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Thrive On Life Podcast

Thrive On Life Podcast

By CJ Finley
Helping mission based people, brands, and businesses THRIVE on life, love, health, and everything in between. Listen in as CJ Finley speaks with others who seek to THRIVE, not just survive.
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E32 Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series with Daniel and Lindsey Crouch of SuperSeed Life

Thrive On Life Podcast

E39 Thrive On Health with Dr. Matt Delgado and Dr. Scott Mitchell, Founders of LifeSpring Chiropractic
Dr. Matt Delgado and Dr. Scott Mitchell, Founders of LifeSpring Chiropractic, are here to *set you straight* about what it truly means to live a healthy lifestyle, and how to truly differentiate yourself in business. Dr. Matt came to Austin nothing but $2k and a passion for helping people live more *in alignment* with health and wellness. He called his college mentee Dr. Scott to come to Austin, check out his humble office and discuss the vision for creating a new chiropractic experience. Despite Dr. Scott having many amazing job offers at the time, he really *had a hunch* that this was the way he could make more of an impact on the community. And these two *vertibros* have done just that. They are dedicated to educating the community of Austin, Texas about holistic health and encouraging people to take care of their bodies, especially now in these times of the coronavirus. In this episode we talk about how these guys started cracking peoples' backs for a living, answer the question of how to know what to give away for "free" in business (hint: nothing is really for free, even if there isn't a dollar amount attached to it), how to trust your gut to make decisions and stay true to yourself, and the importance of creating an experience for your customers (and how to do so). Dr. Matt Delgado and Dr. Scott Mitchell are looking to work with people in their twenties, thirties or even young forties who want to be healthier so they can perform better and recover better, whether you're in pain or not! At the time of this recording, due to coronavirus lockdown, LifeSpring Chiropractic office is currently closed, but definitely follow them on Instagram @lifespringchiro, @drscottmitchell and @drmattdelgado for updates! ThriveHQ is also closed for the time being, but be sure to DM us on IG at @thriveonlife if you want access to our new FREE online community, filled with resources to help you THRIVE.
April 02, 2020
E38 You Don't HAVE to Turn Your Passion into a Full-Time Job with Nikki Zahka
Nikki Zahka has always been shy, introverted, and used to hate her body. Now, she's excelling at (and loving) her corporate sales job AND helping so many people transform their lives through her passion of fitness and wellness coaching. This episode is perfect for the person who feels like they're too shy to put themselves out there or to be good at sales (Nikki was SUPER nervous for this interview and yet she CRUSHED IT!) This is also for you if you've been wondering..."Do I HAVE to quit my day job to be an entrepreneur? Can't I love my 9-5 corporate job AND make money doing my passion on the side?" The answer is...HELL YES. Tune in to learn: -Nikki's story of still loving her corporate job AND saving her passion for the side -The most important thing you can do to achieve your fitness (or any) goals -How to get a job that you really want but are way under-qualified for -How to transition from working in an office to remote working -Why CJ and Nikki are both happy they didn't major in Exercise Science in college, even though that's what they were most interested in, and instead majored in Engineering and Business -How to be successful in sales without being pushy Nikki is passionate about helping you get healthy and fit! She customizes every package to do what fits best in your schedule and what actually will work for you and your body. She helps you make those lifestyle changes that you can maintain for the long term. She's happy to work with clients who are between the ages of 18-50 and most often works with college students. For full show notes: Follow her on Instagram at: @getfitwith_nikki Visit her website:
March 26, 2020
E37 How to Thrive in College with UT Student and Personal Trainer Ashlyn Knox
Ashlyn Knox isn't like most college students these days. Instead of working a minimum wage job for just enough to buy some alcohol for the parties, she'd actually rather wake up at 5 AM and go to her "unpaid" job. Why? Because she took the time to question what she ENJOYS, puts her HEALTH first, and has seen first hand the IMPACT she's made on the lives of the people she works with. Ashlyn is a full-time McCombs School of Business student at UT AND she's on the road to becoming the next household name in #atxfitness as a personal trainer! And it is her humble "always learning" attitude, her willingness to put in the work when no one's looking and continuing to surround herself with the right people that have kept her on the fast track to greatness. This episode is perfect for you if you are a college student wondering how you can make the most out of your time in school and live your life with PURPOSE and THRIVE. For full show notes: If you’re a female college student in Austin, Texas motivated to better yourself and improve your health but you’re feeling kind of scared to go to the gym by yourself...Ashlyn would love to work with you! Hit her up on Instagram @train_with_ash. If you have a new idea, project or business that you're working on and you're feeling a little bit stuck, I'd love to help you or connect you with somebody that can. Hit me up at cj.finley@thriveonlife or on Instagram @thriveonlife or @cj.finley.
