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This F***ing Guy!

This F***ing Guy!

By Ren Martinez & Ginger Golub
A podcast about self-care, because sometimes self-care is screaming into the void. Here we'll use expletives and alcohol to process the creeps, jerks, and weasels that compose the s***ty elevator music of our lives.
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56 Things Laura Loomer Doesn't Understand | Laura Loomer

This F***ing Guy!

A Boner in Khakis | Dan Quayle
On this episode, Ginger talks about Dan Quayle, the most boring man that is still alive, even if he was vice president at one point. Between blaming the L.A. riots on a television show and his many uses of prepositions, we will explore how Dan Quayle is sometimes technically correct, George H. gave him a puppy to teach him about responsibility, and him becoming the hero we didn't know we needed. Featuring the Hard Rock of states, the university of Peepaw, and the reveal of the TFNG motto. Citations at
October 15, 2021
56 Things Laura Loomer Doesn't Understand | Laura Loomer
On this episode, Ren unveils another right-wing provocateur who decries censorship while being able to publish a book. Laura Loomer is many things and she is not good at any of them. From political punkings, to fake documentaries, to being banned from multiple internet platforms, including Teespring somehow, Laura has made quite the name for herself as a #ProudIslamophobe and "The Most Banned Woman on the Internet." Featuring embarrassing stories about Ginger's mom, what kind of dogs are LoTR characters, and how Ren's husband personally ruined Halloween. In memory of Karen, a good pupper who would like to speak to your manager. Citations at
October 1, 2021
Three Different Law & Order Episodes | Bernie Goetz
On this episode, Ginger dips into true crime, where racism and murder fantasy meet! Bernie Goetz, an average white dude who looks like a bad Jeffrey Dahmer spin-off, was dubbed the Subway Vigilante for gunning down four teenage black boys and running away to New Hampshire for awhile. You know, like innocent people do. The fact that we got the Joker movie out of this is somehow not the worst part. Featuring the great soup and sandwich debate, New York City's knife economy, and Ren struggling with Billy Joel lyrics. Citations at
September 10, 2021
A Sh*t Layer Cake | Syesha Mercado & Florida's Child Welfare System
On this episode, we dive into the breaking news and discuss Syesha Mercado and her continuing battle to regain custody of her children. In a story that involves a struggling child welfare system, rampant abuse, and an overzealous doctor destroying families, we'll discover that the true villain was Florida all along. Featuring juggling chainsaws, Master Chef Junior Junior, and how Mariska Hargitay can change the world. Citations at CW: child abuse, suicide
August 21, 2021
Should Feces Go on the Kitchen Counter? | Am I The Asshole
On a special bonus-type episode, Ren and Ginger introduce what will be a Patreon exclusive: exploring the wonderful Reddit space that is "Am I The Asshole." This is where the people come to ask the anonymous masses about whether they have offended their fellow man. But beware, it is the internet, so it's gonna get weird. Featuring radioactive cockroaches, cheating on your spouse via bento box, and Eustace the pig.
August 13, 2021
All The Jokes Are True | Steven Seagal
On this episode, Ren takes us all on what may be the wildest ride yet. We're talking Steven Seagal, action hero, cringy weeb, and utter monster. It's like one of those bad jokes: a former action star wearing a bulletproof kimono walks into the bar, fakes a Jamaican accent, and tries to give all the women unwanted massages while negging them about their weak kidneys. The punchline? Well, it somehow involves a tank, a puppy, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Featuring Ginger's recent doctor's visit, couch guns, and a call from Ren's mom. Citations at
August 6, 2021
Slave-Owning Lucille Bluth | Dolly Madison
On this episode, Ginger talks about the Hostess with the Most-ess who never learned how to tie her shoes. Dolly Madison was considered the First of the First Ladies, but that's because our grade school history classes glossed over all of the slave-owning and disregard for human dignity. Hello, Dolly! You're the worst, Dolly! Featuring morbid old-timey shit, dick pics in space, and Ginger's confession that she is not a My Chemical Romance fan. Citations at
July 23, 2021
Petty Egg Bitch | James Buchanan
On this episode, we discuss the worst (and ugliest) U.S. president: James Buchanan. A man who saw the Civil War on the horizon and responded, "Meh, that is someone else's problem." A masterclass in pettiness, pissing off your own political party, and other lessons that America has clearly learned. Featuring Alanis Morrissette, a Queer as Folk remake starring 1860s political figures, and more Calls from Craigslist. Citations at
July 17, 2021
Very Bad No Good Poopy Toilet Argument | Anti-Trans Legislation
