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3 Brothers No Sense

By 3 Brothers No Sense
Just 3 brothers chopping it up about whatever is on our mind at the time. We discuss everything from relationships, black culture, politics, to our favorite music groups.
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An interview with Eugene Goodman

3 Brothers No Sense

Juneteenth's a holiday...okay (remastered)
Ferg is out mentoring the youth and setting a good example for everyone. He took the Houston Lamplighters on an HBCU tour. So we revisited a past episode and it is just as relevant today. Ferg calls buff the flexiest of the crew. Buff tries to deflect, but fails. We celebrate the end of racism because Juneteenth is a national holiday now; while states ban teaching about Juneteenth.  As we lean into the Juneteenth weekend Buff asks what is the black agenda and how do we get it implemented. Razi piggybacks on Buffs questions and asks, "Is Juneteenth becoming a holiday a big deal or not?" Ferg brings a more heartfelt question as he asks, "What words can make your heart grow and why don't we use them more?" It's a giant sized episode but we had a lot to talk about. Enjoy.
June 27, 2022
Sheeee's a hooooooooo...hooooooo
We are back and brought the question from last weeks episode with us. We open with Razi updating the brothers on Kim Kardashian ruining Marilyn Monroe's dress and explaining the Fed rate hikes and what it means. Buy Buy Buy!!! Buff wants to know is Agism the only ism that is acceptable and was it okay to question if the president is fit for office. Ferg thinks the train episode of This is Us is ingenious and he lets everyone know it. Buff wants to know as we move away from gender roles are there things that we prefer women to do rather than a man. We then finish the conversation of slut shaming from last week. Buff asks why should it be wrong to slut shame? Finally Razi has been watching too many adult videos. He wants to know if getting into a relationship with a step sibling is wrong then why is it acceptable for in-laws to get into a relationship. We close touting "Hustle," advising Deshawn Watson against massages, and we shout out the Houston Lamp Lighters. Please donate to this great cause.
June 20, 2022
Here's your funky win, now shut up
Happy Juneteenth, happy Pride Month, and happy Fathers Day. The brothers are back this week to talk about being a dad. Before we get into the questions we have an Arbys fan and it's not Razi. Razi brings up the gun control bills in Congress, Roddy Rich getting arrested, The Patriot Front white supremacist group getting arrested in a Uhaul. Oh and he is loving Top Gun. We send our prayers to the Cooley/Pettway family. Sophie makes her return to the mic. We jump into the questions Ferg takes two questions. His first question is what was our most memorable or favorite call memory with our dad. He then asks when was the time or event that broke the veil of our fathers being the superhero. Razi takes last question and invokes everyone's Lori Harvey reactions. He wants to know what we are going to teach our daughters about dating. We close asking for support in bringing Brittney Griner home, making a plug for Elaine Welteroth's book "More than enough," and shouting out Tabitha Brown for her new clothing line in Target. Don't forget to subscribe!
June 13, 2022
Don't let her abuse you king
We are back for another week of thoughtful hilarity. We open relishing in how we pushed President Biden to speak out on gun violence.  That leads to a conversation on how politics is in everything and Razi plugs "The G Word" on Netflix. We discuss the future the Uvalde Police Department after their atrocious response to the Robb elementary school shooting. We have to check on Allyson as Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey's trailer is released. We talk about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. Razi stays with that theme and asks why men rarely report domestic violence incidents against them. Buff looks at the YSL trail and wants to know our thoughts on courts using lyrics in cases against rappers. Ferg brings up birthday wishes and want to know what we wish for when we get the chance to make wishes. We close out with a dedication to another fallen parent in our circle. It's getting to be way too frequent. So we ask that you all make sure you are making the best decisions in life. Enjoy!
June 06, 2022
The NRA is the Illuminati
It's memorial day and another week another mass shooting. It's tiring yall, and we tackle it this week. We discuss what is causing this surge in mass shootings and some potential solutions. We break up the discussion by talking about the commercialization of Juneteenth and whether we should keep pushing back or just accept that it is going to happen. We also discuss We Own the City, The Slow Hustle, the new Chip and Dale movie, and Byron gives us a history lesson on Harland B Carter and the NRA. So it's not all doom and gloom this episode. We laughed a lot more than we expected and we hope you do as well. Enjoy!
May 30, 2022
Kerry Strug Saved 'Murica
Congratulations to all the graduates including Razi's sister for completing medical school. We shout out Huntsville. AL for being the best place to live in America and the new black owned vegan restaurant The Veggie. We open up about the Buffalo shootings and the response around more guns would have changed things. We jump into questions and Byron wants to know "Has America ever been united?" Razi wants to know if Eightball or Angela was the wrong party on "My Homeboy's Girlfriend." Ferg brings us back to serious discourse and asks, "Do we prioritize things over our children's feelings?" We send our prayers to those affected by gun violence. 
May 23, 2022
Mouthpiece and some D
We told you so. The brothers are back this week and Razi is feeling himself because he called that Elon Musk's pullout game is strong. Byron is loving Kendrick Lamar's Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers even though it's not trapping. Razi goes on a tirade and talks about Musk, Crypto, and NFTs. He settles down to talk about Naomi Osaka and her new sports management agency. Ferg is tired of the trolls trolling. He talks about the casting for Percy Jackson and how dare they not cast everyone as white people. Sophie brings a banger and Ferg tries his hand at joke telling. Ferg gets first question and wants to know can allies disagree with a parties stance and still be allies. Razi wants to talk about the mouthpiece that someone has to have to convince people to overlook red flags. We discuss the prison break here in Alabama and the shenanigans that ensues. Finally Buff brings up the hate Issa Ray gets for being too close to Clarence from Eight Mile. He wants to know why do some discount her accomplishments since her life was too stable growing up. Enjoy!
May 16, 2022
I'm not mentoring anyone!
Happy Mothers Day. Kevin Samuels passed away unexpectedly. We touch on him a few times this episode 👀. Razi shoots his shot with every single mother in the world. Ferg stops him from spoiling Moonnight. RIP to Roe v. Wade. We just say.....we told you so. We talk through Dave Chappelle being attacked, the fallout, and hopefully it will deter people from attacking entertainers. We jump into the questions and Razi brings up Ryan Tannehill saying he won't mentor Malik Willis. Razi asks the brothers thoughts on mentoring in their jobs and should they do it. Buff asks a question from one of our listeners. She asks do we live vicariously through our kids? Ferg takes last question today and quotes Confucius. He wants to know what are we looking for in friends today, have our expectations changed, have our circles shrunk, and what happens to those friends left behind. We had fun recording so enjoy!
May 09, 2022
Who wants "Leftovers?"
The brothers are back and swinging like Mike Tyson on an airplane. We are a best local podcast finalist for Legniappe Weekly's annual Nappie awards. Buff is liking "We Own the City" on HBOMax and wants everyone to support browndages. We discuss Kiteman, Ozark, Sonic 2, and The Bad Guys. We shout out Morris Brown for getting their accreditation back. Ferg is hating on the Nets and celebrates them getting swept, but big ups the NFL draftees. We take a moment to appreciate King Richard's foresight. We jump into questions and Buff starts us off asking what was our biggest fear of getting old in high school and today. Razi wants to hear the brothers take on the new TN law that forces drunk drivers that kill parents to pay child support. Finally we have to discuss the person the ladies love to hate. We break down Kevin Samuels "leftovers" comment. It's a great convo as always. Enjoy! Show Link
May 02, 2022
$500 wedding tings
We recorded on 4/20. So you can imagine the philosophical conversations that happened. We open discussing the $500 brockenbrough wedding. Razi is big mad at Netflix, but happy Taco Bell is bringing back the mexican pizza. Buff says Benzino is coming for us just for reporting the news. Ferg starts us off asking a question from Will Smith's book Will. He wants to know how we all balance fantasies that we create about our lives and the reality that grounds us. Razi continues the $500 wedding conversation and wants to know would the brothers be okay paying for the meals at a friends weddings. Then follows up asking would we feel some type of way if our friends chose not to attend because we want them to pay for their meal. We close with a shout out to Yo Gotti and Jay Z bringing attention to the unconstitutional state of the prison system in Mississippi. Razi shouts out Jamie the Artist and we take a moment of silence for the loss of Samuel "Big Sam" Boggan, Sr.  Show links Check out Jamie at
April 25, 2022
Russell Wilson is LAME!!
Yep. We said it. He's lame. But before we explain why he's lame we discuss liquor store racism, Donald Blair snitching for $125K, Benzino dating a trans woman, and the holidays. We talk about the women prison that had a pregnancy outbreak after they transferred hundreds of trans women to the prison and Easter speeches. We jump into questions as Razi asks what makes Russell Wilson lame. Byron asks are black people patriotic and why or why not. Ferg piggybacks on the question and wants to know why do some think black people aren't patriotic and what would we say if they told us to "go back to Africa." It's a super fun show with a tinge of we always do. Enjoy!
April 18, 2022
3 Brothers saves the world
What up! What up! What up! We are back with a super fun show this week. We open with a huge F U to Adam Schefter. We stand in awe at how fast Pac and Biggie were able to accomplish so much. Razi is not impressed at the current non Marvel comic movies...stares directly at you The Batman and Mobius!!!! Congrats to Ketanji Jackson Brown on becoming the first African American female Supreme Court Justice. We cover "Only Fans" news as Courtney Kleeney goes to the club 24 hours after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death. And Jada made a statement (side eye).  As we jump into the questions Razi wants the brothers opinion on why parents force their kids out of the house at 18 if they don't go to college, but will let them stay if they do. Buff watched Armageddon and wants to know what our demands would be if we had to save the world. Ferg wonders why little boys didn't have any cool marriages to look up to when we were growing up. The 3 Brothers are saving the world one episode at a time.
April 11, 2022
Will's not the GOAT and it ain't even close
We open with thoughts and prayers to the Sacramento School shooting victims and discussing how America doesn't care. We give a review on Marvel's Moonnight, are excited about the new Harry Potter movie and shout out to UNC advancing to the National Championship. We celebrate the return of Sophie and an actual good joke. We start the questions discussing the Will Smith slap and the response from society. Razi follows up with the question, "Is Wil Smith the GOAT of black actors?" Buff asks a question from our followers as we discuss Lia Thomas and trans athletes participating in their transitioned gender sports. We are so happy to be back in the studio and love what we do. Enjoy!
April 04, 2022
Dreams of My Father
We return from a two week break as we celebrate the McCoy nuptials and mourn the loss of Ferg's father and grandmother. We came back swinging on Ceasers Palace. We jump into questions and Byron gets first question. He mentions the political theatre and bufoonery of Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court hearings and asks what past verdict has hit us the hardest. Razi talks relationships and ask does she have to be wifey before she becomes wifey. Does she have to do wife things before you propose? Ferg is reflective after the passing of his father and wants to know what life lessons we got from our dads and what life lessons do we want to impart to our kids. We close with a review of the New Edition Culture Tour with Jodeci and Charlie Wilson. We are so happy to be back in the barber shop. Enjoy!
March 28, 2022
I lie because I love you (remastered)
As we mourn the passing of Ferg's grandmother we reflect on one of our favorite episodes. We jump into the questions and Ferg wants to hear the Brothers thoughts on the Olympics banning political statements and specifically black lives matter. He follows up asking if we were in the athletes positions what would we do? Razi keeps it simple. He asks, "is there a respectable way to cheat?" Buff rounds out the discussion talking about the P&G commercial "widen the screen." He wants to know should we hold our black directors accountable for some of the stereotypes about black people. We close out congratulating our great friends Mike and Alexis on their engagement as we prepare for their Wedding this week. And as always thank you all for the support!
March 14, 2022
I cheated because I wanted to!
We open discussing Kanye West's recent shenanigans and the latest episode of Jeen-yuhs. Razi gives a great review of Elden Ring and shouts out the parent teacher organizations renaming daddy/daughter and mother/son dances. We jump into the questions and Buff asks can we stay friends with someone another friend has problems with? Razi wants to know why men cheat. Finally we break down Ukraine, the fallout and our predictions for the future of the area. We close discussing the white privilege of the worst neighbors ever on Netflix, the 2 year anniversary of the world losing Jennica Kimberly, and we mourn the loss of Ferg's Grandmother Pinky Carter.  Please Donate to the Jennica Kimberly Endowed Scholarship here.
March 07, 2022
Get rid of black history month?
