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242: Say Yes To Everything

An episode of thinkfuture by hellofuture - innovation disruption and the future

By Chris Kalaboukis
All about innovation, startups, and the future - discussing topics which range from technology (AI, IoT, Big Data) to technologies impact on humans (Work, Play, Culture) and the future of everything in any sector - retail, banking, technology, hiring, and more. We are always looking for Innovators like you to interview for our weekly podcast. If you have any stories on innovation, disruption or the future that you would like to share (happy or unfortunate), let us know.
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All about innovation, startups, and the future - discussing topics which range from technology (AI, IoT, Big Data) to technologies impact on humans (Work, Play, Culture) and the future of everything in any sector - retail, banking, technology, hiring, and more. We are always looking for Innovators like you to interview for our weekly podcast. If you have any stories on innovation, disruption or the future that you would like to share (happy or unfortunate), let us know.

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247: How Startups Should Handle IP - Interview with Patent Attorney George Likourezos
All you need to know about IP for your startup or great new idea - detailed interview with George Likourezos of Carter DeLuca
November 11, 2019
246: Master Productivity with Productivity Coach Dr. Todd Snyder
A masterful show with the master of productivity, Dr. Todd Snyder, a psychologist, productivity coach, and decision consultant. We deconstruct what you need to do to be successfully productive.  Books mentioned on the show: The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months  Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life  Integration Marketing: How Small Businesses Become Big Businesses – and Big Businesses Become Empires  Find Dr. Snyder here:
November 4, 2019
245: Anything Is Possible, The Only Question Is When
I’ve said many times before, being a futurist is like being a meteorologist, you are usually right, but at the wrong time. I think it’s futurist’s bane always to be right – but too early.  I feel as humans, we can look at the clues around us, and with some vision, put together a relatively reasonable scenario of where things will go.  We see things like Amazon Go or the Beta Store or Wheelys and think that yes, one day, we will all shop in stores where there are no workers. As we walk into the store, the store will detect who we are, and it will watch us pick up items in the store and put it into our cart, bag or basket, and then automatically charge us for the items as we walk out. We see this happening in a few places, and it’s not hard to predict that it will be more widespread.  Or autonomous cars – we see it happening and being tested in several areas, several states have made changes in their laws to help facilitate the use of autonomous vehicles. We go to conferences like CES and see not only autonomous vehicles, but also autonomous flying cars (which look like a large drone, sized to carry humans), and we here that companies in Dubai and Los Angeles are starting to test them.  We hear about Elon Musk's idea for Hyperloop, a train so fast that it can take us from San Fransisco to LA in an hour, something it takes six hours to drive now. We also hear about great recent strides in AI, powering virtual assistants, computer vision and machine learning, creating human facsimiles who may even be able to think like us one day. The exciting thing is that all of this is totally possible – some of it is also possible today.  It’s not the technology that is holding us back – many of these technologies exist and can be combined to build all of these innovations. So why aren’t they here today?
October 27, 2019
244: Don't Do Your Best!
If you see a need, try to fill that specific need as simply, as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Don’t be afraid to put out something half-assed in your own mind; it might be the exact thing your customers want. Sometimes your best is too much, sometimes spending too much time refining, rewriting and tweaking to make something your best, might be the exact thing which kills it as a product. Next time, just start. Get it out there. Show off your best version to the world.
October 21, 2019
243: Persistence Over Talent
Does persistence always win over talent? Yes, for many reasons, but here are two: 1) if you keep going on anything - writing, dieting, working on your startup, eventually the moment will come when you will luck out and win and 2) persistence is additive - the more you do it, the more you have and the more you want to keep doing it.
October 14, 2019
242: Say Yes To Everything
William Shatner's philosophy is something that he developed from the days when he was a starving actor, desperate for roles. It was, simply put, “Say Yes To Everything.”
October 7, 2019
241: Ageism and Marketing with Lisa LaMagna of Generations Now
A wide-ranging discussion on ageism, marketing, the future. Plus some great start-up ideas and activism thrown in for fun. Links discussed on the show: The Unstoppable Rise of the Zaddys -- in the New York Times Getty Images and AARP Launch the Disrupt Aging Collection Refinery 29: Life Begins At.... Bratt Pitt is Still Searching Generations Now - Lisa LaMagna
September 30, 2019
240: Risk Avoidance is the Opposite of Innovation – Change my Mind.
Innovation IS risk, it requires risk, and without risk, how can you innovate? This company has just given the death knell to internal innovation. If the most critical metric in your employee’s objectives for the year is managing risk, how innovative do you think this company will be?
September 22, 2019
239: Stop Copying Me
Can you innovate by copying?
September 16, 2019
238: Doing Your 2020 Strategic Plan Right
Many organizations are planning for 2020. There's a right way and a wrong way to do it.  Some organizations call this “strategic planning,” however since the plan is only a year out, I’d argue that you might not call it “strategic,” although, in this world of extremely short-term planning, let’s say that planning one year out can be considered strategic. Most companies who are looking at completing these strategic planning exercises look at what they are doing today and extend that out a year. They plan by looking at the extensions of what is going on today.
September 9, 2019
237 Are You Doing Digital Transformation Right?
Is digital transformation simply applying digital technologies to your current processes, products and services? No, it is much more.  Get you free paper on "Doing Digital Transformation Right"
August 19, 2019
236: Overcoming Inventoritis With Tatsuya Nakagawa of Castagra
How one entrepreneur leveraged a 20 plus year old idea for success. Connect with Tatsuya here: Heres the book: Overcoming Inventoritis 
August 5, 2019
235: You Are Selling Your Reality
Everyone has their own reality. This is why its so difficult to get people to agree on anything - everyone experiences their own reality, and its this reality which  is what you should be selling. Your version of reality. 
