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The Thriving In Chaos Project with Paulette Rigo

The Thriving In Chaos Project with Paulette Rigo

By Paulette Rigo
Created and Inspired by our courageous journies, love for connecting with others and having meaningful conversations that teach, impact and heal through sharing our stories.

In each episode, Paulette is joined by some of the most experienced and compelling experts in ALL Things Divorce and Transformation.

Listen to prepare and thrive through the toughest chapters as we reveal our hardships, celebrate our lessons learned and see the future clearly with encouragement, hope and joy.

Leave feeling empowered and prepared to approach life and maintain our dignity no matter what.

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Ep. 73 Whitney McDuff: Signature Stories, Shiny Pennies and Where Do The Lollies go?
Whitney McDuff Joins Paulette for this funny, compelling and truthful chat. Whitney is the CEO of Whitney McDuff Consulting She is a Speaking Engagement Coach, Speaker and Author.  With clients showcased in Forbes, Newsweek, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, Whitney works with purpose-driven leaders to build visible, credible, and profitable brands through public speaking and PR. As a speaker, coach, author, and strategist, she helps launch and builds the public speaking brands of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-agents in the community.  She is the author of two bestselling children’s books, The Lollie Tree and Where The Lollies Go.  Whitney, her husband Jimmy, and two children Holbrook and Heston live in Charleston SC with their obese pug.
February 21, 2021
Ep. 72 Lisa Decker: Divorce Money Matters and so does beating cancer and adversity!!
Meet Lisa: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Cancer Surthriver!!  Lisa C. Decker wants to live in a world where conflicts are handled with respect and dignity as divorcing couples work together to consciously create their new realities.  A nationally recognized expert in the financial matters of divorce as a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) and RCS-D, (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce), Ms. Decker is the author of How to “Divorce Your Spouse, Not Your Money®” (available on Amazon Kindle). Seeking creative solutions to modern problems, she is also the CEO and innovative mastermind behind several helpful, divorce-related sites including Divorce Money Matters and  Ms. Decker is a sought out national speaker, frequent radio show guest and featured expert on CNN, ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates nationally, along with many publications like MONEY and OPRAH magazines, the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal and others, speaking on topics that help people to be smart from the start and have saner, savvier, money-saving divorces. A discreet problem-solver, Lisa offers flat-fee divorce financial planning services to her clients across the country with coaching, consulting and full analysis options.  In her practice working with clients and colleagues, she has seen the good, the bad, and the unfortunate ugly, in divorce situations. These experiences have led her to create innovative ways for people who have been impacted by divorce to find better, less bitter, ways to get through and past the process. By facilitating events online and offline, she connects those who seek with those who serve, empowering people to move from just “surviving” to “Thriving!”  Her endeavors are designed to inform, empower and inspire people to live their best life possible now and in the future. Lisa is currently focusing more attention on developing and speaking at seminars and workshops both for individuals dealing with the divorce process and divorce professionals looking to build thriving practices.  Lisa’s programs have been sold out in Atlanta and she looks forward to expanding in the years to come as she continues to spread messages of help and hope with others. In addition, her online community, DivorceTownUSA®, aims to deliver help and hope for those impacted by divorce and the professionals who serve them through a variety of signature events including Divorce Help and Hope™ seminars, workshops, and retreats. This provides attendees quick access in one place and time to a wide variety of specialists, so individuals can walk away with a depth of understanding of the important aspects that will impact their divorce.  She also hosts professional mixers and an online directory for those in search of divorce advice. The DivorceTown USA® mission is about “Improving the way America divorces, one family at a time™.”  Ms. Decker is also proud to partner with the new Amicable Divorce Network founded by Tracy Ann Moore-Grant, a Georgia family law attorney, to be able to offer divorcing couples more ways to divorce without breaking the bank or destroying their family.  When she is not working with private clients or colleagues, Lisa enjoys traveling, hiking, and boating at Lake Allatoona in Acworth, GA where she resides and is an active volunteer in lake clean-up efforts. A 20+ year breast cancer survivor and recent widow, Lisa understands the challenges that life sometimes presents, and she deeply appreciates moments spent with friends and family including her mom, three grown daughters, two granddaughters, and two dogs, Rocky and Rascal, who works hard to live up to his name.  Click here for Media Inquiries. Click here to See Lisa in the News.
February 14, 2021
Ep. 71 Adrianne Bernadette: The Mental Detector Who Practices The Art of Recreational Anger on IG
Hello, My name is Adrianne Bernadette, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472 and a member of the American Hypnosis Association. I utilize Hypnosis, Prayer, Meditation as well as other Holistic healing modalities to recreate emotional balance for a fulfilled life. I believe the natural healing properties of your mind, body and spirit, create emotional wellness, a form of healing that considers the whole person-body, mind, spirit ,and emotions for optimal health and wellness. Whether it is the achievement of a personal improvement goal or the urgent need to find a healthy more fulfilling life path, the therapeutic use of hypnosis, imagery and mindfulness is the most powerful resource known to comfortably and efficiently assist you in achieving your goals. In 2017 I received my B.A. in Psychology from the Union University & Institute, at the same time I was studying and training at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute located in Tarzana, California, a Nationally Accredited Hypnosis training College and Clinic for Hypnotherapy. During my clinical hypnotherapy internship, I worked with the Director and key Senior staff members who lead me in combining everything I had learned on my own path in combination with the clinical hypnotherapy skills and certifications I had acquired. In 2013 MBUSD and Community Matters introduced The Safe School Ambassadors® Program, the nation’s most effective student-led bullying prevention program where I became a trained family facilitator representative for two years. In 2016 I was humbled by the bravery of young children who experienced death, as a volunteer for The Gathering Place, an extension of Little Company Mary Hospital in Torrance,  California. Staffed by licensed professionals, graduate-level mental health interns and trained volunteers, I will never forget the focus support groups that specialized in bereavement services for adults, teens and children. The mission to encourage healing, health, strength and confidence in those who have experienced death. It was the hypnotherapy that helped me discover and more importantly access the powers of the subconscious mind, One by one, from personal goals and habits to deeper issues of self-love and prosperity vs scarcity beliefs, hypnotherapy delivered what felt to me, an organic, rapid, yet comfortable path to the life goals and purpose I was seeking.
February 7, 2021
Ep. 70 Kim Preveza: The Great Adapter, Childhood Cancer Kids and Masters of Divinity from Harvard.
Kim is the founder of Life Full Yoga. Kim is a Yoga and Pilates Instructor as well as a Wellness Coach.  She works with people who are seeking to transform their lives by feeling more focused and energized, more peaceful and calm, and grounded and strong mentally and well as physically.  She has Masters of Divinity from Harvard in 1996 and soon after became certified to teach Yoga and Pilates. She combines the elements of the body, mind, and spirit.  Kim grew up with scoliosis with a back brace and struggled with her body but was also introduced to combining some Yoga with her Physical Therapy. She also struggled with low blood sugar which impacted her in school as well as multiple moves due to her parent's divorces.  Through changing her diet and believing in herself she was able to finally excel in school and even go on to Harvard. Clients appreciate her down to earth style that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit.  Kim is inspired by the teachings of the Viniyoga style, and her past teachers who taught Iyengar and Kripalu style yoga. Kim is also inspired by yoga philosophy and the ancient sacred texts of yoga.  Her ability to adapt and commitment to working with the body, mind, and spirit helped her and her family through their home being destroyed by a fire and the daughter's cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival.  She is also the co-founder of Childhood Cancer Kids which brings Yoga to children with cancer which has been nationally recognized such as on the Today Show.  use code word for FREE gift THRIVE
January 31, 2021
Ep. 69 Jody Bruns: Should I or Shouldn't I Keep The House?
Paulette and Jody join forces in this episode to share their years of experience and wisdom about just how important it is to consider "keeping the house" as 70% of divorces involve selling, refinancing, cash buyouts or purchase of Real Estate.  A Message from Jody Bruns "I believe divorcing homeowners deserve to be better served than the status quo. I believe the divorcing borrower is being underserved by the real estate and mortgage industry as a whole. The intersection between divorce law, tax law, real estate and mortgage financing is real and we can’t ignore it. I challenge every real estate and mortgage professional to become part of the solution and raise their level of service when working with divorcing homeowners because you can’t think traditionally when working with divorce. The Divorce Lending Association and CDLP Certification offers the required knowledge, training and resources for the mortgage professional who has that higher calling to better serve the divorcing community." The Divorce Lending Association can save you and your future.  Founded in 2014, the Divorce Lending Association provides education and training to mortgage professionals working in the divorce market through a very comprehensive certification program, educational webinars, and a business building platform. Our mission is to ensure that divorcing homeowners are provided with expert advice with their mortgage financing and real estate options in an effort to avoid hurdles or identify opportunities as they relate to family and real estate law, tax rules, mortgage financing and real estate during divorce. The ultimate goal is to always best meet the needs of the divorcing homeowners. In over 70% of all divorces in the United States, real estate is involved and most often, so is the need for mortgage financing. The role of the CDLP  is to help not only the divorcing client but the attorney and financial planner understand the opportunities available, as well as the challenges divorce, can bring to mortgage financing during and after the divorce. When the CDLP is involved during the divorce process and not after the fact, many potential financing struggles can be avoided with valuable and educated input from the Certified Divorce Lending Professional. The CDLP understands their role is not to provide legal or tax advice. Their role on the professional divorce team is to help by providing insight on mortgage financing opportunities and recognize potential legal or tax concerns that may arise in any given circumstance while bringing these concerns or opportunities to the attention of other team members. Collaborating with industry experts in family and/or real estate law, financial planning and tax law, mortgage financing and real estate, the Divorce Lending Association was formed as it was very apparent there was a disconnect between all parties involved in the divorce process. Creating the Certified Divorce Lending Professional certification program was one huge step in connecting the pieces of the divorce puzzle making sure there is an educational opportunity for the mortgage and real estate professionals with a desire to further their career in the divorce market. The Divorce Lending Association was founded by professionals who actively practice in the divorce lending and real estate market and who have a strong desire to train and mentor other professionals practicing in the divorce market.
January 24, 2021
Ep. 68 Tracy Galloway: Marriage Is A Party Of Three!!
Tracy D. Galloway has been a litigator in child and family law since 1992. She most enjoys consulting with pro se litigants to help them navigate the divorce process without paying huge retainers to attorneys. In addition to running a thriving law practice freeing clients from soured, crippling marriages, she has earned a Master’s Degree in Psychoanalysis, started competitive ballroom dancing, and most recently began training as a Certified Coach in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.
December 27, 2020
Ep. 67 Lindsey Ellison: MAGIC Words: How to Get What You Want from a Narcissist (and how to understand them too!)
Lindsey Ellison is a relationship coach and founder of Start Over Coaching, Inc., a coaching practice dedicated to helping people wake up from their break up. She is also the author of the best selling book, MAGIC Words: How to Get What You Want from a Narcissist. You can find Lindsey on her popular podcast, Unbreakable You: Breakup Without Being Broken, or on her website
December 20, 2020
Ep. 66 Leigh Aslanis: Money Out Loud! The time has come to raise the volume on the conversation.
Leigh Aslanis is a Money Habits Expert who empowers women to have financial confidence by teaching them healthy money habits.  A straight talker who gives practical, no fluff advice with easy to implement tools that help women gain control of their money.  She knows what it’s like to be a divorced, single parent with no idea how to handle money and made tons of financial mistakes, lost thousands of dollars in the process.  She’s on a mission to make sure no woman is ever left struggling with managing their finances ever again. 
December 14, 2020
Ep. 65 Ilyssa Panitz's 20 years of exceptional journalism takes divorce to a new center stage
Ilyssa Panitz is an accomplished journalist, editor and field reporter/producer. For over 20-years Ilyssa has dedicated her career to covering pivotal news and entertainment events including The Tony Awards, The MTV Movie Awards, the Television Network Upfronts, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and The September 11th attacks on America. Given Ilyssa's love and fascination for people, lead her on this path which, has included stints at CNN, MSNBC, Closer Weekly, Star Magazine, Westwood One Radio, Newsmax Television and in September 2020, Ilyssa created and launched a new daily column called, "5 Things You Need To Know to Survive and Thrive After A Divorce," for Authority Magazine on Medium. Some of the famous faces Ilyssa has interviewed and produced "At Home" photoshoots for include: Justin Bieber; Justin Timberlake; Amy Robach; Tom Hanks; Oprah Winfrey; Tom Cruise; Jane Fonda; Bradley Cooper; Angelina Jolie; John Travolta; Ryan Seacrest; Barbara Walters; Jennifer Hudson; Clint Eastwood; Alicia Keys; Olivia Newton-John; Eli Manning; Donny & Marie Osmond; Kelly Ripa; Dr. Jennifer Ashton; Emmy Rossum; Al Roker; Boomer Esiason; Lesley Stahl; Kourtney Kardashian; Meryl Steep; Keith Richards; Usher, Kiefer Sutherland; Dolly Parton; Norah O’Donnell; Christian Slater and countless others.
November 18, 2020
Ep. 64: The Art of Divorcing With Grace and Learning To Stand Tall
Join Paulette, Sonia and special guest Jenny.  Jenny, only 2 months out recently divorced single mom shares her story of lessons learned, coping techniques, smart strategies and tips and the importance of having a divorce theme song to get you through it.  You don't to miss this fun, heartfelt and HONEST conversation. 
