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The Shootaround Episode 45 - Who's the Face of the NHL? Tom Almost Yells About the Blue Jays + Hypotheticals
(2:10) Blake give's his thoughts on last week's "Video Game Fantasy Draft" (14:00) We debate "Who's the face of the NHL?" which leads into a discussion on, "who are the most marketable athletes on the planet?" (39:30) Blue Jays talk leaves Tom almost yelling at Blake (59:30) Hypotheticals such as: "Would you rather have every song you listen to turn into "All Star" by Smash Mouth halfway through the song, or ever movie you watch turn into Shrek at the halfway point of the movie?" "Would you rather live in constant daylight or constant night time?" "You are given $10 million but can only buy things that begin with the same first letter as your name. What do you buy?'
March 1, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 44 - The Fundamentals of Yelling + The Sports Video Game Draft
(3:55) Tom's tired of how the media/Twitter talks about the Maple Leafs (22:43) McDavid v Matthews v MacKinnon (AKA "The Three Big M's") (24:10) Crosby hits 1000 games (27:21) "Best sports to casually watch" debate (36:30) Unexpected Soccer Talk (40:04) The Fundamentals of Yelling (47:53) Sports Video Game Fantasy Draft Link to blog:
February 22, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 43 - Super Bowl Food Fantasy Draft 2.0
The fellas pay tribute to the first ever episode of the original Bench Life Podcast and draft Super Bowl food spreads ahead of the big game. Categories include: -Main course -Chip -Candy -Dip -Drink Be sure to check out the blog to vote on the best/worst draft:
February 8, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 42 - On The Verge of Trivia Greatness
This week former Brock roommates, Blake and Adam, take on the Washington Generals in the midst of a 2 game trivia win streak. Who will come out of the match-up with the win? Categories: -Classic Rock -Last 10 Super Bowl MVPs -MLB Stadiums -Capitals Cities -Name that actor (2:57) Blake's Take on the Blue Jays offseason (15:08) NFL (Matt Stafford turns down the Patriots + a little Super Bowl talk) (26:06) Trivia
February 1, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 41 - Pack Your Bags Pierre-Luc Dubois + the Bills Have Stopped Circling the Wagons
A jam-packed episode full of news and events that are very relevant to the members of this podcast. No Blake or Zach so 6th man of the year, Adam, is once again on the airwaves. (1:34) Ben addresses Pierre-Luc Dubois (21:37) Tom remains optimistic about the Toronto Maple Leafs + other hockey news (32:45) George Springer is a Toronto Blue Jay (49:00) Bucs v. Packers pre-game thoughts (54:43) Buffalo Bills pre-game thoughts (1:06:40) Bills post-game thoughts (AKA Tom faces the music (AKA Tom lashes out at Cameron))
January 25, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 40 - The Bills Circle the Wagon + The NHL Jersey Fantasy Draft
This week Adam joins the program with Tom, Ben and Cameron and they go Joe Rogan mode with one of their longer podcasts to date. First half of the episode breaking down the week's sports news. Second half we do an NHL jersey deep-dive and fantasy draft the best sweaters that hockey has to offer. (4:32) Buffalo Bills are on to the Conference Championship (18:26) Fantasy Sports Talk (22:18) Rams vs. Packers (25:26) Browns vs. Chiefs (30:48) Dumbest rules in sports (45:37) The James Harden Trade (53:50) NHL Jersey Fantasy Draft Link to blog for Fantasy Draft voting:
January 18, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 39 - Welcome Back 2021 Edition
Ben, Blake, Cam and Tom kick off their first podcast of 2021 with all of the topics everyone is asking for: haircuts, New Years resolutions, Mantei Te'o, Quinton Byfield/Nik Antropov comparisons and much more. (3:50) NFL Wild Card Round (22:22) College Football (25:50) Blake's thoughts on last weekend's Eagles debacle (29:15) Best NFL coaching vacancy (35:35) Francisco Lindor trade (43:06) More Buffalo Bills talk (46:00) World Juniors thoughts (53:26) NHL's return to play (1:10:20) New Year's resolutions
January 11, 2021
The Shootaround Episode 38 - Leaving 2020 in the Rearview Mirror