It's the last week of black history month and we had to go there. We open talking about Russia invading Ukraine and Bidens pick for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson. We discuss whether her being married to a white man will be an issue for Black America. We revisit Bel Air and the show tackling Ashley being bi-curious. As we jump into the questions Ferg brings up a business owner that turned down a corporate customer's future business for using them as a black history prop. Buff asks should Black History Month be canceled? Razi asks the brothers what has been their biggest professional/business fail. We close shouting out Drexell and Honeybee's in Brewton, AL for serving free meals for everyone throughout the week. Enjoy!
February 28, 2022
Guys will smash anything
We come out of the gate with hot takes and keep it up the entire show. Dr Dre's half time show was top five. We break down the other top halftime shows. While we are on the NFL we discuss Brian Flores landing an assistant coach position while he is suing the league. We dig deep into the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot "Bel Air." We continue the discussion as we get into the questions. Razi wants to know what other 90's sitcoms needs a reboot and we talk about how the reboot can look. We have a million dollar idea so don't steal it. Buff follows up asking whether we really care about likes on social media and should they be removed? That leads us to Ferg's question. He wants to discuss one of our Facebook posts that asked, "If men will smash anything, then why do women keep getting surgeries?" We close with with recognizing the Kim Potter sentencing, calling out the democrats and their supporters, and a moment of silence as we mourn the loss of Gayle McCoy. Enjoy!
February 21, 2022
He's NOT Black
We open with Ferg hating on Raising Dion and Razi singing praises for Reacher on Amazon Prime Video. Buff brings up Adele's potential cancelling and a scene from this weeks This is Us really hit home for him. We discuss Joe Rogan and how he's not going to get cancelled no matter what he does. Sophie returns to deliver a great joke. Buff gets first question and asks when are we okay with our kids quitting or do we make them finish what they started. Razi brings up Talib Kwali and his opinion of ghostwriters. He asks whether the brothers fell someone can be on the top rapper list and use ghostwriters. Finally, we discuss the NFL's newest black coach Mike McDaniel and how some are questioning his blackness. We close discussing the "don't say gay bill," the wounded warrior program, and Da Baby jumping DaniLeigh's brother. It's another great show. Tune in!
February 14, 2022
Cigar Bae
That's right. We got a chance to sit down and talk to Cigar Bae, Samara Curtiss. Samara set the internet on fire with her viral TikTok where she offered first date advice of giving a small gift to your male date. Before we jump into the interview Buff wants to talk about Brian Flores and his lawsuit against the NFL and the rising beef with Minnie Mouse's pantsuit. Razi talks about the week of one uppance with Joe Biden killing not one, but two ISIS leaders. We talk about Sony's response to Microsoft and them buying Bungee. Ferg brings up Whoopi Goldberg being suspended for her comments on The View. Razi tries to redeem himself for last weeks horrible joke. Let us know what you think of this week's joke. Samara gives us all the tea about the date, the aftermath, and her plans for her future content. As we stay in the spirit of dating Razi asks a question about friendzones and pretend male friends. We discuss @kay_dupree13's post "Men talk about the friend zone a lot but something that doesn't get talked about is the pain you feel as a woman when you didn't have a had a man pretend to care for you so that he could sleep with you." Buff rounds out the show by asking can we get past our potential lady being in a solo orgy in the past. The discussion goes exactly how you imagine. This was a super fun episode. Enjoy!
February 07, 2022
I'm not sleeping on the couch but she may have to
The brothers are back after a groundbreaking interview with Eugene Goodman. We are still in awe at the response. Oh, and Tom Brady retired. We discuss "We need to talk about Cosby" and whether the Cosby show should continue to be on television. Razi goes over his annual tax return/ credit and respond to the Chris Brown rape allegations. Only two questions today but we go deep. Ferg asks have we moved in one direction in our life based on our history and because of that movement have we pulled away from family/things/places in our past. Buff follows up on a statement Ferg said in our "I'm not sleeping on no couch" episode. Ferg stated that he can't get in trouble with his wife. Buff wants to know since he can't get in trouble with his wife, can she get in trouble with him? What are the things that get her in trouble? We really appreciate all the support and don't forget to subscribe.
January 31, 2022
An interview with Eugene Goodman
That's right. The Brothers were able to land the exclusive first interview with America's hero Eugene Goodman. We open discussing the Microsoft potential acquisition of Activision/Blizzard and mourning the suicide of Regina King's son Ian Alexander, Jr. We weren't surprised at the failure of the John Lewis Voting Rights bill, but we did love Nikole Hannah-Jones' MLK speech. At the 10min mark, We finally get a chance to hear from the man that most think should have been Time Magazine's person of the year. He describes the riot in his own words and finally lets the world know what was going through his head while he was saving the Senate. He shares with us what keeps him grounded and his escape from the newfound popularity. And we also get his choice of which is better: Northern or Southern seafood. Razi squeezes a question in after the interview and wants to know what colognes do the brothers wear. Byron takes final question and wants to know does cheating affect the whole family. This episode is a must listen. Enjoy!
January 24, 2022
Hot sauce in my vag
Happy MLK day. As we remember the great man we tackle a couple of things he may have worked for or experienced in his celebrity. We are a week away from joining NspireU on Air and Ferg can't wait. Razi got Covid and now he thinks he understands confinement as he binged BMF and facetimed his kids. Buff had a long weekend and gives some reviews on the shows he watched over the time. He is tired of the 90s east coast/west coast hip hop beef commentary. Happy Founders Day to DST, AKA, and Z phi B. Ferg gets first question and wants to our thoughts on accusations of Drakes attempted hot sauce assault. This one is spicy (get it huh huh). Razi goes political and asks should the Democrats blow up the filibuster to get the John Lewis Voting Rights Act through Congress. Byron rounds out the convo asking will white people keep the same energy with Karens that they try to dismiss racism with. Shout out to the Port City Secondliners and the pray that everyone gets tested for Covid after the event. Ferg leaves us with a great quote to remember that everyone is an individual and to treat them as such.  We dedicate this episode to Razi's uncle Marcello that passed last week. 
January 17, 2022
The Penis episode
We tackle penises and periods this episode. Razi opens explaining Peacemaker on HBO Max and we chose our Cobra Kai dojos to celebrate season 4. We discuss Buff's celebrity with his mention in the Huffington Post and his cameo on "4 hours at the capital" on HBO. VDOT subtweeted at Byron and didn't @ him because they are scared. We respond to the Ahmaud Arbery killers being sentenced and mourn the loss of Sidney Poitier and The Mack, Max Julien. Ferg wants to know is there any shows out there with positive black male ensembles. Byron asks has the kids ever walked in on us doing the nasty. Ferg wants to know if would we jump on the emergency rocket ship off the planet during the end of the earth. Razi wants to discuss HBCUs and the trend of high ranked players choosing them over power 5 schools. Razi is supporting Spiderman No Way Home for their Oscar run. Buff reminds everyone to keep pushing with their New Year resolutions. Shout out to Johnny Wilson for his spot on Sell this House. Enjoy!
January 10, 2022
You gotta be official
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're back like Mortimer and Randolph and expanding to radio on NspireU on air. We open discussing our holidays, Antonio Brown, and the Shop N Style fundraising event. Ferg has to leave the room because Razi's joke was so funny. Razi takes first question and asks how do you tell someone their food isn't good. Byron wants to know do we expect celebrities to speak out on social issues. Ferg asks if we have words we concentrate on for the new year or mantras we live by? We close shouting out the US Capitol Police on the one year anniversary of them defending the nation from Vanilla ISIS. Thanks again for rocking with us and keep rocking as we grow in 22.
January 03, 2022
D*ck pics anyone?
The brothers are back for another week. We open mourning the loss of Razi's dad. We also celebrate as the brothers are expanding to radio. We are joining InspireU internet radio station starting next year. We laugh at Ol Joe flexing on Putin a little. We discuss the latest Verzuz of Bone Thugs and 3-6 mafia and Succession on HBO Max. We also want to say Roll Tide!!!!! We jump into questions and Buff wants to know if we have been tried by our kids, because he has a story to tell. Razi bring up D Pics in his question. He wants to know is it sexual harassment and should be treated as such? Finally Ferg asks, do we have someone to call at our lowest and would we. This was a super fun episode and we hope you all enjoy.
December 13, 2021
Our Chrimmah list.....5 bottles of hennnnn (remastered)
We had to skip this week, but we couldn't leave you 3 brotherless. So we dug in the crates and found a banger. Enjoy! Past notes: So when this episode drops we will no longer be regular since, according to Black Twitter, we get our super powers on Dec 21st. We start celebrating Disney's slate of shows. Razi tries to spoil The Mandalorian.  Byron continues his verbal assault on Tab. We discuss Sasha Obama's grown up pics and Lil Wayne selling Young Money's masters for $100 milli. Razi gets first question this week and wants to know which super powers each of the brothers are getting on the 21st. Byron asks us how comfortable are we asking for help now that we are on the upside of our life. Ferg finishes the episode asking the brothers to create a 12 days of Christmas list. Check out the list. We close with a shout out to the PS5 giveaway winner and Byron's mom. We actually recorded on her birthday. Happy Birthday Hazel.
December 06, 2021
Take this money and get you something nice
The brothers are still full from Thanksgiving. We open discussing the exoneration of Kevin Strickland, the conviction of the three men that murdered Ahmaud Arbery, and vigilantism. Ferg is a rare Auburn fan and we debrief the Leflore all class reunion (including the fights). Razi introduces us to Karmas world. As we jump into questions Ferg wants to know why or why aren't we good at receiving gifts. Buff asks what are some insecurities we deal with. Razi asks what are some of the hardest lines in rap. Happy Holidays and it is officially safe to put up your Christmas decorations.
November 29, 2021
The South Won
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. What better way to celebrate than to listen to your favorite podcast. We open celebrating the first woman to have presidential powers; VP Kamala Harris making more history. We discuss Zac Stacy, Rittenhouse, Da Baby, and the loss of Young Dolph. Please support the Shop in Style fundraiser coming up in December. Razi is excited for X-Men 97 and breaks down Passing on Netflix. Big Bird is vaccinated but Ted Cruz ain't feeling that. We discuss vaccinating the kids and the risks of the McRib. We jump into the questions and Razi wants to hear the brothers thoughts on the Rittenhouse trial. Buff wants to know what is our favorite Bible story and if we have a current story that mirrors it. Ferg asks what is the song that drew us to each region of rap. We close with what we are thankful for this past year. It's another fun episode. Enjoy!
November 22, 2021
I aint trying to be no stepdad
We are back and on one this week. We are loving Colin in Black and White. Razi is just whelmed with Eternals. Not over or underwhelmed. Just whelmed. Buff is annoyed at the colorism argument with "The Harder They Fall." The new Versus and King Richard coming up. We send our prayers to the victims of the Astroworld incident. We discuss Scarface retiring, An Evening With Silk Sonic, and Trevor Noah. As we jump into the questions, Buff invokes Kevin Samuels saying there is no incentive for a man to become a step dad. He asks our thoughts on being a step dad. Ferg is getting married y'all. And he asks should society start rethinking large weddings upfront and shift to big renewals. Razi is starting to travel more and asks how the brothers balance traveling without the kids and taking family trips? We close pointing out the trouble people are having calling out A.a.ron Rogers but how easily they call out Kyrie. Happy Birthday Oliver and 20 year anniversary to the Q17 and E40. 
November 15, 2021
I gotta fight every night to prove my love!
We open discussing the return of Dexter and Big Mouth. We give a quick run down of The Harder They Fall. Buff is frustrated with the Democrats and the election results in VA as we discuss how bad they are a politics. And we can't forget "Go Braves!" Ferg get's first question and wants to know is there a difference in a good man/woman and a good person? Razi wants to know the brothers thoughts on Henry Ruggs III and his DUI murder charge. Byron is ready to fight and wants us to fight as well. He asks the brothers if we are out with our lady and some dude smacks her on the butt...what do we  Remember it's men's mental health awareness month and make sure you check out the fundraiser mixer for the Jennica Kimberly Memorial Scholarship coming up on December 12th. 