November 4, 2020
Ep. 63 Aja Nepenthe: Learn How To Date Safely In A Modern World And Find The Love You Deserve
Rebecca White is Aja Nepenthe.  An expert online dating coach and creator of Aja Nepenthe, the cutting edge way to date safely in a modern world. Her commitment to creating an optimal and safe dating experience is her life’s work. It is Rebecca’s personal experience and expertise that makes her strive to ensure each of her clients receives the customized and personal attention they need to be successful and safe in finding the love they deserve and desire. Rebecca is a lover of Asian studies and travel, hosting pool parties for friends and fussing over her gorgeous daughter and Alaskan Malamute.  From Confusion to Confidence as Rebecca shares her story.  So there I was, after 18 years of a committed relationship, alone and wondering how to date again. Everything had changed since my 20s. Hell, I don’t think I even had a Facebook account back then. Much less a smartphone with apps. Going out with my girlfriends wasn’t productive at all. Nor, as a single mom, did I have the time. So how DO people meet each other now? At the suggestion of single friends, I tried all the dating apps. The responses I got were overwhelming and some were disturbing. Some turned out to be fakes/scams.  It was a jungle out there. After MANY mistakes, rejections and just plain creepy interactions, I got frustrated and gave up. I took some time to go over my approach, my mistakes and most importantly applied what I’d learned in my background with cybersecurity and domestic violence advocacy and came up with a better, safer approach. I chose one app that felt right for me, applied my new approach in structuring my profile to attract the right people and help me weed out the wrong ones.  Most importantly, I applied safety measures to maintain control over my privacy and keep me safe when meeting people for first dates. And it worked. I had control over my inbox, which, while it had fewer messages, they were from people of quality who shared common interests and goals. If they didn’t respect my boundaries, they were out. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt in control and most importantly, that I was keeping myself and my family safe.  I finally met a man who respected all my boundaries, went at my pace and treated me as I deserved to be treated. I was finally getting my needs fulfilled after decades of feeling neglected. It was a revelation. I decided I needed to share these methods with other women who also were finding themselves thrust into a totally new dating world after years of a committed relationship. I wanted to help them avoid all the mistakes I made. And most of all, I wanted to help keep them and their families safe!  With the help of some friends and a great mentor, I developed a program to lead women from that first moment of confusion to a place of confidence and control without having to go through what I did. In just a few weeks, we can get there together. Just consider me that sassy friend that tells you “Oh girl, no. Don’t do that. Do this instead”.  I’ll help you pick the apps that suit you, set up a profile that gets the results you want, learn to navigate chatting online, get to and through that first date safely and confidently. And I am available after the first step for help navigating new relationships to get your needs fulfilled or help you decide if you need to move on. I am here to help you get what you want and need with me to expertly guide you every step of the way.  You can learn more about Aja and how you can work with her to get on your way to finding the love you deserve,
October 28, 2020
Ep. 62 Jennifer Lawrence: CDFA Designs Divorce For Your Financial Success
Jen Lawrence: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, I partner with my clients to help them navigate a complex and emotional process.  I help my clients gain the stability to begin to rebuild their lives. Why I became a CDFA On a winter morning, one January, I received the call no wife wants to receive. My husband had been thinking about our relationship while traveling on business and had called me from the airport to say he was not coming home.  I know the feelings that accompany the end of a marriage: shock, sadness, worry, disbelief. I know how isolating this time can be. I know how terrifying it can be to face the prospect of being on your own after a long-term marriage, particularly if you’ve not worked outside the home in some time. I also know that divorce, while never easy, does not have to be as hard as it often is.  My first divorce, more than a decade ago when my children were young, was very difficult. While it was relatively amicable, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what my options were when it came to the legal system, our kids, and our assets. And I knew nobody who had been through the process. I got through it but it was more expensive and stressful than it needed to be.  While my second divorce - the divorce involving the airport call - was not easy, it was not nearly as difficult as the first. There were no co-parenting issues, which makes things so much more straightforward. And, I knew exactly what to do. I was able to make decisions about the type of legal team I wanted, knowing all of the options on the table.  I knew what questions to ask potential mediators and attorneys. I knew the language of divorce. My goals were clear so it was easy to formulate a strategy. Someone pointed out that I had acted as my own Divorce Coach. I  decided that I wanted to help other women get through the process and let them know they don’t have to go through it alone. I’m a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and former banker and not afraid to dive into the numbers with you so you can talk confidently with your attorney and money managers.  I can also help in cases of financial abuse; if your spouse does not give you access to money. As the co-author of Engage the Fox, I am an expert in critical thinking and can help you make good decisions throughout the divorce process. I’m also certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other assessment tools that can help you in your journey forward, particularly if you think you might be looking to find a job.  I’ve written about overcoming money problems, high conflict people, happiness, and mental health. I’ve ben featured in HuffPost, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and many other publications.  I have appeared on The Mom Show, Report on Business TV, See Hear Love, and TVO Parents. Why Designed Divorce? I’ve always loved watching fashion designers work as they create art from raw-edged pieces of fabric. I believe divorce is a similar process, as you stitch together what feels like scraps to create a life of beauty.  I’ve created Designed Divorce to serve as a divorce atelier, where women can come to design a beautiful new life after divorce. I’d love to work with you. Click the button below to arrange your Free Consultation Call and begin to design your new life. 
October 21, 2020
Ep. 61 Liz Becker: CDS- A Career That Is Making a Difference!
For the past 22 years, unbeknownst to her, Liz Becker has actually been rehearsing in various plays in order to finally find the script that fits her the best. Whether she was corporately executing events along the East Coast for MAC Cosmetics, or independently running her own production company, she realized early on that effective communication was a key aspect of success both in her personal and professional life. When her son was three years old, she successfully navigated through a divorce and realized shortly thereafter what her true calling was. By combining her diverse life experience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training, she established a private practice as a communication skills coach and trainer, specializing in divorce and parenting. As a result, she now finds great reward in educating people on how to best cope with their own situations and provide them with unique tools and techniques to achieve positive change in their lives. Having a strong personal commitment to teaching parents and children to have better communication skills and higher emotional intelligence, she created the ‘Parenting with Results’ program. Liz has had the pleasure of speaking at various conferences such as the Women’s Success Summit, the Divorce Expo, The Annual Dispute Resolution Center Conference, Children First Expo, and has also been a repeat expert panelist on Huffington Post Live. After working in the Divorce Industry for the past eight years, Liz realized the absence of an association that unites and supports all of the professionals who serve the divorce clientele. She and her partner, Vicky, have successfully figured out how to fill that gaping hole and are thrilled to launch the National Association of Divorce Professionals.
October 14, 2020
Ep. 60 Jaclyn Rodriquez- Family Law Attorney: Time Blinding, Psychological Abuse and The Art of Extreme Perseverance.
Jaclyn Rodriguez is an English-Spanish bilingual Attorney at the Urbina Law Firm, LLC, focusing on family law and immigration. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but soon after moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico where she was raised with her paternal Cuban family until she was 16. In 1999, she returned to Atlanta, with her mother and stepfather, completed high school, and went on to college. In May 2006 she graduated from The University of Georgia with a B.A. in Spanish and in May 2012 she received her J.D. from John Marshall Law School. Ms. Rodriguez has worked in the legal field as a Paralegal/Law Clerk since 2013 focusing mainly in the areas of Immigration, Family and Juvenile Law. In 2012 she completed an externship at the Truancy Intervention Project, a dropout prevention program serving children in the Atlanta and Fulton County Public School System who are chronically absent from school. She is an advocate for families and children who provides representation in all immigration and family law matters, including divorce, custody, and child support issues. She works closely with our clients providing legal advice and assists clients with daily needs, to prepare for trials and mediations. During her time off, Mrs. Rodriguez enjoys spending her free time with her husband, and their two pups, James & Diego. Jaclyn is expecting her first baby in 16 weeks. I love black cats and have owned/rescued 3 so far. I co-founded with my husband and served on the board of FureverMatch Inc., a non-profit animal rescue in 2019. I taught English in Peru at a Cultural Institute for 3 months after graduating from UGA in 2006. My parents were divorced twice when I was 3 and 7, and my mom had to take my dad back to court when I was 14/15. It took me 8 years to pass the bar exam, 3 of those years due to the fact that I was blindly in a very toxic relationship with a narcissist. Breaking free and rebuilding my life was the best decision I could have made. My husband and I met online and were engaged in less than 6 mos. and got married in under a year. It's ok to be single and start over. Your life can start at any age even if you have never been married. I got married at 35 for the first time and at 37 finally passed the bar and am expecting my first child. It is never too late to find happiness. You can find Jaclyn at Family Law Attorney at The Urbina Law Firm 
October 7, 2020
Ep. 59 Beth: Divorce Art Therapy - Yes! Creating Art to Help Heal From Divorce is Effective Therapy.
This is Beth, an Art Therapist by profession.  Beth started her own Instagram page @ documenting her divorce by sharing her mixed media art journaling pages.  Through Beth’s divorce, art was created as an outlet to express the rollercoaster of emotions. The goal is to let others who are experiencing a separation and/or divorce to know that you are not alone. Beth hopes her personal artwork resonated with others and can help the healing process. We cover: -What is Art Therapy and art journaling? -Why did you decide to choose art journaling to document your divorce? -Would art journaling be helpful to others? - How has your artwork been helpful in your own divorce journey? -How can someone else get started if they wanted to do this too? -Do you have a process that helps you decide what to create? -What are your goals in sharing your art pages? Beth also loves to crochet and am self-taught and she learned by watching YouTube videos at night. I love feedback when someone comments or asks questions. I would love to have more of a dialogue with people and also talk about the process of art-making more too.
September 30, 2020
Ep. 58 Lara Seidel: Actress, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Charity Activist has a few things to teach about how to heal and thrive after divorce at 40.
Lara Seidel began her career in the entertainment business 26 years ago when she became a PA for Joe Camp, creator, writer, and director of the 70’s canine film superstar, Benji. She has been cast in over 40 commercials, one of which, Visa Checkout (narrated by Morgan Freeman), is currently airing nationally and internationally. Seidel also played the lead in the Donald Marguiles play, Collected Stories. She has played a variety of roles from a vampire in the upcoming Night Shift 2, to a mom in an extraterrestrial invasion film, The Changers. Her current movie, Wildflowers, is available on Amazon. She has a degree in film communications from the University of Alabama and has trained with many of the finest acting coaches in LA and Florida. In 2010 at the age of 40, Lara endured a divorce. Many people consider 40 middle-aged and halfway through your life, so adding a divorce in the mix was challenging. But you realize that every life experience yields many different results, some good, some bad. But all are learning opportunities. You grow as a person and rediscover your individuality. And for Lara, it helped add new dimensions to her acting skills, independence, martial arts training, and her happiness level. Six months ago, Lara decided to sell her fundraising business of 20 years and begin a new chapter of her life. Moving south of Atlanta three months ago, Lara still continues to pursue her acting career and martial arts. She is a 3rd-degree black belt in Kung Fu.
September 16, 2020
Ep. 57 Jenny Emblom Castro: How to Live Wholly in Times of Extreme Stress and Uncertainty
JENNY EMBLOM CASTRO is HERE!! Join Paulette, Sonia and Jenny the Founder + Creative Director of Living Wholly and Attune and experiential event held at Serenbe just southwest of Atlanta GA. Jenny has a unique background that started with extensive experience in the luxury sector. She started her career in the buying offices at Neiman Marcus, then managed the Aspen and Vail stores for Loro Piana and directed buying for both locations. She also worked as Casa Tua’s Director of Membership in Aspen, and was later the Director of Events for The Supper Club Inc., coordinating partnerships + planning over 70 events annually in New York and Los Angeles. She has more than 15 years of event production + partnership management experience. Her most notable projects include the creation of her brand Living Wholly and events produced in Los Angeles and Aspen starting in 2013. Living Wholly also co-produced Lead with Love in Aspen for its first two years of conception, supporting this summit with all aspects of event consulting. She has also curated highly intentional events for multiple private clients, supporting their brand development and increasing follower engagement by 200%. We are all looking for and Needing tools! Here is a FREE gift from Jenny to give you a tool that will help you on your way to peace of mind and instilling wellness into your lifestyle.  Kasey Crown is a highly skilled trauma therapist and wellness workshop leader. With her background being a balanced mix of therapy and spirituality, many people relate to her. The meditation is specifically for grounding. It is 8 minutes. Efficient and effective. This is a FREE offering. I am including below.
June 17, 2020
Ep. 56 Winter Wheeler: Imposter Syndrome: Replacing Negative Self-Talk with Best Practices
Join Paulette, Sonia and Winter for this honest and insightful conversation about something we all struggle with but rarely discuss.  Imposture Syndrome. No it's not a disease...just a common feeling of not being enough or feeling like a fraud. How would Winter know what this feels  like? She too an experienced litigator, mediator and mother of 4 knows all too well. She wrote a piece all about it. Listen in! Winter is a civil litigator who brings an extensive and comprehensive body of experience to the Miles panel of neutrals.  She specializes in several areas, including wrongful death, catastrophic injury, personal injury, premises liability, nursing home, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, products liability, toxic torts, automotive and trucking liability, civil rights, false imprisonment, municipal liability, water runoff, construction defect, contracts, and entertainment. Most recently, Winter was a senior attorney at a prominent midtown Atlanta law firm. Throughout her career, Winter has worked closely with her opposing and co-counsel to bring cases to a fair and just resolution. Winter is skilled in handling complex matters involving a diverse range of cultures, including Spanish speaking clients. Winter was recently named to the National Black Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 for 2019, an honor also bestowed upon her in 2015.
