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Welcome to The Threefold Life where the power of #Faith, #Liberty and #Charity changes lives to the Glory of God!
Helping Kids In Extreme Poverty In The Philippines
Talking with Emilie about something pretty horrible - kids in extreme poverty in Tondo, the Philippines. Still, we are making a difference and kids are getting help! Find out how & visit our web site to see how you can join us in this effort.
April 12, 2018
Setting Expectations
We will research every subject matter on the deepest level possible without getting lost in academia land, psycho-babel or conspiracy theories. We will report to you based on proven on the ground sources - be it the Islamic world or behind the Iron Curtain of certain dictatorships. We will equip you so you can go out and instigate the reform, the change your environment needs. Become a Patreon supporter at:
March 28, 2018
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