November 08, 2021
Men aren't men anymore
What up, what up, what up. We are joined by Jason Vorhees himself as we discuss how people aren't paying for their daughters weddings anymore.  Buff tells us another story in his "did I overreact" segment. Razi snitches on folks since he graduated snitch school, he explains the Meta/Facebook change, and tries to prove that he has some gangsta in him. Ferg is salty that he missed FAMU's homecoming. Razi asks what are some gender roles that we adhere to and the ones that we try to break. Buff wants know what women mean when they say that men aren't men anymore and that's the reason women are still single.  Ferg wants to know why are minorities slow to apply for jobs and promotion. Remember this month is men's mental health awareness month. Men go get a mental massage from a licensed therapist.
November 01, 2021
Don't answer when I call
Byron is not pleased this episode. He did not like Halloween Kills. Find out how much he disliked it. Razi is geeking out over the new season of You and the potential return of Dexter. We discuss Boosie and Lil Nas X's beef and whether Lil Nas X's trolling is intentional. Ferg had a tough family loss, but there's a silver lining as he bonded with his dad on a road trip. Buff asks first question this week and wants to know if Michael Jackson would have survive todays cancel culture. Razi stays with entertainment and wants to know if Chloe's hot take about not wanting someone to answer her calls makes sense. To quote Buff..."that's stupid." Ferg is reflective this week and asks what was our fondest memories growing up in Mobile. Happy Halloween everyone!
October 25, 2021
Respect the Asterisk - The Closer Discussion
The Brothers are joined by Robert "Bobby" Brown, JD to discuss Chappelle's latest standup "The Closer." We open discussing the handmaids tails, the new season of "the movies that made us" latest season, how He-Man sucks, Gruden's emails, and Buff just now watching Poltergeist. Ferg actually pays to watch BMF. We jump into Chapelle's special and dissect the comedy, the jokes, the need for the asterisk, and cancel culture. It's definitely a lively one. Enjoy! We dedicate this episode to BB and our prayers go out to the Ferguson family.
October 18, 2021
One night trans (remastered)
The brothers wanted to Columbus something for indigenous peoples day. So we decided to remaster our 6th episode ever "one night trans" and release it before we jumped into our discussions of Dave Chappelle's special next week. Sit back and listen to the nostalgia and get ready for next weeks episode. It is going to be explosive. On this episode Buff questions if parents will continue to discourage their kids from playing football in light of the CTE revelations over the last 5 years. Also, Razi and Ferg expect some blowback from Buff's comments about transgender women as they discuss finding out you slept with a trans woman after the fact.  The brothers round out the conversation with a what is the one thing we hope to pass down to our kids.
October 11, 2021
If you don't have anything nice to say about R Kelly...
The brothers are back this week and we are on one. We open discussing Will admitting that he and Jada had an open relationship. Buff has a new segment "did I overreact." His stories are always entertaining. Razi explains Alabama using COVID funds to build prisons and the criminal justice reform that Alabama is already doing. We discuss the super bowl halftime announcement and the potential of backlash because Mary J Blige is on the ticket. We jump into the questions and Razi wants to know if the brothers are going to continue to boycott R Kelly music now that he has been found guilty and will be going to jail for a long time. Ferg asks if the phrase "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your words to yourself" lead to poor communication skills. Our generation is the first generation that adults and kids listen to rap together. Byron gets last question and asks what rap songs did our parents like as we grew up. Take a listen and make sure to share with someone.
October 04, 2021
Do you believe in soulmates?
The Brothers are going deep this week. We open talking about the border, horses, and whips. And Buckhead is thinking about succeeding from ATL. These too are because of slavery. Byron shows off his employee of the month plaque, and Razi fills everyone in on the current lawsuits Marvel has against their artists to keep rights to characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, and more. Ferg explains why we should care about the Wonder Years remake. We react to Pearl Milling Company solving the black plight by killing off Aunt Jemima. We jump into the questions with Razi asking, "Do you celebrate perfect attendance for your kids and how do you decide when to let them stay out?" Tab is not feeling the Titans' Starfire race bend. So Byron wants our thoughts on should we be cool with black actors taking on traditional white characters or should we press for black characters to shine. Ferg takes last question and wants to know, "do soulmates exist." Don't forget to check out the youttube channel for even more content.
September 27, 2021
Custodial Parent
We open with Buff showing his appreciation for everyone checking on him over the weekend. Razi is nerding out about Netflix getting into gaming and how that's going to make him a lot of money. Oh, And Razi is still at THOT and has discovered SHEIN Men. Ferg has had 5 COVID tests in the last week. He is dodging COVID like neo from the Matrix. Ferg is back at first question and wants to know should the noncustodial parent have a say in the rules of the house and how we feel about people saying "if you don't like the rule, then take the child." Buff follows up by asking should the court system rethink how custody is decided instead of the mother being the default. It's a deep episode with the no sense slant of the 3 Brothers.
September 20, 2021
20 years later - 9/11
We dedicate this episode to all those that gave their lives on 9/11 and in response to 9/11/2001. We open as any other show trying to keep it light. We talk Brittney Spears for the first and hopefully last time ever. Razi sings the praises of Chloe and the artistry of the have mercy video. Buff reminds us of the passing of Michael K Williams most famously knows as "Omar" from The Wire. As we jump into the questions Razi wants to know should we go to dinner with Jay-Z or take the $50,000. Ferg asks, "what were some things that made you think people had money growing up?" Buff brings up Usher telling T-pain that he destroyed music and asks the brothers how to deliver criticism in a meaningful way. We close discussing 9/11 and remembering what we were doing when the towers fell and the repercussions that came after. We will keep pushing forward and we hope that you will as well.
September 13, 2021
I'll be obliged if you step outside
Happy Labor Day everyone. We are back for your listening pleasure. Razi is loving Shang-chi and Byron appreciates his recommendation of Friends from College. Ferg reviews Click Bait and points out the similarities to Hey Arnold. We discuss college football opening weekend and Sophie is back to deliver the joke of the week. #bringbacksophie Byron gets first question and he is appalled. Someone stated that "Space Age Pimpin" is not a romantic love song. That launches us into a college level deconstruction of the song. The conversation evolves into discussing certified lover boy, Donda, and Andre 3 Stacks and Drake leaking Kanye's diss record. Razi sticks with music and wants to discuss if it's time to uncancel Chrisette Michelle since we gave Ye a pass.  As we discuss pop culture Ferg brings up parents that go way over the top for their kids. He wants to know if people feel pressured and/or obligated to give kids things beyond their means. We are not ready for the promposals. Enjoy the short week this week.
September 06, 2021
Eff em, go loot
This episode is sponsored by TabbyTee.  Make sure to check out the budding YouTube star. We open discussing the latest Netflix drops including cocaine cowboys, how to sell drugs online (fast) season 3, friends from college and Startup. We give our thoughts on the coach that was told he had to stop being gay or quit his job. That conversation goes exactly how you think it does. As we jump into the questions Ferg asks what is a self imposed challenge that we deal with. Razi wants to know if the brothers agree with the school principle in Atlanta that assigned all the black 2nd grade students to the "black" classes. Buff is being reflective and wants to know over the last two years have we stated an opinion on a previous show that we want to amend or have changed our minds on. We dedicate the episode to the 12 fallen Marines that gave the ultimate sacrifice last week while working to evacuate people from Afghanistan. 
August 30, 2021
Be Selfish
We are back to doing what we do. We open discussing Sha'carri losing her latest race. We review the new Masters of the Universe, and settle a debate on the Boomerangs genre. Buff throws in an interesting questions of how was Vera's girls coming up short? Ferg shares some great news in his life and then Razi leads Sophie down a dark path with her joke. He definitely ruins it. Buff gets first question this week and he wants to know is the LGBTQ community the most powerful group when it comes to social issues. Razi wants to know did we do the right thing when we pulled out of Afghanistan. Ferg pull sup anchor and asks, "Is there ever a time in your life to be selfish?" This was a very heartfelt episode as we pray for all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. 
August 23, 2021
Episode 100 - Live
We didn't need to name this one. The brothers hit a huge milestone with episode 100 and to celebrate the launch of our YouTube page the episode was recorded live via social media. We are joined by two of our top fans Sherece Smiley and Nicholas Ramsey as we walk down memory lane.  We play a little game of 3 Brothers trivia and reminisce about some of our more controversial hot takes over the last two years. We then open up the show and answer audience questions ranging from how we balance the show and real life to discussing the shortage of candy ladies causing the downfall of the black community. It's a fun filled episode with lots of memories. Enjoy!
August 16, 2021
It's not you, It's me
The brothers are one episode away from our 100th episode so we tried to keep it light. This one was soooo fun. We open discussing BLT's. It is a deep think piece that only real sandwich connoisseurs would understand. Razi has a theory that the City Girls should star in the House Party remake. We talk about how we decide who to cheer for in the Olympics and Razi ends up in time out for his dad joke. But he breaks free for a second banger. He starts the questions off defending his Thottiness and wants to know what makes a THOT pic a THOT pic. Byron brings up Deion Sanders saying he has a favorite child. So he wants to know do we have a favorite child. Ferg has used the phrase "It's not you, It's me." He asks have we used it, have we received it, and is it just a cop out. Buff mentions the hypocrisy of Florida passing an anti-protest bill but not following the law since the protestors didn't fit the description. Ferg went anti-karen for Taylor and spoke to the swim school about her. We close by bidding Happy Heavenly Birthday to Jenn. Contribute to her memorial scholarship at or by clicking the link below and searching for Jennica.  Donate to the Jennica Kimberly Mancarella Memorial Scholarship at the University of Alabama.
July 26, 2021
Make it make sense
We are back for another week of thoughtful foolishness. We open discussing the new Space Jam and Black Widow movies. Buff was going to defend K. Michelle but just doesn't want to. Sophie stumps Ferg this week as her joke goes over his head. We jump into the questions and Byron gets first question this week. He re-watched Game of Thrones and softens his criticism of Season 8. So we know his opinions can't be trusted this week. He asked the brothers, "where does loyalty to your friend stop?" Ferg witnessed some microaggressions toward a young black swim instructor. He wants to know do we hold our black youth to a higher standard? Razi takes up last question and was inspired by Diddy and his 15 roaches. He asks the brothers about the moment that made them think that they needed to do better. We close defending Kevin Samuels after declining to defend K Michelle. Make it make sense y'all.
July 19, 2021
Welp, time to cheat
Did you all see Vax that thang up? Buff is not feeling it. Razi thinks it's bad, but he liked "Let me smang it" so we can't trust his taste. Razi and Ferg reminisce about Bagram Air Field as the US closes it down. We discuss All American Homecoming and the HBCU experience. As we jump into the Ferg asks have we ever done everything right in a relationship, what does the phrase "you can do everything right in the relationship and he will still cheat" mean, and how does it affect a relationship. He follows up with, "when is it time to cheat." Razi follows up the question and asks, "why doesn't women need men?" Buff anchors the questions with a cancel culture question. He wants to know is possible to disagree with a hot topic without the snippet being spun and you end up looking like you are hating. Then you end up cancelled in the wake and is that fair? We dedicate the episode to Dr. Frederick Humphries.
July 12, 2021
Throat Babyyyyy
The Brothers are joined by three lovely ladies to call us on our BS. Ambrosia Mentor, Porshe' Slaton aka PD Slay, and Jaselyn Will keep it real on this giant sized episode that is worth every minute. We open re-living Razi almost dying just trying to hang at a FAMU party. The FAMUans on the show rate the the weekend on a scale of "Wednesday through Sunday" of homecoming. Ambrosia actually finds a Mexican food place in Mobile and Byron doesn't wear clothes anymore. Ferg body shames himself and Buff takes that personally. As we jump into the questions Porshe' asks everyone's advise on handling an in-law that openly doesn't like you. We find out Razi is the new Kevin Samuels as Ambrosia asks the group how to balance being raised as an independent woman and being in a relationship. Jaselyn revisits a story Buff brings up about a woman wanting alimony after being someone's girlfriend for 5 years. She asked the panel should spouses pay alimony and if we would get a prenup. This episode was definitely packed with jewels and we really enjoyed the conversation. We hope you all enjoy as well.