On this episode, Ren shares America's newest record for 2021: the most anti-trans bills ever introduced to state legislatures! From attempts to keep trans kids from playing kickball to keeping them from getting healthcare to forcing teachers to out them to their parents, it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet but entirely made of transphobia. They're just trying to protect the children, y'all! Featuring calls from Craigslist, the worst sandwich ever conceived, and the timeless question: are horses racist? Citations at
July 9, 2021
We're Not Gonna Take It! | The Stonewall Riots
On this episode, we celebrate Pride Month by remembering why cops aren't allowed at Pride. Ginger takes us back to the 1960's, a time of peace, love, and rampant discrimination against LGBT+ folks. All it took was one sh**ty dive bar, a police raid, and a couple of trans women of color who decided that they had had enough. Featuring pizzazz, bad segways, and how Tom Hanks got cancelled. Citations at 
June 25, 2021
Drama Queen with a Hatchet | Carry A. Nation
On this episode, Ginger tells Ren a tale as old as time: about a 6-foot-tall religious lady in the early 1900s taking a hatchet to your local pub. Carry A. Nation was a prohibitionist but without any chill whatsoever, and we thank her wholeheartedly for that. Featuring Goosy Joss, braising politicians, and faking your own death to escape social blunders. Citations at
May 28, 2021
I'm No Lawyer | Sovereign Citizens
On this episode, we delve into the constitutional fanfiction that is sovereign citizens. Unfortunately, nonsense jargon, legal mad libs, and wacky hijinks are the ridiculous wrapping paper on a truly terrible gift: antisemitism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism. Featuring bad star wars metaphors, a fire in Ginger's ovaries, and John Cena, the man, the meme, the legend. Citations at
May 21, 2021
Are We The Baddies? | The History of American Policing
On this episode, Ginger tries to squeeze a 12-part PBS docuseries into just one podcast episode. From slave patrols to strike breakers to corrupt political machines to outright violence, the history of American policing proves the old adage: what we learn from history is that no one learns from history. Featuring delivery pizza, more musical numbers, and a debate on what whiteness smells like. Citations at
May 14, 2021
Well-Intentioned Nasty Boy | Franz Mesmer
On this episode, Ginger talks about magnets, magnetism, and Franz Mesmer, a man kicked out of Paris for being a pervert. Actually, it was the fact that his medical practice mostly consisted of getting stoned and feeling up ladies, but you get the gist. Add in Marie Antoinette, Amadeus Mozart, and Ben Franklin, and you got a recipe of what we like to call: history is weirder and hornier than you thought. Featuring racist gremlin, Ben Shapiro, wandering uteri, and DJ's Tinder profile. Citations at
May 7, 2021
Autism Melts Steel Beams | Autism Speaks
On this episode, Ren decides to celebrate Autism Awareness month by talking about a group that hates autistic people, but, don't worry, that feeling is mutual. Autism Speaks is known for the blue puzzle piece, being obsessed with curing autism, and producing films that make autism out to be the bubonic plague and the Zodiac Killer combined. Ableism: the true conspiracy theorist. Featuring the penultimate verse of Mr. Brightside, the menacing aura of the Duolingo owl, and grown men being upset about Disney World. Citations at
April 30, 2021
Feathery Gay Velociraptors | The Emu War
On this episode, Ginger recalls two wars humans declared on birds and subsequently lost. First, the Emu Wars of Australia, where the military sent two machine guns to wipe out 20,000 birds the size of Tom Cruise with the same energy. And, like a real life cartoon, it goes about the way you expect. Second, the time when Maoist China declared war on sparrows, took it way to seriously, and millions died from starvation. Basically, the moral of the story is don't f*** with birds. Featuring the benefits of buying secondhand birds, Ren's lifelong feud with a parrot, and the odds of Ginger winning in a fistfight with an infant. Bonus: DJ and DJ Sr. making way too much noise. Citations at
April 22, 2021
Wine Moms But Angry | Black Rifle Coffee Company
On this episode, Ren and Ginger wonder aloud if the best part of waking up is fascism in your cup. Black Rifle Coffee Company is supposed to sell coffee, but what they really sell is "owning the libs" to guys whose entire personality is "GUNS!" Unfortunately, when you package your product in American flags and assault weapons in order to cater to military LARPers and right-wingers, the other circle in this already terrible Venn Diagram includes mass shooters and Nazis. Triggered, yet? Featuring Matt Gaetz federal sex trafficking takes, whether doing cocaine is too gay, and yet another term Ginger has to explain to her dad. Citations at
April 8, 2021
Can I Call You Dick? | Richard A. Gardner
On this episode, Ginger returns to her roots: true crime, bad science, and sexual predators. We're talking about Richard Gardner, child psychiatrist and man who was definitely subscribed to TheRedPill on Reddit, whose name was recently dropped in HBO's "Allen V. Farrow" docuseries. Gardner was the brain behind "Parental Alienation Syndrome," a thing that is definitely not real but still managed to use in order to ruin lives for decades. This is definitely a Vodka Cranberry (hold the Cranberry) kind of episode. Featuring Ren's new favorite serotonin-boosting TV show, Destiel becoming canon, and the eternal reminder to stop comparing your hurt feelings to the Holocaust. Citations at  CW: child physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, divorce, suicide, misogyny