June 17, 2020
Ep. 55 Shauna Galligan: Hollywood Stuntwomen goes from Head Injured to Head Strong
Shauna was born in Burbank, California. Growing up, Shauna was an athlete and played competitive soccer for nearly 20 years, skateboarding since the age of 3 and on her down time you could find her playing football or basketball with the boys. After graduating high school in 2001, Shauna moved to San Diego where she joined a world traveling soccer team and played the pro teams in their off season for experience. During that time, she sustained a traumatic brain injury and decided to travel to China to study Qi-Gong for alternative healing. After 30 days of studying and healing, she came back %100 healed. Inspired by eastern medicine, she began studying massage therapy and began a massage practice (LMT). After several years she decided to transition into western medicine and became an EMT. She first worked on an ambulance then as an Emergency Room Tech which eventually led her to become a set medic for a TV show in 2008. It was at that time she discovered the world of stunts. One thing led to the next and in 2009 she returned to LA to begin her career as a stunt woman. In May 2013, she welcomed her son, Kyson, who has been her side-kick and biggest inspiration ever since. Shauna has been one of Hollywood’s leading stuntwomen for more than a decade. She’s performed all over the world in the biggest budget action blockbuster movies and doubled some of Hollywood’s leading ladies. After shooting Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame for nearly 3 years in Atlanta, Georgia Shauna fell in love with the area and moved there in 2017 with her son, kyson. As a single mother overcoming adversity, and the challenges women face in the entertainment industry, she has decided to take her life experiences to encourage and motivate others. She inspires those by teaching tools she has learned about the power of the mind and the ability to develop the ultimate mindset. She explores the ability of the mind to heal and create the life we were made to live at the highest level possible, no matter what the circumstance. You can find Shauna @shaunalynngalligan on Instagram 
June 15, 2020
Ep. 54 Tracy Principi and Going No Contact. When is Enough Enough?
Paulette and Sonia is joined by Tracy Principi as she shares her expertise as an Embodiment Coach in Navigating No Contact with Toxic Parents. Tracy Principi Embodiment Coach Website: Podcast: Facebook Group: Navigating No Contact with Toxic Parents
June 1, 2020
Ep. 53 Dorothy Johnson: How to get over your ex NOW!!
3 TOP TIPS you can use NOW for todays top Break-Up Coach!  If you are struggling with getting over your ex you need to listen to this podcast.  To learn now about Dorothy ...check her out here... Website: Podcast: How to Get Over Your Ex - Instagram:
May 15, 2020
Ep. 52 Rosalind Sedacca: How to Co-Parent COVID and Beyond!
Rosalind Sedaca joins Paulette and Sonia Today! Rosalind Sedacca, CDC is the founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network, a Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach and author of numerous books, e-courses and programs on divorcing with children and co-parenting successfully. Rosalind Sedacca, CDC The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce Author: How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network Host: Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living Radio Show & Podcast
May 14, 2020
Ep. 51 The Biggest Money Lesson We Can All Learn
This is the opportunity we have all been needing but avoiding!~ The hard conversations that need to be said. Life is completely unpredictable! And NOW it's been proven again that we got caught with our pants down.  We have to plan for the unexpected, the unknown and the unexplainable. We all like to feel confident in our abilities and save face with out children that we are smart and have it all together.  Parents don't have all the answers sometimes and we have to be willing to share our vulnerabilities too. Teach financial literacy. Use available resources. (Money As You Grow) Teach your kids to save for today. We don't want to teach children to associate money with fear! We want to teach our children how to navigate these rough waters. "Needs and Wants" colouring sheets "Bankers and You" bingo Talk to your kids about money Instil money values in kids at a young age We want them to be intrigued and curios  We want them to grow up being future money managers
May 1, 2020
Ep. 50 How Has 15 Days Turned Into 15 Weeks?
Have the last few weeks seemed to go on for eternity? Sonia and Paulette share the pros and cons of our new normal as professionals, wives, mothers and friends. Is our definition of community changing? How do we thrive in the chaos of it all? 
April 30, 2020
Ep. 49 How To CO-Parent During CO-vid with Paulette and Sonia
How has co-parenting changed in this age of "social distancing" and "sheltering in place"? We touch on Flossing, Seatbelts and Improved Communication!  Can we communicate more effectively instead of rushing to call a lawyer and engaging the courts to try to solve our conflicts?  Paulette and Sonia explore how Divorce is a study of conflict and conflict resolution. 
April 17, 2020
Ep. 47 Dana Mantilia: Identity Theft, The Dark Web and other ID pandemic concerns you need to know.
Dana Mantilia, President of Identron, joins Paulette for this important conversation all about how to protect your identity particularly in these uncertain times.  Now more than ever women, children and seniors are victims of having their identity stolen leading to legal and financial troubles.   Dana is an identity Theft Expert and you need this information.  We all experience change in our lives and change creates and exposes our personal and financial information and makes it more available to thieves. Any change can make you more vulnerable. Job, relationship, move, divorce, death in family to name a few.  These experiences are traumatic enough without adding to it the devastating effects of identity theft.  Dana is engaging and educating. You will love her funny and insightful LinkedIn Videos!  Dana Mantilia on Linkedin  and  for more information 
April 14, 2020
Ep. 48 The Thriving In Chaos Project with Paulette Rigo and Sonia Queralt: The New Normal is NOW
Wow! The Great Pause has begun. Candid Conversations are the New Normal.  The Thriving In Chaos PROJECT is born!!! After a year of flying solo hosting Thriving In Chaos I JOIN forces with Sonia Queralt Esq. of Divorceify! Join Registered Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach, Paulette Rigo and Attorney At Law, Sonia Queralt every week for candid, honest and inspiring conversation on 9 podcast platforms and The Thriving in Chaos Project Facebook Page.   
April 14, 2020
Ep. 46 Christian Family: Are you fatalizing or fantasizing about divorce?
Christian Family, Esq. formerly known as Jamie Campbell (Pickens)(Manning) is a respected attorney with nearly 20 years experience.  Christian was an endorsed candidate for Franklin County Domestic Court Judge in 2010 and limits her practice to divorce and family formation. Christian earned her Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University in 2001 and her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Rochester in 1998. Twice divorced, Christian is now the mother of three little ones.
April 1, 2020
Ep. 45 Holly Haynes: It's a privilege to age... NOT a curse. How to let yourself off the hook and find peace.
Holly and Paulette met on the little island of Ambergris Caye a few years back when life felt a bit simpler.  Even though life has changed considerably for both of them, they continue to shape, inspire and empower the lives of women all over the world as they share their passion for helping women live their best most authentic lives. Holly grew up in Tyler, Texas, and now resides in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with her dad and 2 of your five children. Holly has been a Home Builder and Designer for 30 years in a business she named Shagalicious!! She also opened the Blue Water Collection in Belize and a diner named after her Mom called Kay’s Diner. But Holly’s passion is now her online e-commerce “Age Me Gracefully” site where she and a bright community of women ages 40-65 can learn and find support in doing just that…age gracefully. Some notable quotes from our conversation. Definition of graceful: Learn to let go and let God Human beings versus human doings “Girl, you gotta let go of things. Let yourself off the hook”  As we age, we see things differently.  I didn't slide into it. I didn’t move into it …it was a hurricane.  Life does not escape one of us and divorce does not avoid many of us!  Maybe we should have turned right when we should have turned left. Those turns can not be changed, but our true worth is that love is at our very nature.  God is not contained in 4 walls.  Share the struggles that brought you to a place of knowing your desired change in your life.  I had lost my connection with myself.  Holly designed and built a 17000 square feet that felt like a burden and a prison.  There is no home, no car, no money that can take the place of your peace. I was desperately trying to get that back.  You think that money can buy that peace …It doesn’t. That comes from you. You can’t get it from a credit card, spouse, children…none of it. We are creatures that are made to have peace. What did that feel like? I lost myself.  Identity was in my husband. I had no identity of my own. Anytime a family breaks up there are no winners. Biggest lessons I have learned to forgive myself and to love myself. I had to learn to finally let go and learn to love myself again.  My happy was gone.  I have been hurt and I have done the hurting.  I learned that I am worthy.  When you lose yourself. When you renew your mind. You have to date yourself. I have been single for 8 years.  Your mistakes do not define who you are.  You are going to be ok no matter what happens. If it doesn’t matter in 100 years it doesn't matter.  Ignore other people's opinions. Forgive yourself quickly.  To anyone listening who feels stuck, consider what the word stuck really means. Move on, Get help, Don’t isolate. and Prayer, Believe.  Life is too short to do something you are not passionate about. Learn to grow and seek support.  There is no shame. All that pain is worth it.  I wanted to heal my heart and I just wanted to help women heal their hearts too.  Hot flashes I call my own private summer. I said to myself... “There is no way I can do this aging thing Gracefully”  Great feeling to work from home and be your own boss. Share your passion and what is it that makes you get up in the morning and shout YES! you can find Holly at
March 25, 2020
Ep. 44 Pam Roy: A Success Story! She wanted to keep the family but she didn't want to keep the marriage.
Meet Pam Roy! Through her writing, speaking and mentorship, Pam advocates for the mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults. She writes a blog for parents about education and preparing students for the future of work.  Inspired by the meaning-centered philosophy of Viktor Frankl, Pam is involved in film and book projects related to bringing his ideas to a new generation.  She is the Executive Producer of an upcoming short film series entitled, Meaning in Madness, which shines a light on the systemic issues contributing to the epidemic of mental health disorders in students.  She volunteers her time with foster youth and has created a community involvement program for International Sanctuary, a social enterprise that empowers girls and women rescued from human trafficking. Pam is the mother of three daughters ages 19, 20 and 22
March 18, 2020
Ep. 43 Barbara Bell: Retirement is not guaranteed and other financial myths.
Barbara Bell is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who has built a business around helping individuals and couples navigate the complex financial decisions involved in divorce. As a child of divorce, Barbara saw firsthand the impact a lack of knowledge and support can have. You may not know what you have. You may not know what you’re entitled to. You may not know what to ask. You need someone by your side to educate, support and guide you through the process so you can find a brighter new beginning. A graduate of Drexel University, Barbara came to the financial services industry after a career in architecture. She worked in both residential and commercial design, before moving overseas to own and operate an interior design and custom furniture company. When Barbara returned to the U.S., she decided to turn the experience running the financial side of her business into an opportunity to help others navigate the complex but vital world of finance. She became a financial advisor, and in addition to her CDFA, she holds an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) certification at Cannon Advisors, where she specializes in financial planning, wealth management, retirement and cash-flow planning. Now, as the founder and CEO of Bell Divorce Advisors, Barbara uses her financial education to empower women and men in the midst of a divorce. She is trained and experienced in analyzing the personal, business and tax issues inherent in the divorce process. And she provides education, support and guidance to help her clients find their way to an equitable settlement and a brighter new beginning.
March 13, 2020
Ep. 42 Sonia Queralt: Attorney, mother, Divorceify CEO teaches us why it's good to be allergic to bullshit!
Paulette and Sonia explore a fun, raw and spirited deep conversation!! You don't want to miss this one. Sonia is a divorce litigator and a divorce survivor. She now dedicates her career to helping people going through divorce focus on making their happily ever after possible. Sonia earned her bachelor’s degree at American University and studied law at Northeastern University School of Law. She lives in New York with her husband, her 9-month-old son and two cats, Bella and Ninja. “Divorce is brutal and life-changing, there is just no way around that. To get through a divorce in the healthiest way possible, people need the right type of help that addresses their pain points and personal needs – divorce cannot be a one size fits all approach. Surrounding yourself with a safe space and the right team will make all of the difference. Trust me – I’ve lived it.”
March 2, 2020
Ep. 41 MD Kiley Hanish teaches us after pregnancy and infant loss, our experience with grief can be very internal.
MD Kiley Hanish is an Occupational therapist who specializes in pregnancy and infant loss.  Grief and trauma need to be experienced. And we all must understand that everyone experiences them differently.  The MOVIE Return to Zero was created in honor of their son Norbert.  HOPE: The Foundation was created  Healing Retreat Outreach and education Peer support and community Empowerment What should women expect when they attend one of your retreats?  15-20 women come to feel validated and feel heard, to be supported and to process their feelings and grief.  Yoga, Niia, Talk group circles, Cognitive work, Crafts, Bodywork, Free time, Downtime, time in nature and time to rest.  All of the women are scared and nervous at first and leave feeling loved and respected for their experience.  There is no time limit on processing grief. Anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 35 years! Pregnancy and infant loss is a traumatic PTSD experience that doctors and hospitals are not prepared to handle properly.  Doctors are unprepared for stillbirth! It truly breaks my heart to know how unprepared they are.  Calling to tell the story: Isolated and alone, Felt validated, Felt safe Bring them together and nurture them. I realized that time doesn't heal if you aren't going to work on it. It brought me to my knees. I could now relate to other people who had gone through the same It wasn’t my job to heal them it was my job to hold the space. Learned to feel my feelings and not push them away. It allowed me to cry and mope around and just feel. Gave myself permission to be with myself where I was at the moment. Honoring this in myself. It is not going to go away. There will be times now I still feel the pain.  Allowing the idea of integration of the experience. Conflict of what we are going through to the outside. Versus what’s going on on the inside. "I’m fine" attitude! Safe space is created to reconnect to themselves. I am transformed into this new fully developed human. I embrace all parts of myself. I choose to be vulnerable. Kiley kept her own Divorce private and put on a brave mask.  With does grief look like and feel like?  The reason she created HOPE from her own transformational growth after infant loss. Expanding to a wider community that allows a safe place for the unraveling to unfold. Trying to rebuild yourself all in a setting and power of community.  How can we create communities where people help people?  I see the future of training health professionals.  Helping men become vulnerable too! Life is really hard. We all need help.  Being able to accept the full picture of life is complex. We don’t have to be defined by our pain and experience. It wasn’t until I actively participated in our own growth that we heal. We all need a guide. We all need someone to walk with you through your pain. I believe Kiley is that spiritual guide. Kiley's next retreat is in April in Northern CA You can reach out to Kiley anytime!!