July 05, 2021
Screw the kids, just retire
We open discussing our new entertainment picks. Loki, Fatherhood, Manifest, I am athlete, Record of Ragnarok, and The Harder They Fall included. Razi is starting an only fans because that is what THOTs do, and Ferg and Razi nerd out about Dynasty Warriors. Sophie is back for her joke this week and we get a surprise visit from TJ, Z, and Sky. Ferg starts the questions asking our thoughts on a social media post he ran across. It says "[black men] aren't doing enough to reach out to troubled black youth." And we have lots of thoughts. Razi tries to lighten the show and asks who is the brothers Mt Rushmore of hip hop groups. Spoiler....Migos didn't make anyone's list. Buff rounds out the show with a retirement question. He wants us to talk about what people can do to get ready for retirement. Ferg gets depressed from the conversation. It's an informative show that entertains as always. Enjoy.
June 28, 2021
Juneteenth's a holiday......okay
I'm black, black, black...I'm black. We are back to our regular format and it goes down this week. Ferg calls buff the flexiest of the crew. Buff tries to deflect, but fails as he describes his trip to time square with the family. We celebrate the end of racism because Juneteenth is a national holiday now; while states ban teaching about Juneteenth. Ferg is not a fan of FEDEX and explains why. As we lean into the Juneteenth weekend Buff asks what is the black agenda and how do we get it implemented. Razi piggybacks on Buffs questions and asks, "Is Juneteenth becoming a holiday a big deal or not?" Ferg brings a more heartfelt question as he asks, "What words can make your heart grow and why don't we use them more?" It's a giant sized episode but we had a lot to talk about. Hope you enjoy.
June 21, 2021
Razi turns 40 live part 2
We are back for part two of the live episode. The brothers open up and discuss pride month and Razi puts his foot in his mouth. Buff talks about coming out of mental health awareness month and the hypocrisy of the sports world. Ferg tells a story of trying to explain transgender to his six year old. Razi is back to telling jokes this week. As we jump back into the live episode Sherman asks should it be an expectation that a man "keeps" a woman and is it reasonable for women to expect being "kept." The crew then discuss how they dealt with the lowest point in their careers. Enjoy the conversation!
June 14, 2021
Razi turns 40 live part 1
All the brothers are over the hill now as we celebrate Razi turning 40. We are joined by a ton of friends as it should be: Sherman Cooley, Lenny Givens, Wendell Grant, and Damarcus Davis. We give you a look into the locker room as we just chop it up as we always do. Damarcus gives us the joke this week. Razi takes first question and goes directly to the gutter. He asks, "Does the crew prefer fresh showered or seasoned nanny?" Buff coins a phrase middies (man titties) as he asks, "can we ever heal the gender war?" The question takes a life of it's own as we discuss expectations and marriage as well. We hope you enjoy part one as much as we enjoyed recording it.
June 07, 2021
Why did you choose to be a single mother?
It seems we chose violence this week. Razi come out swinging at that Senate Republicans denying the January 9th commission. He sings the praises of ringfit adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Then Buff is excited for the boxing lineup over the next few weeks and is ready for the Olympics; women's track and field specifically. Ferg brings back the great divide and he is going to make some folks mad. We jump into the questions with Buff putting his foot in his mouth. Ferg wants to know how we feel about Lil Yachty's men's nail paint line. Buff keeps the party going and wants to hear the brothers thoughts on the new trend of women proposing to guys. Razi pulls anchor this week and asks, "can people make themselves single parents?" We close with Buff calling out these companies that pledged money for BLM and diversity initiates but haven't followed through. Finally, Razi enters the 40 club with the other brothers so Happy Birthday to him. We dedicate this episode to those in the armed forces that gave the ultimate sacrifice. #untilvalhalla
May 31, 2021
Let's be (cut) friends
We are back this week and buff is fed up. He isn't giving any more thoughts and prayers for gun violence since obviously America doesn't care. Razi gives us a run down on Army of the Dead even though he calls it Army of Darkness. Classic Razi. Ferg swoons over Simone Biles aka the GOAT. Razi gets first question today and asks, "would the brothers attend their cut buddies wedding and would they feel some type if way their cut buddy surprised them the news?" Buff wants to know how we feel about social media banning Trump and their general policies on banning people. Ferg ends the show asking what technology or social change in dating that we have observed since we were dating back in the day. We close with Razi pleading with parents to prevent the summer slip, Buff congrats Leon Brown and Henry McCollum. Ferg shouts out the recent High School grads. Here's to you class of 2021. Enjoy.
May 24, 2021
I'on owe my parents sh*t
Razi is out here THOTing again y'all. Buff is happy that Barbie can change the world. Razi hates on the Barbs and J Cole stans. Ferg enthralls us with his COVID scare and we reminisce on our last trip together before Miami. Razi brings the mental heat with his joke this week and then we jump into the questions. Buff flips the racist question this week. He wants to know who do we respect enough to be crushed if they got caught being racist. Razi gets serious and asks what would we do if an estranged parent needed to move in with us in their last days. Ferg takes last question again this week. He asks, "if we had to pack the family up and leave America, what country would we go to?" We close remembering Mental Health Awareness month. Razi calls out the haters that love to check other peoples self care methods. Finally shout out to the new NBA HOF class. Enjoy the conversation!
May 17, 2021
I lie because I love you
We are on a boat! Well as you listen to this we are. We open talking about a 20 ton rocket hurdling back towards the earth. And that's not even the worst thing we speak on. We mention on Harley Quinn, Jupiter's Legacy, and The Bad Batch, and MCU phase 4. We jump into the questions and Ferg wants to hear the Brothers thoughts on the Olympics banning political statements and specifically black lives matter. He follows up asking if we were in the athletes positions what would we do? Razi keeps it simple. He asks, "is there a respectable way to cheat?" Buff rounds out the discussion talking about the P&G commercial "widen the screen." He wants to know should we hold our black directors accountable for some of the stereotypes about black people. We close out congratulating our great friends Mike and Alexis on their engagement. Happy 40th Allyson. And as always thank you all for the support! Show Links: Check out The Crafting Angel 
May 10, 2021
Prom Night Sex
The conversation gets real this week as we discuss parenting on prom night and television. Who doesn't love those two things. We open with discussing Money Bag Joe's joint address to Congress and Uncle Tim's rebuttal. We are loving "The Mitchells versus the Machines" on Netflix. Byron discusses his quick conversation with George Floyds family and Tyrese shaving his wife's chocha. We feel sorry for Halle Berry's falloff and Razi gives a quick review of "Without Remorse." We jump into the questions with Ferg asking whether we will pay for our son's to get a room on prom night. That conversation goes exactly how you think it will. Byron wants to know if there is a chance that Marvel could overdue it and oversaturate the market. Razi geeked out on this one. Razi returns the favor and asks a question about the Wire. He wants to know which is better: The Wire or Snowfall. So buff geeked out on that one. We close with a dedication to Byron's mom as we hit the one year mark of his mom passing. It's a lighter episode and very much needed. Enjoy! 
May 03, 2021
Hey Ms Lady......Smile
GUILTY....That * is guilty. The brothers get right into it this week. We open talking about the police shooting of 16 year old Ma'Khia Bryant. Then we move to the shooting of 32 year old Isaiah Brown by the officer that had just gave him a ride home. Razi gives a spoiler free breakdown of Mortal Kombat. After Razi drops an acceptable joke we jump into the questions. We start the questions with our reactions to the Chauvin guilty verdict. Byron wants thoughts about Lil Nas X's new video Montero (call me by your name). Ferg rounds out the questions asking the brothers why is there a problem telling women to "smile." We close out discussing if women actually care what men think. We share a moment of silence for DMX, Shock G, and Black Robb. We shout out Method Man and Redman for 4/20 and Ferg is on good terms with his worst dates ever. Tab checked up on Buff's thigh rubbing story and Razi received an outpouring of love for his ain't sh*tness. 
April 26, 2021
Know the difference between white and wrong
Razi ain't sh*t. Now that that's out of the way we can actually get to real topics. Buff talks about about how tired we are of all of the mass shootings and police killings. There is a ray of sunlight as we discuss Carol Horne being fired in Buffalo for stopping her fellow officers from abusing someone in custody and finally winning her lawsuit to get her pension and backpay. We jump into the questions and Razi wants to know what was the worst date we have ever gone on. Buff wants to know are we judging the folks that are sitting out the stop Asian American hate protests? Ferg closes us out asking how we feel about the new Texas House Bill HB 1927 that allows people to open carry handguns. This one is another great discussion. Enjoy.
April 19, 2021
Mitch doesn't give a Sh*t
The brothers are joined by Dr. Brandon Davis to discuss the political and social landscape of today. We open laughing at Razi for calling a grown man Delicious, discussing the Earth Wind and Fire vs The Isley brothers battle, Mr. Biggs beard, and Brandon takes us to school. We start off the questions discussing the Chauvin trial and what it could mean for legal precedent or police reform. The discussion naturally progresses to the new Jim Crow laws Republicans are trying to pass and how Republicans don't give a sh*t. The discussion is deep but you know we make it fun. Enjoy!
April 12, 2021
Am I not black enough?
The brothers are back with heavy hearts as we lose another family member. We dedicate this episode to Buff's aunt Yvonne Welcome.  The Derek Chauvin trial is underway and we are trying to stay calm. HBOMax is bringing the heat! We debrief the Justice League Snyder Cut, the Tina Turner documentary, and Kong versus Godzilla. Ferg opens up the questions and wants to know why we are quick to disown a black person, but will invite a white person to the cookout at the most benign things. Razi watched Hip Hop Uncovered and Hatian Jack said we need to put hands on cyber bullies. Razi wants to know the brothers thoughts on that approach. Buff asks if we would go back to age 21; no special scenario other than being young again. 
April 05, 2021
Big eggplant energy
The brothers are back this week and letting it hang. Razi is on vacation and tells us about Great Wolf Lodge. We talk vacations and strip clubs; RIP KOD. Buff and Razi reminisce about the time Razi brought some friends to Mobile for the first time and got them shot at. Ferg is feeling Silk Sonic and wants a tour with them and Knarles Barkley. Razi squashes his dreams. We discuss PTSD and Razi sets up an analogy of COVID and hypervigilance. Ferg wants to discuss Derrick Jaxn until he doesn't want to discuss it anymore. Once we get into the questions Ferg opens up asking us what was the most disrespectful way we have shot a shot. Buff wants us to revisit the comment, "love is overrated," and explain why we said it. Razi closes out the questions wanting the brothers response to people saying "men can only wear certain clothing fits or colors." We close saying Happy Birthday to Marquis Johnson, once again sending prayers to victims of a mass shooting, a little politics. Enjoy!
March 29, 2021
Men spend on women; women spend on themselves
The brothers are back to get try to understand women...and Disney. We open talking about Hip Hop Uncovered, the weight of systemic racism, This is Us and Ferg's worst nightmare. Razi gets first question and wants to know "Is Disney Overrated?" Buff wants to know do we feel pressure to carry ourselves a certain way to represent all of Black America to White America. Ferg rounds out the discussion asking our thoughts on the quote "when a man makes money he dreams of giving a woman the world, but when a woman makes money she feels that she doesn't need a man." The answers may surprise you. Enjoy! We dedicate this show to the people that lost their life in the recent Atlanta mass shooting.
March 22, 2021
Simpin' ain't easy
What's the opposite of Pimpin'? The brothers explore that notion in a full filled episode. But before we get to the questions we have to shout out the social scientists that have figured out the cause of racism. It was diabeetus all along. We also talk about Senator Ron Johnson not being scared of the capitol rioters essentially because they were white. Oh and Tucker Carlson trying the military and Ferg loves Love Spell no matter who is wearing it.....As we get into the questions Byron askes is Russell Wilson a simp and what we we say to our son if he was bringing home a Ciara. Razi asks the brothers opinions about a school in NY asking staff not to use "mom" and "dad." Ferg takes last question this week and after the Pepe Le Pew fallout he wants to know other questionable characters we overlooked growing up. Enjoy the conversation!
March 15, 2021
Where is yo mama?
Buff is back from Miami so the brothers are back to discuss sooooo many things. Cancel Culture hit Dr Seuss, Miami is a basic trip, House Bill 1, Woody Allen all before the questions. Ferg starts us off asking about the young man that can't graduate in Detroit because he is in his 4th year of high school with just 2.5 credits and .13 GPA. How does that happen and who is to blame? Razi wants to know how the brothers manage work life balance. Buff wraps it up asking who was our famous high school crushes? Oh and we can't finish the show without discussing Coming to America. This is a packed episode. Enjoy!