March 25, 2021
Several Degrees in Mouth Stuff | Alexander Graham Bell
On this episode, Ginger discusses another historic inventor who was weirder (and worse) than you thought. Alexander Graham Bell is well known as an American icon for his invention of the telephone, despite the fact that he was Scottish and lived mostly in Canada. What's less known is his party trick of fisting his dog's mouth, dating and marrying his teenage student, and--oh yeah--all the ableism and eugenics. Happy Deaf History Month! Featuring a Monty Python reference, the ethics of masturbating to Space Jam, and the revelation that Ren and Ginger don't know anything about President James A. Garfield. Citations at
March 19, 2021
We're Here For The Sex | Gender Reveal Parties
On this episode, Ren talks about the very recent phenomenon of burning down entire ecosystems in order to learn the shape of your unborn child's genitals. Gender reveal parties are only about 10-12 years old, a pre-pubescent sh*tbird that's composed entirely of gender stereotypes and capitalism. But, who cares about undermining the gender binary when there's cake involved, I guess. Mazel tov! Featuring Ren's terrible college roommate, Laverne Cox as our gender guardian angel, and the best compliment anyone's ever received. Citations at
February 27, 2021
Horny on Main | Victor Hugo
On this episode, Ginger returns to her favorite subject: terminally horny historical figures. Victor Hugo is most well known for 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and 'Le Miserables', two very sad stories that became hugely popular musicals that Ren sings while in the shower. He was also a noted poet, an outspoken statesman, and a giant pervert who kept a secret f*** diary. Truly, la vie boheme. Featuring live bats, all things French (tm), and a world united by the desire to be stepped on by a ten-foot-tall vampire lady. Citations at
February 20, 2021
QAnon Barbie | Marjorie Taylor Green
On this episode, Ren reminds us about the Golden Rule: The Internet doesn't forget and it doesn't forgive. Not-yet-expelled Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green clearly did not learn this lesson. Racist Facebook memes, harassing school shooting survivors, calling on her followers to storm the Capitol back in 2019: it's been a whirlwind for this Crossfit wine mom on her first month at the job. Who knew that calling for the death of your coworkers would come at the performance evaluation? Featuring apologies to 2000s pop icons, handcuffing the devil, and, of course, Jewish space lasers. Citations at
February 12, 2021
A Trunk Full of Foreskins | Intactivists
Welcome to the 50th episode of TFNG! As a special treat, Ginger is gonna make this so weird! We're talking intactivists, a very niche corner of the internet, which is claims "No Foreskin, No Peace." Unfortunately, this group also overlaps with men's rights activists, incels, and the other cool internet kids, all with a healthy dose of--what else?--antisemitism. Featuring crusty pasta nipples, clitoris envy, and another term Ginger has to explain to her parents. Citations at
January 29, 2021
Off Brand Ann Coulter | Kelly Loeffler
On this episode, Ren takes us through the worst American Girl book, starring Kelly Lynn Loeffler, a woman who really wants you to forget she owns a castle. From her humble farm girl origins, to her and her husband owning the New York Stock Exchange, all the way to her (thankfully) brief Senate career, this is a story of "More Conservative Than Attila the Hun" Barbie© who won Homecoming Queen seven years in a row and definitely did not support the conspiracy theories that led to a violent insurrection attempt. Featuring a Clueless reference, catering by Maggiano's, and Apple Jacks, the cereal of Marxists. Citations at
January 22, 2021
This Sounds Really Familiar | The Wilmington Massacre of 1898
On this episode, Ginger talks about an event in history that bears no similarity to current events whatsoever. The Wilmington Massacre, also known as the Wilmington Race Riot by people who think "cracker" is just as bad as the n-word, was the only successful coup d'etat in American history (hopefully). To sum up: it's about white people terrorizing black people for things like voting, having jobs,  and giving white women all the orgasms they deserve. Featuring Elizabeth from Knoxville, moustache rides, and the worst game ever of F***, Marry, Kill. Citations at
January 16, 2021
Buck Versus The Balls on This Guy | Buck v. Bell
On this latest episode, Ginger tells a tale of a sh*tty law and a sh*ttier court case that would eventually become inspiration for the Nazis. Buck v. Bell all started with this little idea called eugenics and ended up with the decision that anyone considered lesser doesn't get to keep their reproductive organs. Add a little misogyny, mix it up with ableism, never stop shaking it, and presto, you have a truly terrible cocktail. Featuring New Year's Eve parties, a McElroy reference, and much, much screaming. Citations at CW: sexual assault, ableism, forced sterilization.