March 19, 2020
E36 Thriving On Tragedy (yes really) with Claw Athletics Founder Corey Lawson
Corey Lawson was called into the principal's office one day when he was 7 years old. He was a bit of a trouble maker and just thought he'd gotten caught this time. But when he stepped into the office, his mom was there, and she was crying. Hard. "Corey, your father collapsed. He's gone." Meeting Corey today, you wouldn't have any idea he'd experienced such tragedy. He lights up the room with his vibrant, positive energy. But it wasn't always this way. In his darkest moments, fitness, sports, team camaraderie, and coaches were there for him.  It is in honor of his father and the other positive male influences in his life that Corey aims to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health and live their best lives, because we never know if today is our last day. Corey is the founder of Claw Athletics, a health and fitness company that provides boot camps, social activities, 1:1 personal fitness training, and online training for millennials, by millennials.  It wasn't an easy road getting to where Corey is today, and in this episode, he shares every bump and rock bottom moment along the way.  Key Themes in this episode -Why Corey is driving around Austin, Texas in silence nowadays -Pivotal moments for Corey and CJ when they realized it was time to quit the corporate 9-5 and go all in on their side hustles -What Corey's first major investment in his business was -How Corey stuck it out when NO ONE cared about his boot camp all-in for the first YEAR -Key mistakes Corey made early on in his business -The one thing business owners get stuck on in the beginning that leads most people to quit within the first year -How Corey and CJ learned to let go of control in their business and start delegating the things they're not good at so they can grow If you are between the ages of 22 and 30, you're in a corporate position or in sales, you really care about your health, you're competitive, and you've got that social itch to be hanging out with friends, Claw Athletics is perfect for you! They have social events built into memberships. Head to to learn more or follow @clawathletics or @coach_corey_fit on IG or Twitter. If you're looking to start a business or project and don't know where to start, contact CJ Finley on IG @thriveonlife or @cj.finley Website:
March 12, 2020
E35 The Power of Yes with Scott Simmons and Savannah Peters
"There were officers a couple feet away from us and this woman next to me is sobbing her eyes out and I'm like...Savannah, I love you too but just keep it cool 'cause I don't wanna get arrested right now." -Scott If you would have asked Scott and Savannah years ago if they think they'd be where they are now, the answer would probably (definitely) be no. Where they are now is the result of both of them following their intuition, leaning in even when there was fear, and taking risks.  If you want to change the world, you have to start with changing yourself first, and that means taking risks in your personal life in order to grow.  Find out how Scott went from doing a sales job he hated to starting his own video and photography business, and how Savannah pivoted from makeup sales to fitness coaching with 101K followers on Instagram, both of them by saying "yes" to multiple opportunities even when they weren't sure what would come of it. We also talk about: -How they met, fell in love, and ended up in Austin -Why Savannah was crying on a bench after their first date -The importance of following your intuition -What is the 168 rule? And how it's helped Scott be more productive and efficient -How the HECK does CJ work on SO MANY PROJECTS AT ONCE?? -How Savannah transitioned from cosmetics to fitness and how her client FB group is changing lives If you have any video, photo, design or systems needs feel free to reach out to Scott on IG at @scottsimnz or @hyperphocal If you are interested in anything fitness related reach out to Savannah on IG at @savannah_joyyy or  If you're looking to start a business or project and don't know where to start, contact CJ Finley on IG @thriveonlife or @cj.finley Website:
March 05, 2020
E34 Multi-passionate Entrepreneur Series with Jerica Bornstein: PhD. Candidate and Founder of Cultivating Connections
Jerica Bornstein is a PhD. candidate researching how our relationships--the people we surround ourselves with day to day--positively or negatively impact our health, wellness, mindset, and likelihood that we achieve our goals. She’s also the founder of Cultivating Connections, a monthly meet-up in Austin, TX where people can feel free to get vulnerable, connect human to human, and go way beyond the “How are you”, “I’m fine” bullsh*t. We hosted their January meetup at ThriveHQ and it was a huge success with 30+ people! I wanted to bring Jerica on because she provides a really unique perspective. Typically, I bring people on here who are working corporate jobs and starting side hustles, or are already entrepreneurs with multiple projects going on, but Jerica brings something different to the table because she is a student who