July 22, 2019
234: Don't Do Your Best!
A wise man once said – if you are not embarrassed by your first version, then you waited too long to launch it.
July 22, 2019
233: Are You Washing The Walls?
Have you ever looked at what you were doing and realized that you were just washing the walls, and not pushing the balls?
July 15, 2019
232: A Convoluted Customer Journey
Do you know your customer journey? Have you mapped it out lately?  Do you make it easy for customers to do business with you? After a time, your processes may have begun to deviate from the ideal customer experience. Are you seeing an increase in customer service calls, lower net promoter scores, and other key indicators that something is amiss in your customer experience? 
July 8, 2019
231: Are You Looking Out Far Enough?
As humans, we’ve been biased to go after short term results over long term results ever since we were primitives wandering the savannah. The ability to plan and think to the future, to save for tomorrow, to think about what is next, is something that only human beings have, along with the ability to think and reason. But like most humans, we are lazy, and only look as far out as we need to.
July 1, 2019
230: Are You Silencing Your Radicals?
In every company, there are troublemakers. These are the radicals, those who don’t toe the party line, they use different processes, they don’t go through channels, they might say or do things that cause some discomfort. Some may describe them as “pains in the ass,” rogue elements which create all manner of disruption, and the company would be better served if they either just went away, or just shut themselves up and fell into place along with everyone else. You all know the type. The question is when you come across this type of person, what do you do? How do you handle this kind of “rogue” individual or team? Do you try to stop them, to turn them into “normal” workers who don’t cause trouble, do you leave them alone, or do you actively work to shut them down and expel those elements from the company?
June 17, 2019
229: Who Is Responsible For Innovation In Your Organization?
Do you know which role in your organization is ultimately responsible for innovation? Some people might guess the CTO or the CEO. If you have a dedicated innovation group, then it might be the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), or the VP or Innovation, or some other senior leader with innovation in their title. But you’d be wrong. Innovation is more than a job title – its a risk-taking, experimental culture. It’s an ethos which looks it as a continuous improvement as well as groundbreaking new ideas. It’s not afraid to move fast and break things, as long as it learns something from breaking those things. It’s not scared of following trails until they either dead-end or lead to the holy grail.
June 10, 2019
228: How Popsockets Are A Great Example of Invention, Design Thinking and Pivoting
The story of Popsockets, founded by a philosophy major (just like me) is an awesome example of invention, design thinking and pivoting.
June 3, 2019
227: Workplace Futurist Marti Konstant on the Future Of Work
A fantastically interesting conversation as we discuss the future of work, culture change, agility, personal branding and much more. Here are the books we referenced. BTW, did you know that Warren Buffet spends 80% of his day reading? I know I'm slacking, are you? Drive, Daniel Pink Startup of You, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari Homo Deus, a Brief History of Tomorrow, Yuval Noah Harari Activate Your Agile Career, Marti Konstant Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans Wisdom@Work, Chip Conley You can reach Marti at 
May 27, 2019
226: Successful Branding with The Brand Doctor Henry Kaminski from Unique
We unpack what it takes to build a successful brand right now - and it's not as hard and you might think. Its an amazing wide ranging interview with Henry Kaminski, Jr. – Founder of Unique Designz. We dig into the best way to have a unique voice among all of the other voices out there, talk about the past, present and future of branding, the ups and down of building a business, and talk about how we are both members of the Jeff Bezos club. 
May 20, 2019
225: Are Your Customer Journeys Optimized?
Your customers are trying to complete a specific task when they contact you - how easy do you make it?
May 13, 2019
224 Is Using AI To Select Candidates Patching A Hole In The Titanic?
Today's episode digs into AI based recruiting and bias. What if we did eliminate bias, but we didn’t think it was, because of the output of the system? Even with a fully transparent AI picking candidates, would we ever get to a fully unbiased system? Maybe, but I think that the only way we could do that is to allow the system to make the decisions and eliminate the human from the process. We all come with inherent biases that we can never eliminate – would it be ironic or not that the only way that we can eliminate bias from the system is if we exclude any humans from the decision-making process?
May 6, 2019
223: Exposing Yourself To New Experiences Drives Innovation
 To innovate – you must absorb many different sources of information – especially in the areas not in the area you are trying to innovate in, let those percolate in your brain, then apply them to your current challenges.  If you don’t fill up your funnel with new materials, (as in new experiences, new learning, new people, new places), then it becomes challenging to solve problems with new solutions.  You need to be a funnel – to capture many different and disparate sources into your head – capture new material so to speak and then allow your brain to use that new material to build new neural connections, which will trigger new ideas and fresh thinking. 
April 22, 2019
222: Demystifying SEO in 2019 with Damon Burton of SEO National
Wondering what SEO even means anymore? We peel back the layers of work needed to get the organic relevancy you've always wanted. In discussion with Damon Burton of SEONational, we cover meta keywords (not a thing anymore), loading speed, mobile friendliness, intuitive structure, relevant content creation, getting quality backlinks, newsjacking, what cadence of blog posting is ideal, length of posts, video, podcasts, and a number of tools to test your site and make it better - gtmetrix, wp fastest cache, wp smush, link assistant and awr cloud. The SEO of 2019 is more closely aligned with content marketing, than anything else, in my view. Listen and decide for yourself.  
April 15, 2019
221 - The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence with Junling Hu from
 We talk about the past and future of AI and all of the elements of it - from computer vision to machine learning to data science. We cover AI taking your job, how virtual assistants work (and don't work), some of the most exciting breakthroughs in AI (many of which have just occurred in the last few years, as we finally have the data and the processing power to make them happen). We wrap up with how to start getting into AI. Her book, The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: What You Must Know about AI  is available on Amazon. 
