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In Your Feelings

In Your Feelings

By Thought Catalog
"In Your Feelings" a podcast from Thought Catalog talks about the humanness and realness of being a sensitive and feeling person.
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If No One Told You This Today — I Am Proud Of You
Books by Bianca  In this episode, Bianca helps us understand how capable and deserving we are of living a beautiful life. Her poetic reminders instill a sense of gratitude for how far we've come, and reassurance that so many rewarding experiences lie ahead. Whenever you need some love, encouragement or support, this episode will be here for you. “Nothing that you have been through has made you unworthy of living a life that brings you joy. Do not question the good that comes into your life. It was meant to find you, and it was meant to stay.” — Bianca Sparacino Skillshare is offering all of you listening to the podcast a free trial of a premium membership. Click below to learn more ⤓ • • Follow Bianca on Instagram ♥ • Follow us on TikTok • Subscribe to In Your Feelings on Spotify • Subscribe to In Your Feelings on iTunes • Sign up for B's Newsletter to receive podcast subscriptions, updates and more • Buy Creative Goods from • Download our App
April 11, 2021
On Learning How To Be Alone
Books by Bianca ➝  In this episode, Bianca helps us understand the beauty in being alone and how solitude can guide us down a path of self-discovery and growth. She recognizes that loneliness can be difficult, especially when you love others so deeply. However, her words reframe the idea of being alone into a precious opportunity for listening to what your heart really needs.   "The love you find within yourself will be yours forever.” — Bianca Sparacino  Follow Bianca ♥  •   Follow In Your Feelings on TikTok ⤓ •
March 28, 2021
You Cannot Rush Your Healing, So Be Gentle With Yourself Along The Journey
• Order Bianca's new book "A Gentle Reminder" & enter FEELINGS10 at checkout for 10% off  In this episode, Bianca offers gentle reminders to help you feel less alone in your healing journey. Her words inspire compassion, patience and hope, as you navigate through pain toward peace. We are all on our own unique path in life, but what connects us is our ability to feel and show up for ourselves everyday. Whatever you may be going through, please allow yourself time to honor your emotions and know that your future is brighter than you could ever imagine. Keep going.   “You are going to look back on these moments in your future, and you are going to be so glad that you trusted in your healing. You are going to be so glad that you chose to believe there was so much more out there for you. You owe it to yourself to heal." — Bianca Sparacino
March 14, 2021
If You've Been Ghosted, This Is How To Heal & Move On
In this episode, Bianca speaks on a confusing experience many of us have faced before — being ghosted. If you have ever held deep feelings for someone who seemed to disappear from your life so easily...this episode is for you. Her comforting words serve as a reminder that your feelings are valid, and you deserve someone who will value and care for your heart.   “Stay open. Please do not let this convince you that you do not have something beautiful to offer others. People like you exist in this world. People like you are out there, and you will find them. Don't close yourself off to the beauty because you have felt the pain.” — Bianca Sparacino    • Check out Bianca's Books • Follow us on TikTok
February 28, 2021
How To Protect Your Energy & Set Boundaries As An Empath
In this episode, Bianca emphasizes the importance of setting healthy boundaries in all relationships, whether it is with family, friends or partners. We are reminded that time alone with yourself does not make you selfish or uncompassionate to others, but is instead a valuable form of self-care. If you are feeling depleted in your relationships and need guidance toward finding the peace you deserve, this episode is for you.   "You are not responsible for fixing the people in your life. You are only responsible for loving them. And you can love them deeply and well and also take care of yourself and your heart." — Bianca Sparacino
February 14, 2021
Promises To Make Yourself As You Enter A New Year