is also building things that are impacting our community outside of her PhD program research. Jerica’s story is a lesson for anyone who is still a student right now, weighing multiple options, and not sure what you’ll do after school. Know that you don’t have to wait until after school or the month before you graduate to start impacting your community and fostering connections. You can do it RIGHT NOW. “Sometimes you might go into something and think it’s the right choice, and maybe it’s not in the long term. But you’ve gained skills and you can always pivot.” -Jerica Bornstein This will also help anyone who has a community project that is still small but gaining traction, and you’re wondering how to make it bigger, because I started doing some live, off the cuff business consulting with Jerica and together we brainstormed some really awesome ideas for her. She also has lots of good job opportunities in front of her and was unsure of which to choose so I gave her some coaching around how to make the choice.  Keep listening to hear more about how Jerica ended up in Austin, why she always felt like an outcast in college but how it helped her get to where she is today, what got her interested in this research topic, how she ended up starting Cultivating Connections and what impact it’s had on our community.  Click here for full show notes! If you’re interested in talking more with Jerica about her research, joining Cultivating Connections in Austin or even establishing your own CC meet up here or in a different city, reach out to Jerica on her Instagram @jericax and follow Cultivating Connections at @cultivatingconnectionsatx. If you’re looking for a space to host a meet-up or event in ATX and are curious about ThriveHQ, hit us up on Instagram @thriveonlife or head to our website 
February 27, 2020
E33: Multi-passionate Entrepreneur Series: Put Away Your Ego with Ross Tschirn and Marcel Rosenberg
“Two key qualities to have when we wake up every day: optimism and gratitude, because that’s what saved our lives” -Marcel This month on the "Thrive On Life Podcast", we're spotlighting ATX men and women who are work on/in multiple jobs/orgs/projects to help the community. They do not allow their “title” to define what they can or cannot do and they keep challenging themselves to learn new things, and help others do the same. Wondering how to establish yourself in a brand new city after you’ve left your small town and all you know behind? If you’ve had the dream to get out of your small town but have hesitated to go all in and do it because you’re worried about how you’ll make friends and make money, this conversation will open your eyes.  Myself, Ross and Marcel totally relate on leaving our home towns to come to Austin, Texas, and how we went from knowing no one, to having a THRIVING network of strong friendships all supporting each other in our businesses. Austin truly has a certain potent energy but you’ll find this conversation useful no matter what city you’re moving to--even if you’re going all the way abroad! It’s all about two things: NETWORKING and PUTTING AWAY YOUR EGO. A few highlights: The breaking point that finally led Ross and Marcel to fly away from the nest How they hustled to make money in the first six months in Austin The identity crisis they experienced once they left the corporate world The simple yet effective marketing strategy that led to a guy they didn't know paying them $1600 How two twenty-somethings ended up training the elderly Their plans for scaling their business How you can add more value to people For full show notes: Follow/Support Ross and Marcel: Ross’s Instagram: @rossman Marcel’s Instagram: @marcelr_ Connect with CJ Finley and Thrive On Life: IG: @thriveonlife, @thriveonfit, @thrivepreneur, @cj.finley Website:
February 20, 2020
E32 Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series with Daniel and Lindsey Crouch of SuperSeed Life
“When I laid eyes upon her, I immediately knew that my life had changed forever. Period. Like that’s the most tangible feeling, sensation that I’ve ever had in my life…I looked at her and I was like, there you are.” -Daniel Crouch It's only appropriate that for the Valentine's Day episode of the Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series I'm joined by one of the most inspiring, hard-working and loving couples I know, Daniel and Lindsey Crouch, Founders of SuperSeed Life, the very first seed-based baked goods company that only uses great-for-you ingredients. I'm especially excited to share this conversation because as someone who has battled with gut health issues all my life, their plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free and zero preservatives foods have truly transformed my life as well as countless more lives. Anyone who listens will benefit from knowing their love and business story.  