March 08, 2021
He got called nigga 15x's
The brothers are joined by Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn as he enthralls us with his accounts of the Capitol riots and his sneaker collection. We open discussing the Texas weather emergency and the power outages. Razi brings up Tom & Jerry and Judas and the Black Messiah. Ferg wants to know will we let our ladies have an only fans for 1.8 million a year even if the kids can't go to Catholic school. Byron follows up the Officer Dunn interview with a question of whether the brothers will cape on social media for our wives if they get into a social media scuffle. Buff then implores our White allies to speak up and call out racism when you see it. Razi sneaks in a quick question of whether ATL bass music or Miami bass music was better. Remember to listen, like, comment, share, subscribe, and listen again. Show Links: Watch Officer Dunn's ABC interview here Read up on the kids that were suspended because of their moms Only Fans
March 01, 2021
But does that make you gay????
The brothers are joined by Lennon and Theresa Givens of Da Bruhs Bookshelf on Valentine's eve eve to discuss love. We get right into it as Theresa gets the men on the show all the way together. Buff asks about Austin "Uncle Ruckus" Chenge trying to cancel Black History Month. Lenny age shames Theresa. Theresa get roped into the conversation and since she prescribes to no anonymous giving, she let's us know that she is here only out of love for Lenny. Lenny breaks down a great reading list for Black History Month. As we jump into the questions Lenny wants to know does the attraction or the act make a person gay; and why does it matter? We transition to discussing if the gay agenda is high jacking the black lives matter movement. Razi get's next questions and asks the panel if they are teaching "turn the other cheek" or "throw dem hands?" We round out the discussion talking about Valentine's day and what is a good gift for your significant other. This one is a fun filled ride you don't want to miss. Show Links Listen to Da Bruhs Bookshelf on all podcast platforms Book List Black Fortunes: The Story of the First Six African Americans Who Escaped Slavery and Became Millionaires by Shomari Wills Forty Million Dollar Slaves by William C. Rhoden Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson The Color of Law The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
February 15, 2021
Who is your P*ssy attracting?
NSFW Episode alert. Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy Birthday Buff! The Brothers are joined by Norwood Richardson, Esq. Author of "A Drinkers Guide to Getting Home: How to Avoid DWI's." So obviously we were drinking in this episode and give it to you 100% raw. We start talking about stimmy round 3, 50 Cent potentially running for office, Wendy Williams, and WandaVision. After Sophie brings her banger we jump into the discussion. For the first discussion topic we discuss Patrice O'Neal's 30 point grading scale. And it goes about as wholesome as you can imagine. Razi then doubles down on the horrible choice of topics and ask bluntly, "What about her p*ssy is attracting ain't sh*t men." The brothers describe the red flags that turn off great catches. Enjoy and if you are still looking for love make sure to listen and take notes or curse us out. We don't think there will be any in between. Show Links: Check out A Drinkers Guide to Getting Home: How to Avoid DWI's on Amazon Kindle Listen to the entire Patrice O'neal set on Youtube
February 08, 2021
Make it rain Tubmans
The brothers are back this week and Buff starts off challenge shaming. He does like WandaVision now though. Razi gives the cliffs notes of the GameStop stock run and short squeeze. Ferg talks about Dr Seuss and someone from whoville swinging with T.I. After Sophie's joke we jump right into the questions. Ferg wants to know is the church doing enough to push financial literacy and ensuring their congregation is financially fit. Razi loves money. Everyone knows it. So he's excited about Tubman being on the $20 bill. So he asked is that progress for Black America and if the Biden administration moving fast enough on the black agenda. Byron finishes out the show talking about Lil Wayne and his support of Trump in exchange for a pardon. He asks would we risk it and take the deal? It's another week of hilarity and thought provoking conversations wrapped in one show.
February 01, 2021
Be all you can be...Even if you're racist
The inauguration is complete and we did it Joe! Buff is tired. But we got the episode out by the skin of our teeth. Razi is annoyed by negative people and Ferg calls him out for being negative. We give a non spoiler review of "One night in Miami."  Ferg relents and tells stops judging Razi's entertainment picks. Ferg wants our take on the monogamy and marriage conversation from Khadeen and Devale Ellis. Byron wants to hear if we have faced any racism within the Army. Razi finishes it up asking about if the brothers will take the vaccine and what are their plans after they get vaccinated. Enjoy! Show Links Watch the full Monogamy episode
January 25, 2021
Kick em in the P*ssy
We are back this week and Happy Martin Luther the King Jr day. The brothers circle up to give relationship and parenting advice this week. And it's delivered as only they can. Ferg wants to know do we invest less in our sons as we raise them to be men. Byron talks role models and asks what are the our top three black couples on TV that aren't struggle loving. Razi gets into dating and ask what does a phone down on the table mean. Is it a cheating coverup or giving your undivided attention? 
January 18, 2021
Capitol has Fallen
So first off. Buff is safe. And we are thankful for that. This week the brothers tackle the takeover of the US Capitol Building and luckily one of the brothers was there. We hold nothing back as Buff explains the harrowing tale of the takeover from inside of the building. We explore what happened, what were some of the breakdowns in leadership, and what can be done to improve next time. Ferg simply wants to know "how the f*ck does this happen." Razi is ready for another impeachment or 25th amendment invocation so the brothers discuss what it is and how it should or should not happen. Finally, Ferg asks what do we do going forward and if this is even Black America's fight. We dedicate this episode to the US Capitol Police and the 2 fallen officers (as of recording.) 
January 11, 2021
Who raised you?
The Brothers are back for Season 3. Happy New Year and let's get it! We open discussing the new seasons of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Cobra Kai. Ferg rants about spoilers. And Buff actually supports Kevin Samuels. Ferg discusses his new business venture Check him out. We get two for one jokes with a special guest. Ollie joins Sophie and wants to tell a joke as well. We jump into the questions and Ferg asks us to describe our parenting style, how we grade it, and what are we trying to change in our parenting style. Razi asks about how the brothers are family planning and how they have adjusted over the years. Buff takes us into conspiracy theory territory and wants to know our thoughts on healthy skepticism and just following conspiracy theories. How do we navigate them? It's the first episode of 2021. Raise your glass and keep listening. Show Links: Watch the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix Watch Cobra Kai on Netflix Check out Kevin Samuels on Youtube Book your photo mirror at
January 04, 2021
The NEW Kings of Comedy
So long 2020; with yo funky @ss. We open by recapping our Christmas holidays, bashing WW84 and AVA, and praising Soul. Ferg hates on Kimberly Elise. Buff gets first question this week. He wants to know what lessons we learned from 2020. Everyone opens up for some heartfelt responses. Razi takes that open heart for granted and asks who would be the new Kings of Comedy. You will be surprised at the answers. Ferg takes last question and hits on relationships and baggage as we discuss our social media post. He wants to know how we feel about bringing baggage into a relationship and what is normal. We close by congratulating the PS5 giveaway winner and remind everyone to not forget about community service during this pandemic.
December 28, 2020
Our Chrimmah list....5 Bottles of Hennnnnnn
So when this episode drops we will no longer be regular since, according to Black Twitter, we get our super powers on Dec 21st. We start celebrating Disney's slate of shows. Razi tries to spoil The Mandalorian.  Byron continues his verbal assault on Tab. We discuss Sasha Obama's grown up pics and Lil Wayne selling Young Money's masters for $100 milli. Razi gets first question this week and wants to know which super powers each of the brothers are getting on the 21st. Byron asks us how comfortable are we asking for help now that we are on the upside of our life. Ferg finishes the episode asking the brothers to create a 12 days of Christmas list. Check out the list. We close with a shout out to the PS5 giveaway winner and Byron's mom. We actually recorded on her birthday. Happy Birthday Hazel. 
December 21, 2020
Get The Drawers Qualities
Ferg is 40 and he gets all in his feels about it. We open talking about Unfit, AHS, Peppermint, Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump, and Aliens. Yep, we are all over the place on this one. Ferg opens asking about what we are passionate about, what we want to improve on, and what we will be remembered for? Razi gets second question and wants to know what women really want. Do they want qualities that make them happy, or do they really want qualities that turn them on. Buff finishes the show asking whether Netflix did the right thing by pulling The Chapelle Show after Dave voiced his concerns. Happy Birthday Ferg!
December 14, 2020
You're Average at Best
Wow! The Brothers went there this week. We open talking about Candace Owens getting called names and how we just can't cape for her. Razi sings his praises for The Mandalorian and his indifference for Netflix's Selena series. The brothers wonder how Kohl's is still in business, but Razi came up. Sophie drops a banger of a joke that may or may not be better that Kevin Hart's comedy special. Ferg's ask our thoughts on Kevin Samuels', the dating consultant, advice for women looking for a 6 figure man.  Buff follows up talking about Kevin Hart's new special and how we handle criticism; because he is catching a lot of it. We finish the show with a listener question of "who begged better; Jodeci on "Cry For You" or Boyz II Men on "On Bended Knee?" It's another fun episode yo don't want to miss. Show Links Watch The Mandalorian on Disney+ Watch Selena on Netflix Watch Kevin Hart: Zero F*cks Given on Netflix Listen to Kevin berate the young lady on Worldstar
December 07, 2020
F*ck that funky dog head bih
Happy Thanksgiving from 3 Brothers No Sense. Unless you already put up your Christmas decorations. Then...SHAME!!!!!! The brothers are back this week to gloat about Georgia and how it is giving us gold this past week. They certified the election results and gave us Jeezy vs. Gucci in one week. We are pretty sure Waffle House stock went up. Ferg is big mad about the Kenosha shooter getting released on a $2 million bond.  Razi brings the thermal energy  with his joke this week. This one is for the geeks in the back! Ferg wants to know who had a larger impact on our lives; our friends or our family? Byron asks what's the best thing that happened to us in 2020. Razi has nothing for that dog head bih. Razi closes the episode out with the age old question of, "when is the right time to put up Christmas decorations?" Show Links Watch Jeezy vs Gucci on apple tv
November 23, 2020
One and a Possible
The brothers return this week to discuss the presidential fallout, Beyoncé flexing on Peloton, and to remind everyone that COVID is still here. All before the questions start. Sophie returns to deliver an actual good joke. Ferg starts off the questions asking about whether men will always cheat. Buff asks about the brothers' picks for the upcoming Verzuz battles of TI vs. Jeezy and Outkast vs. A Tribe Called Quest. Razi rounds out the show with a question about how someone gets on the off limits list. As we close out Ferg has already started Christmas celebrations before Thanksgiving-- because he's one of those people--and encourages everyone to watch Jingle Jangle on Netflix.
November 16, 2020
CRAACA....Continuously Raising African American Culture Act
Buff's other show, Politically Entertaining, takes over this week. We are joined by Frank Turner to really get into politics following the elections. We have a giant sized episode starting with "how can Trump get 18% of the black male vote." Frank asks what should be Black America's platform and then follows up with should Black people have gone the segregation route instead of fighting for integration. Razi wants to know how the brothers feel about 3rd Party presidential candidates. Ferg finishes the discussion asking about whether a Trump or a Biden win helps the Republican Party more.  Enjoy. Listen to Politically Entertaining on your favorite platform
November 09, 2020
Go vote...unless you are voting for Trump
GO VOTE!!!!! Now that that is out of the way sit back and enjoy the brothers pour out our hearts and vent a little about these rappers endorsing y'all President. So we start off explaining mortgage refinancing and the resurgence of Girbaud Jeans. Ferg gushes over the season premier of This is us and then turns off a huge pet loving population in his great divide segment. We jump into the questions and Ferg as a serious question. Is Trump more dangerous in office or out of office? Byron follows up with whether we are mad with the rappers endorsing Trump. It's a mixed response to say the least. Finally, Razi asks how do the brothers set their charity budget and decide when to cut off the faucet? Did we mention GO VOTE for Biden!!!