In this episode, Bianca encourages us to treat ourselves the way we treat the ones we love. We are all navigating life for the first time and trying to find ourselves in the process. Her words not only remind you of your worth, but also provide a sense of comfort and reassurance for you to come back and listen to on your toughest days.   “Meet yourself with kindness as best as you can. You are your own home. Make it a beautiful place to be this year.” — Bianca Sparacino • B's Newsletter • Bianca's new book A Gentle Reminder • Thought Catalog app
January 31, 2021
Be Proud Of How Much You Have Grown This Year
In this episode, Bianca opens up about navigating the human experience and affirms how difficult it can be to identify signs of growth during tough times. Her words encourage us to embrace the emotional highs and lows, because they both serve a role in getting us closer to living the lives we've always wanted, and deserve. If 2020 has been especially hard for you, give yourself this time to listen, reflect and be grateful about how strong you really are.   "I fumbled with growth. It was a hard thing to even connect with because it didn't feel like I was blooming at times. It felt like I was being buried. And now I can look back on those moments and realize that when I was being introduced to growth. Those moments were the moments that would define and build me. Making me stronger and more resilient, despite how hard it was to see as it was actually unfolding in my life." — Bianca Sparacino Click here to watch the first episode of The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video ⤓ • 
December 13, 2020
On Overthinking & Overloving
In this episode, Bianca speaks to all the sensitive souls who constantly pour their hearts out to those around them. She reminds us to reallocate the energy and love we give the world back into ourselves. By feeding positive and loving thoughts to our minds, we can sustain the inner peace and clarity we all deserve.   "The right people will know how to love you correctly. They will know how to take care of your mind. They will feel secure. You won't question their intentions or if they care. You won't have this feeling to overcompensate or exhaust your heart. The right people will stay. Anything else is not for you." — Bianca Sparacino   Pre-Order Bianca's New Poetry Book "A Gentle Reminder" 
December 6, 2020
On Learning How Not To Apologize For Your Heart, Your Mental Health, And Your Healing
In this episode, Bianca reminds us to take up space wherever we are in life. We learn that it is so important to listen to ourselves and acknowledge our feelings in order to understand what our hearts need. She identifies examples of anxious thoughts that we can learn to reframe in a way that leads toward a path of healing and empowerment.    “I hope you never again apologize for the way you connect. We need deep feelers in this world. We need people who choose depth over distance. We need people who make others believe in that goodness. We need hearts like yours in this world.” — Bianca Sparacino Pre-Order Bianca's New Book "A Gentle Reminder" 
November 22, 2020
Gentle Reminders Everyone Needs To Hear
In this episode, Bianca delivers a heart-warming reminder that you are not alone in your feelings. As she dives into healing, gratitude and worthiness, her deeply personal words provide a sense of comfort and hope. By listening and opening your heart to these messages, you will undoubtedly hear something that you were meant to take with you on your journey of self-discovery and love.   “I wouldn’t be able to release books or make a podcast that people care about and listen to without all of you, and all your vulnerability and honesty. And all of the ways in which you show up in this world as people who resonate with what I write. That just means the world. I’ll never be able to put it into words, ironically. But I appreciate all of you.” — Bianca Sparacino   Bianca’s newest poetry book ‘A Gentle Reminder’ is now available on
November 8, 2020
Toxic Beliefs About Love We Need To Let Go Of
In this episode, Bianca identifies common misperceptions about love that end up having a toxic impact on our relationships. We are inspired to dig deeper into our own understanding of love, and gain a more clear sense of what is feeding our hearts in a healthy way. What does love mean to you?   “Human beings are not mind readers. We have to be honest about what makes us feel loved. About what hurts us. About what we need. We have to be open and vulnerable and show ourselves in order for another person to truly, truly be able to see us.” — Bianca Sparacino
October 11, 2020
For Those Who Love Deeply
