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This Wonderland Life with Alice Marie

This Wonderland Life with Alice Marie

By Alice Davis
Life is best when we live simply. Living this wonderland life is about getting back to basics in our life and our business. Taking care of our families and ourselves in a world that has lost sight of what’s really important in life.
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We all need to be kinder.
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Week one of 75 hard is almost over, and I just wanna go over a few things that I found difficult and the things that I have learned in my first week of this challenge. And then we are going to talk about just being kinder to people. And the crazy society that we are living in right now we really need to focus on being kinder.
September 13, 2021
Reading Labels and Making Better Choices
Starting this journey to living a little bit healthier life often starts with what we already normally buy in the grocery store. Picking you up an item and reading the label is the first step to making small changes that are going to last. Where to find me: IG: FB: Website:
September 6, 2021