A few highlights: How Daniel knew from the moment he saw Lindsey that she was the woman for him, and why things didn't work out right away, How Daniel spent FOUR YEARS striving to improve himself and win Lindsey back, Lindsey shares how her mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer when Lindsey was just 3 years old, and how this has fueled Lindsey's life purpose and the brand's overall mission to provide uniquely healthy foods that improve the quality of peoples' lives, The humble beginnings of SuperSeed life (originally called Guiltless Pizza Company) that many joked much resembled a drug dealer set up, How they grew the company over the past 7 years (with three young sons, by the way!) through taking small steps and praying, How now they are expanding their business to not just a food company but a lifestyle brand, helping others to nourish the mind, body, and spirit as a whole for complete health and wellness "We've been so thankful to have a product that we've been able to reach people through...but now we also want to work with the heart, and the lifestyle, and the daily routines. Because people can eat our food and be healthier, but if it's not a lifestyle, then it may just be a day that you receive enough nutrition. So we want to work on every day and on planting seeds in your life that are going to make you bloom" -Lindsey Crouch SuperSeed Life has launched its lifestyle, nutrition and weight loss course, run by Daniel, which takes all the lessons they've learned and gives you 7 steps to live and eat in a way that allows you to have everything you want in your heart. Lindsey is also starting a group coaching program called SuperSeed Your Soul, which is for women who know they were created for more but feel a bit stuck and know they're not fully bloomed and living the life they were created to live.  Resource Links: Join the SuperSeed Life lifestyle, nutrition, and weight loss course: Find out more about Lindsey's SuperSeed Your Soul group coaching: Try their amazing and healthy food products: Connect with Daniel, Lindsey, and SuperSeed Life: Instagram: @lindsey_crouch, @thedanielcrouch, @superseed_life Connect with CJ Finley and Thrive On Life: Instagram: @thriveonlife, @thriveonfit, @thrivepreneur, @cj.finley Website:
February 13, 2020
E31: Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series with Ian Grossman: Realtor, Non-Profit Leader, Podcaster
Ian Grossman was loving the impact he was able to have while working as a 4th-grade teacher in an underprivileged school. However, he wasn't loving the paycheck, the lack of growth opportunity, and how it was taking over his life. When he heard about getting into real estate as a way to make some extra side money during the summer, he went all in, and now it is his main source of income. Being able to be his own boss and manage his own time has actually allowed him to make way more of an impact in his community than he ever could have as a full-time teacher. The Ian Grossman of today is a realtor at Keller Williams, ATX leader of the non-profit Community Bucket, father, friend, and fellow podcast host of “What’s Brewing ATX." This month on the Thrive On Life Podcast, we're spotlighting ATX men and women who are work on/in multiple jobs/orgs/projects to help the community. They do not allow their “title” to define what they can or cannot do and they keep challenging themselves to learn new things and help others do the same. Community Bucket is a non-profit organization that brings together like-minded young professionals, moving to new cities, who want to meet new people and give back to the community. The organization pairs a volunteer event with a social event immediately following at a brewery or restaurant. The next event is the Love Your City event, on Saturday, February 15th at Colony Park. Head here for details: Connect with Ian Grossman: IG: @realestate_atx, @communitybucket_atx, @whatsbrewingatx Youtube Channel: Community Bucket website: What's Brewing ATX: Connect with CJ Finley and Thrive On Life: IG: @thriveonlife, @thriveonfit, @thrivepreneur, @cj.finley Website:
February 06, 2020
E30: Pivotal moments in life w/ CJ Finley.
January 2nd 2017. Exactly 3 years ago was a pivotal moment for THRIVE...CJ quit his full time job. Listen to hear the pivotal moments in his life that helped him initially swim, rather than sink, in the world of the entrepreneurship.
January 02, 2020
E29: Defining your decade w/ Erin Finley
How will you live in the next decade? Will it be better or worse than your previous one? To make it better, you may want to look back on your past and see where you can improve! Tune in to hear our reflections from the last ten years and how we plan to use them to propel us into the future.
December 14, 2019
E28: LIVE A GREAT STORY w/ Zach Horvath
If you were to write a book about your life, would people read it?! Zach Horvath is on a mission to have people answer that question for themselves. In this episode, learn how he turned a simple graffiti design into an inspiring brand for people across the world.
October 14, 2019
E27: Conquering imposter syndrome w/ Erin Finley
Ever felt like you weren’t good enough for something?! Not smart enough to get the job? Not skilled enough to make the team? We have. Tune in to hear our thoughts after an amazing weekend connecting, learning, and embracing challenges at Michelob Ultra Movement Weekend.