In this episode, Bianca speaks to all the empaths out there who know what it's like living with a big heart in this modern world. Her words celebrate the beauty in being a deep lover, and remind us that the vulnerability when in love is not a form of weakness. By understanding how powerful our hearts are, we can make more conscious decisions about the love we pour into ourselves and those around us. "You deserve to find the human beings in this world that love like you do. Who care like you do. Who want to ensure that they celebrate your heart, that they nourish it."  — Bianca Sparacino
September 20, 2020
On Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves You
In this episode, Bianca encourages us to welcome change and growth into our lives. This may mean walking away from something familiar, or even opening up to something new. Change is never easy but these reminders help us recognize the power we have in deciding what we will tolerate and what is not truly meant for us. If you need some inspiration to trust that voice in the back of your head, this episode is for you. "Your life is a true and honest extension of what you want it to be. When you hold on, even when you need to let go, you are choosing your past over your future. You are choosing your comfort over your courage. You have to choose your growth." — Bianca Sparacino
August 30, 2020
You Don't Need Closure To Heal & Move On
In this episode, Bianca helps us realize that closure can come from within. Whether you are dealing with heartbreak or a missed opportunity, this is your reminder that you do not have to wait for someone's words to give you strength for healing. Allow yourself to open up and accept what you truly deserve, genuine love. "Choose your own healing. Take it back. Know that it is a gift you give yourself. And let everything else fall away. You don’t need it. You just need yourself, you just need to stand up for the beautiful heart of yours."  — Bianca Sparacino
August 16, 2020
Maybe 2020 Isn't Cancelled
In this episode, Bianca reassures us that although 2020 hasn’t lived up to our hopes and expectations, there are still moments to appreciate and celebrate. If you feel like your world is unraveling out of control, or your plans have been halted, this episode is a helpful reminder to step back and appreciate what the unexpected has in store for your personal growth, success and relationships. "Maybe 2020 is showing us that we can survive. That it is within us to withstand. That we aren't alone, that we need one another. Maybe that is the beauty of everything falling apart at the same time." — Bianca Sparacino
August 2, 2020
It's Okay To Outgrow Those Who Do Not Know How To Love You
In this episode, Bianca speaks on the experience as a empath, and how our capacity for loving others can sometimes impede on the love we show to ourselves. Sometimes we give our love boundlessly to those who aren't ready to receive it as the precious gift that it is. By understanding that walking away is not giving up, we can view letting go as an opportunity for growth and greater love.   "And so you stay. But at what point does that become self sabotage? At what point does caring deeply about another human being start to mean that you are no longer caring for yourself?" — Bianca Sparacino
July 26, 2020
How To Heal Toxic Patterns & Experience Genuine Love
In this episode, Bianca breaks down how we can find love that is rooted in security and trust. By understanding our own dating patterns, we identify ways in which we can heal attachment styles that aren’t working and cultivate new ways to grow into genuine love. "What can you give yourself? What can you do to show up for yourself? What are the smallest things you can do for yourself that teach you that you have the capacity to take care of yourself? That you can be a safe place for yourself, as well." —Bianca Sparacino Bianca's book "The Strength In Our Scars" is now being offered at a 20% discount on Shop Catalog until Saturday, July 25th. Enter the discount code Feelings20 at checkout and enjoy her beautiful poetic pages. Buy Bianca's Book ⤓ •
July 19, 2020
How To Tell The Difference Between Love & Attachment
In this episode, Bianca helps us understand the important difference between love and attachment, and how this differentiation can guide us to making healthier decisions with our heart. By breaking down the relatable feelings and behaviors we all have in relationships, we can better identify what is serving us, as opposed to what is holding us back. Invite yourself to listen and reflect on these words, so you can adopt healthy habits and embrace the love that is meant for you.   “Attachment is holding on very tightly. Genuine love is holding on very gently.” — Bianca Sparacino
July 5, 2020
Why We Settle For Less When We Deserve More
