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The Yogi Caregiver

The Yogi Caregiver

By Gael Chiarella Alba
Reduce the overwhelm! Engage ways to care for yourself as you care for others. Join Yokibics founder Gael Chiarella Alba as she brings deep reassurance that with attention to energy and presence, all crises and challenges can be met with short, sweet practices you'll love to embrace! #lifebalance is at hand.
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Episode 7 - Quick Fix - How Concentration Supports Your Insight
Use the power of concentration to help you discern your next move. Can you focus your way into knowing what's important to get moving on? Are you in something's gotta give mode? Tune in for a reminder why you're not so far off the mark.  
March 08, 2019
Episode 6 - On the Subject of Trust
Join Gael as she shares 3 valuable questions to ask yourself when you wonder if you trust, who to trust, and how to trust yourself.
February 24, 2019
Episode 5 - The Art of Saying No
Saying yes to yourself can mean saying no to something or someone else and that can be really hard.  Busy Caregivers often find this subject more difficult than most. Join host Gael Alba as she guides a simple technique to find your own perspective on the matter of saying "no." 
February 19, 2019
Episode 4 - Finding The Lucky Space
Today we talk about Simple Steps that you can find in your everyday life to increase moments of clarity, movement and breath.  Caring for others can be a full time job. In this episode we highlight 3 stories that reframe finding time for yourself - The Hotel, The Lucky Space, and the Goodness of Water. Closing with a deep breath, we return to our center.   
February 13, 2019
Episode 3 - Is Selfcare Possible When You Give Care?
If you are a busy caregiver, today Gael recognizes that good selfcare can seem almost impossible when you give care. She offers you three pillars of care that you can engage no matter where you are, or how restricted you are in time or space.  The first is the Deep Breath, second an Interior Body Scan and third a Clearing.  Try them out and see if you don't feel better! 
February 06, 2019
Episode 2 - Take A Breath
This opening episode is offered without fuss as a fundamental reminder that your breath is the central expression of balance in your day.  Delivered to you here as a guided practice without much discussion, you can use this short episode over and over again as a support for balance in your day.      
February 05, 2019
Introduction and Welcome to The Yogi Caregiver
I'm your host Gael Chiarella Alba, Yoga Therapist, author and ordinary human who, like all of us, faces the extraordinary while providing care for the world around us. Whether you are a Family Caregiver, teacher/mentor, or your care is for Planet Earth, we'll discuss how you benefit from engaging Simple Steps that align Body, Mind and Spirit to maintain the life balance we all deserve, and keep some joy in the process! Join me. Welcome to The Yogi Caregiver.
February 05, 2019