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The Thrive Hive

By The Thrive Hive
SA's best personal development podcast aimed at extracting knowledge from those that have travelled the road to success before us. Our vision is to LEARN and SHARE this valuable information with YOU- our Thrive Hivers. We will be conversing with various SA industry leaders, entreprenuers and people of influence who have revolutionized the scene - speaking about EVERYTHING from money to mindsets, habits to fitness, mental health to business & motivation and so much more. There is a huge gap in South Africa for this kind of content and we aim to empower our community through this initiative.
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How to embrace change with Avthar Sewrathan

The Thrive Hive

How to embrace change with Avthar Sewrathan

The Thrive Hive

How to win after losing with Jules White
In this episode on The Thrive Hive, Thashen and Nicole chat to a Dragons Den Slayer, Jules White, who is a sales expert and a fabulous human being. This conversation highlights the importance of vulnerability & accountability in all aspects of life and talks about how to LIVE IT, LOVE IT and SELL IT. Jules White is an award winning international sales consultant with over 30 years of business and sales experience. Working in many different sectors selling everything from baby products to stainless steel to Yellow Pages, she has also experienced every job role within sales, from telesales through to Sales Director and has a wonderful breadth of knowledge and experience to bring to her work. She is an author, TedX speaker & a very proud and loving mom. She has a unique view on what success means to her, and it is the cutest definition we’ve heard on this podcast thus far. Stick till the end to find out if Jules is really the Tea Lover she says she is?  Let us know in the review how you feel about this? Jules Ted talk: The “Live it, Love it, Sell it” Book: Connect with Jules: 
September 9, 2021
Why age is just a number when it comes to success with Talia Tucker
In this episode Talia brings her spunk and unfiltered perspectives on business, hard work, negativity and more. She walks us through her journey of self discovery into entrepreneurship and network marketing. This young woman packs a punch and while making a living and offers her young peers a chance to do it too! 
August 17, 2021
How to search, engineer and optimize your creativity with Caleb Janssens
Caleb Janssens is a passionate Youtuber, Photographer, Videographer and Web Developer! He has managed to successfully generate a passive stream of income from his content online and is kind enough to share some incredible insights. He talks about the importance of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so get ready to take some notes. Caleb believes that in order to make great content, we need to understand our WHY?  WHY are you on this platform creating this type of content? (let us know in apple reviews if you are a content creator). He says that it is important to provide value and comfort to your audience and to always stay grounded when people are against you. An important aspect of success for Caleb is the meaningful relationships with his Fiancé and Friends, as well as his connection to God and fulfilling his life with what he believes is his purpose on Earth. Stay inspired and Keep Thriving.
June 28, 2021
Sometimes, success equals sacrifice with Kelly Slingers
Nicole and Thashen chat to the seriously amazing Kelly Slinger, founder and CEO of the Plane Project - non-profit humanitarian organization that provides relief for underprivileged areas in South Africa. She walks them through how she isolated a need in her community, used her skills (profession) and found a way to serve a cause greater than herself, in the best way she knew how - flying.  Kelly officially resigned her full time COMFORTABLE job and decided to pursue the Plane Project on a full time basis, in the hope of servicing as many struggling communities as she can. The conversation soars into the hardship and challenges of pursuing a calling that feels "hard" and how extraordinary achievements are accomplished through small ordinary steps. She shares golden tips on how to serve, make an impact and lead a life of value while growing as a person/professional as well. 
June 7, 2021
Why prioritising sleep is vital for a successful life with Jenny Quach
Rumour has it that sleeping with success is the new trend. Sleep like you mean it. The value of getting ‘enough’ sleep is often undervalued, especially in the world of work. The hosts, Thashen & Nicole, chat to the founder of Sleep Snob, Jenny, about the link between sleep and success. It turns out that SLEEP is a core ingredient for your success. We learn that magnesium and zinc just before bed is good for a deep quality sleep. Your sleeping patterns could affect your next promotion at work. You’re probably not lazy, Just TIRED. Find out more on these topics in the podcast. There are also some cute tricks that you can apply to your life to improve your sleep. Also, let us know what you think about our success ‘rhymes’ and our conversations with the guests! Sleep well and keep thriving!
May 21, 2021
How to find your purpose and thrive in it with Kovini Moodley
CEO of the iconinc Boss Babes of South Africa, Kovini Moodley, chats to us about her journey to founding BBSA, the dips and spikes that got her there. She shares valuable insight on how she found her true purpose and calling in life and how she finds ways to incorporate it into her everyday life.  We touch on feminism, self love, dealing with negativity and more!  She is a Chartered accountant by day, CEO of giant organisation Boss Babes of South Africa by night and all round butt kicker 24/7.  This episode is one NOT to be missed. 
May 13, 2021
How to optimize creativity and build your brand with Sed P.