In this episode, Bianca inspires us to listen to our inner voice that speaks straight from our heart. By becoming more aware of the ways in which we've settled in friendships, relationships, or even creatively, we arrive one step closer to fulfilling the life that we deserve. Her empowering words remind us to trust in ourselves and go after the things we are called to. "Commit to not settling for less than what is possible. Commit to the risk. Commit to the discomfort. Commit to not accepting a life, or a love, or a career that allows you to stay hidden from the world. Commit to being all that you are meant to be. Commit to reminding yourself that what you desire is possible." — Bianca Sparacino
June 28, 2020
The Truth About Rejection
In this episode, Bianca helps us navigate rejection by reframing the way that we talk about it. Her fresh perspective allows us to understand that rejection does not reflect our worthiness or potential. It is simply an experience we encounter on our long beautiful journey of life and love.   “What is for you will always be for you. And it will not require you to be something you are not. Look for the places when you are celebrated, where you are appreciated, where you appreciate and value yourself.” — Bianca Sparacino
June 21, 2020
For When You Need To Let Go
In this episode, Bianca creates a safe space for us to calm our minds and open our hearts to beautiful meditative poetry.  If you are having trouble being alone, and are looking for some positive words to connect with, treat this next 30 minutes as a guided journey toward deeper self-understanding.  Whether you are starting your day or ending it, trying to relax or working on a project, these words are here for you to listen and reflect on.   "I want you to give your feelings a name. I want you to give yourself permission to acknowledge that they are there. I want you to just release, to let them out when you feel them wash over you. I want you to just let yourself go in this moment." — Bianca Sparacino
May 31, 2020
You Deserve To Forgive Yourself
In this episode, Bianca challenges us to be gentle with ourselves and our journey, by accepting our own forgiveness. During these past few months in quarantine and self-isolation, we have finally had time to slow down and reflect on who we are and what we've been through. By learning to forgive ourselves for what we may have put our hearts through in the past, we are able to appreciate the hurdles we've crossed and become hopeful for what our future holds. “Forgive yourself for doing whatever you had to do to ensure that you made it to see another day. It is okay if you hid from the world. It is okay if you weren't as productive as you needed to be. It is okay if you let relationships slip, or if you let yourself slip. It is okay if you felt depressed or sad or anxious, as you navigated your healing. It is okay. However you fought your wars, whatever got you here today is valid.” — Bianca Sparacino
May 24, 2020
Quarantine Is Difficult, But You Are Not Alone
In this episode, Bianca reminds us that we are all humans going through this totally new experience of uncertainty together.  If you are experiencing any anxiety about what's going on or even what lies ahead, these words will extend guidance and support on learning to navigate this new lifestyle.     "There is no right way to cope with all of this.  Part of your job is to figure out how you cope with your emotions in a way that doesn't leave you drained.  And that is a deeply personal process.  That is something that you really have to connect with." — Bianca Sparacino
May 17, 2020
Everything My Mom Taught Me About Life
In this deeply honest episode, Bianca reflects on the lessons, love and light her mother shared with the world before she laid to rest in peace. This beautiful listening journey through personal moments and conversations, opens our eyes to the amazing woman who continuously inspires B, the soul we so love to know through her poetic voice.   “She became a beacon of light for so many human beings in this lifetime - a shoulder to lean on and everyone knew that they could count on her. So in a way, this is me allowing for her to continue doing that. This is me putting her heart into the world in the hopes that it helps you to feel loved today, or inspired or encouraged within the lessons that you’re learning today too.” — Bianca Sparacino Whether today you are close or far from your mother, or someone who has shown up as a mother figure in your life, send them this podcast and share why you are grateful for each other.  