In our last Shootaround podcast of 2020 there is a lot of reflection on the year that was. First off we get our weekly sports talk out of the way before we remember some of the wild moments that defined 2020.  (1:42) College Football Talk (8:19) NFL Round-Up - Bills, Patriots, Cowboys, Carson Wentz, Raiders, Fantasy Football (33:16) Checking in on the Week 15 Parlay (36:46) NHL's latest updates (41:04) Canada's gonna be a wagon at the WJC (43:18) of course we bail on the WJC talk to discuss Toronto's bottom six winger rotation (48:26) 2020 Year in Review (1:10:00) Hopefully 2021 is better Link to blog:
December 21, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 37 - Trivia Round 8 Challenger Edition - The Fat Boy Friends Take Flight
Another week without Blake and Zach, so Adam makes back-to-back appearances. This time he brings along Jeff to take on the Washington Generals in a round of Trivia. Before we start trivia we talk about fantasy basketball and give a status report on the week 14 NFL parlay. This week's trivia topics included: -Canadian geography -Where athletes went to college -Jersey numbers -Movies -"Highest Paid Athletes In the World" 2020 according to Forbes
December 14, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 36 - The Podcasting Debut of Adam Cooke + The All 2000's Fantasy Draft
This week we welcome Brock Badgers alum, Adam Cooke, to the pod as a guest.  Off the top we get an impromptu podcast performance review from Adam, give a status update on Tom's NFL Sunday parlay and roast Cameron for some of his betting groupchat etiquette. We then get into an all-2000's draft where we select actors, athletes, musicians, movies and tv shows that encapsulate the 2000's Link to blog: Link to The Inclusion Initiative:
December 7, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 35 - Slammin' Sammy On Trial
We pick up where we left off last week with a heated debate with Ben making his case for Sam Snead as golf's GOAT and Blake + Zach defending TIger's claim. We then talk a bit about Nate Robinson vs. Jake Paul, the time Tom beat up Cam and debate which athletes we could take in a cage fight. To close up the show Blake takes charge with some Rogers Center talk + Blue Jays hot stove
December 1, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 34 - Tiger vs. Sam Snead
We kick off today's podcast with Ben's long-awaited hot-take: Tiger Woods is the most overrated athlete ever. Tom then debates the idea of relocated teams using brands of their old cities (ie. Colorado "Nordiques" and the Carolina "Whalers") We also cover some NBA free agency, basketball lay-up line songs, bash Cameron for missing another episode, Trevor Bauer, Vladdy's weight loss, the Bills and Blake slips back into the denial phase of the five stages of Cowboys grief.
November 23, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 33 - Power Outage + Sticking to Sports
With Zach and Cam out due to lack of electricity, Blake, Ben and Tom operate the three man weave and give a big ol' dose of sports talk. Topics include: -the Toronto Blue Jays offseason -The Buffalo Bills -The Masters -AFC & NFC Conference Championship predictions -Top 5 quarterback rankings  Link to blog:
November 16, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 32 - The Three Man Weave + Headline Round-Up
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tom, Cam and Ben throw the planned podcast out the window and just have a talk. Some of the topics covered: -tattoos -Alex Trebek -hockey starting back up during COVID -sports betting -world travel (or a lack there of in Cameron's case) -would you travel to space if you had the opportunity? -Adam Sandler -movies
November 9, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 31 - The "No Excuses" Trivia Round 7
We kick off this episode with a bit of Bills-Patriots trash-talk. Blake then gives his final thoughts on the World Series Then we get down to the main event: Trivia Round 7. This week in order to negate any possible excuses, Cameron and Ben get to choose the categories: -World Cup -FBS School Nicknames -Jersey Numbers -AFC East Football -NHL Goalies
November 2, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 30 - The Five Stages of Cowboys Grief & The Halloween Candy Fantasy Draft
This week we kick off with Blake's live-recorded Cowboys fan therapy session. Then Cameron and Ben address the 2-4 New England Patriots.  Zach chimes in with some World Series talk which then devolves into Blake and Tom bashing the Tampa Bay Rays as an organization. We wrap up the show with a four round fantasy draft of Halloween candy.