September 30, 2019
E26: Drive and THRIVE w/ Cass Kwielford
Don’t make excuses! With the THRIVE podcast studio delayed, we have decided to take ACTION and bring the podcast on a new journey. Listen in as Cass and CJ test a podcast in the car while heading from meeting to meeting.
September 25, 2019
E25: ThriveSolo - Weekly Update w/ CJ Finley
Life, health, and business updates in the world of THRIVE.
September 09, 2019
E24: ThriveOnLife - how teams affect everything we do in life w/ Faiez Rana
What makes teams win or lose? Tune in to hear Faiez and CJ chat about the struggles and triumphs of building teams in life and in business.
August 30, 2019
E23: ThriveOnLove - how we got here? w/ Erin Finley
Have you ever thought about how every little decision adds up? We have. Check out our conversation where we dig into all the little decisions we’ve made to get to where we are today. Ps: we’d love to hear about how some of your craziest decisions ended up being your best ones. Connect with us and tell your story!
August 26, 2019
E22: ThriveSolo - Weekly Update w/ CJ Finley
Success is at the end of our comfort zone. This week I update you on what is happening at THRIVE and how attacking our discomforts will help us conquer any and all of our problems. I like to practice what I preach and this episode is me attacking my own discomforts. #thriveon
August 19, 2019
E21: ThriveSolo w/ CJ Finley personal health + company update
Mental and Physical health are crucial in the world of startups! This episode discusses how CJ Finley handles his health struggles, while keeping his eyes on building a mission driven company that helps others achieve their DREAMS.
August 12, 2019
E20: ThriveOn Perseverance w/ Cody McLain
Foster care to Millionaire. It can be done! In this episode, learn how Cody McLain overcame losing his parents, loneliness, and business turmoil...only to scale his companies to millions. For anyone out there who feels the odds are stacked against them, this episode is for you. Cody beats the odds and will inspire you to do the same!
July 26, 2019
E19: ThriveOn Marathons w/ Alex Garcia
Have you ever thought of running a marathon...but you hate the running part?! Alex Garcia is on a mission to run the 2020 Austin Marathon, all by taking it one mile at a time. Tune in to hear WHY he is training for the marathon and how it is positively influencing all other aspects of his life.
July 18, 2019
E18: ThriveOn Design w/ Tess Wielosynzki
What does it take to be a designer? JUST DO IT. Listen up to hear a story about how DESIGN changed Tess Wieloszynski’s life and how it guided her towards unforeseen opportunities. From NYC to ATX she continues blazing her path towards THRIVING in everything she sets her eyes on.
July 17, 2019
E17: ThriveOn Growth w/ Shea Boland
Have you ever had negative patterns that have been holding you back from living the life you want? Tune in to hear how Shea Boland defeated his negative patterns with heroin addiction, to become an impactful transformation coach in the city of Austin Texas.
July 16, 2019
E16: ThriveOn Ambiguity w/ Hamza Abdallah and Faiez Rana.
As much as we try to determine our destination, the path ahead has an extreme amount of ambiguity. Those who are able to get started, learn quickly, and adapt to their circumstances fair the best chance to succeed. In this week’s episode, tune in to hear why Hamza got involved in the startup scene, and some of the questions he has on his mind.
July 11, 2019
E15: ThriveOnLife - Live on your own terms w/ Erin Finley
First step to THRIVING? Get out of your comfort zone and take your first step towards that discomfort. In this week’s episode, Erin embodies that by becoming the host, with C.J. as the interviewee. Tune in to hear more about how to gain self-awareness, dip your toes in entrepreneurial ideas, and what it takes to be in a relationship with someone who has a different career path and life goals.
June 29, 2019
E14: ThriveOnHealth - How a plant based lifestyle can change your life w/ Mike Limongelli
Six figures to no figures. Ever thought of quitting your 9-5 in hopes to create and build a business from your passions? Mike Limongelli did exactly that. Tune in to hear how Mike turned his health around through a plant based lifestyle and used this as leverage to build a successful business he’s passionate about.
June 25, 2019
E13: ThriveOnLove - Relationship Misconceptions w/ Erin Finley
Do you believe in soulmates? Is there “the one?” Is there a difference between love, and being “in love.” Find out our thoughts and more on this week’s episode.