January 8, 2021
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Glass | The Year 2020
It's New Year's Eve and it couldn't have come soon enough! On this latest episode, Ren reminds us all about what even happened in 2020, a true dumpster fire of a year. We're talking murder hornets and bushfires, impeachment trials and criminal convictions, natural disasters and Netflix shows. Most of this episode is just the phrase: "That was THIS year???" Turns out, a lot can happen in 365 days. So, queue this episode up, pour yourself several glasses of champagne, and send off the year 2020 with a giant F*** You. Featuring Jewish traditions, Baby Shark, and John Lennon's "Imagine." Citations at
December 31, 2020
Christmas Carnage | Good King Wenceslas & Les Bal des Ardents
Happy holidays! On this festive episode, Virginia takes us all the way back to medieval times, where folks celebrated their winter celebrations with turkey legs and torturing peasants on spiked wheels. First, we talk Good King Wenceslas, the dude behind the beloved Christmas carol, its surprisingly bloody end, and forays onto Next, we discuss Les Bal des Ardents, a hell of a holiday party involving fire, being on fire, and the subsequent apology tour. Featuring Ren's mom, DJ, and the plot of Office Space. Citations at
December 17, 2020
Yeet Your Feed | Parler
On this episode, Ren reminds us that where there's smoke, there's probably a dumpster fire composed entirely of racists kicked off of Twitter. Parler is a social media platform aimed at conservatives, where the only rules are: no crimes, no bots, and no pottymouths? Anyway, Parler is truly a beacon on the hill crying out: "Give me your antivaxxers, your violent extremists, your huddled masses yearning to scream bigotry, the wretched refuse of the internet shore." And, honestly? You can have 'em. Featuring Thanksgiving debacles, Milfs For Trump, and a word we cannot have anywhere in this description. Citations at
December 11, 2020
Grand Theft Auto 1890 | Henry Ford
On this episode, Ginger recollects on one of the most lauded industrialists and biggest antisemites in American history, Henry Ford. Here's a man who claimed to invent the assembly line, policed his workers' social lives, and was Adolf Hitler's greatest racist inspiration. Truly, an American hero. Featuring mechanophilia, seances for legal advice, and the best Craigslist ad ever written. Citations at
November 22, 2020
Eat Your Local Billionaire | Boss Tweed
On this episode, Ginger takes us back to a time in American history where a rich blowhard used his political power to increase his own personal wealth. That's right, back to the 1850's to Boss Tweed, the first and only corrupt politician in America. Featuring cooked books, diamond broaches, and axe-wielding street gangs. Citations at
October 30, 2020
Sex Idiot of the Far Right | Jacob Wohl
In this latest episode, Ren decides to take us back to one of the first episodes of TFNG and do a full expose on Boo Boo the Fool himself: Jacob Wohl. Young, dumb, and full of commitment to keep doing fraud, Jacob is a far-right troll, conspiracy theorist, and baby man whose schemes include repeatedly making false accusations of sexual assault while using his mom's phone number. Featuring a bad microphone, the E-Trade baby, and Chester the cheetah's sexual energy. Also, a wild Karen dog appears! Citations at
October 25, 2020
Pick Your Fascist | The Caucasity! Game Show
Welcome to our second episode of the official TFNG game show, The Caucasity! We are joined by the illustrious Susie Creamcheese, Ren and Ginger's favorite cat lady and craft wunderkind. Ren and Susie will go head-to-head, trying to figure out how there are so many antisemites, which fascist said what, and why oh why Alex Jones keeps taking his shirt off. Citations at
October 16, 2020
If By Christian You Mean Racist as F*** | Jerry Falwell Sr.