October 26, 2020
The Shootaround Episode 29 - The Gang Sticks to Sports & RIP Maggie the Dog
This week Tom, Cameron and Ben run the three man weave and just dive right into pure, unadulterated sports talk. In the episode we cover: -The Bills tough last two weeks -The 2-3 Patriots -Trevor Lawrence Watch -NFL's "Contender or Pretender" segment -Previewing the World Series -Are the Tampa Rays for real? -"Bruins culture" and their underwhelming offseason -Blue Jackets shaking things up -Hockey Analytics vs. Eye Test -Are the Leafs doing enough? Link to blog:
October 20, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 28 - Trivia Round 6: Washington Generals v. Professional Hockey Talker Zach
This week's episode kicks off with an update to the Bench Talk Playoff Bubble Draft Challenge that we issued months ago. We then talk about this week in football and then give a post-mortem on the 2020 Toronto Blue Jays. In the second half of the episode we have Blake and Zach square off with Ben and Cameron for Round 6 of our trivia battle. This week's categories were: -MLB World Series -Stanley Cup -Primetime Emmy's -The introduction of the "Shootout Round": Top 20 Grossing Movies of All-Time Link to blog:
October 5, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 27 - Cameron's on the Waiver Wire, Jays Are Playoff Bound + the "Underrated" Fantasy Draft
Phil is called in from the bullpen to replace absentees Cam and Zach. The boys cover the day's slate of NFL games, talk about the Jays' upcoming playoff series and briefly touch on hockey and basketball. In the second half we go back to the fantasy draft well and draft "underrated things" using the same categories from our overrated draft: -movie stars -band/musician -athlete -food -miscellaneous 
September 28, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 26 - How bout them 'Boys + Hypotheticals
In this week's episode we cover a day full of NFL action: the Cowboys massive comeback, the Bills circling the wagons, a day full of injuries and Carson Wentz the fraud. We then check in with our Blue Jays correspondent Zach and Tom gives a spot on Kevin Barker impression.  In this week's hypotheticals we tackle: "If you could only listen to one artist's songs for the rest of your life who would it be?" and "If aliens landed and you had to choose four athletes (one from each major sport) to fight them in a cage match, who would you choose?"
September 21, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 25 - Football is Back + Hangover Cure Fantasy Draft
With NFL football officially back, the boys talk about this week's slate of games. We also get a Blue Jays update and Tom faces the music for not wearing his Amir Johnson jersey for Game 7 of Raptors vs. Celtics. In the second half of the pod we fantasy draft hangover remedies which may be inspired by recent real-life events. Link to blog:
September 14, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 24 - Trivia Round 5: Redemption for The Washington Generals?
This week we go back to the trivia well for round 5 of The Washington Generals (formerly known as the Mighty Ducks) vs. Team Yurp (formerly known as (name redacted)). Down 4-0 in the best of (?) series, the Generals look to bounce back in a big way. This weeks' categories include: -"Where they played in college" -The Heisman -World Currency -Music -Video Game Cover Athletes
September 8, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 23 - Zach Comes Alive for the "Overrated Stuff" Fantasy Draft
This week Zach comes in hot with some real sports analysis. After he breaks down some Blue Jays game film, the guys talk about a tough Raptors loss and the Bruins championship window closing. We then dive into our last fantasy draft: "Overrated Stuff". In a five round snake draft each podcaster had to fill in each category: -Athlete -Actor -Food -Music -Misc Check out the blog to vote on who had the best/worst draft showing:
August 31, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 22 - Opening the Mail Bag and Busting Balls
We open up the pod with some sports talk pre-amble, touching on the Raptors sweep of the Nets, the Marc-Andre Fleury situation and give an update on our sports team playoff draft that we did a few episodes ago. Then we check the mailbag and answer burning questions regarding overrated athletes, best songs to pre-drink to, bachelor party ideas and much more. Link to blog:
August 24, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 21 - The Thick Skin Podcast TM
This week we dive heavy into sports. Cameron sits on the Bruins hot seat to defend his play-by-play man, ripping off helmets, his goalie and group chat transgressions. Ben then gives us his weekly Blue Jackets report. We then talk about Charlie Montoyo, the Toronto Raptors and Alex Smith's return to football. Second half of the podcast we tackle two hypotheticals: "Would you rather have a vocabulary of 100 words or only only be able to speak 3000 words daily (but no limit on your vocabulary)?" and "Would you rather be forced to wear winter clothes all throughout the summer or a t-shirt and shorts all throughout the winter?"