February 24, 2020
Ep. 40 Kelley Henry gets us Juicy!
Kelley is a passionate lover of all things JUICE. Juice is big business in the US, and it takes a lot of work, tons of organic produce, and precision timing to make a good clean, healthy juice. Kelley should she had made certified organic cold-pressed juice for over five years when she opened Bamboo Juices here in Georgia after making it in her mom's kitchen. Paulette met Kelley at her kitchen tour and was overwhelmed by her skill and knowledge of being able to grow a brave business as a female entrepreneur that is changing the lives of so many for the better.  Juicing can make a difference in healing and detoxifying the human body and soul. She began her journey as a burnt-out Archeology graduate who traveled to over 40 countries studying Blue Zone cultures. Kelley found her self exhausted, eating a diet of processed foods, having severe cystic acne, and battling depression. She How did Bamboo come into fruition? It's so crazy how things come together and transpire. Kelley traveled around and the world and lived in tons of different places and learned so much about other culture's diets and healthy living. After 15 years of moving from one place to the next, I came back to my home town and became really unhealthy, which lead to an undiagnosed illness. Luckily, I came across the work of Dr. Max Gerson and became inspired to start juicing to improve my health. Slowly but surely, I began to feel better. There was no cold-pressed juice that encompassed what I believe every juice should have to be truly transforming to your health. I started making the juices and almond milk in my mom's kitchen using spices from India, fruits from local farmers, superfoods from Asia and a whole host of other ingredients that inspired me and got me excited about health. Friends and family started buying the juices and milk and one thing lead to another. Next thing I knew I was in a meeting with the director at Serenbe, Garnie Nygren. We hit it off, and she became not only a dear friend but my business partner. We now have our own kitchen, tons of employees, free home delivery and are selling it all over Atlanta. I believe that when you have a product that you are passionate about, is creative, innovative, and helping others transform their life for the better, and the sky is the limit. Reach out to Kelley personally at and follow her on Facebook and Instagram at BambooJuices ordering is easy and the juice is genuinely delicious
February 19, 2020
Ep. 39 Maureen Spencer: Infectious Disease is nothing to sneeze at!!
Maureen Spencer, RN, M.Ed. has been an Infection Preventionist for over 40 years and is certified in infection control (CIC). As one of the early pioneers in infection control, she was awarded the APIC National Carole DeMille Award in 1990 and was selected as one of the APIC Heroes of Infection Prevention in 2007.  In 2012 she was selected as one of the "Who's Who of Infection Prevention" and in 2017 was recognized as a Fellow of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (FAPIC) for her advanced practice in infection prevention and leader within the field. She is currently an independent Infection Preventionist Consultant from Boston, MA and offers consulting and lecture presentations. Maureen has published numerous peer-reviewed publications and has presented many abstracts/posters at the national conference. She is a national and international speaker on an array of infection prevention and control topics. Her previous positions included Director, Clinical Education at Accelerate Diagnostics, Tucson, AZ; Corporate Director, Infection Prevention for Universal Health Services, King of Prussia, PA; Infection Control Manager at New England Baptist Hospital (an Orthopedic Center of Excellence in Boston) and Director of the Infection Control Unit at Mass General Hospital, Boston, You can learn more about Maureen and her exceptional work in yoga, energy healing, nursing, education, infectious disease control and her speaking engagements on and 
February 5, 2020
Ep. 38 Kristen Coffield: Is what you eat, eating you? `
Kristen Coffield is the founder and owner of The Culinary Cure, a consulting business and education website dedicated to helping people harness the power of food to change their lives. Kristen is a passionate advocate for food as medicine. She reinvented her life after a series of events that left her health compromised, spiritually depleted and emotionally drained. Taking the simple daily habit of eating, Kristen turned what was on the end of her fork into a superpower to fuel her best life. As an educator, author and culinary disruptor, Kristen inspires people to harness the power of food and habit, take control of the controllable, and live healthier happier lives. She believes a largely plant-based diet holds the key to enhanced wellness and disease prevention; and that creating powerful culinary habits can profoundly influence longevity. Kristen is a regular contributor on Good Morning Washington, ABC7 and Fox5, where she inspires and motivates viewers to take charge of their health with easy plant-based recipes and nutrition tips. Her writing has been featured in DC Refined, Great Day Washington, Washingtonian and in multiple other publications. She is regularly a featured speaker and wants to inspire you to use food to “live as you mean it!” The Kitchen Intervention is Kristen’s signature program for addressing the root cause of peoples’ frustrations with shopping, cooking and eating healthier. It is a process that reboots the kitchen to be a powerful partner in wellness transformation, eliminating useless habits and mindsets around food, and cooking, and creating new health-supporting ones. Kristen has created a signature Master Class that is not complicated, expensive or hard to follow. The Culinary Cure Master Class is a steppingstone for creating positive life changes. It is a 4-week course that teaches individuals how to eliminate habits that do not serve the body and soul and replace them with life-supporting habits that do. Kristen and her husband have developed Legal Wellness Education , a comprehensive wellness education program tailored to the unique needs of the legal profession. Kristen’s Master Class, book, articles, videos, and recipes can be found on her website:
January 31, 2020
Ep. 37 Jillian Haddad: Snarky Sass, Kombucha and Butter Me up!
Jillian Haddad is here to set the record straight on how to shift your thinking and buying power.  Jillian Haddad, the owner of Butter Me Up Organics, started her company in 2008 after the frustration of not finding any nontoxic items in stores. She believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it and strives every day for the smallest environmental impact. She has been zero waste from the start, cruelty-free, dye and fragrance-free as well as completely sustainable packaging. I started Butter Me Up for myself back in 2008. I was living in Pasadena and had always been VERY particular about the products I used on myself. At that time, that meant you shopped at Whole Foods or the lucky boutique you ran across once every 5 years that didn't just make things that smelled good. Finally, one day after spending $25 on body butter, I thought to myself, 'I can make this'...and Butter Me Up Organics was created. I spent the next THREE years pouring over ingredients, benefits, quality, safety, certifications and where the ingredients came from and carefully crafted each recipe with purpose.  Each recipe is my own and many, many hours of care and research were poured into everyone. I chose things not on the cost but for the most benefit each recipe could bring. I designed everything to have the most therapeutic qualities possible in the bottle/jar/tin. I continue to hand make each product today. Each item is packaged in glass, tin or paper. Many people tried to convince me along the way to use plastic and with the extreme added cost of glass, especially in shipping, I almost did. But I couldn't. It just seemed to negate all of the care that I put into the standards of the ingredients and the recipes. I use all recycled paper, soy inks, sustainable printers, and recycled packing materials. It is important for me to keep this earth as green as possible for future generations. Well here we are, years later and I'm beyond happy with the choices I made. My margins aren't nearly as high as others. I could get everything cheaper, but I feel great about the product that I'm giving. I KNOW it's the best that's out there, and that makes me feel great. Making them by hand without any synthetic ingredients, fragrances or dyes is a quality that is unparalleled. I love emails. I've received many emails with photos about how the Boo Boo b Gone helped a child's eczema disappear the same day or how a mother bought the acne treatment and green soap for her high school son with severe acne and now it's gone. Seeing those before and afters gives me a feeling I can't even describe as anything but purpose. I'm doing what I love, helping people with the best ingredients available here on earth. Who wouldn't be happy? Contact me at
January 15, 2020
Ep. 36 Linda Beach: Learn how to live a life you don't need a vacation from!
Linda Beach is the adventurous founder of Freedom Lifestyle Today, a multi-faceted company that offers retreats and courses and coaching. She teaches women how to create a life they don’t need a vacation from. She’s been an entrepreneur her entire adult life, founding over a dozen businesses, including a chain of spa schools in 1998. Linda went on to become a well-known teacher, speaker, and writer for the spa industry and coached thousands of budding entrepreneurs to success. In early 2016, Linda sold her schools, became a certified life coach, gave away nearly everything she owned and moved to the sparkling shores of Ambergris Caye, Belize with her rescue pup, Bailey. Since then she’s traveled and lived all around the world, working from her laptop, hosting retreats, teaching others how to design retreats and having the time of her life.   Dream Lifestyle Roadmap: Footloose & Fancy-Free Italy Retreat:
January 1, 2020
Ep. 35 Eliza Bacot: She makes her way out of the ICU and into changing what you use in your medicine cabinet AND the CBD hype!
Meet Eliza! She’s got a lot of letters after her name: Eliza Bacot, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC, Certified Wellness Practitioner. For 16 years, she worked as a nurse turned nurse practitioner in critical care with a focus on mitigating disease with pharmaceuticals. Eliza’s wellness journey began after seeing the level of preventable illness and suffering in the ICU without discussions of the toxic culture people live in. Women are exposed to 168 chemicals on a daily basis between all the products we use… starting with your toilet paper!  Hear what you can do to avoid toxins in your food and home. Eliza was introduced to essential oils in 2014 by her Emory graduate school instructor. With a strong desire to promote wellness and tools for preventing illness within the community, she made a career transition to become a certified wellness practitioner in addition to her nurse practitioner certification. Encouraged by her husband, Eliza quit her job in 2017 and started her own wellness business, The Organic South, to work with individuals and corporations to encourage a wellness-based lifestyle. She finds great success in encouraging the use of doTerra essential oils, healthy food choices, toxin avoidance, and mindfulness. Other tools that her clients use is doing a home detox or GI mapping of one’s gut health. Just like me, Eliza sees a world where people think of good health as a merger of modern and natural medicine. This is why Eliza Bacot is on a mission to keep people out of the ICU and restore their health through education of herbal medicine. 
December 26, 2019
Ep. 34 Amber Gregory: It is not about finding peace, it's about being at peace with what we find.
YOGA IS MY TRUE PASSION... The practice found me over ten years ago and has followed me around with nurturing love ever since. My yoga experience began at Charlestown Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts while volunteering for a non-profit organization that offered alternative healing services to veterans. In exchange, I was able to take yoga classes at the studio. I soon became a regular, sometimes taking two, even three classes each day. Simultaneously, I experienced a couple of unexpected lay-offs from my jobs in online advertising sales and this opened up some space to make what was initially a physical practice a very spiritual journey for me. With the completion of my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2007, I began to pursue my teaching career in yoga. First, managing the studio part-time and then, teaching as many classes as I could in and around Boston. This journey through my practice has paved the path for many of the challenges I would face later on in a way that nothing else could have prepared me for. In 2011, at age 35, I was teaching yoga and running a Bed & Breakfast on Martha's Vineyard when I was diagnosed with stage 2/3 triple-negative breast cancer. My life turned upside down. Planning a wedding turned into deciding on a treatment plan for the following year. 16 chemo treatments, two surgeries and 30 days of radiation is what followed. That is what my treatment looked like on paper, but I believe I was saved because of yoga, the community at MGH, and my 'tribe'. Students would pop up with messages of love and support when I least expected it, at hospitals, on the street, along with various other places and in moments that you couldn't predict if you tried. I practiced hot power yoga the day after chemo with a bald head, surrounded by my tribe. This is what yoga is, a place where we can turn things off and look inside ourselves, without judgement or ego but with vulnerability and humble love. I am 7 years cancer-free, a wife and mother of two small children. I have faith and hope and yoga taught me that. My students and colleagues continually inspire and teach me so much about myself. This is what I hope to share with you - on and off the mat. Namaste. CONTACT ME I am continually honored to represent KiraGrace as a Warrior Ambassador. KiraGrace is a  leader in Yoga Clothing Apparel and all of their clothing is responsibly manufactured in the USA. I was chosen as a Brand Ambassador because of my leadership on and off of the mat, community involvement, and seva, or service. I continually try to exercise leadership through my commitment to the betterment of this community and my teachings of yoga. To check out this amazing company, please go to
November 27, 2019
Ep. 33 Julie Lord: What's it like raising a family in an Agrihood you ask?
Chiropractor Pilates Teacher shares her story of raising a family in an unconventional way and watches them thrive.  JULIE LORD Most know Pilates instructor Julie Lord as Dr. Julie Lord, the local chiropractor!   Dr. Lord graduated from Life University in Atlanta. Julie brings her therapeutic touch to the mat by focusing on making classes healing and balancing for the body. With an undergrad in psychology from Campbell University in North Carolina, she likes to add a zen touch, ending each class in a short relaxation/meditation moment. This also makes her Pilates practice unique. Julie credits her style to her first Pilates teacher and mentors Cathy Jackson in Athens, Georgia who was trained by one of the first certified classes by the PhysicalMind Institute. Dr. Lord is certified through SCW certification programs.  Julie Pilates' teaching career started in Athens Georgia for the UGA Ramsey Center and at Sangha yoga studio in Athens. Julie resides with husband Shane, teenage son Koby, and daughter Skyler in Serenbe.