On today's episode, Ginger introduces Ren to a man of morals, a man of faith, a man who said that feminists and gays caused 9/11. Jerry Falwell Sr., the man behind the Moral Majority and Liberty University, left an indelible mark on American society, like a particularly nasty case of shingles, if the shingles were also incredibly racist. Featuring tequila cocktails, the Teletubbies, Ginger's high school hijinks, and an ever-growing list of side characters. Citations at
September 24, 2020
Flordelis Murder Race | Flordelis de Souza
We've decided to take a break from our weekly game of Rightwing Bull***t to become what all podcasts strive to be: a true crime podcast. Faith. Betrayal. Sex. Murder. On this week's Drag 'Em Race, the true story about Flordelis de Souza, full-time saint, part time cult leader, mother to 55 children, married to only one of those children. This queen truly slays the competition, and that's because she literally murdered her husband. Start your engines, and may the best woman get arrested for heinous crimes! Citations at
September 11, 2020
The Caucasity! | A TFNG Game Show
On this very special episode, we are joined by Ren and Ginger's collective husbands on a game show of "Which terrible person said this terrible thing?" Including such icons like Ronald Reagan, Phyllis Schlafly, Donald Trump, and a lot of jokes about how many dumb motherf***ers run our country. Citations at
September 5, 2020
1-800-CHILD-SLAVE-4U | Georgia Tann
Ginger takes Ren on a journey into the world of child trafficking, which surprisingly has nothing to do with satanic cabals or online furniture outlets.  Georgia Tann was a strong lady boss back when there weren't very many lady bosses. Too bad her business was an adoption racket that went on for more than a decade. We're talking conning families, destroying records, straight up kidnapping, and going door-to-door to sell kids like they were vacuums. The 1940's was a weird time, folks. Citations at
August 29, 2020
An Ouroboros of Bull***t | QAnon
On today's episode, Ren takes us on a journey to the worst part of the internet, where Beyonce is Italian and everyone's a pedophile. That's right, we're talking Conspiracy  with a capital Q. QAnon is a strange and wacky tale, full of antisemitism, Hillary Clinton references, and growing concerns about domestic terrorism, and now they're running for Congress! Just what our very stable country needs. Citations at
August 13, 2020
F*** You, Moon | The Reagans & Astrology
On today's episode, Ginger reads our star signs as she continues discussing the Reagans. Specifically, how an astrologer to the stars advised the President and his wife on everything from press conferences to trips on Air Force One to bombing Libya. The moon is indeed in the seventh house, where What-The-F*** aligns with Mars. Citations at
August 6, 2020
I Still Hate Ronald Reagan | Ronald Reagan
On today's episode, Ren gets a belated birthday gift from Ginger, and it's the best/worst gift ever. Ronald Reagan is known for a lot of things:  Iran-Contra, the War on Drugs, ignoring the AIDS crisis, destroying the economy, but now we can learn about his true legacy: his love of jelly beans and how much we still hate him. Citations available at
July 30, 2020
Negbot 3000 | Matt Gaetz
Welcome back, dear listeners! Despite Ginger's assertions, the Florida panhandle produces more than just alligators in MAGA hats. It also is home to U.S Representative Matt Gaetz, the human embodiment of Axe body spray and obnoxious Trump puppet. We're talking about political legacies, dark campaign money, a truly abhorrent driving record, excessive use of Twitter, and at least one secret adult son. Citations at
July 17, 2020
We're Going to Need a Sexier Horse | Richmond's Monument Avenue
Welcome back, dear listeners! If you're an American who has been awake for the last one hundred years or so, you might have heard about all this ruckus about Confederate monuments. Ginger takes us to our hometown of Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy and home to Monument Ave, a street filled with Confederate statues and traffic circles that people still can't f***ing use properly. We answer all the burning questions like: Is memorializing traitors and racists a bad thing? Do we really learn history by driving past statues of slave owners? Are horses sexy? We're diving into this controversy headfirst, so hang onto your butts! Citations at
July 10, 2020
A Complicated Woman With Slutty Hair | Meghan McCain
Welcome back, dear listeners. You ever wonder what would happen if a 2003 Teen Vogue magazine became a person? Well, look no further! In this episode, Ren enlightens us about Meghan McCain, conservative pundit, television personality, and did you know she was Senator John McCain's daughter? From her 2008 campaign blog, to her "authorial abortions," to her current position as The View's resident chaos demon, Meghan has blazed quite a trail for someone who has an art history degree and never brings up who her father is. In the end, this woman has a more complex legacy, and sluttier hair, than you think. Citations at
July 1, 2020
Tragic Sexy Bird | Nikola Tesla
Welcome back, dear listeners! You know we love a weirdo and a pervert here at TFG. Hell, that's practically Ginger's brand. And, there are none weirder and pervier than Nikola Tesla. Yes, that Tesla, genius inventor, president of the Edison-Was-A-Hack club, and owner of very large thumbs. Who else would cause a lightning storm when his sugar daddy fell through, or pay his rent with a death ray, or fall in love with a woman of the avian persuasion? Still don't believe us? Well, I guess you'll have to tune in and find out for yourself! Citations at
June 10, 2020
The Curation of Karen | The "Karen" Meme
Welcome back, dear listeners? Here's an age-old question: what's in a name? Specifically, a name that's become a widespread meme, symbolizing botched bobs, speaking to management, and an entitled attitude. On this episode, Ren explores the evolution of the 'Karen,' the meme's possible origins, its current iterations, and the various characteristics that make a Karen a Karen. Middle-aged? Usually. Female? Typically. White? Almost always. What's in a name? Well, my dears, let's find out. Citations at this  Note: at the time of this recording, no arrests had been made for the murder of George Floyd.