November 02, 2020
Do my ladies run this mutha....Part 2
The brothers are back for part 2 of the discussion with the phenomenal women: Renata Chambers, Ashanti Young, and Lashondra Coleman. This week Ashanti asks whether we have ever slipped into some stereotyping and underestimating women. Everyone share personal stories of how they either underestimated a woman or how they have been underestimated. Ms. Spoonful of Sugar herself wants to know should women submit to their husband like the Bible says. Renata gives us a quick breakdown of the Myers Briggs and the brothers personalities. Ferg was nervous. We had a ball with this episode. Show Links: Read up on "Peanuts" moving to Apple+ Quibi shutting down after 6 months on Business Insider Check out Myers Briggs Connect with Lashondra and spoonful of sugar on Facebook
October 26, 2020
Do my ladies run this mutha....Part 1
October is domestic violence awareness month and this week is #domesticviolence call to action week. The brothers are joined by a panel of esteemed women and the #Blackgirlmagic is on full display. We welcome Renata Chamber, Ashanti Young, and Lashondra Coleman to the show in part 1 of our 2 part series. This week we really dig deep into how to help someone that is going through domestic violence. Along the way we all share stories that hit home with us about domestic violence. Enjoy and if you are experiencing domestic violence contact the national domestic violence hotline at 800.799.SAFE (7233) or Show Links Connect with Lashondra and spoonful of sugar on Facebook
October 19, 2020
Lemme Smang It
Razi is a THOT. Now that that's out of the way. The boys are back and having a ball this week. Razi gushes over Lovecraft Country. Ferg is liking Fargo. Buff ignores us half of the episode because the Miami Heat were playing those other guys while we recorded. But he does shout out the Lebron Haters. We talk the VP debates before Ferg offends more people with his "Great Divide" segment. Ferg launches the questions on a lighter asking about our top 3 one hit wonders that we thought would have had a longer career. Razi asks, "can a racist date a person of color?" Buff hits us with a #newsroom take and asks why do we feel like America is the greatest nation in the world when we only lead in wealth, infant mortality, and incarceration. We lag in every other metric that matters. Enjoy!
October 12, 2020
We love you Dick
So Trump got dat Rona. And he debates like a 5 year old. Now that that's out of the way Razi explains V shaped and K shaped economic recoveries. Buff is not sending prayers to the president. Ferg returns with the great divide to call out the literature/Bible quoters of the world. Sky joins Sophie to judge this weeks joke. Ferg starts the questions with a doozie. He asks whether the brothers think a race war is a possibility after the election and would it be a decision for some white people to "aide and quarter" black people. Byron follows up with, "when can a preference cross the line into dissing the other side?" Razi finishes talking about his favorite thing-WAP. He wants to know whether #WAP and #period posts invite disrespect and if we are essentially victim blaming them? It's another week and another gem filled show. Enjoy.
October 05, 2020
All they do is lose
The brothers are fed up with the Democrats. And air out their grievences. But not before Razi schools us on who Tanqueray is. She is 2020's Charlie Murphy with tales of the strip clubs. Ferg is back with "the great divide" to shame buggy slackers. Ferg starts off the questions asking "what would current day us tell 19 year old us?" Razi steals buff's facebook post and asks, "what is the brothers top 5 NES games?" Byron brings us home asking about the undecided voters and how they can still be undecided. And unfortunately this too is because of racism. Well, more like how much racism people are willing to swallow. Razi thinks racism light may just be acceptable to some. Enjoy the episode and tell us what you think. Show Links: Visit to check out your candidates platforms Read up on Wells Fargo CEO's statement Watch The Take on Netflix Check out Jurrasic World Camp Cretaceous on Netflix Read Tanquerey's story on
September 28, 2020
Why don't he love me no mo?
The brothers are back this week and tackle questions about love. But this isn't an episode of Oprah. And we aren't Steve Harvey. We start off talking about Cardi B and Offset splitting. Ferg is back with his "great divide" segment to discuss "slave snacks" and hotdog water. Sophie is back this week so the joke is actually funny. Ferg starts off the questions asking about why people think so highly of what they bring to the relationship and why the other party doesn't value those things. Buff wants to know why are we so dismissive of domestic violence. And then Razi cracks a joke about Megan thee Stallion being shot in the foot. Razi brings this relationship episode home asking about California's SB 145 that allows statutory rapist to avoid being listed as a sex offender. Make sure to listen and press the donate link below.
September 21, 2020
Depression....Man walk that sh*t off
Skiiiiip. Stop Skiiiip. The brothers are back and joined by Melvin "King Hulie" Johnson from Truth be Told Sports Podcast. Buff let's everyone know how he feels about the "never forget" crowd around 9/11. Ferg adds a new segment to the show called "the great divide." He basically eats spoiled ketchup and thinks everyone else is wrong. Hulie gets first question this week. Coming from a sports show he want's to know everyone's favorite teams. That ruffles some feathers. Since Razi is barely interested in sports he goes to  left field with his question. He wants to know would the brothers send their kids to a charter school. He ends up explaining charter schools; well what he knows of them. Byron switches us back to sports and asks about Skip Bayless' comment about Dak Prescott needing to get over his depression and essentially "shut up and throw the ball." We remember 9/11 in our closing remarks and Razi goes full male THOT mode as he prepares for grey sweatpants season. It's another hilarious episode. Enjoy.
September 14, 2020
It's cheaper to keep her
In this battle of the sexes episode the brothers the time honored tradition of divorce. Razi brings up The Boy's season 2 and Lovecraft Country. Buff pats himself on the back for knowing the artist at the VMAs, and Ferg lets his toilet snobbery show. After talking all the new TV that finally is starting to sprout up the brothers move to some more serious topics. Ferg want's to know whether single mothers can raise men, but the conversation shifts to single dads raising women. Ya'll know Razi got in his feeling a little bit. Razi takes second question this week and asks whether a teacher that has an only fans should be fired. He then follows up with whether the fellas would support a friend that has an only fans. Byron finishes the discussion with a heart felt breakdown of Dr Dre's potential alimony payments and whether the brothers feel it is fair. Sit back and enjoy the ride. This one was fun. Show Links: Watch Lovecraft Country on HBO Max Watch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video Check Chris Rock's Alimony Breakdown #theboys #VMAs #lovecraftcountry #drdre #alimony
September 07, 2020
White people, Do y'all hate us?
Long sigh. 2020 is not letting off the gas. Razi tries to lighten the mood while discussing Cobra Kai joining Netflix. It doesn't work. The brothers mourn the loss of Jacob Blake and Chadwick Boseman. As the discussion continues we get more and more angry. Byron gets first question this week and goes to the NBA. He wants to now how the brothers feel about the NBA teams boycotting/striking. That discussion brings up Jacob and Kyle Rittenhouse. Razi follows up with the question, "should Black America tool up and protect ourselves, our rights, and our property like Kyle did." Ferg keeps the party going asking, "What did we do to make White America hate us so much?" It's another heart felt episode about how exhausting it is being black in America.
August 31, 2020
Slavery....Get over it!
Razi starts the show beefing with Akon. So you know this episode is about to be funny. Byron wants everyone to know that he really can pronounce Kamala and "our most cherished treasure." The brothers get into a nostalgic discussion of video games and cartoon. All that happens before the actual questions. Ferg starts us off asking about the best news we have heard recently and why people are hesitant to share their good news. Razi makes the brothers really uncomfortable with his question. He asks, "Are people born straight and why would you not be initially attracted to a trans-female that presents exactly as a cis-female." Byron has the shortest answer in three brothers history. Byron finishes out the discussion asking our feelings on Akon and his comments about black people should get over slavery and move to Senegal.  Show links Watch The Legend of Korra on Netflix Watch Project Power on Netflix Watch Thundercats on Hulu Check out Akon saying go back to Africa #AKON #LBGTQ #TRANS #GOODNEWS #BLM #NATUREVSNURTURE
August 24, 2020
Ni**as get shot every day B
So tipsy Byron joins the bothers for a fun filled but serious episode. Razi airs his complaints on how hard it is fund the Jennica Kimberly scholarship. Byron asks how we feel about WAP. We all love WAP by the way, but the song has us with mixed feelings. Ferg slips in a question into the opening by asking our thoughts about Kamala Harris as VP candidate. We jump into the questions with Byron asking about how we feel about Andrews apology/explanation video? Razi brings us back to Cardi and Megan thee Stallion. He wants to know do they teach little girls to be THOTs. Finally Ferg gets another question because it's his show and he does what he wants. He asks how we feel about the ask of conservative America for Black America to protest about the murder of Canon Hinnant. Razi has another hot take. But blame it on Cam'ron. Enjoy folks.  Show Links  Watch Tucker Carlson get corrected  Watch the WAP video  Full Andrew Gillum statement  Read about Canon Hinnant
August 17, 2020
Happy Birthday brothers
It's been a year that we started this Podcast journey and you guys stuck it out with us. And we appreciate that. So We start the questions with Ferg asking are we too fast to apologize and do we think Nick Cannon should have apologized. Byron is a hotel snob. So he wants us to make him feel better and tell everyone what we are snobs for. Razi finishes the questions out reminiscing about the No limit days in light of The No Limit Chronicles docuseries on BET. He wants to know the brothers top 3 no limit singles and artists. The answers are all over the place. Thank you all again for rocking with us for this past year.
August 10, 2020
Saving Grace (not the Tyler Perry movie)
We remember the lives of Congressman John Lewis and Mobile AL's Willie McCall at the top of the show. May they both rest in peace. Buff offers ZERO input when Razi and Ferg discuss the Last Airbender 😂. And Ferg tells us why Will Smith's situation and Kanye's seemingly mental breakdown are no laughing matters....well....Razi chuckled a little🤷🏾‍♂️ After the adorable Sophie joins us for the joke of the day, Ferg wants to know when the Brothers were 100% comfortable with themselves. Buff brings up the 15 year old black girl, "Grace" that was sent to a juvenile detention center for not completing her online homework. Sounds ridiculous right? Well, Buff provides the details and the Brothers discuss. Razi gets permission from his ex-wife on his question and also blasts people who assume men can't raise children on their own. It's another glimpse of the rare, angry Razi. Listen. Like. Share. Subscribe. Comment & Listen again!
July 27, 2020
I have a black friend
The brothers are back for another week and still not too angry. Actually they aren't angry at all. This episode will keep you laughing though. We open being equal opportunity haters. But we want to congratulate Ms Dillihay-McDade on her Mobile county school board win. Ferg catches us off guard with his question, "Do you think you have been thought of as the black friend." Razi wants to know if the brothers enter conferences or training events and look for the other black people. Then he follows up if they go sit with the black group or just give them the nod. Byron ends the episode asking for any advise that we can give on improving credit and managing debt. We close with some good news to try to offset all the bad news of this crappy year. Show Links: Check out The Old Guard on Netflix Watch The Circle on Amazon Video Laugh with Yvonne Orji "Mama I Made It" on HBO  
July 20, 2020
I Heart HBCUs
Another Week. And the brothers aren't as angry. We almost get through an entire episode without going off on someone. But, alas, we didn't make it. We open the show discussing Hamilton and our collective lack of interest. Ferg gets reminiscent about "The Wonder Years." He get's first question this week and asked who was our television/media personality that we looked up to or wanted to be? Byron asks what shows that were super big that we couldn't into and we feel is overrated. Razi finishes the questions asking how the brothers feel about the HBCU sports movement.
July 13, 2020
Life Coachery
The Brothers are joined by Mike James of P and Z life coaching to discuss, well, life coachery. We know it's not a word. But we ain't got no sense anyway. This episode is packed with nuggets of information you don't want to miss. Razi calls conservatism racist. And that's just the start. Byron brings up the cost of bicycling. Byron's getting a fannie pack y'all. We discuss the upcoming flashpoint and highlander movies and the forced reopening of America in spite of rising COVID cases. We then discuss the 4th of July and whether we are going to celebrate it or not. All of this is before the actual questions. Mike kicks us off with whether the wave of change over race is going to stick. Then we follow up with a question about why Millennial and Gen Z are stepping away from the church. So we get really taboo this episode. Politics and Religion in the same episode. Don't cancel us and enjoy. Show Links: Link with Mike at PandZ4life Check out Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox  Read up on the highlander movie remake Witchcraft has more followers than the Presbyterian Church Newsweek article Millennials are leaving organized religion. Here’s where some are finding community
July 06, 2020
Blue Supremacy / Blue Privilege
The brothers are back and we lighten it up this week. We open discussing our Father's Day and why in the world would Marvel want to cast Beyonce in anything. Especially Black Panther 2. Razi calls out the pink elephant about her acting abilities. Ferg is still angry and wants to know whether we are more worried to meet a gang member, a white supremacist, or a cop on the street. Guess what everyone chose. Ferg then schools us on his two new terms: Blue Supremacy and Blue Privilege. Byron asks about cancel culture and if/how to get off the cancel list. Razi celebrates the retirement of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time-The Undertaker. He then asks for the brothers top three favorite wrestlers. We wanted to bring some joy back to your Mondays and Make Mondays Great Again. (not to be used without the express permission of 3 Brothers and 3 Brothers, Inc.)