November 20, 2019
Ep. 32 Taylor Wells: How Living Your Best Life isn't an option it's Who You Are. OH and did we mention WINE!!?
Taylor Wells and Paulette met in Nantucket during the Nantucket Yoga Festival while Taylor was teaching and Paulette was soaking up the sun and the vibe. Taylor blew Paulette away and the two have been friends and sisters ever since. \ ✨ Happy SuperMom of 5✨ ✨Graduate of Brown University and Columbia University.✨ ✨Founder of 5 Prana Power Yoga Studios✨ ✨Author✨ ✨Entrepreneur✨ ✨United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador✨ ✨Founder of Prana Restaurant - the first raw vegan restaurant in Newton Massachusetts✨ ✨Juice PLUS+ Sales Coordinator✨ ✨Law of Attraction Mindfulness based Coach✨ ✨Law of Attraction Mindfulness based Therapist✨ ✨Scout and Cellar Consultant✨ Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT Founder of Prana Power Yoga™, Author & Entrepreneur Taylor speaks, teaches, and inspires at conferences all over the world, including The Nantucket Yoga Festival, The Young Presidents’ Organization, Prana Fest, Women’s Wellness, Longevity Now, The Yoga Chant Fest, and Yoga for Peace.   She is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of Prana Power Yoga™ (5 studios in Massachusetts and New York), United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, Law of Attraction & Mindfulness Based Therapist, Law of Attraction & Mindfulness Based Coach, Boston Herald Columnist, Boston Herald Blogger, Master Yoga & Spiritual Teacher, Creator and sole writer of, Wellness, and Healthy Lifestyle Activist with Juice PLUS+.   A graduate of Brown University (A.B.) and Columbia University (M.A., M.Ed.), Taylor trained over 100 yoga teachers a year in her renowned Prana Power Yoga™ Teacher Training Program in both Massachusetts and New York and taught 25 times a week at all of her PPY locations for 16 years.  She is a happy Super-mom of five, including twin nine-year-old boys, and resides in her happy place, Barrington, Rhode Island.  Taylor’s best-selling book—Create The Best Life Ever:  Real Life Stories to Get Inspired, Inspiration Card Deck, and DVDs are available at, and selected stores.
November 13, 2019
Ep. 31 Megan Schaeffer: How Art and Community Can Save Us From Feeling Lost and Disconnected
Megan is a lover of art and community. She is the director of The Art Farm at Serenbe and is dedicated to bringing art to everyone in all of its forms to share its beauty and healing qualities.  Join Paulette and Megan for this candid chat as they discuss the healing aspects of art and how important it is to the community.  Megan Schaeffer is the Art Farm Director at Serenbe. After receiving a BA in Arts Management from the College of Charleston, Schaeffer completed the Sotheby's Institute of Fine Art intensive program on Gallery Management and Curatorial Studies. She was a founding team-member of the Charleston, SC chapter of Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series focusing on leaders in the creative community. Her time as Outreach Coordinator for Artist & Craftsman Supply, an employee-owned art supply company, led to a love of art supplies (ask her about types of oil paint, she'll keep you a while) and, more importantly, arts education. Most recently, Schaeffer was the Artist Liaison & Art Resource Coordinator for a prominent Atlanta art consulting firm. Since moving to Atlanta in 2015, she has worked with ArtsATL, an arts publication, on its programming and sponsorship, and serves on the advisory board of ArtsNOW. She is driven by a passion to build creative communities and create meaningful opportunities for artists. You can find Megan Schaeffer on 
November 6, 2019
Ep. 30 Melissa McKim: The Future of Yoga- The Practice, The Training, The Teaching. How Breath Can Alter the Devastation of Anxiety.
RYT500 Melissa joins Paulette for a heartfelt conversation about how yoga can change your life for the better.  Melissa McKim from Marshfield MA is a student and Yoga Alliance registered graduate of Sacred Space Yoga School's 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Melissa started her healing and transformation journey back in the late 90’s when she felt lost, confused and hurting and she had no idea why.  Her life looked great on the outside but it felt ugly and painful on the inside and it was yoga that saved her.  Paulette invites Melissa to be her guest as she knows how common Melissa's experience is.  We all at some point in our lives struggle with feelings of anxiety and yoga and the study and practice of pranayama are highly effective.  Melissa's Video with Rodney Yee, hot power yoga classes were the start of her journey but she still didn't feel any lasting effects of the practice.  She would take classes and sit in my car, break out in hives and try to calm herself down.  Melissa continued to go but knew she needed something deeper, something more soothing, something tangible.  She knew she needed to find a yoga teacher training to be able to understand the history, theory, and philosophy of yoga and not just a choreographed sequence of movements.  There was something that was helping her and she needed to know what that was and why it was working. Heated practice was throwing Melissa's (Pitta) fire on fire. Melissa found Maureen Spencer, Paulette's original mentor, and guru.  What we see in group classes is effective but her teachers weren’t giving her the science behind it. In 2014, RYT500, Reiki Master Owner director Unplug and Be Mindful Yoga in Marshfield MA Developing your own YTT and how that affecting your teaching More aware and patient, Handle daily life with ease Still passionate able to channel them in a different way Called to open the studio Moving into healing energy of Reiki  Balance the subtle energetic body Very peaceful experience  Helping the whole person heal instead of just the body symptoms  How can yoga help me in a healing way? Where are they in their life? We meet people where they are Have perception looking for exercise Given that there are 5500 RYS and 60,000 yoga teachers registered with YA 80% of Yoga teachers are only 200 hour a lot of pieces of training that are quick programs held over a month.  I was called to teach deeply Give them a really good base Teaching adults and teens with Anxiety Anxiety is still taboo Indie films "Angst" They suggest tools to go grab some ice cubes and put them in your hands I use ice cubes to build sympathy for expected fathers for the mother in labor I ignore him and give my attention Didn’t touch on breath or yoga Mother of 3 amazing kids and one in particular with special needs Definition of dedication to causes with many Philanthropic causes and chairs Last year got involved with a group Help Imperatives Battered women Escaping dysfunctional relationships and marriages Go into their house to teach children They really need to be brought out of their environment Trauma-informed yoga Give them choices Ask permission Aware of boundaries Boston Trauma-informed yoga sensitive teacher Teach yoga to women incarcerated and on probation Things can come up Forget at 37:17 all of the pictures that you see online Yoga is felt and experienced The Future of Yoga Studio and their ability to be focused on holistic wellness POV and “exercise”
October 30, 2019
Ep. 29 Anne Jolles teaches us how to walk the Grace Trail and go from denial to peace.
Paulette and Anne go way back. Anne was instrumental in allowing her to access that part of her that had the courage to dig deep, ask the right questions and change her life for the better.  Anne is the creator of Grace Path and Grace Notes. She was a life coach before life coaching was cool.  Anne Barry Jolles is a renowned life coach, award-winning author, TEDx speaker, and creator of Grace TrailⓇ. Blending life experiences and research, Jolles created the Grace Trail and has shared it with tens of thousands as it evolved for over a decade.  The trail has many forms, including an actual trail in Plymouth, MA, virtual trails, workshops, webinars, retreats, and products, and has been featured by Good Housekeeping, NPR, Boston Globe and more.  Jolles thrives on helping courageous people take five steps to their best lives through her message of joy, hope, and resiliency.  The Grace Trail is a simple five-step process that starts with gratitude and ends with hope.   By asking and reflecting on the five Grace Trail questions…  Gratitude: What am I grateful for?  Release: What do I need to release to move forward with my life?  Acceptance: What is calling out for acceptance?  Challenge: What is the next challenge of my own choosing?  Embrace: What can I embrace as possible?  You will find that you are walking off your worries and accessing hope and possibility.  Anne explains her personal terrifying journey of despair before she goes on creating the actual, now-famous Grace Trail in Nelson Park in Plymouth, MA by gathering the beach stones, writing the words and questions on them and placing them along a 1-mile trail that thousands have discovered and walked.   Now, the Grace Trail has become a global movement, with trails popping up all over the world, including an indigenous reservation in British Columbia and Egypt!    But...hold on, You don’t have to come to Plymouth to walk Grace Trail!  You can create your own Trail at your home, work, office, church, hospital, school, senior center, college, recovery center, park, convention center, workshop, backyard or kitchen windowsill. The wonderful thing about the Grace Trail is that it can be adapted to meet the needs and objectives of any group. It can as big or small as it needs to be. As a result, Grace Trails are showing up in the most amazing ways.   A wide range of services are available, including Grace Trail products, keynote speeches, Grace Trail workshops, webinars, fundraising, retreats, installation of permanent Grace Trails, and much more. Grace Trail has been featured by Good Housekeeping, Boston Globe, and NPR.  Large-scale Grace Trails (picture hundreds to thousands walking the Grace Trail at the same time) have been run through the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Rose Kennedy Greenway / FIGMENT Festival, Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation Passport to Survivorship and more. Anne gave a TEDx Talk entitled “Cracking the Grace Code”, which has been viewed over 6,000 times.  Every week, Anne sends out weekly, free messages of hope and possibility to subscribers that are very popular and shareable. Inspirational, fun images are accompanied by relevant messages – hope in 100 words or less! Key takeaway - By asking and reflecting on key questions about the five components of GRACE - Gratitude, Release, Acceptance, Challenge, and Embrace - you will find that you are walking off your worries and accessing hope.  A good question can be the beginning of a great adventure. All you have to do is just show up and start walking.  You can find Anne at She will be happy to help you find GRACE in your life towards healing and transformation
October 16, 2019
Ep. 28 MD Melanie Perry: Listen to your body or else!! How the body heals naturally when you listen to the messages it sends you.
Dr. Melanie is a graduate of Life University where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2017. She is an advocate for a natural, holistic approach to patient care. Dr. Melanie emphasizes patient education, giving her patients the confidence to take an active role in their personal journeys to health and wellness. She stresses the importance of whole-body wellness, which includes a properly functioning musculoskeletal, immune and nervous system to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is Webster Certified. She is a firm believer in promoting wellness in pediatric patients from the very beginning of their lives. The fact that Melanie trained with Paulette's Chiropractor Martin Rosen in Boston made her feel all that much more at home at her new home here in Georgia. The first thing Paulette did was research to find a chiropractor and made an appointment immediately. She was lucky enough to meet Sam of the Brainery who just opened a location in Serenbe. In no time she felt aches and pains disappear, the tightness in her muscles relieved and lack of range of motion improve. Sam and Melanie confirmed Paulette's firm belief in the healing qualities of chiropractic.  Since 1990 Paulette has been a patient of MD Martin Rosen in Wellesley MA. Marty, as he is affectionately called by his patients, is a master of his practice and Paulette is living proof that healing is more than possible.  After a lifetime of dancing and teaching, she had abused her joints, ligaments, and tendons and her back, hips, knees, and feet were constantly aching and painful. Many dancers at the end of class would come to her and comment about the pain they were in or lack of mobility and weakness and she immediately recommended seeing Marty. Marty and his brillance recovered all of them.  But it wasn't until the birth of her first child where 18 hours of labor gave Paulette a severe temporal headache and numbness in her hips. Marty was able to relieve her headache and free her hip joints in just 3 visits. Later she came down with a debilitating case of tinnitus and after visits to numerous eye, ear, nose and throat specialists, it was sacral cranial SOT therapy that allowed the noise and pain to subside enough to alleviate the depression and anxiety the tinnitus produced.  Paulette has first hand witnessed miracle after miracle but you know what? The skeptics are everywhere and the disbelievers and rampant.  Melanie and Paulette discuss the disbelief and the science behind the healing results of chiropractic. If you are a believer you will gain insight and if you are a skeptic you will learn just how the practice heals and works.  Melanie is a native of Ohio and a wife and mother of daughter Sage. If you would like more information about Serene check out and her practice The Brainery 
October 9, 2019
Ep. 27 Vicky Townsend: Changing the the Divorce Experience and Building a Professional Support Network to Back It Up.
Paulette and Vicky met last March in Florida at the launch conference of The NADP and it changed everything about how she views the divorce process holistically. Join in this candid conversation to clearly understand how The NADP and coaches like Paulette are changing the stigma and overwhelm involved in the difficult decision-making journey resulting in creating your best life ahead of you. Vicky Townsend is the co-founder and CEO of National Association of Divorce Professionals, NADP.  Vicky is a former radio executive and CEO of Inspiration University. Vicky, along with her partner Liz Becker designed a company that is dedicated to assist the licensed and certified professionals that help couples through the divorce process, provide better service to their clients. The NADP’s tag line is “because it takes a village” because it takes a village to help clients through this difficult transition.  Vicky and Liz wanted to create an environment so that members can connect with other professionals, and grow their businesses through education, networking and team-building opportunities, and business development. Vicky’s experience in producing high level and highly attended events, as well as creating specialized networking groups, has been instrumental in the development and success of National Association of Divorce Professionals.  Vicky is determined to make lemonade out of the lemons of her own divorce has led her to a path that will change the face of divorce in this country, creating an organization that informs and empowers the professionals that touch on the divorce process to make it a kinder and gentler process for families. Vicky is dedicated to helping those that have a calling to serve divorcing clientele learn more about the process from a holistic point of view so that they can work collaboratively with other professionals to get those clients on their way to a new life with as little collateral damage as possible.  Vicky and the entire team at NADP believe that families can be changed and don’t have to be destroyed. If you feel the same way, the NADP may be for you! There are many legs to the divorce process and the real estate transaction is a very big part of this process. It is her pleasure to work with committed realtors to build their business and their brand in the divorce industry, as the real estate transaction will always need a human touch as families go through this difficult transition.  This industry will not be overcome by the impersonal web, but will need the in-person, wise and educated specialist that this process deserves. Because it takes a village...  CEO National Association of Divorce Professionals  Find out about the benefits of being a member  "criminal law is bad people on good behavior  family law is good people on bad behavior" Let's change that! 