May 10, 2020
Moving On In The Age Of Social Media
In this episode, Bianca explains the role that social media has in our journey of moving on after a breakup. Her inspiring words remind us that we have the power to create an environment on our social media feeds that will allow for healing, growth and positivity. "Block, mute, unfollow - whatever you have to do to feel in control of your healing, do it." — Bianca Sparacino
May 3, 2020
Moving On From Someone You Never Dated
In this episode, Bianca breaks down 'almost relationships' and why these heartbreaks are just as significant as those of traditional relationships.  By being honest with ourselves, we learn to reflect on what we were seeking in the relationship and why we settled.  Ultimately, it was just another experience to understand what we're looking for in our future relationships.   "When you settle for an almost, you settle for an almost in every single aspect of what a relationship could be...or should be. You settle for almost happy. You settle for almost valued. You settle for almost chosen. But you deserve more than that.”" — Bianca Sparacino
April 26, 2020
For When You're Finding It Difficult To Love Yourself
In this episode, Bianca calls for us to be proud of who we are in all moments, both strong and weak. Honesty, courage and acceptance are just some of the themes she touches on in this affirmative reminder to prioritize yourself in day-to-day life. "When you earn your own respect, you stand firmly in who you are. You know that you aren't being dishonest with yourself or editing yourself down. You know that you're showing up for yourself." — Bianca Sparacino
April 19, 2020
How To Heal & Move On While Self-Isolating
In this episode, Bianca shares how self-isolation in quarantine can offer an opportunity to spend time with your emotions and work on healing a heartbreak, sometimes through connection with other people. "I know that it may feel like dating in an isolated period of time is silly, or doesn't make sense...but for someone who is navigating their healing, for someone who is just trying to be tender and gentle with their heart, it's actually an incredible way to test the water." — Bianca Sparacino Bumble ⤓
April 12, 2020
If You Have Forgotten, This Is What You Deserve
In this episode, Bianca shares an affirmative reminder for the moments when we are doubting our heart’s wants and settling for less than what we strive for in relationships. “Your heart deserves to be chosen. You deserve to be valued for who you are. You deserve to be loved for who you are. And you don’t have to beg for that love if it is for you. You do not have to chase the kind of love that is meant to be in your life.”  — Bianca Sparacino
April 5, 2020
Love In The Age Of Instagram
"We're living in an age where romance is considered getting a text back.  In reality, we are begging for basic respect as human beings.  We're begging to be loved the way that we should just naturally and innately be loved." — Bianca Sparacino   In this episode, Bianca responds to those who feel like they are being loved with one foot out the door due to the prominence of social media platforms and dating apps.  By reminding us of our natural human want for nurturing and love, Bianca provides inspiration to feel confident in our standards for love in the age of Instagram.
March 31, 2020
On Being Thankful To Those Who Hurt Us
"At the end of the day, the people who leave us are our greatest teachers.  They teach us about ourselves and what we want.  There are so many lessons to be found in moving forward, and forgiving, and finding peace within the circumstances that we have been dealt."  — Bianca Sparacino In this episode, Bianca recognizes the beauty in deep-feelers who open their hearts to love without fear.  By placing value in the experiences that love provides, this podcast empowers those feeling hurt at the hands of love.
March 21, 2020
This Is Why You Should Give Up On Your Dreams
"This is your reminder: you don’t have to do things the way you thought you were going to do them. You can change your mind. You can take a step back. You aren't falling behind. You're falling into a life that is more for you."  — Bianca Sparacino   In this episode, Bianca speaks to those who may feel like they don't know where their life journey is headed.  By sharing her own story, Bianca affirms that it is okay to take a step back and allow your inspirations to lead you toward where you're meant to be.  
March 15, 2020
Maybe Right Now Your Journey Isn't About Love
Bianca talks about how to be at peace with being alone and find peace without external validation.
March 8, 2020
This Is How You Love Someone With Anxiety
"When you are dealing with a partner who has anxiety, just let them know you're a team.  That you're in this together."  - Bianca Sparacino In this episode, Bianca unwraps the dynamic anxiety plays in a relationship, and how partners can be a supportive resource to a loved one with anxiety. Subscribe on Spotify ⤓ Subscribe on iTunes ⤓ Buy Limited Edition Books ⤓ OUR FREE APP —…/th…/id957849007
March 1, 2020
If You’re Finding It Difficult To Move On
Bianca poetically and beautifully describes how to let go of someone that did not make the space for you.
February 23, 2020
Why Empaths Always Fall In Love With Potential
In the inaugural episode of Bianca Sparacino's Thought Catalog podcast "In Your Feelings", Bianca dives deep into how empaths fall in love with potential and how heartbreaking and difficult it can be to move forward and to lay all of your love down.
January 26, 2020