April 8, 2019
220 - Discovering Microtrends with Rado Kotorov from Trendalyze
We delve into deep data analysis, does it have the answer to every question? A while back I blogged about big data, and the possibility that with enough of it, we'd be able to answer every question. While this was a future vision, we may be there right now. Today, we have a great conversation with Rado Kotorov, a Technology Innovator and Leader and his new startup, Trendalyze. They do time series patterns discovery and analytics for IoT, transactional and event data, which may finally unlock all of the secrets of big data. Imagine a world where we can track the patterns of a heart attack hours before it happens and proactively send medical personnel to your location. Yes. its that cool.
March 31, 2019
219 Innovation and Brilliant Business Ideas with Bob Sager
We chat with Bob Sager, author of 101 Freaking Brilliant Business Ideas: And Ten Ways YOU Can Create Your Own. We range from discussions on innovation and great new business ideas - how to get training to stick, and exercises to make you more creative. 
March 24, 2019
218 Team and Human Development with Coach Mya
Today we feature a great wide-ranging interview with Coach Mya from
March 17, 2019
217 Focus On Improving Human Lives
Are you in it for the money, or are you in it to help people?
March 10, 2019
216 Why Are We So Afraid of Automation?
Automation should take jobs that humans are no longer fit to do, so we can be free to do more human jobs
March 3, 2019
215: Got A Problem? Look At Solutions of the Future Instead of Solutions for Today
Why is Elon Musk so interesting? He solves problems with solutions of the future - we need to invent new things before we can solve them.
February 24, 2019
214 Fake News Vs Fake Innovation
How can you tell if your innovation is real or fake?
February 17, 2019
213 To The Creative Mind There is No Right Or Wrong
Ideas can never be right or wrong - everything is an experiment
February 10, 2019
212 The Unknown Brings Fear
Even if the unknown is better, we still fear it, which is a normal human reaction we need to conquer
February 3, 2019
211 Silence Is A Killer
When it comes to feedback to your inventors, saying nothing is worse than saying no.
January 27, 2019
210: Technology Is Still Not There
Its still too difficult to configure things - we need to figure out a new generation of true plug-and-play
January 20, 2019
209: Too Many Good Ideas? Fund Them All
Your crowdsourced innovation program probably created too many ideas, so why not fund them all?
December 2, 2018
208: Help! Im Just A Puny Human
As we go through life, we experience it. And as we experience it, we make decisions to take on things that we need to do, actions that we need to take. As the world floods over us, we filter and capture an infinitesimally small portion of it, then decide to act on it. Its simply too much.
November 25, 2018
207: Conversational Interfaces Are The Most Human
Why Chatbots Are More Important Than You Think
September 11, 2018
206: Stern Robots
Stern Robots are better than friendly robots if we want humans to just get stuff done - we need our robots to be more proactive
September 2, 2018
205: Take The Afternoon Off For Innovation
Having your brainstorming sessions in the afternoon, will trigger more creative, out-of-the-box thinking.
August 19, 2018
204: The Greatest Enemy of Innovation is Indifference
Why do we ignore inventors who have submitted ideas into our innovation programs, simply because we dont like giving them the bad news that their idea may not be the right fit right now?
August 12, 2018
203: Look Further Out
As we travel that road to the future faster and faster, we need to look up, focus our eyes way down the road, put on our high beams, and look as far forward as we can.
August 5, 2018
202: How Do You Feel About Failure?
Innovation is that at its best, it’s a messy process, very experimental, and like a lot of experiments, there can be many, many failures before you see success
July 22, 2018
201: Design Thinking and More Deep Thoughts With Marine Leroux Of Thompson-Reuters
We dig deep into design thinking, lean, agile, AI, Chatbots and the Future of Work
May 27, 2018
200: I Wanna Know What Innovation Is...
What exactly is innovation, and do you know how to innovate?
May 20, 2018
199: Things Going Great? Time To Innovate.
Now is not the time to relax, but to turn up the volume on your innovation efforts. While you may be doing well today, this is the best time for you to prepare for the disruption that tomorrow will bring.
May 6, 2018
198: The Future Will Be Weird Plus More Greatest Ideas Ever
If everything is changing, and will change, how do you deal with the change? How can you anticipate the changes, prepare for the changes, and be ready to make the leap when the time comes?
April 29, 2018
197: Time To Make Time For Innovation
Which of the companies are more innovative: those who talk about innovation incessantly, but do not provide any mechanism, time, or resources to building innovative products and services, or those who do?
April 22, 2018
196: Are You Walking The Innovation Walk, Or Just Talking The Innovation Talk?
Visionary companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook understand that they cannot rely on their core business forever – they are leveraging these good times to expand into even more market segments, probing for new products and services, and driving innovation
April 15, 2018
195: Curiosity Makes The Human
Chris talks about the lost art of curiosity - why have we let it go and if we really wish to innovate we need to bring it back
April 1, 2018
194: Is Greatest Idea Ever the Greatest Idea Ever? - Interview with Craig Shames
Chris interviews Craig Shames of Greatest Idea Ever, a site where Craig curates the Greatest Ideas Ever - Very cool, mind expanding new ideas.
March 25, 2018
193: When Innovation Is Everyones Job, Then Its No Ones Job
When you say Innovation is everyones job, then you may have just made a huge mistake
March 18, 2018
192: How To Be The Next Elon Musk
Everyone want to be the next Elon Musk, the famous-eccentric-rich-guy-that-I-would-really-like-to-be-like. Here's how.
March 11, 2018
191: To Change, We All Need Help
To change, we need help. We need structure. We need to revise our environment in order to force or trigger ourselves to the behavior that we want.
March 4, 2018
190: What Use Are Humans?