October 2, 2019
Ep. 23 Kara Nygren Adler: Finding Strength to Battle Postpartum Anxiety and Depression and The Joys of Recovery
Post Partum Depression is a deep difficult topic and one Kara is well versed in.  Paulette and Kara share the common myths about motherhood, postpartum anxiety and depression and the recovery process.  Kara bravely shares her story and give hope to all women who battle the darkness a way out to experience the joy of motherhood they deserve.  Kara thought at 6 weeks she was well past the time frame of being diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and depression and could not understand why at the 6 month birthday of her son the darkness much so leaving her bed was an enormous undertaking.  She silently uttered "Im pretty sure something wrong with me" but didn't know what to do or where to turn.   She was afraid of being stigmatized and branded a bad or incompetant mother so she tried to be brave and tough it out. She took the advise of her dad and went for walks in nature, she took the advice of her sister and went to yoga, she took the advice of her friends and went out for wine and girls weekends away....but nothing worked.  Join Paulette and Kara for this scary, beautiful and moving of recovery and motherhood.  Kara shares her favorite quote she learned from this experience.  "Just because you don’t see the reason does not mean it’s not there!" Kara sponsors "Climbing Out Of The Darkness" events annually at where she lives and can help with more information about hosting one in your area.  IF you or someone you know is struggling with Postpartum anxiety or depression please go to:  Postpartum Support International is an amazing organization that can help!! 
September 30, 2019
Ep. 26 Lori Rourk: How to not only survive cancer but become a superstar entrepreneur!
Lori Rourk: 7 surgeries of reconstruction Breast Cancer Survivor makes an impact   Lori is a southern bell in every possible angle.  Lady Entertainer  Hostest with the mostest  Successful Interior Designer  Family girl  And one damn strong firecracker.  Don’t let her perfect hair, nails, makeup, clothing and home fool you for one second. She is a fighter and one strong determined diva.  Join Paulette and Lori for this funny, powerful and inspirational story that is so needed.  So many women feel ashamed of their bodies after breast cancer and they commonly feel as if their body has failed them. Instead Lori took the bull by the horns and changed her perspective.  Lori is shining example of what positivity and courage can do as we embrace adversity in all its forms.  You can find Lori Rourk for support and as a resource for Breast Cancer or her passion of Interior Design at 
September 18, 2019
Ep. 25 Margie Pargie breaks down the 3 tools you must have to nail social media. Yes, More Please!
Marjorie Scriven AKA Margie Pargie: The Aerial Yoga Goddess Content Magician!! Margie and Paulette chat real, raw and honest about polyamory, delaying marriage and relationship, nomad life, living in the "far out" land of Maui, being an online social media presence and the  Margie originally from Sarasota FL found yoga after a marathon injury. She later manifested a scholarship for an aerial yoga training and never looked back. She soon opened her own aerial yoga studio and began her social media journey.  But Margie longed to find her independence and yearned to seek a different community. Kundalini yoga resonated with Margie and her brand is growing stronger now that she has landed in the slow chill vortex of "far out" Maui.  Maui is a community of healers but "if you are not Okay being alone, it's not the place for you."  She shares the tools to develop an online presence by sharing from your heart, excavating  childhood beliefs and showing up fully, how to cope with putting yourself out there and the haters that come along with the territory, waiting to get involved in a relationship and delaying the societal need to get married and knowing that being together is enough.  Margie is now launching her own TV show and preparing for the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) competition held this November in Miami  You will love her 3 tips to success on line:  Stop prostituting yourself (selling what isn't in alignment with your values)  Get past fear blocks Dismiss self sabotage You will find Margie on Instagram: Aerial Yoga Goddess 
September 11, 2019
Ep. 24 Christina Caputo Fenton: How you recover from loosing a sister to drugs, a life to booze, a career in beauty and turn it all around to help others
Christina Caputo Fenton: Addiction is Everywhere! Addiction does not come in a nice neat package.  To Lead by Example is the best cure for addiction for children. Yoga was the cherry on top.  Meet Tina: a Boston girl who is significantly making a difference in the lives of so many suffering from addiction.  Tina and Paulette don’t believe in accidents.   They met on a terrible day for Tina in the Scituate Harbor parking lot that changed both of their lives for the better. Tina was standing with her brother with her head buried in her brothers arms still grieving the loss of her sister and now her father too  2014 after the death of her dear father “the rock of the family”  Tina found herself at 27 a single mother having to raise a little boy on her own.  She had to grind it out and work long hours to support herself and her young son and quickly grew a loyal clientele. Tina became a master stylist and colorist and grew the confidence to open her own salon and spa that she named Marilexei hairsalan and spa.  Tina found fitness as a way of dealing with her grief and become a Spinning and fitness instructor.  Tina at the age of 27 knew she had developed an alcohol problem  Needed to make a change  Tina joined a 12 step program and changed her life  Tina continued to attend AA meetings and doing the right thing She then found the courage to open her own the salon  But it wasn’t until the tragic death of her sister in 2011  Began the "Nicola Maria Foundation" in her dedication to create education, awareness and opportunities to combat opioid addiction that significantly shifted her work and living her life purpose.  So many people crave spirituality and enlightenment.  So many people crave feeling accepted loved.  So many people want to experience moving into the conscious mind.  People will often ask me: “How do I get there?” “How do I find peace?” Sobriety is a Journey  Yoga is a Journey  Yoga made the 12 steps deeper.  The parallels between them are immeasurable. Yoga and The Four Desires process forced me to ask the questions, the deep questions, the dark questions of who and what I am and made me dig deep, deeper than I had ever wanted to go.  Tina is changing the stigma of addictions so many suffer in silence.  As a resource for the community please Follow the Nicola Maria Foundation August 18th “Comics for a Cause” on Social Media.  To contact Tina you can find her: and 
September 4, 2019
Ep. 22 Rosalind Sedaca: The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce
  Rosalind Sedacca, CDC The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach Paulette and Rosalind met in March at the NADP conference where Rosalind was a guest panel expert on child centered divorce and parenting.  Rosalinds words of wisdom and clarity hit a soft spot in Paulette as they connected immediately when we shared their stories of divorce. Rosalind is the Author of: How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce?   She created her book to answer that difficult question, How do I break the divorce news to him? It’s creative, helpful and hopeful templates and scripts allow for the personalization of copy and photos to allow each child to walk through this new challenging chapter in their life. You will find her website and network incredibly useful and practical. Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network  Every decision we make impacts the children. Even if we are struggling with the other parent it’s always vital to remember that they will always be a part of their lives.  Would I be making the same decision if we were still married? We find it easy to use “bad cop, good cop” with each other. But when the ego is involved or one spouse is trying to hurt the other the children suffer.  Roselind and Paulette discuss  What are the most common and dreadful mistakes parents make in the divorce process?  Fighting in front or earshot of the children Asking them to take sides Being a messenger/spy or intruding Keeping secrets Lying or manipulating Bad mouthing the other parent Creating child as confidant Rosalind expertly defines and describes the extreme cases of Parent Alienation and reminds us that despite it all we are  role models for our children 24/7. Surprise fact! Rosalind is also and expert on dating after divorce.  Check out her show!  Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living Radio Show/Podcast: Dating In Mid-Life Mentor Author: 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60! No. 1 Blog: Best Resources for Divorced Parents and Separated Families List National 1st Place Winner: Victorious Woman Award! Follow me on Facebook: & Follow me on Twitter: @RosalindSedacca Follow me on LinkedIn: Join LinkedIn Group: Child-Centered Divorce Join LinkedIn Group: Women Dating After 40 Parenting After Divorce:
August 21, 2019
Ep. 21 Debbie Martinez: Best ways to save money in divorce. (AND not to be missed unknown travel gems aka The Wizard of Oz)
You don't want to miss this episode that breaks down the 4 options for the divorce process and clears away the confusion. As a divorce and travel expert Debbie shares her story (like some many others) of divorce and opportunity. Her credentials are impressive but her energy is infectious.  Debbie Martinez is the founder and president of Transformation thru Divorce where she provides divorce, post-divorce and co-parenting coaching. She is a certified mindful life coach, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator. Trained in collaborative divorce in Florida and South Carolina, Debbie currently serves on the board of the South Carolina Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She has her MA from the University of South Florida in education and was a behavior specialist in the school system for five years before becoming a consultant in private practice. Media outlets of all sizes, including The New York Times, have recognized her expertise and professionalism. She gives workshops and lectures on various topics pertaining to divorce, self re-discovery, women’s issues and relationships. Debbie also writes a monthly divorce column for The Florida Villager Magazine and was a regular contributor to HuffPost. Debbie brings her life experience and formal training into her coaching practice to empower and educate clients on their divorce journey and their new beginnings.  More information, archived articles and interviews from her morning television segment, “Debbie Does Divorce,” can be found on Links:  www.transformationthrudivorce.comInstagram @transformationthrudivorce Contact: or call 305-984-5121
August 14, 2019
Ep. 20 Stacie McCoy: Opioid crisis expert, recovery meeting house director and childhood family services director gives us hope.
Join Stacie and Paulette as they walk down the path of divorce recovery after the pain and overwhelm of divorce. Divorce can be the catalyst for transformation and that was the case for both Stacie and Paulette. They met in Boston at an event for Mastin Kipp and again six months later in Bali where they went to join Mastin and his team of experts to write and five years later Stacie has not looked back.  You will benefit from her experience and wisdom in this fun and insightful conversation.  Stacie McCoy has more than 25 years of experience directing and supporting early childhood education and non-profit family service programs in New England. For more than three years, she was fortunate to oversee her county’s Community Action Partnership Child and Family Services programs, including Head Start, Early Head Start, and Early Head Start Child Care Partnership programs, as well as CAPSC’s Healthy Families America and Comprehensive Family Support Services home visiting programs. She has supported adult education and parent journeys towards self-sufficiency, both as a program facilitator for the New Hampshire Employment Program’s Workplace Success Program and as a Learning and Development Specialist for Kaplan Higher Education.  As New Hampshire team Lead in Washington DC, Stacie worked with the National Head Start Association and state lawmakers, advocating for Head Start families. She was later honored with an invitation from the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness and the American Academy of Pediatrics to be a panelist at the “Understanding How the Opioid Crisis and Substance Use Disorders Impact Head Start Children, Families, and Staff: Creating a Path Forward” Workshop in Washington, D.C. Her passion for healing the victims of, and her community as a whole from, the impact of substance misuse lead her to her most recent position as executive director of a recovery meeting house that provides meetings and support groups for people in New Hampshire and southern Maine 365 days of the year. Professional and personal experience drives Stacie’s belief that individuals and families are best able to heal, transform, and shine brightly when met with a compassionate, strength-based approach. Continuing on her mission to help others on that path, she is in the process of building a practice focusing on guiding couples, parents, and businesses through the complicated layers of friction and conflict toward healing, resolution, and wellness.  Stacie lives in Rollinsford, New Hampshire, with her two amazing children and her guinea pig, Nan. She is an audiophile, an INFJ (Myers-Briggs says so), and is very much behind in editing the completed draft of her first book -- because she would much rather be on the sidelines and in the stands cheering wildly for her son and daughter. She can be reached at  and found sharing very occasional, pithy blog posts at
August 7, 2019
Ep. 19 Belinda Farrell Finds Her Friggin' Joy (and swims with dolphins and races stunt cars)
 Join Belinda and Paulette as they explore all possibilities and the spark of magic. Belinda has been rescued by a turtle, learn to swim with a dolphins, played with a momma whale and her baby and even swam with sharks.  Belinda has overcome major life challenges—the suicide of her son, complete financial loss, and healing a degenerated spine without surgery. But all was not lost. By using ancient Hawaiian techniques and accepting responsibility for every aspect of her life, she was able to rise from the ashes, find her friggin’ joy, and now she’s sharing this invaluable information with others in her book, Find Your Friggin’ Joy. “This is a no-nonsense book for those who are willing to take an active part in their healing,” explains Farrell. “Chapter 2 is entitled ‘Sissies Turn Back’ because this book is going to challenge you at the core level to face what one must face in order to be free.  I had to do some deep soul searching which might be considered scary. A sissy would run away from something scary. This book is not for sissies.  I invite you to take a peek within these pages. I promise, as you do the inner work, and use the tools described within the chapters, you will not only discover what holds you back in life, but also find that friggin’ joy that’s been locked away for so long.” In Find Your Friggin’ Joy, Farrell takes readers on a journey using ancient Hawaiian teachings that invite the reader to forgive themselves and others, unplug from their old non-productive stories, and step into the frequencies of their Higher Self. Connecting with these frequencies can heal your physical body, bring you back into balance, lighten your load, and fulfill your soul’s purpose. Bio: Belinda Farrell, author of the book Find Your Friggin’ Joy, graduated with a BA in Spanish and English from the University of California at Berkeley and is trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression, NLP, Hawaiian chanting, and ancient Hawaiian healing (Huna). Belinda trained with Anthony Robbins (author of Unlimited Power) and has effectively used these skills in her own life. She has completed 18 firewalks.   When Belinda was forty-eight, she collapsed with herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. Threatened with paralysis by her medical doctors if she didn’t have surgery, Belinda instead chose to apply the ancient Hawaiian healing practices she had been learning the previous three years, which are covered in this book. Her back completely healed, including childhood scoliosis. For fifteen years she has been sharing these healing practices with others, offering Reconnective Healing and Huna classes and taking clients to Hawaii to teach Huna and swim with wild spinner dolphins. You can find Belinda on her Website:
July 31, 2019
Ep. 18 Suzanna Quintana: Get Over Your Abusive Ex For Good! You're Still That Girl. Narcissistic Abuse
You don't want to miss this candid conversation with Author Suzanna Quintana and Paulette as they discuss the devastating and confusing experience of being in a relationship with a Narcissistic Abuser.  Suzanna's personal experience and insight will open your eyes into the "inappropriate behavior" of an abusive marriage and why so many stay in relationships of control and abuse on average of 7 years.  What are the warning signs that are so easy to overlook?  How does it feel to be in an emotional coma?  How does the silent treatment play a role in a relationship?  What is gaslighting?  What are the stages of Narcissistic abuse?  Suzanna Quintana is a writer, abuse survivor, feminist, divine rebel, and single mom of three sons. After escaping nearly two decades of abuse at the hands of a diagnosed Narcissist, she now helps other women recover, heal, and leave the pain behind them for good. Suzanna is the bestselling author of the new book, “You’re Still That Girl: Get Over Your Abusive Ex for Good!” Find her on Facebook and Instagram and on her website at Find Suzanna Quintana on Social Media and email her at 
July 24, 2019
Ep: 17 Tammy Alvarez teaches us how to Own Our Power!!
