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The Half Naked Truth

The Half Naked Truth

By Roniyah
A place where thoughts are provoked and conversations are started.
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Ep 3: Beauty & its Enemies - Food

The Half Naked Truth

Ep 3: Beauty & its Enemies - Food

The Half Naked Truth

Ep 5: Beauty & Its Enemies: Disability Stigma
Hello and welcome to episode 5 of the THNT podcast. In this episode, I'm joined by Dave Bahr to discuss disabilities in conjunction with beauty. Here are some important show notes: 1: First things first, here is where you can find Dave: Website: Email: Book: Prave - the adventures of the blind and the brittle. Get your copy on Amazon! Linkdin: Dave Bahr Twitter: @Dcbahr 1b. If you or anyone you know is blind or low vision would like quick assistance when out in the world -> Aira: an app for blind people who would like virtual help with daily tasks 2. This episode was recorded a while ago, I didn't realize the volume was a little funky until I started to edit last week and I couldn't do much about it.  3. Speaking of editing, I tried my hand at shortening the length of the episode. I cut out some of my interjections because they took away from what he was saying and it's still easy to follow the conversation, but anyway - let me know how you feel about it 4. Dave and I reference a conversation we had off the air a few times but hopefully, that doesn't confuse you.
July 23, 2021
Ep 4: Beauty & Its Enemies: Scars
Today we're joined by Kyle Spyrides a man who has gone through extensive heart surgeries leaving him with scars he's had to learn to love. Taking his life experience into account, he's made it his mission to encourage everyone to believe in themselves and to push through the hard times in life. Listen to his incredible journey with health and healing on this week's episode of the Half-Naked Truth. Don't forget to subscribe - New episodes every two weeks! Follow us at: Instagram: colloquial.mag Find him at: Youtube: Kyle Spyrides Instagram: Kyle_spyrides Website: *Still dealing with technical difficulties, please excuse sound level and quality differences*
April 21, 2021
Ep 3: Beauty & its Enemies - Food
Most people would agree that you feel your most confident and beautiful when you have the healthiest mentality. In this week's episode, I talk to Laura B. Folkes, a holistic health coach, about the idea that a good relationship with food is reflective of a good relationship with self. If you want to seek out more information or talk to Laura herself and start your journey to loving yourself and unashamedly loving what you choose to eat this is where to find her: Website: Email:
April 9, 2021
After Party! (ep. 2)
In the Main episode, my friend Mia walked us through her journey with anorexia. During this afterparty, I touch on a few things I wanted to mention in the episode that we didn't have time for. *some thoughts not included*
March 30, 2021
Ep 2: Beauty & its' Enemies - Anorexia
WOW! the first episode of my series titled Beauty & its' enemies. Today, we have the privilege of hearing my friend Mia's story about dealing with and overcoming Anorexia. It's an incredible journey she takes us on, dropping inspirational nuggets of wisdom along the way. *Warning, I still don't have the best technology for the job so beware of volume inconsistencies and other such pesky things. I hope you enjoy anyway :)*
March 26, 2021
After party! (ep. 1)
Welcome to the After-party! I'll elaborate on the thoughts shared about jealousy and envy. I'll also talk about why I started entertaining the idea of the battle between the two and why I believe people struggle with envy more than we realize.  *Inconsistent volume level apologies*
March 14, 2021
Ep 1: Jealousy
Today I'm joined by Tati as we navigate the topic of being jealous. Is it such a bad thing? We'll talk about all things green with envy and whether these emotions are actually bad or if they just get a bad rap. *Inconsistent volume level apologies* Follow the Half-Naked Truth on Instagram @colloquial.mag
March 13, 2021