We will still need humans for a long time...
February 25, 2018
189: Lead Generation Secrets and Startup Advice with Jake Jorgovan of Lead Cookie
Today Chris chats with the founder of Lead Cookie, Jake Jorgovan, who grew his business from Zero to $33k MRR productized service in 6 months
February 18, 2018
188: Seeking Out The New
We are born curious, with wide open minds. We are genetically and chemically designed to be open to new experiences from the moment we are born
February 11, 2018
187: Are You A Slave To Your Feed?
If you feel stuck or uncreative, try killing your feed
January 14, 2018
186: How Will You Service Your Future Customers?
How will you prepare for this future hyper mobile, hyper-connected worker and customer? Will you have the infrastructure to be able to support their requirement for just-in-time-and-place delivery of products and services, which will be their expectation?
January 7, 2018
185: You Dont need Cutting Edge Technology To Be Innovative
Many people feel that innovation is not innovation unless it’s some innovative technology
December 17, 2017
184: Whose Fault Is It If You Aren't Innovating?
Why Aren't You Innovating?
August 21, 2017
183: To Innovate, You Need To Keep On Pushing
Inertia might keep the universe expanding on its own, humans need a push
August 18, 2017
182: Diversity and The Google Memo
Groups and Identity Politics Never Help - We Need To Treat Individuals Individually
August 14, 2017
181: Do You Let Your People Go There?
If you dont let your senior leadership take risks, who wil do it?
August 7, 2017
180: The Key To Exceptional Service: Be Human
If you want to provide exceptional service, let your people be human
July 31, 2017
179: Work: All Live, All The Time
Welcome to the 7/24 universe of work
July 24, 2017
178: Time Is The Real Final Frontier
Forget Space: Its time for startup foudners to tackle time
July 21, 2017
177: Defeating a Culture of I Don't Care
How do you get your employees to care? Chris has the answer, and its only one word
July 17, 2017
176: Autonomous Vehicles Cant Get Here Soon Enough
Anyone driving around in todays world probably agrees that machines should probably be driving instead.
July 10, 2017
175: Amazon Buying Whole Foods - Evolutionary, Not Disruptive
The holy grail for anyone who has to ship objects is a combination of online and offline. Now Amazon can do that, right.
June 23, 2017
174: Collaboration Does Not Necessarily Mean Innovation
Through our fixation with collaboration, we cant forget those who innovate on their own.
June 12, 2017
173: Reinvent Yourself Every 5 Years?
HBR suggests that companies need to reinvent themselves every 5 years - agree or disagree?
June 5, 2017
172: Innovate, Rinse, Repeat
In many cases, you wont get the best ideas first time around, if you have had a number of failed innovation programs in the past. You may need to innovate, rinse and repeat.
May 22, 2017
171: What Is Your Innovation Incentive?
You get what you incentivize for: If you incentivize for innovation, you will get it
May 15, 2017
170: Innovation In Your Organization With Alistair Schneider Of Startups Innovation
We dig into different styles of corporate innovation in this show with the founder of Startupsinnovation, Alistair Schneider
May 5, 2017
169: The 4 Quadrants Of Innovation: Where Does The Customer Fit?
Is the customer always right when it comes to innovation? Not necessarily. Plus, some want to be told what they need, and others dont.
May 1, 2017
168: How The Internet Changed Human Principles of Influence
In 1983, Robert Cialdini outlined 6 principles of influence salespeople and marketers use to this day. With the advent of the internet and social media, humans can no longer be influenced in the same way.
April 28, 2017
167: With Innovation and Disruption, Its OK To Be Creepy
If people are uncomfortable in your innovation session, if you hear the words creepy and maybe we shouldnt go there, then maybe you are on to something innovative and disruptive
April 24, 2017
166: Gathering Ideas for Improvement, and Implementing Them, Improves the Perception of Leadership
...and what better way to gather ideas for improvement than to run an internal crowdsourced innovation program?
April 21, 2017
165: Luck and Innovation Require Similar Traits - Why You Could Use A Corporate Philosopher
Could You Use A Corporate Philosopher? And How You Expanding Your Luck Helps You Innovate
April 17, 2017
164: The Future Of Work Is Skilled Manual Labor
How do you create jobs only humans can do? Creative skilled manual labor is the way to go.
April 14, 2017
163: Innovatiing In The Health Care Space with Sean Carney from Loocidity
Today we talk with Sean Carney - both a victor and a victim of the great Innovation Wars - wars we both still fight in.
April 10, 2017
162: Innovating With Data Analytics with Peter Savich
Today we delve deep into data, how data can give you insights you never new, how the human touch is still important, and if massive data can answer every question
April 7, 2017
161: Innovation Requires More Than Innovation Management Software
Some firms just install software, then send out an email. A successful innovation program needs to be more than that.
March 27, 2017
160: Conversations On Conversational Commerce and Interfaces with Gam Dias
In our first interview show, we discuss conversational interfaces and why they are becoming the next hot space
March 24, 2017
159: What Is Your Personal Innovation Quotient?
Learning, Open-Mindedness and Putting Yourself Phyiscally In New Places Adds To Your Innovation Quotient
March 20, 2017
158: Sales Is Broken, But It Can Be Fixed
Automation has touched many areas of business, but sales is the laggard. We aim to change that.
March 17, 2017
157: Sometimes You Have To Break The Prime Directive
Kirk and Picard had to sometimes break the Prime Directive in order to help. You may have to as well.