Join Paulette and Tammy Alvarez for this candid, light hearted yet powerful discussion about Women in Business!!  Tammy Alvarez is the CEO and founder of Coral Consulting Group, a business performance and leadership development firm that helps people grow and become strong transformational leaders.  Recognized globally as an award winning and patent holding transformation expert, Tammy has spent over twenty years as a senior executive leading complex global businesses for some of the worlds biggest companies in the technology and finance industries.  She was often the youngest and only woman at the leadership table which gave her a unique perspective and enables her to bring a pragmatic approach to coaching and leadership development.  Her passion for empowering women to lead authentically and reach their fullest potential inspired her to create Own Your Power!, a leadership development program serving women business leaders and entrepreneurs globally.  “I’ve seen too many talented women fail to meet their fullest potential and become increasingly disenfranchised. It doesn’t have to be that way. When strong women are at the leadership table, companies are more successful and everyone wins. I founded this company to help more women accelerate their careers on their own terms.”    ~Tammy Alvarez Website links  Coral Consulting Group: CCG Women in Leadership:   Social media links Facebook Instagram YouTube Own Your Power! links Free Webinar (Pre-registration link) Own Your Power! Program Link
July 17, 2019
Ep. 16 Adina Laver: Courage to Be Curious and Money Mindset
Are you struggling with your finances?  Do you feel like money is a Mafia Lord or a Comforting Advisor?  Join Paulette and Adina Laver as they discuss money, curiosity and authenticity. Adina Laver is a brilliant educator and coach. With her MBA, Master’s in Education, former Principal, a Certified Professional Coach and Neuroscience Junkie she has the skills and insight to get you unstuck. Paulette and Adina chat about the current flawed divorce landscape and how they both are determined to help others get through the process with was little damage as possible, emotionally, mentally, physically and yes…financially.  Even though Adina was an experienced educator who taught internationally, a non-profit leader, a change manager and a leader to navigate change she was always contenting to grow and increase her skills and education. Her life all changed when she enrolled in a course in coaching and the instructor asked the question….List 3 things that make you HAPPY??  Well, this question sent her into a sweat!! Sad to say she confesses she had no idea that made me happy! I did hard work, obligation and commitment I didn’t do happy. She was terrified and couldn’t answer the question. Adina began to ask more thought provoking questions. How am I going to figure that out? If my life has not been centered around being happy what was it entered around? What has been the common theme surrounding all her decisions.  What do I need to do to seek approval? What do I need to do to win approval? How do I gain the most approval? I can relate MAN OH MAN!! Courage to be Curious was born. Money Mindset was created. Free women from old stories with learning to ask bold questions. If I can’t work through my stuff how can I help others? Adina and Paulette both share how Divorce shouldn’t just be a legal matter. Give then them the tools to become more authentic in and with themselves.  We start to ask our selves… Whats wrong with me? OR Blame the other person. Rejection is a real fear we all face. Judgement is real fear we all face. Question: What is the worst case scenario? Could you handle it and what would you do? Our subconscious can’t handle it so we avoid it. We learn to know what is a priority in living authentically. Dealing with old world ideologies and paradigms. Are you willing to accept the outcome? How do you cultivate the courage to ask those questions? We all have an Innate curiosity when we are younger and the diminishes as we age because we seek security and comfort.  Habituation causes it to be harder to create change as we get older. Curiosity as a skill but it is teachable. Like going to the gym. Courage and curiosity More you do it the easier it gets and the more success you have. And we all have curiosity with money too. It gives us a certain kind of freedom and yet it is one of those things we struggle with the most due to our relationship with money. How do we treat money?  We … Disrespect, Disengage, Surrender our power, Abuse, Hoard, Control, Fear, Paralysis...with money. How do you suggest people start getting curious about their money mindset?  Adina gives us a few techniques and exercises. If money were a person what would they be? A loving advisor confidant father Mafia lord What’s your person? You can’t change it if you don’t own it.  Write down the last 5 interactions you had with money. Note emotions and thoughts in each of these. Shifts we need to make are subconscious!  You will find Adina Laver on her Facebook and Instagram page Courage to be Curious, and on Linkedin Adina Laver. For her free PDF downloads and webinars you will find her on: Or you can email her directly at:
July 10, 2019
Ep. 15 Catharine Blake: LICSW and Anxiety Coach-How Therapy and Writing Help Heal the Past. How Coaching Moves Us Forward.
Paulette and "Cat" both natives from Boston met by chance at the National Association of Divorce Professionals annual conference in Fort Lauderdale Florida last March 2019. It was instant hugs before chats and a business card exchange. They had so much in common besides experiencing endless traffic on Route 128.  Daughters who love and play ice hockey, difficult and expensive divorces, and authoring memoirs that pushed a few buttons.  Catharine is a true expert in her field and a tiny dynamo who shoots from the hip with clarity and conviction.  She is a:  Certified Divorce Coach  LICSW degree with Boston University  Anxiety Coach  University of New Hampshire Certificate in Life Coaching  Assistant Director of National Association of Divorce Professionals Boston Chapter Speaker and Author  Single mom for a vibrant 13 year old daughter who loves hockey  Cat shares her insight and expertise in mental health, coping with abuse and tips to get unstuck and move forward.  As a LICSW she just couldn't wrap her around around the client models where clients could get all of their needs met under one roof in mental health but they couldn't find that same holistic mindset in the divorce professional world.  Can you really get all your needs met in one location?  Where all services are addressed in a streamlined approach.  Where all professionals work together as a team.  Knowing at the heart of the matter it is in helping the children of divorce that matters.  Paulette and Cat discuss how they themselves had zero idea what they were doing and in surviving the hard way searched to learn to find a better solution to help others.  We all know the statistics. 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.  Cat believes that unless we slow down and journal and write our story we can’t heal. This lack of healing also make us feel crazy. It makes us question everything.  Or experiences just don't seem real.  We walk around with sense of shame and regret.  We are left to feel isolated and alone.  Writing creates a sense of not feeling alone anymore and building a community as well as being able to serve others who are struggling.   We discuss how vital it is to let go so we don't have to carry it around with us anymore.  How does writing and sharing allow us to define ourselves and our story on our terms.  Neither Cat nor Paulette believe that writers write to throw people under the bus. They don't want anyone reading their books and come out feeling like a victim.  The author and reader choose not to stay in the victim mode.  We ask the question: How do you survive haters, judgement and blame?  It's all about community and friends who supported you. You need community to heal and feel heard and understood.  We all start to question: Was my perspective valid?   This is my story. I am strong enough to tell it. Heal from it and move into a new better, healthier life.  Of course we are going to disagree  It’s my story. It’s nobody else's.  There are 20 different ways to tell a story.  Anytime we tell out story it is triggering to someone else and our own vulnerabilities show up.  Therapy is about healing the past. Writing the book is healing.  Coaching moving forward  Being emotionally free is the answer.  We can help you find your way.  You can find Catharine Blake at:
July 5, 2019
Ep. 14 Julie Levin's Botanical skincare Journey from Alaska to Aspen
This episode is dedicated to those who strive to research and know what they buy, why they buy it and what they put it on their skin.  Julie Levin of Aspen Colorado shares her education, her commitment and her passion to organic plant based skin care, Owner and curator of "Leaf People" Certified Organic Plant Based skin care brand hand made in Aspen Colorado.  Julie Grew up in a very rural area of Alaska Worked in an organic bakery as a teen that sparks her curiosity in organics Dependent on the environment for food Wild Foraging for food and watching the populations of wildlife She then went to college and had an epiphany that she needed to travel Her trip around the world backpacking and hitchhiking around the world. First stop in Australia with a Friend who studied naturopath medicine in a professional setting. This is something I can actually do??  This experience Inspired me to seek out indigenous medicines, healers that ted her to South America, Andes and Eurpose. European studies were the beginning of naturopathic practices. This led her to land on a boat and found herself in Hong Kong studying Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM) She found herself meditating in the trees and blending both types of studies.  Julie then continued her schooling formally where she studied back in the states and met her herbalist mentor of now 20 plus years. How does someone who traveled the world learning all about different cultures view point of medicine cope with adjusting to the western view? Difficulty in adjusting to CVS mentality. Julie discusses her ability to agree to disagree mentality when she ran into the abrasive edge of judgement. Even Julie’s traditional MD friend working in Women’s Health and General Medicine is prescribing turmeric for anti inflammatory!! We discuss the difference between the training in cosmetic chemistry lab based based verses botanically based training. Julie shares a story about a skin oil that evaporates as soon as it hits your skin and how toxic that is.  Organic plant based products are primarily concerned about the environment and our awareness of doing as little harm as possible to humans and the earth. Julie educates us about the phenomenon of Greenwashing. How can we combat greenwashing? Companies will pretend to be organic . Know the person behind your company. More care in a small company Finding companies that have the priority to be transparent Julie Levin is all that.  You can find Julie Levin by emailing her: And of course Facebook, Instagram at Leafpeople
June 19, 2019
Ep. 13 Joanne Johnson: Finding The Courage to Divorce Abuse and Narcissism
HAPPY AND AMAZED Joanne Johnson joins Paulette for this compassionate and inspirational hour of awareness. Joanne has always seen the world a little differently and because of that she has experienced some AMAZING things.  She will remind people of their true inner power and to use all of the spiritual knowledge and life experiences to make peace with their sorrows and embrace the life they were meant to live. She was never excited about life until he learned how to focus on the power of purpose and truly change her inner world just by thinking and feeling.  The possibilities are endless and She cannot wait to share the empowerment that comes from understanding your worth, your goodness and your ability to have what you want! She knows there are millions out there looking for the missing piece, wanting so much to understand why they aren’t getting what they want in life and She cannot wait to impact their lives in a meaningful way! Joanne is a gorgeous gift and inspirers all who have found the courage to leave abusive marriages.
May 21, 2019
Ep. 12 Plant-Based Curiosity: The Why and the Hows
Call it what you will! Vegan, Compassionate Eating, Plant Based, Whole Foods, Organic etc etc etc... This is with out a doubt the number one curiosity Paulette and Elizabeth are asked about on a daily basis.  Both of us share our journey to finding this growing "diet" and lifestyle years and we do mean years before it became cool, chic or mainstream,  If you are playing with the idea OR as we like to say "flirting" with the concept of letting go of animal foods you will not want to miss this episode!! 
April 3, 2019
Ep. 11 What is all the current confusion about cheating?
In this episode, we talk about the definition of cheating in a relationship.  Elizabeth and Paulette share their own vulnerable and personal experience with the temptations outside of a relationship.  There appears to be a lot of confusion with the popularity of online communication, texting, email and social media.  Join us as we explore how this new age of communication has changed so many peoples definition of infidelity and how to survive the current confusion.  
March 27, 2019
Ep. 10 How to Find Gratitude in a World that Seeks to Destroy It
Join Elizabeth and Paulette as they give you specific tips to simplify and clarify your gratitude process.  We have to choose to be grateful, what are you choosing today? Please share this episode with anyone who may need this message! See you next week! 
March 21, 2019
Ep. 9 How to Date After Divorce
A first hand preview! Elizabeth Ann Stanley and Paulette Gloria Harwood Dishing the Dirt together on Dating After Divorce. Our first studio video podcast. We would love to hear from Please be sure to like our page, subscribe to Anchor and share with anyone who you think would benefit from listening.