June 3, 2020
Hollywood Squares | Will Hays
Welcome back, bright-eyed ingenues! On this episode, we're heading straight to Tinseltown,  where everyone's dreams come true, particularly one man's dream to ruin everyone else's good time. Ginger gives an Oscar-award winning performance as she tells us about Will Hays, former chairman of the Republic National Convention, eventual president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, and forever known as the Movie Morals Czar. His reign included wagging his finger, ruining careers, and hating everything fun. We're talking censorship, we're talking miscegenation, we're talking homophobia; it's all here, folks! Grab your popcorn and join in! Citations at
May 21, 2020
Manchild, The Episode | Peter III of Russia
Welcome back, dear listeners! On this most auspicious day, the day that Hulu releases its brand new series 'The Great,' we figured we would give you the lowdown on one of its primary figures. No, not Catherine the Great, but her husband, Peter the Mediocre At Best. Ginger takes us on a journey through Little Carl's terrible childhood, to his switcheroo princedom, all the way to his (186) days as Emperor of Russia, and, on the way, we'll take side roads through Harry Potter references, the optics of bestiality, and why even rich people with sh*tty childhoods still deserve to be eaten. Citations at
May 15, 2020
Big Freedom Energy | Anti-Quarantine Protesters
Welcome back, dear listeners! Spring is here, Ren and Ginger are still figuring out their sound equipment, and did you hear about this "pandemic" thing going on? On this episode, Ren reminds Ginger that things can always be worse, because, even in the midst of a pandemic, people are entitled assholes about not being able to go to their local Applebee's to drink cheap beer and yell at the waitstaff. These anti-quarantine protests are loud, proud, and full of shadowy financial origins and conservative grifters? Social distancing is communism, y'all! Listen and love us! Citations at
April 29, 2020
You Can Feel The Boner Behind It | Richard Wagner
Welcome back, dear listeners! Ren and Ginger continue to take on the technical challenges that plague this hellscape we are all trapped in. In the meantime, do you know what Adolf Hitler and Bugs Bunny have in common? If your answer was an opera composer who couldn't keep it in his pants and hated Jewish people, then you know your musical history! Richard Wagner may be riding in on some Valkyries, but that's probably because he's trying to escape his many debt collectors. Or the husbands of all the women he f***ed. And, there were a lot of them. Either way, listen and love us! Citations at
April 20, 2020
Stop Teaching the Incels Tai Chi | Semen Retention
Welcome back, dear listeners! In this episode, Ren and Ginger brave this brave new world of remote tele-podcasting to talk about a new way to wellness: semen retention. That's right, you can blue-ball your way to wellness, gain irresistible magnetic attraction, and achieve god-like powers. Sure, you may find yourself in bed with misogynists, incels, and even Nazis, but sacrifices are necessary in order to achieve enlightenment. Namaste. Citations found at
April 7, 2020
Vampires are Gay as Sh*t | Anita Bryant
Welcome back, dear listeners! This week, Ginger takes us on the wildest f***ing ride down to the sunny shores of Florida, where a not-quite-dead Anita Bryant first started her anti-gay crusade. If you haven't heard of Anita Bryant, that's fine, just know that she's into God, orange juice, and ruining people's lives. Oh, and she sang sometimes. Also, Ren announces her first quest in this brave, post-apocalyptic world. Come, little orange birds, listen and love us! Citations at
March 24, 2020
Bloomberg 2: Electric Boogaloo | Michael Bloomberg | Part 2
Welcome back, dear listeners. Ren and Ginger return for Part 2 of our Michael Bloomberg episode, because we love you so much. On this episode, we dive into his tenure as mayor, starting with his spending many millions on his campaigns, public housing full of lead-based paint, the unconstitutional surveillance of Muslims, and trying use cruise ships to deal with the city's homelessness problem. We are all in self-quarantine anyway, so there's plenty of podcast to listen to! Stay safe! Citations at
March 19, 2020
You Know, Like an Innocent Person | Michael Bloomberg | Part 1
Welcome back, dear listeners! In our very first two-parter here at This F***ing Guy!, Ren explains to Ginger why Michael Bloomberg, former Democratic presidential candidate, is the literal worst. We explore Mike's humble beginnings before launching a golden parachute into a corporate environment where short skirts were "necessary" for promotions, pregnant women lost job opportunities, and coworker body shots were encouraged. And, all of this before Mike became Mayor! Listeners, we are very tired. Come join us in our exhaustion. (Jammies not included). Citations at
