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Thirsty Digging

Thirsty Digging

By John Wannamaker
Thirsty Digging Podcast. Created by John Wannamaker. This podcast is about living your best life, on purpose. Be intentional. There are only 24 hours in the day for everyone. Use your time wisely because it is worth whatever you put into it. Dig like there is no water except the prize under the sand.
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Mandatory Vaccine! Job requires it. What Next?!
Here is my advice on what to do about mandatory Covid vaccines. What are others ways to make money if you are fired for not getting the vaccine. Thirsty Digging is real life at this point.
August 28, 2021
There's a team waiting for you...
No matter what you are doing, you lead something. Someone looks up to you. There's a team waiting for you. I hope this helps...
July 05, 2021
From a former homeless man to you
Life is full of ups and downs and that's simply living.  No one is up all the time and down doesn't last forever.  There is sunshine and rain, heartache and pain, but in it all we experience, we are still alive for a greater purpose.  Our purpose is not for us, it is for someone else.  What you go through is not for you and it may not even be for your children and family.  Often times, it can be for someone you have yet to meet. There is nothing deep about this podcast, it's simply some truths that will never change.   It's a quick listen and I hope you share it.   Yours truly, John Wannamaker Support the podcast in any way possible.  Share it. Like it.  Give a monthly amount of $.99 or more. You decide.  It helps. Be sure to visit
May 24, 2021
Are you working on your dream?
I'm working on my dream, are you? We all have just 24 hours in a day. Each minute counts and every minute spent doing something frivolous keeps your life on the same track or moving backwards.  Listen to what my days have been like and get the underlying message that you need to be working on your dream. Visit our new online store at #ThirstyDigging, #JohnWannamaker, #ImWorkingOnMyDream
April 25, 2021
Starting a business with NO customers.
In this podcast I'm presenting some answers to a common question.  How do I get customers for my new business?  Well, the answer takes some experience.  It's not just about getting your LLC, or C-Corp, or getting an EIN or business bank account, it's about what to do when you have all that or can't afford all that, and you know you want to get started.   There are tools and strategies that can help you get started and get that first customer, so I give you some tidbits here to help.  Be a grindologist.  Please support our sponsor for this podcast and if this helps you, please send me something to keep it running on CashApp $ThirstyDigging - anything helps.  
April 07, 2021
Who are you? Interview your parents.
Everything you ever need is wrapped up in somebody.  Throughout life, you will learn on your own and at your own time. You'll take a little from here, a little from there and ultimately become who you set yourself out to be, but what did your mom fantasize about as it relates to you? What pitfalls did your parents want you to avoid, what did they think about as you grew from a seed to the baby who was born and now the person you have become? I dare you to interview your parents.  Ask them a questions, such as what were you thinking when you first held me as a baby?  Tell me about it? You'd be surprised at the answer, and you just might learn something that can help you today.   Keep thirsty digging!  Thank you, Ma. Rest in Peace. #ThirstyDigging, #JohnWannamaker #MarilynWannamaker
March 30, 2021
Interview with Dr. Umar Johnson (Vaccine + Covid + Be Prepared)
Thirsty Digging Podcast is pleased to present our newest podcast and our first interview of 2021.  As Covid-19 is still claiming lives and there are a number of vaccines available to certain populations, we spoke to Dr. Umar Johnson about Covid, the vaccine, getting prepared for the next big news and more.  Recorded while I was traveling, the quality is not as good as it should be but it is filled with impactful information.  Listen with an open mind and be prepared to act in some way.  You decide. #ThirstyDigging, #JohnWannamaker, #PanAfrikanism, #DrUmarJohnson, #PopulationControl, #NSSM200, #ResearchMonkey, #EyeOpening, #PublicSchools, #FDMGschool, #Genocide, #Fracticide. - Don't let these hashtags scare you. Become a supporter this podcast here:
March 22, 2021
The Do-Over
This podcast starts off talking about high school and goes into some of the differences between high school of the past and high school today.  I touch on this subject and then open into the state of mind for students and anyone starting over from square one, from scratch, from nothing. Here are 8-steps to help you get back on track and pursue our dreams and plans.  You can start over.  You can get a do-over but you need a plan that you believe in.  This podcast will help you develop your plan. #ThirstyDigging, #JohnWannamaker
March 11, 2021
As Covid-19 Ends, Where Should You Be?
The world is so much closer now that we have so much technology.  Zoom, AnyMeeting, RingCentral, Facebook, Duo and more, information travels at the speed of light, so what should you be doing as Covid-19 comes to an end?  Listen to this short podcast, and we'll get into it. #JohnWannamaker  #CovidResponse  #PlanningWorks  #MakingAMillionaire  dTtN9dmUWuHzk6hHjeZQ
March 04, 2021
Nothing is too expensive. Only you are choosing you....
In this new episode of Thirsty Digging after 2 years of silence, I'm not digging for answers to any problem, I'm digging into your train of thought and how you see the future. This won't be a waste of your life if you listen in. I think it just might help you.
March 01, 2021
Stop Waiting. You'll Never Be Ready
I'm not telling anyone what I'm doing. I'm making moves and you should too.
March 23, 2019
Message for Christian Believers
A rant for Christians from my car. The Celebration of the Christian Experience. Being a parishioner and more.
October 27, 2018
One Year from Now.
One year from now, where will you be? What will you have achieved? Are you shooting too low?
September 26, 2018
Thirsty Digging.
What is a dry area in your life? Career, love, friendships, living more, academics, or expectancy? This is thirsty digging explained
September 05, 2018
How to Have a Great Morning!
We all should have a great morning which brings on a great day. You can have a blank slate everyday to make the day what you need it to be.
August 24, 2018
How to Write Your Own Book
I wrote a short book over the weekend and I want to talk about how I did it. You can do it too.
June 18, 2018
Empowerment Today
Why do you need to find what empowers you? Your life depends on it.
May 02, 2018
Looking Forward
How do you get over your problems of today? Take a listen.
April 22, 2018
Follow Your Passion Today
In this podcast I give you 4 steps to grab your passion and follow it. Dead end jobs. Managers bragging about how little they pay you? You should follow your passion, because only you can do it.
April 03, 2018
Happy Easter aka Resurrection Sunday 2018
It's Sunday and I wanted to leave you all a message for Easter and the coming Monday morning.
April 01, 2018
Hey Donald Trump! I know you.
Today I lost Twitter followers because I responded to a tweet by Donald Trump. I had to respond and I talk about Stephon Clark and more...
April 01, 2018
John Wannamaker is Podcasting
Finally, John Wannamaker a U.S. Congressional candidate in 2017-18, author, Deacon, motivational speaker and Life Coach is here. Hear his plan for the podcast universe and much more.
March 30, 2018