June 29, 2020
Trending lives matter
We almost skipped this episode number. But we digress. The brothers are back this week and open discussing the young lady being thrown into a dumpster by her male peers. Angry Razi showed up this episode and it went downhill from there for him. Byron gets first question and explains why Blue Lives Matter is a myth. Razi asks about B Simone's comment that she can't date a 9 to 5 guy and would the brothers be able to date someone with that mentality. Ferg finishes the episode asking "what is the one thing we want to tell our daughters on this Fathers Day?" It's fathers day and Buff's anniversary. Turn Up!
June 22, 2020
They ain't gone do sh*t
Happy Juneteenth to everyone and Happy Birthday to Razi's mom. The brothers are back this week to try to solve the world's problems. But we come to the conclusion that they ain't gone do sh*t. We open up the conversation talking about the Dave Chapelle special. Razi speaks on the movie Just Mercy and the Equal Justice Initiative.  And Ferg slips in a question before the questions. But hey. Buff let it ride. During question time Ferg asks how the brothers feel about 4 different options for police reform. Razi flexed his little chest and got the second question. He asks if the statements' companies are making is just lip service. Are they actually going to address the systemic part of systemic racism. Byron had to skip his question but get's some things off of his chest.  Show Links Check out the Dave Chapelle special here. Just Mercy is free to rent right now on Amazon Video Support the Equal Justice Initiative here Read up on Latasha Harland on the African American Policy Forum Check out John Oliver explain defunding the police here  Bobby Rush was not having it with his popcorn  Listen to Chris Rock explain a few bad apples here 
June 15, 2020
This one feels different
After last week's episode the brothers are back to keep talking. And this episode feels the same as you are used to. But society feels different this time. Can we get back to the old normal? It's Razi's birthday and he breaks down the mask he has to wear to try to be happy while still reeling from his loss. Razi tried to lighten it up and asks what movie we would like to see remade from another characters perspective. Byron wants to know how we feel about the murder merchandise capitalists. Ferg wants answers on what's next and the brother's ideas on what is the next step for the black movement that is swelling up in America. Another giant sized episode. But worth every minute. 
June 08, 2020
Looting is bad!
Ferg has to pull teeth to get Razi and Buff to admit that looting is bad. But Buff doesn't give an eff about all that. It's a giant sized episode where the brothers let it all out about the recent murder of George Floyd. Ferg asks our feelings about the looting that is taking place as a result of the tragic murder. Byron follows up with whether we should be sharing the videos of these murders and if it is causing lasting damage to our mental health. Razi rounds out the discussion asking how we can change the platforms of the major political parties and if #holdthevote will work. This is an extra long episode but the emotions are high and we feel you guys wanted it all. So pour a cup of your favorite spirit and enjoy (or get mad.). Whichever one works for you.
June 01, 2020
This too is because of slavery
Byron doesn't wear sleeves this week. So we know the episode is good. Byron and Ferg talk fancy liquor as Razi sips his water. Razi also drops some knowledge about how to keep your kids connected to their friends through Facebook Messenger Kids and Ferg has some choice words for 2020. The brothers are back to talk about the Future and Russell Wilson beef as Razi asks about kids calling step parents mom/dad. Byron wants to expand on Razi's idea about allowing kids to challenge authority; even when it is the parents that are the authority. Ferg gets the short question and asks about the brother's feelings about The Last Dance and the Lebron/Jordan comparisons.
May 25, 2020
Hey Mama
The brothers are back after taking a week off to mourn the loss of our brother Buff's mom. She was a loving soul that will be missed and we dedicate this episode to her. But Buff didn't want it to be a somber episode. So we obliged. We get a little lively discussing Boosie and his professed abuse of his son and nephews. Byron asks what can we do to really change things for Black America besides voting or having a revolution. And once again Razi gets left with no time and has to leave his question to the listeners. (You can tell who writes the show notes, LOL) He wants to know what irrational fears did you have growing up or even still may have. Byron ends the show with one of his awesome stories and we even hear from Ms. Hazel at the end. So get your tissues ready for that one. Show Links: Check out Trial by Media on Netflix
May 18, 2020
That Rona Special Part 4 - Public Policy
The brothers don't have any sense. So we got that smart MF Dr. Brandon Davis to lead some discussions on the corona virus with some other smart friends of his. They have a lot of sense. Brandon is joined this week by three awesome guests: Dr K Juree Capers, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Management and Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies of Georgia State University; Dr Breanca Merritt, Founding Director, Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy at Indiana University Public Policy Institute; and Dr Tony G Reames, Assistant Professor in the School for Environment and Sustainability and director of the Urban Energy Justice Lab at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and a JPB Environmental Health Fellow at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health. They take on COVID from a public policy perspective.  Connect with them via LinkedIn: Dr Capers Dr Merritt Dr Reames
May 07, 2020
Hit em with the Flex
The brothers are joined by fashion influencer Lashoundra "Bird" Young of Young at Style (YAS) to discuss growing an audience, starting a business, being friends, and living life. Bird breaks down her journey from nursing student to fashion blogger to influencer and retail store owner. The brothers are a little star struck but we get through it and treat her like one of the guys. We call her out on the flexes and humble brags, but that's just what friends do. Bird asks the brothers how we kept our friendship so strong for so long. It was a hard one to answer for us. Byron closes us out asking about our single greatest moment. Another tough question with heartfelt answers from all. Link with Lashoundra via her blog at Young at Style Shop her boutique at Shoppe Inside Out Don't forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook
May 04, 2020
That Rona Special part 3 - Psych
The brothers don't have any sense. So we got that smart MF Dr. Brandon Davis to lead some discussions on the corona virus with some other smart friends of his. They have a lot of sense. This week he is joined by three extremely smart women to discuss the psychological and sociological aspects of the pandemic; how it is affecting people and the black community. Our guests include Dr Gabrielle P.A. Smith, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Texas Woman's University; Dr Natasha Thrower, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston; and Dr. Keya Wiggins-Jackson, Certified Group Psychotherapist. These ladies give it to you raw and real. Enjoy. Connect with Dr Gabrielle P.A. Smith via LinkedIn Visit Dr Wiggins site here.
April 30, 2020
I ain't racist but...
So the brothers try to evade politically charged conversations. But we finally "go there." We discuss the wealth gap, presidential candidates, the general electorate, and greed in America. All in one raucous episode. We start off with a listener question about whether non custodial parents should be able to see their children during the quarantine.  The answers are not aligned. Then Byron is replaced by Lil Evil and asks whether not voting for Biden is a vote for trump and supporting racism as some social media posts suggest. Razi goes even deeper into political territory by asking why is it that we need charity to support hard working Americans instead of just giving them a living wage.  It's a powder keg episode with some strong opinions. Enjoy.
April 27, 2020
That Rona Special part 2 - Econ
The brothers don't have any sense. So we got that smart MF Dr. Brandon Davis to lead some discussions on the corona virus with some other smart friends of his. They have a lot of sense. This week he is joined by Dr Rhonda V Sharpe, President and Founder of Women's Institute for Science, Equity and Race, and Dr Gary Hoover, Professor and Chair of Economics at the University of Oklahoma. They discuss the black economy before, during, and after the COVID - 19 pandemic. as well as how economics can affect health. And they don't always agree. That's the good stuff.  Connect with Dr Sharpe via LinkedIn here  Connect with Dr Hoover via LinkedIn here  Read the paper by Gary Price on Research Gate here  Listen to Heather Long explain the $1200 disbursements on the NPR Podcast. Her response is at the 29 min mark.
April 22, 2020
Hit the Switch
The brothers are back and still quarantined. We start with Rona and end with Rona. But there's a whole bunch in between. Ferg wants to know are we taking the quarantine seriously enough and why is it that black people are getting hit the hardest by the virus. Byron's asks how we would feel if a gay guy offers to buy us a drink. Razi's response is well....unexpected. Then Razi asks whether the brothers will hit the switch with our daughters or wives. Byron slips in a second question of whether posting service activities on social media cheapens them. Four questions this episode for you to enjoy.
April 20, 2020
That Rona Special part 1 - Health
The brothers don't have any sense. So we got that smart MF Dr. Brandon Davis to lead some discussions on the corona virus with some other smart friends of his. They have a lot of sense. This week he is joined by Dr Aisha Dickerson, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Dr. C Brandon Ogbunu, Assistant Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University. They discuss the COVID-19 from a evolutionary biologist and epidemiologist (say that 3 times fast) perspective. They give you the facts that others may not be giving you and break it down so we actually understand what’s going on. Connect with Aisha via LinkedIn Read up on Brandon 
April 15, 2020
When is victim blaming okay?
The brothers are going for either huge kudos or pitchforks this week. We open with a discussion about quarantining and the presidential primaries. Ferg wants to know when being politically correct (PC) is too much and what we do if we go past the PC line.  Razi gets the middle question and uses it to ask about the brothers  relationship building strategies. Byron closes us out with a question to set us up to fail. He tells a heart wrenching story of domestic abuse and murder that sounds like it came from a Lifetime movie. Then asks do we think it was the victims fault. How could he!?! Well listen to find out. 
April 13, 2020
I'm funny how?
Captains Log. star date.....we don't know. The brothers are back and definitely having cabin fever as they open with their favorite Netflix shows and DJ livestreams. Ferg asks about God's plan and the saying everything happens for a reason. Razi isn't hearing it at this point in time. Byron wants to know have we ever had to go against our ethics or morals for a job? Razi finishes the conversation asking which movie was better: Casino or Goodfellas. And there is a right and wrong answer. 
April 06, 2020
Andrew did what?
This week the brothers break down their gaming past times and reminisce about what they played growing up. Ferg wants to know why the backlash over Andrew Gillum turned really nasty once rumors started that he may have been cheating on his wife with a dude. Byron wants to know some qualities we are trying to work on. Razi rounds out the hour asking whether the brothers ever had to dim their light to advance at work. Enjoy!
March 30, 2020
Eff Coronavirus
The brothers reflect on the new normal of life under Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing. Ferg wants to know have we thought about our legacies and what they will look like. Razi asks what we think teachers should be paid since everyone is whining about having to home school during the quarantine. Byron takes the last question and asks about family secrets.
March 23, 2020
Here's looking at you, Jenn
The brothers dedicate this episode to one of our own. Razi lost his wife, Jennica,  and just wanted to say thank you to all the listeners. We reminisce on the great times we had with her and Razi asks whether we are ready for unexpected losses. The brothers also discuss death taboos like cremation and non traditional funerals. Razi pleads with everyone to prepare for losses and have discussions with all loved ones, not just your spouse. It's a rough episode with some tears at times. But worth the listen.
March 16, 2020
B*tches and H*es with Femme Noir Files
The brothers are joined by the ladies of Femme Noir Files in our first ever joint episode. We tried to match South Park with our bleep count, but couldn't get that high. We chop it up about who has it worse: men or women. You know that was a powder keg. But before we get into the conversation the brothers get a little political talking about Super Tuesday and the coronavirus. Razi explains amendment one in Alabama and reminds everyone to vote NO. Then Byron mentions that the coronavirus is messing with the money. The conversation heats up when we start talking about the government breaking up black homes with their policies. Somehow we get on interracial dating as well. We finish the conversation with dancing to music with B*tches and H*es in it. It's a jam packed episode that you don't want to miss.
March 02, 2020
Why so serious?
