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Three Queens & a King

Three Queens & a King

By Tomiqua Perry
Join us each and every Tuesday as we discuss various unique experiences regarding racism, white supremacy, police brutality, equality in the workplace, family life in the world today and many other relevant and meaningful topics that affect us all regardless of background. Tune in as our guests discuss how these serious issues have affected them in their day to day lives. Listen to genuine testimony of triumph, failure and reflection. Laugh with us as we speak candidly on the lessons learned with the experiences. Celebrate with us as we grow through what life has to offer.
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S2,E6 Religion and Division
Join us in welcoming our King to Celebrate, Pastor Bernard Kiner! Bernard (a.k.a. Theo) is the president and co-founder of L.O.T.B.M., the I-3 Life Empowerment Corporation and Breaking Walls International Church (BWIC) where he currently serves as the Senior Pastor. A prophetic teacher & preacher, Bernard is passionate about reaching the lost and empowering the believer through the Word of God. He has shared the gospel through various avenues including prison ministry, revivals, and conferences, teaching the power and the revelation of the God’s kingdom throughout NY, NJ, FL and TX. He just released first book entitled, “The Revelation of War & Worship” and serves as CEO of Breaking Walls Television. He is the devoted husband of Chanta, and father of six children. Disclaimer: This episode will make you laugh, cry, and ponder your faith! We are openly discussing religion and division. Please share your thoughts and testimony, we would love to hear from you! Brought to you by" I AM Miq Perry Logistics
July 20, 2021
S2,E5 Healing Emotional Trauma Prt 2
Welcome Von Troy, our King to Celebrate this week! Von is an all around entrepreneur based out of Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in marketing and promotions as well as event coordinating. Von has built a reputation with local business' and artists as a fierce advocate for all things local and underground. We thank you Vonn for all that you do for your community! Tune in as Von joins the ladies in an enlightening and refreshing conversation about healing our emotional trauma's. Brought to you by: I Am Miq and Perry Logistics
July 13, 2021
S2,E4- Mind, Body and Soul Food
Welcome King to Celebrate this week Korkeya!  Korkeya is a small business owner, trainer and all around amazing guy! If after you listen to this episode and are inspired to get in shape and make some changes to your diet. Reach out to Korkeya at the website listed below! Tune in as he joins the ladies as they discuss the importance of good food choices nourishing your mind, body and soul.  Olde Town Fitness Brought to you by: I Am Miq Perry Logitstics
June 29, 2021
S2,E3-Happy Father's Day
Join the Queen's as they give testimony to the male role model relationships that have helped form them as women today! Laugh with these ladies and connect with stories that are similar to your own! We want to hear from you! Leave a comment! Reach out to find out how to become a guest on the show! Brought to you by: I AM Miq Perry Logistics,ltd
June 22, 2021
S2,E2-Healing Emotional Trauma Prt 1
Join us in welcoming King to Celebrate this week, Brotha' Dwayne Eggerson, artist, actor, producer and all around creative soul! In addition, please welcome Kierra Nicole as our guest co-host bringing that fresh millennial perspective to the conversation. This week's topic may be triggering as we are discussing healing emotional trauma. We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment! Share some of your tips and tricks to healing from past hurts, trauma and disappointments. Episode brought to you by: I Am Perry Logistics
June 01, 2021
S2,E1-Life, Growth and Reflection: Open Mic Poetry Show
Join us as we welcome two of our favorite Kings to celebrate, Nassim, artist, poet and creator of SKETELI Sportswear as well as Yarima Karama, spoken word poet, community activist, podcast host, lyricist and entrepreneur. We are so excited to launch season 2 of Three Queens and A King podcast. In honor of communication and creativity, this episode is dedicated to spoken word poetry. Our topic: Life, Growth and Reflection. Sit back, relax and be entertained and hopefully inspired! #bethelightthatyouseek This episode is brought to you by: I Am Miq Perry Logistics
May 25, 2021
S1,E11- Exclusive or Committed: Relationships
Welcome Big Rob and Soopa Spit ( Rodriquez Broom) as our Kings to Celebrate this week! Tune in as we discuss the nuances of exclusive and committed relationships! This was an amazing conversation! Thought provoking, entertaining and enlightening. We appreciate the support during the growth of Three Kings and A Queen! Stay tuned for Season 2 dropping May 25th, 2021! Brought to you by: Perry Logistics,ltd
May 05, 2021
S1,E10-Entreprenuership VS Employee
Join us in welcoming our King to Celebrate for this week, Nassim creator of SKETELI Clothing Line! Nassim has been an entrepreneur for 20 plus years and brings a great deal of insight to what it takes to maintain a business for over two decades. We appreciate you sharing your experience and wisdom! This episode is brought to you by: Perry Logistics,ltd