March 9, 2020
The Racist-Ass Strategy | The Southern Strategy
Welcome back, dear listeners! To finish out our Black History Month mission of calling out racist shenanigans, Ginger talks about the Southern Strategy, which is why Republicans get to say they're "the party of Lincoln" while still using the phrase "the War of Northern Aggression."  Ah, the proud American tradition of ignoring all historical context. Lots of names are dropped (Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Schlafly) and lots of dogwhistles are... whistled. Join us on this incredible journey, now with more Beans! Citations at
March 3, 2020
Live from Rush's Bedroom Toilet | Rush Limbaugh
Welcome back, dear listeners. Sorry for the delay; did you know that they don't teach you audio editing in undergraduate social science programs? No matter! On this week's episode, Ren discusses how difficult it is to talk about someone's legacy, especially when that someone is Rush Limbaugh. Virulent racist, gross-ass homophobe, and writer of children's books (featuring a talking horse named Liberty, which is as terrifying as it sounds), Ginger gets schooled on some of Rush's greatest lessons, such as the proper usage of the word "feminazi," how to get fired from almost every job, and why Europe is vastly inferior to the US (hint: it has something to do with interior plumbing). Also, we have the (brief) return of Beans! Citations at
February 20, 2020
The Dolores Umbridge of American Politics | Phyllis Schlafly
Welcome back, dear listeners. Ginger takes us back into the Dead Asshole Archives to talk about NOT another U.S. president! Instead, we will be talking about Phyllis Schlafly, a woman who did her damnedest to screw over other women. Fierce opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment and lover of ugly doilies, Phyllis' contributions to the hellhole we are currently living in cannot be underplayed or overemphasized. And, Ren will be very sexually confused when the mini-series comes out starring Cate Blanchett. Be sexually confused with us! Citations at
February 10, 2020
The Love Letters of Warren G. Harding | Bonus Episode
Hello, dear listeners.  Have you ever wanted your ears to melt off? Not yet? Well, join us as we read the love letters of Warren G. Harding (president and Sam the Eagle impersonator) to his mistress.  Featuring special guest, Jerry! Citations at
February 3, 2020
Live, Laugh, Love, and Don’t Shoot ’Til You See the Whites of Their Eyes | Kaitlin Bennett
Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ren decides to educate Ginger on Kaitlin Bennett. You know, Kaitlin Bennett? Oh, you never heard of her? Well, that's because she's not important whatsoever, but she did achieve a modicum of fame as the Kent State Gun Girl. Yup, she does have a name. We're talking social media snafus, lame publicity stunts, and a wanton misunderstanding of how anything works. It's gonna be a fun one, folks. Citations at
January 28, 2020
A YA Novel for Fiscal Conservatives | Warren G. Harding
Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ginger dives back into the Dead Asshole Archives to unearth--you guessed it--another US president! It's amazing how many of those guys are in there. And, while Warren G. Harding is not exactly memorable in terms of high school history class, he was still a piece of shit. And, surprisingly horny? Anyway, tune in and marvel at the most boring pervert you'll never meet. Citations at Correction: During the episode, Ren mistakenly says that President Lyndon B. Johnson named his penis, but it was, in fact, Harding. He called it "Jerry." We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
January 22, 2020
Female Psychopath Dot Net | The 22 Convention
Welcome back, listeners. On today's episode, Ren invites Ginger to the 22 Convention, the "mansplaining" event of the century, where men use terms like "manosphere," "patriarch," and "sexual marketplace" to teach women how to be great again. Featuring fat-shaming, bad science, and a man who gave himself the middle name "Dream," all for the low, low price of $2000! But, wait, get your tickets now and save 50%! That's right, for only $999.99, you too can join Ren and Ginger at the 22 Convention and raise your femininity by 500%! Act quickly; this dumpster fire ends soon! Citations at
January 13, 2020
Off-Roading Trains | The West Virginia Coal Wars