August 17, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 20 - Fictional Athlete Fantasy Draft + Toronto's Fictional Playoff Hopes
This week we draft fictional athletes from movies and tv. But the main attraction is the clash ahead of Game 5 of Maple Leafs vs Blue Jackets. Noted Blue Jackets fan Ben holds his ground as Tom and Blake see Toronto's playoff aspirations evaporate. Tune in for some pre-game thoughts as well as a live post-game reaction.
August 10, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 19 - Trivia Round 4 feat. the Washington Generals + Zach's 7/11 Date
With sports back, the podcast opens up the show with some Leafs v Blue Jackets trash talk, and discuss the MLB as more games get postponed as well as the Raptors' hot start. All the while Zach multi-tasks and records while on a date at 7/11. In the second half of the show we have the latest iteration of our trivia battle. Undefeated Blake and Zach take on the newly minted "Washington Generals" after the Mighty Ducks owner disavowed Ben and Cameron from their trivia team. This week's categories include: -US State capitals -Conn Smythe Winners -NBA Finals MVPs -Brand Slogans -Actor Filmographies Link to blog:
August 4, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 18 - Krakens, Ducks and Horses
The pod has finally emerged from a sport-less quarantine wasteland to finally talk about some real sports. This week's topics include: -Bol Bol -The LouwillLemon Pepper BBQ Special -MLB is back -Seattle Kraken: "Good or Bad?" Then to close off the episode we get into a would you rather segment with the following hypotheticals: "Would you shoot one free throws for one millions dollars, and if you miss you can never text again?" "Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?" Link to blog:
July 27, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 17 - The Bubble Season Sports Draft Challenge
With less than a week before we get real sports back (sorry soccer) the boys commemorate the occasion with a bit of a challenge to help us give a preview. Each person has to pick 2 teams from each of the MLB, NBA and NHL. At the end of all three seasons we'll accumulate whose teams goes the furthest in each league's respective playoff. Whoever does the best gets a case of beer. Whoever loses has a tough penalty in store.
July 20, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 16 - The Red Hot Chili Party Draft
The boys are back with another fantasy draft. This time they're drafting an exclusive party based on the following categories: -Location -Theme -Live Music Act -Celebrity Guest -Beverage -Food Will Zach complete the draft on his drive home with 15% battery? Listen to find out Link to blog:
July 13, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 15 - Trivia Round 3 + Zach's Return
Zach makes a return after his week long hiatus to once again team up with Blake to take on the Mighty Ducks in another round of trivia. Currently down 2-0 in the series, the Ducks look to stave off what would be another crushing loss. This week's questions are Canadian themed. Categories include: -Name the Athlete -Geography -Canadian Inventions -Beer -Canadian Sports Championships Link to blog:
July 6, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 14 - Canadian Music Trivia Battle Royale
Zach's out this week (undisclosed injury (?)) so utility man Phil makes his debut. Off the top the Patriots boys attempt to defend "the next Tom Brady" Jarrett Stidham after news of the Cam Newton signing hits.  Then in preparation for July 1st, Blake and Phil take on the Mighty Ducks in a Canadian Music Trivia battle that went all the way down to the wire. Link to blog: 
June 29, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 13 - Live From the Anytime Fitness Parking Lot... It's the Mailbag!