In this episode on The Thrive Hive, Thashen and Nicole chat to a South African Tik Tok Creator, Sed P, who is famous for "Jonna My Boi". This conversation highlights the importance of personal branding and talks about how social media platforms can expedite your journey to success. Sed P is a data analyst and a South African Tik Tok comedy creator. He provides some insight into creator analytics and talks about how it all began. We learn that strategy plays an important role when it comes to being consistent on social media platforms, and Sed P shares some of his Tips and Tricks that allow him to be a data analyst by day and a content creator by night, whilst meeting social expectations from his friends and family around him. Stick till the end to find out if Sed P is a Bunny Chow or Braai type of guy. Let us know in the review how you feel about this.
May 4, 2021
Why making mistakes is the first step to unlocking next level potential and leadership with George Andriopoulos
In this episode, American business executive, entrepreneur, 3x TedX speaker & organizer, coach and upcoming author, George, shares his riveting experiences and life's journey with us.  Being a veteran of business, excellent entrepreneur and most importantly a dad, George brings fire and value to this enticing conversation. He delves deep into how his failures shaped his perspective on life and work and how being a dad grounds him in his role as a leader.  Things get personal as he opens up about a really low time in his life, how he managed to flip his misfortune and the steps he took to rise from his ashes and soar with the wind.  We learn about the power of perseverance, failure, the importance of letting go of the poisonous expectations of the people around us, what it means to embrace your true self and the value of team work and good leadership. 
March 30, 2021
How to embrace change with Avthar Sewrathan
Today's Guest is Avthar Sewrathan, A South African, currently based in New York, Technology Entrepreneur and Princeton Alumni. He believes in using technology to empower people. Avthar talks about the opportunity that comes from having access to an Ivy League school, such as Princeton, and the valuable lessons gained from his initial tech start-up journey. He is passionate about self-mastery, entrepreneurship, health, and happiness.  In this episode, Thashen, Nicole, and Avthar discuss how perseverance and persistence are key factors in success. We chat about the caveman mentality, the internal scorecard of success and so much more. 
March 24, 2021
Going from zero to HERO with Dave Seymour.
"I've showed up for failure, I've showed up for success."  CEO of Freedom Venture Investments, Dave Seymour, is a famous entrepreneur who has left his imprint on the Real-Estate Market. Being born in the UK and moving to the US at a very young age, Dave brings a fresh and untraditional perspective on success. While growing his wealth and fortune through his business and real estate ventures, Dave became popular in his role as the star of A&E's reality TV show Flipping Boston, a huge television triumph, focused on flipping houses in the Boston area.  Dave's experience in the public health space keeps him grounded in his pursuits, being a paramedic for a large part of his life. He now spends a chunk of his time mentoring young people from all aspects, areas and walks of life and lends his experience and expertise to the upliftment of the youth.  In this episode the excellent Dave wows our hosts with his stellar communication skills and opens up about his journey to success. He goes into detail about his background, his life growing up, his addiction and how he overcame a tremendous amount of challenges to set his life on a path of personal contentment and success. He shares the secrets to thriving despite of your circumstances and becoming a person of value.
March 2, 2021
How to turn passion into an online success with Nadav Ossendryver
Today's Guest is Nadav Ossendryver, CEO of 'latest sightings', which he conceptualized when he was 15 years old. ‘Latest sightings’ is an online community that reaches over 40 million wildlife lovers every week.  Nadav's passion for wildlife and strong self-belief landed him, as one of the youngest members, a place on the Forbes Africas 30 under 30 list for aspiring entrepreneurs. He shares a glimpse of this journey that allowed him to touch base with Sir Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, etc. Today, Nadav is looking for new ways that will allow him to see even more wildlife.  In this episode, Thashen, Nicole, and Nadav discuss how self-belief and confidence helped Nadav rise to the occasion in successfully creating a thriving wildlife online community on various social platforms, the mindset of an entrepreneur, and so much more!
February 23, 2021
Success stories: Vangile Makwakwa Entrepreneur part 2
In this episode of The Thrive Hive Success stories segment, and second part interview, Vangile chats about her travels, experiences at American business schools and what its like living in Sri Lanka. 
January 30, 2021
Success stories: Entrepreneur Vangile Makwakwa shares her journey to success.
In this episode of The Thrive Hive Success stories segment- a two part interview, the hosts chat to Entrepreneur, authoress and visionary, Vangile Makwakwa, who chats about her experience, around finding your passion, purpose and calling. She also shares her thoughts about the pursuit of success and what that meant to her. Vangile is passionate about helping people heal from trauma around money and how she got out of thousands of dollars of debt.  Stay tuned for the full interview.  Drop us a like or comment if you found this valuable.  Follow @the_thrivehive in IG and Facebook. 
January 22, 2021
Introduction to the Thrive Hive
What does success mean to you? To some it's a destination, to others it's a journey, either way, we wanna learn how to get there. The Thrive Hive Podcast will have authentic conversations on success and who you need to be to reach your fullest potential.  In this episode Nicole and Thashen delve into their vision behind The Thrive Hive Podcast. This serves as an efficient runway into the awesome things planned for the show. The vision, mission and passion behind the podcast is explored and we get to know the hosts a little better!
January 8, 2021
December 18, 2020
December 18, 2020
Welcome To The Thrive Hive!!!
December 18, 2020