March 13, 2017
156: Crowdsourcing Hits Mainstream and Announcing hellofuture shifts
Will Wisdom of The Crowd make crowdsourcing cool? Plus Chris discusses hellofuture shifts
March 10, 2017
155: The Great AWS Outage of 2017
The Great AWS Outage of 2017 left me in the dark - in the future it could be much more serious
March 6, 2017
154: SNAP goes IPO and How You Too Can Build The Next SNAP
SNAP may have few revenues, but big audience makes up for it. Plus how to build your own
March 3, 2017
153: In Or Out: Which Is More Innovative and Collaborative?
IBM brings them in, Microsoft sends them out - which is better for innovation and collaboration?
February 27, 2017
152: Introducing the Life Stack - Where Does Your Firm Fit?
In the near future, you will need to determine where your company fits in your customers life stack
February 24, 2017
151: Articulating Clear Purpose Leads Directly to Disruptive Innovation
Articulating purpose is the most important action management can take to foster a culture of disruptive innovation
February 20, 2017
150: Progress Is Never About Technology, Its About People
The technology can do it all, its the people who are holding us back
February 17, 2017
149: VR vs AI: Why AI Is Winning The Next Wave
Investment in AI is growing, while Oculus is shutting down demo stations
February 13, 2017
148: Does Chaos Bring Innovation and Order Bring Productivity?
To be creative and innovative you need a chaotic environment and a diverse team. To be productive, you need the opposite.
February 10, 2017
147: The End Of Employees
When 50% of Google is made up of temps, vendors and contractors, you know something is up
February 6, 2017
146: You Should Have The Right To Remain Silent
What Ever Happened To Not Talking Politics Or Religion? You should have the right to remain silent on your political beliefs if you want to.
February 3, 2017
145: How To Focus Enough To Write A Book
Productiivty Tips Writing a Book
January 30, 2017
144: Be Different
Dont March In Lockstep With Your Competitors - Blaze a New Trail or Leapfrog
January 27, 2017
143: What Makes Corporations Change?
Corporations change in the same way people do - through both positive and negative stimulus (although negative is more effective)
January 23, 2017
142: The Politics Of Innovation
How can the incoming Trump Administration help America be more innovative?
January 20, 2017
141: To Innovate, Must You Break The Law?
Should you break or bend the law to innovate? Maybe internally.
January 16, 2017
140: Let's Talk Chatbots and A Seamless Future
Chatbots Of The Future: Privacy Even More Overrated
January 13, 2017
139: Predictions for 2017: Living and Loving Online
Do we have wall-sized telepresence? More likely VR
January 2, 2017
138: Want More Innovation? Let Your People Play
Looking to innovate? Give your people a chance to play
December 30, 2016
137: 3 Essentials For Unleashing Innovation In Your Organization
Listen to your people, leapfrog your competitors, and everything is on the table
December 19, 2016
136: Don't Be Insane
Doing The Same Things Over and Over and Expecting Different Results? Don't Be That Guy
December 16, 2016
135: Is Digital Blowback Deadly To The Future?
Are we seeing a new blowback against too much digitization of our lives?
December 12, 2016
134: Opportunity: Dealing With Fake News
If fake news is as big a problem as people say it is, it sounds like a billion dollar opportunity
December 9, 2016
133: Seamless Commerce Is Amazon Go
Amazon Go is an example of Seamless Commerce
December 5, 2016
132: Forget Money! Dent The Universe Instead
“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” —Steve Jobs
December 5, 2016
131: How To Fix Horrible Elections Forever
Its 2016. We can be doing a better job of elections, we have the technology
November 7, 2016
130: Face Your Killer
In this time of Disruption, even major corporates need to devise and face their killer
October 10, 2016
129: Why Apple Airpods Are More Innovative Than You Think
Are Apple Airpods Their Version of Google Glass?
September 19, 2016
128: Tech Giants Start Becoming ShouldWes
Tech Giants thinking about ethics? Does that mean they've become ShouldWes
September 16, 2016
127: Time To Rebrand Everything As Disruptive
Forget being innovative! What do tiny homes and bone broth have in common? Disruption! Show Notes:
September 12, 2016
126: How Star Trek Created Our Present and Future
Star Trek is probably the most influential human guide to the future we have ever had. Show Notes:
September 9, 2016
125: We Need Innovation In Housing
Why are rents so expensive in San Francisco? The ShouldWes Have Won. Show Notes:
September 2, 2016
124: How 4am Became The Most Productive Time Of Day
How Is the Middle Of the Night Now Suddenly More Productive? Show Notes:
August 29, 2016
123: Where Does Twitter Need To Go Next
Twitter needs to become the global method of human communications Show Notes:
August 15, 2016
122: Who Is Better For Innovation: Hillary or Trump?
I rate the candidates on innovation: short answer, both are found wanting Show Notes:
August 12, 2016
121: Innovation Mastery: Setting Goals For Your Program: New Products and Services
A new series on Innovation Mastery - we begin by setting goals for your innovation program Show Notes:
June 27, 2016
120: VR Is The Future of Telecommuting
VR has incredible promise as the answer to all of our commute woes. VR is already workplace ready. Show Notes:
June 20, 2016
119: This Podcast Will Not Change Your Life
No Matter How Epic, This Podcast Will Not Change Your Life Show Notes:
June 17, 2016
118: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn Yahoo Sells Patents and Still Some Huge Problems To Be Solved
Just announced: Microsoft buys LinkedIn, who, if you ask me, never really fulfilled their true promise of being a network to conduct business on Show Notes:
June 13, 2016
117: Beginners Mind: The Key To Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive Innovation Often Requires Zen Mind - In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few. Show Notes:
June 6, 2016
116: Has Google Always Been A Fast Follower?