Welcome back, dear listeners. We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and, in the spirit of the New Year, Ginger has decided to try something new from Dead Asshole Archives. In this episode, Ginger takes on capitalism, specifically by exploring the West Virginia Coal Wars. Coal barons? Check. Company stores? Check. Union busters? Check. Trains outfitted with machine guns? Of course. Let's start 2020 off right! Citations available at
January 6, 2020
Putting the "Nude" Back in Christmas | The War on Christmas
Welcome back, dear listeners. It's that most wonderful time of the year, the time when dedicated soldiers from across America fight in the worst conflict in all of human history. That's right, it's "The War on Christmas." People are back on their jingle-bell bullshit, and Ren roasts more than chestnuts as she takes Ginger on a holly and holy-shit-filled journey, from prudish Puritans to faulty Facebook memes. Hark the holiday hysteria and pass the mulled wine, please. Citations at
December 17, 2019
The Forest Gump of Bull***t | Roy Cohn
Welcome back, dear listeners. On this episode, Ginger dives back into the Dead Asshole Archives to unearth Roy Cohn, the living embodiment of all those lawyers-are-evil jokes. We're talking homophobia, we're talking racism, we're talking the rampant abuse of the justice system. When your name is thrown around with the likes of Joseph McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump, you know you got a real turd on your hands. Citations at
December 10, 2019
Please Don't Bleach Your Children | Kerri Rivera
Welcome back, dear listeners. On this week's episode, Ren dives into the anti-vax biosphere to discuss Kerri Rivera, mother, grifter, and purveyor of bleach. Kerri, who is a "doctor on homeopathy,"  is really invested in "curing" autism in children using bleach enemas, a thing that cannot happen using something that is definitely not medicine. Yes, it's as horrible as it sounds. BIG OL CONTENT WARNING FOR CHILD ABUSE AND ABLEISM ON THIS ONE, FOLKS. Citations at
November 29, 2019
No, Tommy. No. | Woodrow Wilson
Welcome back, dear listeners. Today, Ginger dives into the Dead Asshole archives and dredges up another Nobel Prize winner and our very first president, Woodrow Wilson. Not only did he carry on the great American tradition of f***ing everything up in Central America, turns out that one of our illustrious presidents was a racist! Who knew! Citations at
November 23, 2019
The Cooch | Ken Cuccinelli
Welcome back, dear listeners. Today, Ren takes on Ginger's unknowing and yet well-deserved arch nemesis, Ken Cuccinelli. We're going to talk about his terrible choices as a Virginia state legislator, his terrible choices as Virginia's attorney general, and the terrible choices he is currently making as Acting Director of USCIS. There's a lot of terrible to cover here, so it's gonna be a real doozy, folks. Citations on our website at
November 16, 2019
A Striking Turnip in an Architectural Kentucky Derby Hat | Ayn Rand
Welcome back, dear listeners. Today, Ginger takes the lead to talk about pretentious writer and Dead Asshole, Ayn Rand. We'll talk about her boring-ass books, her weird cult-like following, and her unfortunate impact on dudes who took a Philosophy 101 course and play Devil's Advocate for fun (you know that guy). Citations on our website at
November 8, 2019
Just Don't F***ing Do It | Blackface, Cultural Appropriation, and Halloween
Welcome back, dear listeners. Today, we play with a new format and explore a seasonal theme. We're talking ghosties, we're talking ghoulies, we're talking... shitty Pocahontas costumes? There are surprisingly many ways to f*** up Halloween, mostly involving blackface, cultural appropriation, and weird, sexy costumes. Sexy poop emoji, anyone? You're gonna a lot of mulled wine for this one. Citations at
November 2, 2019
Literally No Impact | Jacob Wohl
Join us for this mini-episode in which Ren reviews the trolling exploits of Jacob Wohl. Citations at
October 25, 2019
Racism, Memes, and Why We Drink | D.W. Griffith & Carpe Donktum
Welcome back, dear listeners. This episode we delve into the gross racism and incitement to violence bestowed upon us by D.W. Griffith and "memesmith" Carpe Donktum. You heard us. You could probably tell by the title, but we're gonna go ahead and throw a racism content warning up for ya. Let's throw sexism in there too. Take a deep breath, friends. Citations at
October 19, 2019
Two Guys, Bad Science | Peter Vlaming & Daniel Carleton Gajdusek
Welcome to the inaugural episode of This F***ing Guy! Join Ren and Ginger as they discuss the lives and horrific hijinks of Peter Vlaming and Daniel Carleton Gajdusek. Content warning for... everything, guys. Specifically, transphobia, child sexual abuse, animal abuse, and cannibalism. It's gonna be weird. Visit us at our brand-spankin'-new website,, for citations.
October 19, 2019