So get ready to laugh at our pain. The episode starts with Ferg telling a story of how Cuban coffee can't be trusted. He tries to get serious with a question about black masculinity being under attack and how D Wade is handling his sons transition to his daughter. The answers are all over the place as you would expect. Byron wants to know how we feel about the black history memes. Do we feel that making fun of our serious past cheapens the history? Razi sticks with the comedy side and wants to know the top 2 black comedies. Ferg follows up with which black movie do we want to see a sequel for. The three bothers being the brothers again. Show links Are you ready for Coming to America 2  Read up on D Wade and Zaya Read the Leflore Short Stories 
February 24, 2020
This Smart Motherf*cker
The brothers are joined by Dr Brandon Davis, Assistant Professor of Law and Society at the University of Kansas. He really is one smart motherf*cker. Ferg defers his question to Razi as Razi starts off asking should minorities in red states fill out the census. Brandon wants to know who is the most electable on the Democrat side. Byron finishes us off with a question on whether we should push our kids to choose high paying or high power fields. It's a jam packed episode for you to enjoy. Show Links Connect with Brandon Davis via LinkedIn Read the color of law Read up on Thomas Hoobs Watch the Five Elemental Ninjas Check out the latest NWA merch from us
February 17, 2020
I'm Blackity Black Black
The brothers are back and we get really black this episode. Byron wants to know can black people be racist?? Plus,our thoughts on Gayle King. Razi asks about Robert Downey Jr's blackface and was it cool with the culture. And if you listen to us on the regular, you know there's no other reason than Razi for Chuck E Cheese's being brought up in a valentines mixtape. Ferg wants our top three songs that makes us thing of our wives. Then gives us four. Show Links Make sure to listen to our Valentine 2020 playlist on Spotify.  Check out They've gotta have us Read up on Barnes and Nobles black history gaffe Robert Downey Jr has no regrets over his black face on Indiewire
February 10, 2020
Yeah, we're judging them
Happy Black History Month. The brothers are back and all over the map on this episode. The opening takes up way more time than usual as the brothers discuss Terry Cruz. Ferg starts the conversation with asking us about our favorite black dramas and  couples. Razi wants to know will you sacrifice your child's education to help improve under performing school systems and poorer areas. We get a bonus convo about gentrification out of it as well. Byron finishes up the questions asking us who's grind or methods do we respect even if we disagree with them. Another great episode for you to enjoy.
February 03, 2020
Lebron is Trash?
Okay. We know Lebron is not trash. But for some reason people still say crazy stuff like this. So we try to figure out why in Byron's question. Razi wants to know which is better-Boyz in the Hood or Menace 2 Society. And his jokes are getting even worse! Ferg asks about how we plan to discuss colorism and racism with our kids. We dedicate the show to Kobe Bryant and everyone that died in the tragic accident on Sunday 1/26.  Show Links Check out All American Read Tracy by Sherman T Cooley Watch Menace 2 Society Watch Boyz in the Hood
January 27, 2020
Tears of a Son
Get your tissues ready for this one as we discuss the first time we really cried in front of our spouses. Byron stole the show with his story of finding out about his mom's cancer relapse and how Tab held him down. Razi asks about whether we pay premiums for supporting small businesses and how can we grow our support of black businesses. We even drop some business 101 gems. Ferg finishes the discussion with a question about when we finally felt grown in our parents house. It's a giant sized episode that doesn't waste one minute. Show Links: Check out Sherman T Cooley's books. Experience Jennica Kimberly clothing. Shop black at Find minority businesses at official black wall street Check out SOCU restaurant next time you visit Mobile, AL Listen to Razi's episode of politically entertaining
January 20, 2020
Ladies First
We are joined by one of our top fans Ani Mozelle Baraka Delacroix to speak for all women. Just kidding. She brings a fresh perspective to the conversation that starts with a commentary on Boosie and the Kappa's. We let the ladies ask the questions this episode with Ani asking how we teach our daughters to love the skin they're in. We also get a listener message asking how we divvy up the household duties with two working spouses and if there is a difference when one spouse works from home. Show links: Get your mardi gras supplies at Mancarella Mardi Gras Check out the Port City Secondliners facebook page for all the latest. Check out the book I love my hair by Natasha Tarpley Order the book Im a pretty little black girl by Betty Bynum
January 13, 2020
All my h*es are honest
Vera said, "I'm an honest h*e and all my h*es is honest." The brothers debate whether legalizing prostitution would stem human trafficking. and as you can expect they don't all agree. Ferg wants to know how we celebrate the new year and how we plan for the year. Finally Byron wants to know who are some overrated musicians and songs. Razi says Elvis. Elvis!!!! It's another show you don't want to miss.
January 06, 2020
Leave it in 2019
The brothers close out the year with a trip down memory lane. Byron cheats and uses his opening comment to slip in an extra question about power couples and how they are not relationship goals. Ferg wants us to rate the last decade and give our top three milestones. Byron asks about how we stop the "gender olympics" (we are trademarking that so don't try to steal it) of the opposite gender trying to out struggle each other. It's not a race guys. Razi finishes the discussion with what do we hope everyone leaves in 2019. Have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR (or HAPPY NEW YEARS; whatever floats your boat).
December 30, 2019
You gone pay what you owe Santa
**SPOILER ALERT** Don't listen to this episode in front of your kids IF they still believe in Santa!! On this Holiday episode, we learned that at Orazio's bougie ass church, you need reservations like a prime steakhouse restaurant on Mother's Day. The Die Hard is or isn't a Christmas movie argument continues as the Brothers discuss whether they tell their kids about Santa. No surprise, they disagree. And after Razi eloquently breaks down the history of Christmas & why he tells his kids about St. Nick, this dude calls his kids' Christmas tree ugly smh. But Buff has his back! F them kids! Kid decorations can be crappy! Also, Mentoring during this time of year helps put things in perspective for Ferg. Buff inquires at what point do you tell family "No" when it comes to helping them out. And Finally, Razi asks what are our "cheap" habits from childhood that we still implement. We get you in the spirit with a nice holiday intro/outro song. We know yall waited til the last minute to shop or you forgot to get something. Block out the madness that can be the Christmas rush and tune in to ya boys. 3 Brothers No Sense!
December 23, 2019
She's not fat...She's Lizzo
Everything's back to normal. Well as normal as the 3 Brothers can be. Ferg wants the brothers thoughts about Lizzo twerking at the basketball game. Byron asks about the dumbest thing we have done based off of what we saw on television. Razi tries to get the other brothers in trouble with his question so he won't be the bad guy anymore. He asks what annoying habits the brother's wives have. Prepare to laugh and cringe a little on the latest episode of 3 Brothers No  Sense.
December 16, 2019
3 Brothers (Live) Pt 2
And it continues! The live show part 2 continues where the brothers left off. Ferg wants to know who's the audiences favorite brother. Then we let the audience ask the questions. Erica asks about brands in Mobile that didn't make it. Jennica wants to know if there is a double standard with your kids about sex and she channels her inner Jerry Springer to defend her opinion. Tabitha finishes the conversation asking the brothers advice on how to have relationships like they do. Byron accuses Tab of switching sides on putting spouse above children. The energy and liquor are flowing on this one. Enjoy.
December 09, 2019
3 Brothers (Live) Pt 1
We finally got together in person and it was FUN! This was a reunion 17 years in the making, The episode starts with Razi trying (and failing) to dig himself out of a hole with Jennica. The brothers tackle old fads from their hometown of Mobile, whether they can handle being a house spouse, love languages, and the worst way they have quit a job. All of this in front of a live audience-wives included. The wives also respond to some of the questions and don't cut the guys any slack. The energy in this episode is surreal. You don't want to miss it.
December 02, 2019
Friends, Family, and F*cking
Razi is going to be in trouble after this Thanksgiving episode! Ferg is getting all emotional. It's a crazy episode with Byron asking if Tory Lanez was right when he said, "If she can't buy it herself, she shouldn't ask me for it." Razi wants to know how everyone deals with stress and opens up about his PTSD. Finally, Ferg wants to know what we are thankful for over the last year. It's a real episode that shows the sensitive side of the brothers.
November 25, 2019
Oh I'm Telling
Razi is excited that Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes are out and Ferg is feeling the pressure from Z's ever expanding hall pass list. The brothers have a great time discussing our worst whippings and whether they were worth it. Byron want's to know some stereotypes we have heard and which ones we still hold. Razi wants to know who is telling on a friend cheating or being cheated on. What does man law say about it? Another fun episode with real nuance. Enjoy.
November 18, 2019
4 brothers a little sense
It's a special episode for Veterans Day. We have a special guest, author of the "Leflore Short Stories" and veteran, Sherman T Cooley.  We discuss his history, creative process and of course we have some questions. Sherman asks whether artists have a responsibility to their audience. Byron reviews bro code for dating exes and Razi rounds out the reminiscing by asking about everyone's favorite concert. Another banger from the brothers. 
November 11, 2019
Ima work til I die
The brothers are back to discuss mentorship, retirement plans, and #mute(insert artist). Ferg wants to know if everyone is mentoring and using a mentor. Razi asks about the brothers retirement plans and if they are on track to retire. Finally, Byron's question about who we have muted and how we pick and chose who we stop listening to makes Razi put his foot in his mouth again. Don't judge him. His heart is in the right spot. 
November 04, 2019
I'm not black I'm OJ
They're baaaaack. The brothers take a serious look at hitting girls and the line between defending yourself and domestic violence. Byron asks about whether we have ever experienced an overt act of racism.  Ferg' s question of whether we feel some type of way when someone doesn't claim being black causes a lot of discussion. It's another great episode.
October 28, 2019
Marriage is overrated
 Marriage is overrated; well that's what Byron says in response to Ferg's question whether we would we ever remarry. Razi asked about our hood saviors and if we can outgrow our real friends. Byron rounds out the convo with a question about hall passes for us and our wives. It's another hilarious episode. Enjoy!
October 21, 2019
Humble with a big d*ck
We are humble. The humblest. We're so humble that......ahh who are we lying to. We ain't humble at all.  The convo is another great one. Ferg asks about the SNL news sketch about automatically rooting for your race and associating certain criminal acts to each race. Razi asks about our top three series and Byron rounds out the discussion with what preconceived notions about parenthood that we have found to be untrue.  Go ahead and take a listen and hear our greatness. See, told you we aren't humble.
October 14, 2019
The People's Champs
The brothers field questions from our listeners and it's hilarious. Do we code switch  and are we proud of it? What do we think of cutting off our kids or letting them move back in? Can we date someone with far right political views? Finally, how about how much would it take for us to pimp our wives out "Indecent Proposal" style. And Byron is pissed about Victor Newman still being alive. It's another banger, so don't miss it.
October 07, 2019
Just the Tip
The brothers got a little wild talking about tips. The gratuity kind. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ferg got Razi to curse talking about millennials being the trophy generation. Finally Razi brings up snitching and gets Byron to recuse himself from some of the discussion due to his "profession." You don't want to miss one minute of this episode.
September 30, 2019
Safety First and Teamwork
The brothers tackle some serious issues around safety and feeling safe in a relationship. Ferg continues the interracial dating conversation and reasons they work out. Razi tackles the second amendment and when is it appropriate to introduce gun safety to the kids. Byron rounds out the discussion with whether we will help a damsel in distress when its a public domestic violence issue. LETS GO!
September 23, 2019
Who's got jungle fever
The brothers are back and get real one more time. Ferg starts off with a great discussion about being an organ donor while you are still alive. Byron's question asks about interracial dating. And Razi rounds out the discussion with asking for the brothers favorite Wu Tang member and their favorite rap crew sans Wu themselves. It's an emotional ride for the brothers this episode. Sit back and enjoy.
September 16, 2019
One Night Trans
Football is Back!!! On this episode Buff questions if parents will continue to discourage their kids from playing football in light of the CTE revelations over the last 5 years. Also, Razi and Ferg expect some blowback from Buff's comments about transgender women as they discuss finding out you slept with a trans woman after the fact.  The brothers round out the conversation with a what is the one thing we hope to pass down to our kids.
September 09, 2019
Polyamory who?
The brothers talk Spiderman leaving Disney, polyamory and polygamy, healthy rivalries, and round it all out with a discussion on bullying and whether we would put hands on the parents. It's another fun filled episode that tackles real life....situations (in my Big Boi voice).
September 02, 2019
Ima buy you a drank
The brothers talk the Popeyes/Chick fil A great chicken war, choosing a college, whether someone can buy your wife a drink, and if there is an assault on black masculinity. It’s a full episode this week. Enjoy!
August 26, 2019
I ain't sleeping on no couch!
The brothers discuss whether a spouse can make the other spouse sleep on the couch, their most awkward moments, and whether we should rethink "black" baby names. There's a couple throw away questions in the episode as well. It's another banger ya'll.
August 19, 2019
Cheating is bad
The guys grade themselves as husbands and fathers, tackle cheating, and discusses if class reunions are needed anymore.  This episode is also dedicated to Fred Marshall.
August 12, 2019
Brownie Points
First full episode of 3 brothers no sense. We discuss what we bring to a relationship and what our spouses bring. The trio also breaks down allowances and what generations are passing down that we should stop. Enjoy the inaugural episode.
August 12, 2019