Based on the announcements from the latest Google I/O 2016 conference, Google has cemented their status as a fast follower Show Notes:
May 20, 2016
115: Will Chat Bots Finally Fix The Internet
Will the new wave of chat bots finally make technology serve us instead of the other way around? Show Notes:
May 16, 2016
114: How To Prepare For The New World of Work Where Everything Is Personal
In the disruption of work, we will all need to be generalists to some degree, even roles at large enterprises will require broad skill sets and an entrepreneurial mindset. Show Notes:
May 9, 2016
113: Now Regular People Can Invest in Startups
After 4 years in limbo, the JOBS act will finally allow regular people to invest in startups for equity, opening up a huge new funding source. It's a great day. Show Notes:
May 6, 2016
112: How To Innovate While Bored
Did you know that being bored helps you innovate? Stop consuming and start thinking in those idle moments - who knows what innovative ideas you can come up with. Show Notes:
April 29, 2016
111: How To Cut Through 95% Of Internet Noise: Build the Demand Engine
Chris goes into detail on how 90% of the internet is now content marketing, people blasting sales messages thinly disguised as content on all channels. Its time to disrupt this. Show Notes:
April 25, 2016
110: Defeating Ageism, Sexism and Racism With Rapport, Tolerance and Stereotype Busting
Disrupted shows an older worker trying to fit into startup culture where ageism abounds - how do you defeat this stuff? Tolerance, rapport building and busting out of the stereotype Show Notes:
April 22, 2016
109: Everyone Just Wants Their Own Unicorn
Is your innovation program a failure because it didn't produce a unicorn? Show Notes:
April 15, 2016
108: Are You Ready For The New Chat Bot Revolution?
Forget Mobile. Focus on no interface chat bots instead.
April 11, 2016
107: Will You Be Picking A Virtual Mate Soon?
It wont be long before we will be seeing virtual mates on the market. In fact, people are already getting married to AIs in Japan. Show Notes:
April 8, 2016
106: We Need To Create Jobs For Humans
Most of the sharing economy jobs which are being created are ending up being menial jobs which will eventually be replaced with autonomous cars, drones and algorithms. Show Notes:
April 4, 2016
105: Innovation Is A War Between The DoIts And The ShouldWes
[A tale of two peoples. Show Notes:
April 1, 2016
104: Audience Is More Important Than Almost Anything
Chris goes into detail on how audience is more important that almost anything when you are building a business.
March 28, 2016
103: Disruption Comes From Open Mind
Looking for disruptive innovation? No matter if your company is big or small, young or old, it all comes down to Open Mind. Show Notes
March 25, 2016
102: Timing Is More Important Than Product
In this episode, Chris talks about two ideas and he invented back in 2006 and 2000 respectively, and how those ideas went on to be great startups - today, but not then. Show Notes
March 21, 2016
101: Is Being Offline A Throwback To The Past?
Bars and restaurants and going offline - people are being more meditative and mindful - this is a real trend or just nostalgia?
March 14, 2016
100: 3 Types Of Innovation And How They Affect Your Business
Chris discussed 3 types of innovation and what innovation really means
March 11, 2016
99: 3 Things You Need For A Successful Startup
While the secret to having a successful startup is not really much of a secret - you need passion skill and most importantly demand to succeed.
March 7, 2016
98: Disrupting Education: Doing Away With History and Geography
Australia decides to replace history and geography in elementary school with coding - good to see some real disruption going on in education
March 4, 2016
97: Waste Some Time - One Way We Innovate
Do you look at your day and you are totally booked solid with no time to waste? This may be why you are not innovating. Chris explains why one way to innovate is to purposely waste time
February 29, 2016
96: Stop Planning Now
Looking to prepare for the future? Then maybe instead of planning everything out, maybe focus on being resilient instead.
February 26, 2016
95: Take The Maze Backwards - One Way We Innovate
One of the ways we innovate in our workshops - take the maze backwards.
February 22, 2016
94: How To Beat The Upcoming Recession
How To Beat the Upcoming Recession? This is the absolute perfect time to run an internal, crowdsourced, innovation program.
February 17, 2016
93: Embrace The Future. Dont Fear It.
Will the future be awesome, or will it suck? Chris talks about social media 10 years out, and what the world will be like, and how we might feel about it.
February 10, 2016
92: Your Career In Turmoil? Do A Startup
If you want REAL stability in your work life, you MUST start your own business. Being an entrepreneur returns the control of your life back to YOU.
February 9, 2016
91: Time To Stop Ignoring Micro Innovations
Many people feel that innovation must be a huge, game-changing, life altering event.
February 8, 2016
90: Growth Through Innovation
Worried about the seemingly forhcoming recession of 2016? Now is the time to double-down on your innovation program - now is the time to grow through innovation
January 26, 2016
89: Augmented Vs Virtual Reality - Its A Cycle And Reality Always Wins
Who will win in a war between virtual and augmented reality? Whenever we create virtual things, they are always surpassed by real things. Modifying real things, be it sounds, brains or reality, always wins.
January 13, 2016
88: Are We Moving From Indivduals To A Collective?
In this episode, Chris asks the question - have we lost our individuality to the collective - and if so how will that change the nature of everything that we do when it comes to people? Will all decisions now require the crowd to chime in?
January 11, 2016
87: Is The Era Of Apps Over?
Thinking about building the next app which will take over the world and be the next billion dollar startup? Think again - apps are giving way to smart agents of the seamless world - technology will serve us instead of the other way around
November 30, 2015
86: The Upside Of Upset
Chris discusses how we could have the future of our dreams, if only we would be willing to be upset and embrace change.
November 17, 2015
85: Talentism And The End Of The 9-5 Work Week
In the future of work, having multiple jobs will be a normal things that we will all be doing. We should prepare for the future.
November 10, 2015
84: Its A Great Day: We Can All Now Invest In Startups
Finally - it took 80 years to remove the restriction that only rich people could invest in startups. Two years ago Obama signed the JOBS act and just a few days ago, the SEC finally allowed it to be so. Now anyone can invest in startups.