Technical difficulties have left Tom recording this episode from the parking lot of the Fergus Anytime Fitness. The boys open up the mailbag to answer burning questions surrounding sports jerseys, karaoke and plenty more. Link to blog:
June 23, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 12 - 2020 Ultimate Athlete Draft
Coming off a controversial Breakfast Food Draft, the fellas go back to the fantasy draft well. Seven rounds and each podcaster has to choose one of each: -Basketball player -Hockey player -Football player -Baseball player -Tennis player -Golfer -Coach Tune in to see how the draft shakes out Blog:
June 16, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 11 - The Quintessential Breakfast Food Draft
The Sunday Shootaround crew is back to tackle the task of drafting breakfast foods. Is ham before sausage a weird pick? What is in a "fruit cup"? How early is "too early" to draft avocado? These questions almost tore the podcast apart. Listen to find out the dramatic conclusion Link to blog:
June 8, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 10 - Trivia Showdown Round 2
The Ducks are back to take on Blake and Zach in a new round of trivia. Already down 0-1 in the series, will this be the Ducks' last flight? Topics this week include: -Celebrity relatives -Multi-sport athletes -Sports movies -Country capitals -Company slogans Link to blog:
June 1, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 9 - The Adam Cooke Mailbag Spectacular
This week the crew tackles some of the leftover questions that Adam posed for last week's Mailbag Episode. This leads to a heated debate over food, the best playoffs in sports and Cameron's logic in general.  Link to blog:
May 25, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 8 - Mail Time
The boys open up the mailbag to answer some of the most burning questions that the fanbase had to offer. They tackle everything from best walk-up music, personal stories from their athletic careers and recount some of their best stories from Brock's very own Adam Cooke.  Link to blog:
May 19, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 7 - TV Fantasy Draft
The regular crew return to draft TV shows for their own personal channels. Korean Super Boy TV, Cameron TV (CTV), Blake Stepien Network (BSN1), Ben's Superior Network (BSN) and the Gucci Gang Channel battle through 6 rounds to draft the best comedy, game show, reality tv show, sport, tv drama. To vote and see which channel reigns supreme visit
May 11, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Episode 6 - Trivia Showdown
The boys shake things up and battle each other in a heated 25 round trivia contest hosted by Tom. Blake and Zach put differences aside to take on two representatives from the Mighty Duck ball hockey program: Ben and Cameron. Categories include: -1st overall picks in sports -Will Ferrell Movies -Beer Slogans -Geography -Sports Championships Tune in to hear the thrilling conclusion and follow along to see how much you know
May 4, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Ep 5 - "He's Still Got It"
In this latest episode, the boys get caught up after another monotonous week and tackle the biggest stories from the NFL draft. When the dust settles, Zach breaks his silence on his dodging of the Bill Clinton albums meme and works through his list live on air 
April 27, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Ep 4 - A Roid vs. Clean Barry
The crew gets into some NFL Draft talk. The "Chris Paul for Steph and Klay" story sparks a new segment of: Trades That Almost Happened. And Thomas battles technical difficulties to bring you the can't-miss debate of the week: Zach vs. Blake duking it out over the best baseball player of all-time. To quote Gary Bettman, "You're gonna want to hear this."
April 20, 2020
Sunday Shootaround Ep 3 - Matt Stairs Rips One Into the Night
The boys give an update on quarantine life, talk about the MLB's alleged plan to get back in action and each give their five best Canadian athletes of all-time. Embrace debate: is Matt Stairs elite? Tune in to find out.
April 14, 2020
Bench Talk Radio: Sunday Shootaround Ep 2
Newest member of the Sunday Shoot Around crew, Blake, joins us live from BC. The guys talk the soul-crushing day-to-day of quarantine and discuss the latest news regarding the commissioners' conference call with Donald Trump. The new guy introduces a fiery new segment by setting the record straight and fact-checking last week's episode. Be sure to tune in!
April 6, 2020
Bench Talk Radio - Sunday Shoot Around Ep 1
The podcasting debuts of Ben and Zach. The boys battle technical difficulties and chop it up over quarantine talk, sports, Tom Brady and movies. Listen to the very end for bonus deleted scenes.
March 30, 2020
Bench Talk Radio Ep 1 - Welcome Back
Cam and Tom are back on the mic after a 2 year hiatus. In this brief podcast they discuss the future of the pod and talk about how they're combatting quarantine life.
March 28, 2020