March 13, 2019
Ep. 8 Michale Hartte: The Dramatic Effect Our Youth Has On Our Eating Habits
Welcome to Thriving in Chaos. We strive to bring you the best in wellness, nutrition and creating a diet that sustains you. Today we bring to you Michale Hartte: Certified Herbalist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert and Wellness Expert as she shares she struggles with eating, diet and living a healthy authentic life. 17 years of yoga practice Met Paulette in Belize Took Paulette’s Aerial yoga class. It was Michale’s first experience! She shares her experience and immediate connection with Paulette and Steven. Her Wellness Journey! Michale shared her story growing up and dealing with weight issues Struggling with messages she received “I got really good at not eating” Oh my what a confession. At the age of 14 her aunt’s comments began to effect her Anorexia battles …although not diagnosed Embarrassed by MD comments You have the body of an 80 old You are on your way to death Afraid of dying I ate what ever was out there Felt horrible I was afraid of food! Stopped having menstrual cycle Osteoporosis at age 32 Medication was the answer according to the experts Started to look at what to do Naturopath view point Eat only real food Read my body Infatuated learning about natural health 51 she is the vision of strength, wisdom and confidence. Degree in nutrition Edison institute of applied science Herbalist Detox Expert Biology Guru Unblocks the body to detoxify Certified Personal Trainer Helping others is her purpose Food is nutrition Find out what is best for their bodies Diet Mitochondria Sleep is essential Quantum physics studies Melatonin Have to be outside to make our bodies burn fat dopamine made while you are outside White fat to keep you warm Brown fat tissue is insulating Cold verses warmth Circadian rhythm Feed well Fast well Eating all the time is unhealthy Take breaks from food Women 14 hours fast is essential Learn when to eat? Blueprint is key to knowing your unique bodies chemistry and needs Eat in midday when digestion is highest. Our bodies have the highest concentration of hydrochloric acid. 4 steps to creating a healthy meal. Need to balance blood sugar 1. Where’s your protein…too many carbohydrates in AM 2. Plants are medicine and fiber 3. Don’t eat fruit that isn’t grown in your environment 4. Eliminate grains first month of diet change 5. Fats in diet…fatty liver issue… …one teaspoon per meal Oleic acid Use a variety of fats Olive Oil …super fuel Superfoods Sprouts Sea veggies Fermented veggies Probiotics Herbs and spices Basil Rosemary Just play You can’t go wrong with real food Wake up One liter of water immediately in the AM Reverse osmosis Warm water Allows body to burn fat Eat when we are hungry Stop when we are 80% full We think we are hungry but we are actually dehydrated Michale suggestions for meals it’s all about planning and doing the work. You can find her on Social Media and her website
March 6, 2019
Ep. 7 Joan Barry: The Devastation of Human Trafficking
Let's Welcome Joan Barry to The Podcast! She has given approximately 70 speeches to educate women about the dangers of human trafficking. We talk about the devastation of Human Trafficking and it’s effect of exploitation of women has a society as a whole. 2.5 Million people per year  :( 40-50% are children  80% are women ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL DEFINITION, HUMAN TRAFFICKING MEANS: “THE RECRUITMENT, TRANSPORTATION, TRANSFER, HARBOURING OR PURCHASE OF PERSONS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF EXPLOITATION.” Typically, human beings are being disposed of, as if they were goods or objects which can be bought or sold irrationally. Trafficking exploits human beings for income, whether through sex, forced labour or human organs. Traffickers take advantage of poverty, lack of prospects, and hope for a better future, by tricking and luring their victims into other countries. Whether they emigrate legally or illegally, they then go with false promises of work or prospective marriages.  Upon their arrival, the victims are coerced into dependence through debt bondage, violence or drugs, therefore becoming “exploited” goods.  They are deprived of their personal rights, freedom of speech, independence and self-respect. People who are looking for: • Love  • Acceptance  • A better future  • Security  • Money and opportunity  Those who are most vulnerable  • Poverty  • Deceitful advertisements • Agreements with trusted family members or friends  • False lovers (loverboys) ….take time to interview them/grooming  • Kidnapping ..force is involved 150 Billion Industry To get involved, please Contact Joan at:  888-373-7888 Polaris Project  With so much love and compassion,  Paulette
February 27, 2019
Ep. 6 Rebirth and Rebuilding the Self after life change
Join Elizabeth and Paulette as they discuss...  Rebuilding the self before we venture into any new relationship  Loss of the familiar  Loss of the comfortable  Getting in touch with the self  Slowing down Sitting in silence  Step ONE- accepting the grief as being an essential part of the process  allowing ourselves to "feel" the feelings of grief in order to assimilate and process them  Consider a few simple tasks at hand  AND recall  It doesn’t happen over night One drawer at a time One shelf at a time  One minute at time  Reclaiming who we are  Building relationships with people who lift us up  AND  Love us unconditionally  Find the beauty in life  Compliment others  Read…self help books/“shelf help” books  Journal Connecting to God or Universal Power Join a support group  Find other women going through a similar transition  Practice Extreme Self Care  Important here to remind ourselves and everyone that LIFE change in all areas is difficult  When we are faced with change of any kind is a loss  Illness  Job loss  Death Move Pregnancy loss  Divorce  All require a shift in thinking and action. After we get done with the finger pointing and blame… Its all their fault…it’s all my fault  Mercury is retrograde  Making excuses  If I only took better care of myself  I should have known better  What the hell was I thinking  Go through an array of emotions  Need to create a self care plan  Have to do the work Transformation and change is only possible if you can let go…do the work…heal, rebirth and rebuild. The only way to get through the pain is to feel it first.  One has to embrace it and walk through the fire Examine what, if anything is currently working and serving us  And not until that time and healing has occurred  When to consider making changes When you are safe When you are strong When you are healing  When you are free to do so  When the "old you" is ready for a "new you" When you can handle the game and possible rejection  When you are ready to play again  What needs to change? First ask yourself and write down your answers  Can I move on?  Do I want to move on?  How can I move on?  If the hint of an answer is YES… Next ask yourself 3 questions and write down your answers  What’s one thing you’re doing right now not because it’s true for you, but because you feel it’s expected of you.  What’s one courageous change you’d like to make to be more true to yourself. What’s the first action step you can take now?   Finding ourself and healing after loss of any kind is not a quick fix but a beautiful journey into a new unimaginable life  It’s a long careful detailed approach to deciding our next best step… My journey into healing started by cleaning up my diet… Paulette jokes that she lived on Snickers bars and Diet Coke…but It’s true.. Her idea of a healthy meal was a greek salad from a pizza joint  I had to clean up my diet  I had to clean up my buying habits I had to clean up my relationships  I had to clean up my wor
February 20, 2019
Ep 5. Kishanta Comert: Owner of Island Organics, Founder and CEO KICO Jewelry, Attorney at Law and Female Entrepreneur
Sit back and enjoy this candid and uplifting interview with one of the most inspiring and knowledgable women promoting eco-friendly, sustainable and gorgeous jewelry, soaps, candles and handcrafted artistry. She shares with us how Island Organics and KiCo Jewelry was created.   We discuss the environment, female entrepreneurship and her vision for the future. 
February 13, 2019
Ep. 4 The Divorce Deluge: Is anyone happily married anymore?
 The Divorce Deluge: Is anyone happily married anymore? Let’s love our gentleman. We don’t want to neglect them.  There are good ones and highly evolved ones.  When we learn to keep our heart open and continue to try in our personal love, we reap amazing benefits.  Check out our new episode where we dive deep into these topics! You can find me and @healthygirlholisticlifestyle on the podcast every Wednesday at 8am CST! The link is in my bio! I mean come on... What are the current statistics of Divorce? 50% for the first marriage... 67% for the second,  and 73% third... YIKES! They aren’t good!! We must discern that our partner is a good mate and then work to make it a success.  We have a pretty hard-wired belief system engrained in us as children…. At 23, I felt intense pressure to get married and fit in.  I felt like I had to do what was expected of me... -Dressed up as a bride -Dreamt about the wedding   -My Goal was to find a husband, first and foremost NOT…. The right person, the right time, the right connection. THEN the midlife crisis really is a crying out for wanting to feel alive again.  You can’t fight for something that doesn’t exist. If something is harming our spirit, we must let it go. Why are Millennials not marrying? FEAR. Their spiritual standpoint. Don’t need a piece of paper. Freedom. They are there because they choose to be there not because they have to.  They have seen their parents struggle: lie, cheat, and disrespect each other.  The staying together for the children epidemic (ages 30-50) Because it is only a piece of paper. Getting a divorce was the best decision I ever made … Marrying the wrong person doesn’t make them a bad person. We all deserve to be happy. We are taught we are sinners if we leave so we stay. What does a happy marriage look like?  Marriage is not an obligation but a genuine connection.  Your partner makes you the best version of you you can be.  They bring out the best in you and you do the same for them.  That is all I want for everyone, is to be happy. To support you in your decision to work on the marriage, to divorce gracefully and to find a happy life, no matter what. If you are not sure about your next steps, I have a FREE 30 minute Audio Training to help you decide what is next for you.  Download it at  All you need is LESS,  We love you,  Paulette & Elizabeth 
February 13, 2019
Ep. 3 Moving Forward, Changing Direction and Stepping Out of Your Box
Latest episode of Thriving In Chaos: with Paulette Gloria Harwood and Elizabeth Ann Stanley Fear of change is our obstacle What is Uncomfortable? Need to feel comfortable at all times It’s all we know  Creatures of habit  Moments where I need to create chaos  As we contemplate?  Am I worthy of this?  Am in ready for this?  Like an “addiction”  What does that do to our behaviour and our habits?  NEED to create conflict  It dictates our behaviour and habits  New statistic  Kids are outside less time then people in prison  70 minutes a day’s the LAW  Why are we afraid of change? Abhinevesa (fear of death that prevents us from living fully) Why do you want to fit in so badly?  Others opinions are paramount  Bombardment of Advertisements Sneakers/TOYS  Connection  Inclusion   Community of similar people  Validation from masses  Consumerism  Conformity  If you think differently watch out Free thinking women were branded witches  Who creates the popular paradigm  Business Politics Keeping up with the Jones!! What will the neighbors think? Worry about ruining the image of perfection Didn’t want to bust the bubble  Failure  Shame  Blame  Embarrassment  Fake it til you make it ….pretending all is well  Become real and raw and passionate about living an authentic life  Create a connection and community  Build awareness  Allow for insight and different POV  Create momentum  Shift shaker  Creating a different paradigm  Start to watch your thoughts  Ask yourself what fits  What do you need to change?  I wanted so badly to fit in and conform as a kids Fur coat to school Sequins in the toilet  Lipstick stain from dance recitals  We did that! Spirituality  Earth  Organic Plant based  Serve  Empower  Inspire  Support
February 6, 2019
Gracefully Divorce : 3 Simple Strategies for Navigating the Journey Wisely
To download your FREE PDF Journaling prompts and receive a One Hour Strategy session,  go to  In addition it will give you a link to join my private closed confidential Facebook group and sign up for a FREE strategy call!  I am looking forward to speaking with you and guiding you through this journey wisely! Nothing but the best,  Paulette 
February 4, 2019
Ep. 2 Letting Go and Healing
Latest episode of Thriving In Chaos: with Paulette Gloria Harwood and Elizabeth Ann Stanley shownotes. We share what is our fly in your chardonnay. BOOK patience: such a long process  building a launch team Surrender has a connotation of allowing the universe to hold you and nurture you and take care of everything but in reality  letting go is releasing our attachment to the outcome letting the process of healing begin when we stop forcing and stop trying to control every blink of our eye, every conversation, every act Mentor Cheryl Richardson Grace Cards AMAZING  when we release our attachment to the outcome we allow the power of grace to work its magic! We want to control everything  and stay comfortable eternal optimist  it can change  busy doesn’t allow us to get to know someone completely  How do we release the constant desire to stay busy?  We have to take the "bull" by the horns  We spoke last time  of our constant need to stay busy to DO something  we are human beings not human doings…. The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety …it’s connection.  False sense of connection.  a lack of connection to self, to others and to community and a feeling of being controlled by others and situations  “busy” Is the new popular  allowing situations to unfold slowly, naturally and dare I say organically  slowing down and simplification is key… finding ease  finding what’s really essential The concept of minimalism. Cottage bed sink one pair shoes but that’s not it… Toxic people minimalizing stuff, and distractions   weeding out the things in m life  The concept of essentialism verses minimalism.  Core values  Important to you  what adds value and allows you to share your gifts with the world  contribution is KEY  Getting quiet.  Tuning into self.  Awarefulness (I know I know it’s not a word)  Elizabeth and Paulette share their particular moment in time that woke them UP?? purge and prune  dump and dwindle  Write down all that you want to accomplish in 6-18 months 3 categories  Self Relationships  Business  Loose things off your list  Keep peeling away ask yourself 3 things  What is the pay off for making this happen? Impact  How well this project ultimately benefit others?  Who will I have to become in order to make this goal or project a reality. What qualities do I need to embody to be my best self?  Habits  Skills  Characteristics Traits  Growth  carrying the weight of the world  blame and shame  scar and burden  stigma  like a tattoo  exfoliate the soul  15 years is a long time to carry anything.  we are not perfect  we are speaking from experience  walked out of the fire  anyway spending with us  real women with a purpose  awake with the possibility  shine the light  idea in their head  deeply grateful for this opportunity It’s never too late to be the best possible version of ourselves.  Less is More  See you next
January 30, 2019