November 3, 2015
83: In What Gear Are you Innovating
Chris talks about the speed differences in innovating within enterprises and startups
November 2, 2015
82: The Best Interface Is No Interface, And Other Future Thoughts
Chris talks about the future, focusing on interfaces and the seamless world
October 23, 2015
81: Try Honesty: Do You Lie To Your Prospects And Customers
In this day, with millions of both professional and amateur researchers out there on the internet, you cant deceive anyone for long.
October 19, 2015
80: Startup Founders: 5 Tips To Think Poor
Want to make your money stretch as a startup founder? Chris outlines 5 tips
October 16, 2015
79: Introverts: The Next Big Growth Market
We are building a huge new market of introverts - what kind of products and services can we build for them?
October 13, 2015
78: The Future Of Education
Are you a student? Then this episode will hit home - Chris talks about the future of education, and how our current system needs to be disrupted
October 12, 2015
77: An Open Letter To New Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
IMHO, Twitter should go back to its roots and not try to emulate every other social network out there
October 6, 2015
76: Dont Be Afraid To Pivot
if your customer demand is moving away from your original vision, dont be afraid to move that way too.
October 5, 2015
75: Is Interesting A Bad Thing?
If you are told that you have an interesting background, is that a bad thing?
September 29, 2015
74: Do We Really Need Innovation?
Do we really need to innovate? Seems like sometimes, innovation is the first thing to go when times are tough, but thats when you need it the most.
September 28, 2015
73: Being Bigger Doesnt Make You Less Creative
Just because your company grows doesnt mean that you become less innovative. All you need is a really good internal innovation program with clear communications and a path for these ideas to product or patent.
September 25, 2015
72: Its Like 1999 All Over Again
Have we seen this before? People are accepting equity instead of cash for thier services, hoping that they win the startup lottery
September 24, 2015
71: Invention Startup Quirky Goes Bankrupt – Is This The End Of Crowd Innovation?
The invention startups Quirky just filed for bankruptcy, what does that mean for the fate of crwod based innovation.
September 23, 2015
70: Is The World Of Work Getting Better Or Worse?
IWhy are some companies treating thier employees better than others? Its a battle between the future of work and the past of work
September 22, 2015
69: Go Big Or Go Home: Risk Taking Makes The Difference
In order for your startup to succeed or create disruptive innovation you need to take risks, sometimes big ones.
September 21, 2015
68: The Worst Job I Ever Had
Chris talks about the first job he ever had, and while phyiscally demanding, its wasnt the worst job hes ever had
September 18, 2015
67: Time Off Is For Wimps
In the current world of work, work has exploded into LEGO blocks that we fit into life, not the other way around
September 17, 2015
66: Its The Product, Stupid!
Its not very hard to figure out why most startups fail - no one really wanted what they were selling
September 15, 2015
65: Innovating With Acquihires? Dont.
Dont look externally for innovation first - it might end up costing you more than you think
September 14, 2015
64: At Apple, Innovation Has Finally Left The Building (Or Saucer)
Chris goes through Apples 9/9/2015 product announcements step-by-step and its true: innovation has finally left the building. Making something bigger, smaller, or copying Microsoft Surface is not innovation
September 10, 2015
63: Your Grandkids Wont Need To Know How To Drive
In the future, your grandkids will not need to know how to drive - in fact they wont even own cars anymore
September 8, 2015
62: Need 100 Startup Ideas? Check Your Living Room
Looking for a business idea? Combine people helping people with stuff just lying around doing nothing and you might be riding another unicorn
September 3, 2015
61: Success Requires Butt Kicking
Dont let anyone tell you what your definition of success should be, dont just be happy with what you have - strive for more and get someone to kick your butt if you cant do it yourself
September 2, 2015
60: Innovation From Unlikely Places
When you think innovation, do you typically think Silicon Valley, because there are plenty of other interesting hotbeds of innovation out there, like Africa
August 5, 2015
59: Popularity Is Not Relevancy
Just because something is popular, it doesnt mean that its relevant - Chris goes into detail on how the 5 big portals to the internet have choked off relevancy in lieu of popularity
July 30, 2015
58: Happy Windows 10 Day and A Few Words on Gigster
If you ask me, all of this hype over operating systems is overrrated - they should just blend into the background and let you access your apps. And a few words on a new software development service called Gigster
July 29, 2015
57: Are You Innovating With Acquihires Instead Of Internally?
Instead of innovating by buying up interesting companies, maybe you should look internally and see what interesting billion dollar ideas your own employees are cooking up.
July 28, 2015
56: 5 Ways To Build a Billion Dollar Business
Looking to build your own billion dollar business? Chris outlines 5 ways in which billion dollar businesses leverage traits inherit in humanity in order to provide services that appeal to everyone.
July 24, 2015
55: Where Is The Innovation In The Smartphone Space?
If you look at the current state of innovation in the smartphone space, very little new stuff is happening. Where are the folding epaper digital assistants?
July 23, 2015
54: To Be Innovative, Lead Your Employees To Serendipity
How do you foster a culture of innovation via serendipity?