April 21, 2021
S1,E9-Our Favorite Self Care Habits
Join us in welcoming Korkeya, our guest co-host and King to Celebrate this week. He inspired our conversation on self care and some of the things we love to do when it comes to taking some down time to recharge and rejuvenate. Korkeya is owner of Hempalujah CBD as well as Olde Town Fitness East. Check out the links below to gain more information. This episode is brought to you by: Perry Logistics,ltd
April 14, 2021
S1,E8-How Entertainment Influences Current Culture
Join us as we discuss how various media outlets and entertainment influence our culture.  We love to hear from our listeners, please leave a comment! What are your thoughts on the topic at hand. Music by J Cam & Good Music Guaranteed! Check him out on Instagram @jcamdrums Episode sponsored by: & Perry Logistics,ltd Freight Dispatch Service
April 07, 2021
S1,E7-Setting Boundaries and Healthy Relationships
Join us in welcoming our King to Celebrate this week, The Joseph. Currently hosting 3 online radio shows with his wife #TheHer, The 2Harks Show 8am Sunday on Music Inspiration and fun. The 2Harks Show 4pm Sunday on Music Inspiration and fun • The 2Harks Sunday Show 6pm on Playing your favorite gospel RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul. The Joseph likes to take time to appreciate the moments in life and enjoy his loving wife. This week's episode the Joseph will join the ladies in discussing the importance of setting healthy boundaries in order to maintain healthy relationships in business, with family and with a potential or current mate. Enjoy the candor of the stories you will hear. Laugh with us as we share testimony about experiences where drawing the line was the best thing to do. This episode was brought to you by: & Perry Logistics "It's Only Great if You're Moving Freight!" The music for this episode was brought to you by Soopa Spit. reverbnation/soopaspit YouTube-Soopa Spit
March 31, 2021
S1,E6-Suburbs and Gentrification
Join us in welcoming our King to Celebrate this week, Rod Broom! Tune in as we discuss our neighborhoods being gentrified and how that is further destroying livelihoods and culture while widening the gap between the oppressed and those that have access to specific resources. This episode is brought to you by: and Perry Logistics,ltd Freight Dispatching Service
March 24, 2021
S1,E5 Positive Beauty Image
Join us as we discuss positive beauty image, Molly Makeover's? and what our secrets are to maintaining positive self-esteem in an age of plastic surgery, filters and selfies. Welcome guest-cohost and author, Alicia Wiggens here to talk about her latest novel, "Loving Ilsa".  Thank you to J Cam of Good Music Guaranteed for this week's soundtrack. You can follow J on Instagram @jcamdrums This episode is brought to you by: I AM MIQ Perry Logistics,ltd "It's Only Great If You're Moving Freight!"
March 17, 2021
S1,E4-Moving With Intention
Join us in welcoming our King to Celebrate this week, Yarima Karama! Enjoy the beautiful energy as we share our experiences, techniques and tools on how to move through life with absolute intention. This episode is brought to you by: and Perry Logistics,ltd
March 10, 2021
S1,E3-The Power of Empathy
Join us as we share our personal experiences with the power of empathy. Enjoy the conversation as we cover affording others with grace and/or instances when we were afforded empathy and grace by others. This powerful conversation provides true testimony to the idea that empathy is the first step toward dissolving division amongst the human race. This episode is brought to you by: as well as, Perry Logistics,ltd Huge shout out to our guest co-host, King to Celebrate, Nassim Muhammad. Thank you so much for joining us! Thank you to J Cam and Good Music Guaranteed for supplying our soundtrack for this week's episode.
March 03, 2021
S1, E2-Cognitive Dissonance
Join us as we discuss how cognitive dissonance has played an impact on our daily lives as well as contributed to the racial divide we see within our society.  This episode was brought to you by: As well as:  Perry Logistics,ltd Freight Dispatching Service "It's Only Great if You're Moving Freight. Thank you to John Merchant for joining us!  Check out his Instagram page, Merchant Smith Images Thank you to Justin Campbell and "Good Music Guaranteed" for supplying our music for this episode! You can find him on Instagram at JCam Drums.
February 24, 2021
S1,E1-Your First Experience With Racism
Join our panel of amazing humans as they speak candidly about their first experience with racism. This is part 1 of a 3 part series discussing the cause and effect of racial divide.  Welcome Steve Stevenson of the YWCA as Our King To Celebrate on this weeks episode! If you would like more information on the YWCA's Women's Residency Program please click the link below. This episode of Three Queens and A King was brought to you by: and Perry Logistics,ltd-Freight Dispatch Services
February 17, 2021
Marriage: Love or Money? Preview Episode 2
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Join us as we discuss marriage in this day and age, is it better to do it for love or money?
January 21, 2021