June 22, 2019
E12: ThriveOn Gratitude w/ Izzy Elubaydy
We’ve all had bad days before. They are impossible to predict and sometimes very hard to overcome. Yet, if we are able to be grateful, we can overcome and achieve ANYTHING. Izzy Elubaydy is on a journey to prove just that. Tune in to hear his story about how using gratitude has helped him leverage his chaotic upbringing to live a life of betterment and empowerment for others.
June 18, 2019
E11: ThriveOnLove w/ Erin Finley
Ever questioned how life changes after marriage? Or how to communicate better with your significant other? WE HAVE! Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more about how to THRIVE in your relationship.
June 12, 2019
E10: #thriveonwife w/ Erin Finley
In this week’s episode I have the luxury of interviewing my wife @erin.spiration aka Erin Finley. We are on vacation in San Diego, so I thought it would be the perfect time to ask her some questions. Tune in to hear more about how she overcame health complications, tragic loss, and other obstacles in her life...only to remain positive and continue the pursuit of her passions. Unfortunately, I had no clue anchor cuts off episodes at 60 minutes so the end was cut off. Trial and error everyone, just have fun with it!
June 06, 2019
Episode 9: ThriveOn Iteration w/ CJ Finley
Have you ever been scared to start something new? Or fearful of the consequences of quitting something and moving on? Yeah me too! Listen in as I talk about how constant iteration is the key to breaking the fear that will ultimately help you find happiness and fulfillment in your life.
May 29, 2019
Episode 8: ThriveOn Profound Impact w/ Faiez Rana.
What things, people, and experiences have left a profound impact on your life? This week Faiez and I dig deep into the specific books, people, and experiences that have helped us over the course of our journeys. Tune in and start to think less about where you want to go in life, and more about the the amazing things that have happened to get you to where you are currently at.
May 21, 2019
Episode 7: ThriveOn Friendship w/ Jeff McSweeny
It’s important in life, and especially the world of entrepreneurship, to have friends that support you through all the ups and downs. This week we have Jeff McSweeny, one of my life long friends who has helped me grow as a friend, person, and entrepreneur. Tune in to hear about how we went from privately building blogs, to hosting masterminds, to failing in pursuing a product patent...but ultimately learning to invest in ourselves and win in the important areas of life. #thriveon
May 12, 2019
Episode 6: 3 unknown questions w/ Faiez Rana.
This week we challenge you to ask one of your best friends a couple of questions to learn more about them. With life getting so hectic, it is nice to DISRUPT your normal schedule, and just have FUN with it. On this episode Faiez and I ask each other random questions we’ve never asked each other. Tune in for the answers!
May 07, 2019
Episode 5: ThriveOn Introspection w/ Thomas Garanzuay
Thinking about quitting your job and starting a career you are passionate about?!? Tune in to this week’s episode where Freelance Photographer/Videographer Thomas Garanzuay opens up about his struggles to find his path and how introspection and extreme ownership have helped him build a career that he loves....all within ONE YEAR. Be sure to connect with him @thomas_garanzuay
May 02, 2019
Episode 4: ThriveOn Momentum w/ Faiez Rana.
The first part of building anything is breaking the initial fear of taking the first step. Tune in to learn about how to break your fears, build momentum, and ultimately understand that life and business are a continuous process. Feel free to connect with the hosts @thriveonlife and @faiezrana with any and all questions.
April 23, 2019
Episode 3: Fight the funk. How to turn a bad day around, featuring Faiez Rana.
Life is fast. Problems arise daily. And if we are not careful a bad day can turn into a bad week, month, or years. Learn how to embrace gratitude, have empathy, and get outside yourself to turn any bad day into a productive one. Faiez Rana, co-founder of @preptoyourdoor speaks weekly with me as we try to improve ourselves and become better for our community.
April 16, 2019
Episode 2: What started #thriveonlife? With CJ Finley
What started #thriveonlife? For anyone interested in starting their own brand... tune in to CJ Finley as he explains how self awareness and pain lead to a bigger purpose and mission in life.
April 15, 2019
Episode 1: ThriveOn FREEDOM with Faiez Rana.
Faiez Rana the founder of Prep to your door speaks about his definition of FREEDOM. If you want to hear about how courage, education, and self-awareness can set you FREE, please tune in!
April 02, 2019