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This Is Leadership

This Is Leadership

By Joël McLean
This Is Leadership: conversations with leaders to inspire us to positively influence others, take action, and have ongoing positive impact.

This Is Leadership: your intersection between growth and leadership.

This is Leadership is a podcast by Inspire Leadership Coaching, hosted by Joël McLean
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EP2 - Eric Sheninger - Impactful Communication and Disruptive Thinking
In this episode, I connect with Eric Sheninger, Author, Thought Leader, Innovator, Educator, and Speaker. We talk about strategies for impactful communication and discuss his latest book, Disruptive Thinking.
September 16, 2022
EP1 - Daniel Bauer - Leveling Up Your Leadership
In this episode, I connect with Danny Bauer, Chief Ruckus Maker at Better Leaders, Better Schools. We talk about leveling up as a leader, and how we can help others to level up as well.
September 02, 2022
EP0 - Introducing the podcast "This Is Leadership"
Your host, Joël McLean, introduces his new podcast: This Is Leadership.
August 08, 2022