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Making a difference in Tokyo - the Knights in White Lycra

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By Rohan Gillett
Welcome to This is Tokyo, a friendly program, on which we talk to interesting people to get useful info, some good stories and maybe even learn something new about this amazing city.
More places to listen

More places to listen

Take a road trip in Japan with Road Trip Japan
For most people in Japan, a holiday includes planes and lots of trains along with a lot of hotels, ryokans and maybe even some AirBnBS. But now, there is a chance to take another holiday, one of complete freedom to go where ever and whenever you want with one of their camper vans. In this episode, Yuka Kambara talks about her company and one of her vehicles. I think for many people a road trip in Japan would be a great experience. You can find Road Trip Japan's Facebook page here ---> And their Instagram page here --->
August 20, 2018
Renting Bicycles in Tokyo - from Alohaloco Studio
Kensuke and Mayumi Shikano run Alohaloco Studio, a bicycle shop in Tokyo's Kiyosumi area. They sell bikes, but I think most people who come to the city will probably be more interested in renting from them as they cost only ¥500 per day and they are incredibly beautiful bikes! Hear Mayumi talk in this episode about her shop. Alohaloco Studio on Facebook ---> Alohaloco Studio on Twitter --->
June 9, 2018
Renting in Tokyo: Tips from a Real Estate Agent
Renting an accommodation in Tokyo can be tricky for newcomers as there are quite a few pitfalls. The best way to avoid those pitfalls are to get some solid advice from people who really know the business. One of the people who do know is Cyrielle Ugnon who hails from France. She works in Tokyo at a real estate agency and she in this episode of This is Tokyo she tells us all we need to know! You can see her online websites here: Tokyo ----> Japan ---> Japan Roomfinder (on Facebook) -->
June 2, 2018
Tips from a Tokyo foodie: An interview with Josh Fields
Josh Fields has been living in Tokyo a very long time and knows all there is to know about the best foods and where to eat them in Tokyo. In this episode I talk to him about his thoughts and experiences as a foodie. And as a bonus he help you out with a Tokyo gourmet food adventure! Check out Arigato Japan Food Tours here --->
May 26, 2018
Making a difference in Tokyo - the Knights in White Lycra
The Knights in White Lycra started with a small bunch of British guys in a Tokyo pub looking for a way to get fit. They bought some bicycles and thought it would be a good idea to start helping out people along their journey. Now they have members from many different countries who are determined to make a difference by raising money for those in need. This is their story. You can see KIWL's Facebook page here ---> KIWL's website ---> Mirai no Mori ---> Esperanza --->
May 19, 2018
A German in Tokyo: his thoughts and experiences
Andreas Präg is from Bavaria, Germany but he has a love affair with all things Japanese, and of course with Tokyo. He is also a keen photographer. In this interview he talks with me about Tokyo and the things he photographs here. You can see his website here --> Andreas on Facebook --> And on Instagram --> @andreas_praeg
May 12, 2018
Private tour guides - the best way to see Tokyo
Eriko Shiratori is a professional tour guide in Tokyo. In this interview we talk about why she became took up guiding as a profession and her thoughts on the city. You can see her website, "Tailor Made Tours", here --> Her Instagram account can be seen here -->
May 5, 2018
Bicycling in Tokyo - CITTEC Cafe Galibier is one of the best places for it
Jos Paques is the owner of CITTEC Cafe Galibier in Tokyo, place for serious cyclists. In this interview he talks about how he helps cyclists in the city get to their best and his active community. You can see the Facebook for CITTEC here ---> CITTEC's Instagram account can be seen here --->
April 28, 2018
Interview with French Photographer Jonathan Clement
I met Jonathan in the autumn of 2017 at Rikugien, an Edo-period park in Tokyo. While we talked I found out he was a amateur photographer who had come to Tokyo with the specific task of photographing the city. In this interview we find out more about him. You can also get in contact with on Facebook ( and Instagram (@anticsvision).
April 21, 2018
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