution, even unto death.  We admit that this is not something that we can do on our own, but that it is in the power of the Holy Spirit, by the grace of God that we are able to speak the truth. Paul tells us in Galatians that: For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” We are called to speak. We are called to love. We are called to truth. How do we do this? Join us this week as we discuss how to speak. Click here for everything The Word & The Glass
July 12, 2021
The Power of Truth & Tongue
Words have power. Power enough to cause a great prophet to become undone at the idea that his mouth, his words, his tongue had so offended Almighty God. Matthew 15:18; "But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person." Matthew 12:37; "For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” The tongue is mighty. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." With our tongue we praise God, we pray and petition regularly, we raise up, we encourage, we edify, we teach diligently our children, we cry Abba, Father, we call out the name of the Lord… and with this same tongue we curse God, we profane His name, we slander, we gossip, we lie, we lead our children astray, we hurt those we love… What devastation our tongue can bring about: In anger, in jealousy, in envy, in hurt, in simply not knowing how to tame it? Click here for our Link Tree link!
July 12, 2021
Ecclesiology and Your Children
66% of Christian youth STOP attending church after the age of 18 Might I suggest that this discouraging trend is at least in part to Christian parents neglecting to get our kids engaged in church? Perhaps they’ve been involved in Sunday school, youth groups, and various church programs. Maybe they’ve attended every event offered on Sunday and Wednesday evening. But, have they engaged with the church? I’m talking about the way the Bible depicts Church engagement. Specifically, have been encouraged to become members of the Church they attend? Join us for the discussion! Click here for our Link Tree link
July 12, 2021
Who We Are In Christ
We need to understand what this means… what this grants us: to be heirs… “…we have received, not the spirit of the world, but THE SPIRIT WHICH IS OF GOD; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God” [1 Corinthians 2:12] Join us for our official launch! Click here for all things TW&TG
July 12, 2021
Pandemic Panic & How to Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic Biblically
Well, come out swingin', aye? Stephan and I tested concept and audio here while addressing a VERY important and timely topic. Audio is rough and there are a few mistakes, but it turned out really well for our maiden voyage! Join me (and later Pastor Stephan Albin) as we look at the panic behind the COVID-19 pandemic and how to navigate that as a Christian. ** Correction @ 5:57 March of 2020 NOT 2000 Link to all things TW&TG
July 12, 2021