July 22, 2015
53: Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Chris goes into some detail on giving up, and why you shouldnt
July 21, 2015
52: Interfaces Are The New People Faces
Your social network persona is now you
July 20, 2015
51: Applauding Jobs Lost Through Automation
Lost your job due to technology? Great - now you are free to be more human
July 10, 2015
50: Silicon Valley Magic Dust
How Can We Change The World For The Better - Disrupt The Old Ways And Put People First
July 8, 2015
49: Automation Is Awesome
As the ATM made life so much easier, what else can we automate
July 7, 2015
48:Mobile Interfaces Need Context
One of the biggest failiings of mobile devices is that they dont change based on where they are
June 17, 2015
47: Time To Jump Into The Sharing Economy
Stand in your living room and look around: Bet there are at least 100 on-demand sharing economy businesses to start
June 3, 2015
46: Stop Spending Time On Things You Hate
Are you living your dream? If not, now is the time
May 19, 2015
45: Why Im Not Buying An Apple Watch Just Yet
Why Im Not Buying An Apple Watch Just Yet
April 30, 2015
44: Innovation Is A Mindset
Big and Old companies seem to be less innovative than Small and Young ones, but thats just the mindset
April 21, 2015
43: Stop Running For Airplanes
Are you throwing stuff out without any kind of user testing?
April 15, 2015
42: Heaven And Hell Is Other People
Is Hell Other People, as Jean-Paul Sartre famously said? Or are they heaven? Both, actually.
April 2, 2015
41: There Has Never Been A Better Time To Create
Time To Create - the tools out there now make it super easy for anyone to create
March 25, 2015
40: Ageism In Silicon Valley
Ageism is not really much of a deep dark secret in Silicon Valley
March 19, 2015
39: Startup Success Requires Idea, Execution and Timing
Back in 2007, we came up with something like Meerkat, but both the technology and the market werent ready for it yet.
March 18, 2015
38: The Architecture Of The Future
In the future, our homes will be designed around our lives, not the other way around.
March 11, 2015
37: Your Car Is Now A Consumer Electronic
Will we start upgrading our cars as often as we upgrade our smartphones?
March 10, 2015
36: Remove The Human Improve The Experience
Have you noted that when you remove the human, you improve the experience. Where else csn humans be removed in your business in order to improve your customers experience?
March 4, 2015
35: Agile Is Eating The World
Is agile software development eating the world, or is life finally infecting software development, and the "ACTUALLY" contest continues
March 3, 2015
34: Boycotting The Listicle And Apple Gets Into Cars
We should boycott the listicle, I mean have you ever learned anything from a listicle? Also, Apple gets into cars and the "ACTUALLY" contest continues.
February 23, 2015
33: For Valentines: Where Is The Perfect Dating App?
Considering that mating is one of the core things that humans do, Im surprised that no one has invented the perfect dating app yet. Startup founders, time to figure this one out.
February 13, 2015
32: Lets Make Startup Reporting Fair And Balanced
Lets Make Startup Reporting Fair And Balanced
February 12, 2015
31: More Visibility Tips For Your Startup
Stalking the influencers, seeding, virality. Dont be intimidated!
February 10, 2015
30: Startup Success : Visibility First
What is the single most important thing your startup needs? VISIBILITY
February 9, 2015
29: Startup Failures
Why does no one ever talk about failed startups?
February 2, 2015
28: Tech Startups 101, Plus The New Sales Approach
Tech Startups 101, Plus The New Sales Approach
January 27, 2015
27: No Business Card? Seriously?
No Business Card? Seriously?
January 26, 2015
26: Google Glass We Hardly Knew Ya
Google Glass We Hardly Knew Ya
January 19, 2015
25: Droning On About Drones
Droning On About Drones
January 14, 2015
24: Big Brothering Ourselves At CES
Big Brothering Ourselves At CES
January 12, 2015
23: 2015: The Year Of YOLO
2015: The Year Of YOLO
January 5, 2015
22: Facebook Wins The Login Wars
Facebook Wins The Login Wars
December 18, 2014
21: Do You Really Need A Blog?
Do You Really Need A Blog?
December 17, 2014
20: Startup Monday : Save My Domain
Startup Monday : Save My Domain
December 15, 2014
19: The Most Disruptive Innovation Is...
The Most Disruptive Innovation Is...
December 9, 2014
18: The Future Is Magic
The Future Is Magic
December 8, 2014
17: Google Is Your Dad
Google Is Your Dad
October 27, 2014
16: A Seamless World
A Seamless Worldt
October 15, 2014
15: The Uber Effect
The Uber Effect
October 2, 2014
14: The Future Of Work
The Future Of Work
October 1, 2014
13: Is Ello The Future OF The Social Network?
Is Ello The Future OF The Social Network?
September 29, 2014
12: Apple Watch: A Triumph Of Incremental Innovation
Apple Watch: A Triumph Of Incremental Innovation
September 23, 2014
11: Hyperpersonalization Deters Innovation
Hyperpersonalization will keep us in a safe cocoon of content. Pull off the feedbag of content and feed yourself for a change
September 22, 2014
10: Haircuts, Pie And Cupcakes
Does your startup serve a need or a want?
October 30, 2013
9; You Only Really Need One Skill
If you have this one skill, you can do anything
October 23, 2013
8: Planning Vs. Resilience
If life is change, why plan?
October 8, 2013
7: Don't Let The Law Stop You
There were plenty of businesses which were originally illegal - don't let that stop you from exploring them.
October 3, 2013
6: Time To Disrupt Education
Looking for another area to develop some disruptive innovation? Try education, its way past ripe
September 24, 2013
5: A String Of Failed Startups Is Better Than None
Even if your startup is embarrassing, launch it anyway
September 18, 2013
4: Bring Back The Long Tail!
For too long, we’ve neglected it - time to bring it back and connect everyone to everyone
September 10, 2013
3: Cyborgs R Us
If you think about  it - we are already cyborgs, we just need to realize that fact
September 4, 2013
2: Party Like A Rock Star
In the wake of Google’s $258M investment in Uber, I wonder what other kinds of rock star experiences can be brought to market?
August 26, 2013
1: Innovation Is Dangerous
A business without an innovation group or program is like royalty with no heir: it’s the end of the line
August 25, 2013
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