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Thirsty Vibes

Thirsty Vibes

By Thirsty Agency
“Thirsty Vibes” is a round-table podcast hosted by the team at Thirsty Agency. Join us for discussions with our team and guests, as we break down what's “creating fans” in culture, sports, technology, design and marketing.
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Ep. 4 - Let's Get Personal (On Social)

Thirsty Vibes

Ep. 4 - Let's Get Personal (On Social)
On today's episode, we talk about how we became fans of social media, the emergence of new platforms, shifts in our approach to social engagement. We also make predictions about the future of social media and what that means for brands and fans. Featuring: Patrick Anderson, Luis Hernandez, Carlos Oliva, and Alex Tutungi.
October 15, 2019
Ep 3. - Slack Is A Way Of Life
On todays episode, we talk how modern tools and services have completely changed the way they market themselves to users.  Why do some of the most complex web tools feel more like a lifestyle brand than an actual service and do we gravitate to the services we do?  Featuring:  Patrick Anderson Alexander Tutungi Christina Young Joshua Young
September 5, 2019
Ep 2. - The Beautiful Game
On today's episode, we discuss the foundation of everything we do at Thirsty: our love for the beautiful game.  From how we've experienced it as fans, to how that experience has shaped Thirsty's identity and work, soccer is in our blood.  Hear why we think soccer's unique culture of community creation, matters to you. 
August 9, 2019
EP. 1 – We Create Fans
In this first official episode of Thirsty Vibes, the team breaks down what our agency motto "We Create Fans" actually means. We'll share why we believe it, but more importantly, why we think it's critical that everyone we work with does as well. In today's culture, you don't need consumers. You need fans. Featured: Alexander Tutungi Carlos Oliva Christina Young Luis Hernandez
July 15, 2019
EP. 0 – Who We Are
Welcome to "Thirsty Vibes."
June 20, 2019