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Thriving On Fat

Thriving On Fat

By Megan Johnson
This is a once a week podcast. We talk about all things health, nutrition, sleep, movement, and connection. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @thrivingonfat
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023: Keto Diet Myths - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Thriving On Fat

023: Keto Diet Myths - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Thriving On Fat

028: Getting Savage with Keto Savage
 Today we have Special Guest Robert Sikes aka Keto Savage with us. He is a natural Body Builder, and he owns the Keto Brick. I invited him on the show, because his podcast and Youtube channel have really shaped my understanding of Keto.  It is an awesome conversation! visit for full show notes! 
July 16, 2019
027: Fasting and Knowing Thyself
 Today we are talking about a fast Whit and I attempted as well as structuring a Keto lifestyle to fit your needs. In the show notes from my site, we deep dive into the reasons why we chose the type of fast we did. Enjoy the Podcast and checkout the link to the full show notes here:
July 01, 2019
025: Diving into mindset and lifestyle with Keto Neo (Part 1)
Today on the podcast I am talking to Keto Neo, he runs the Keto Matrix podcast, this is quite the episode. Neo is a fascinating gentlemen to talk to and he is not afraid to get deep into things. I hope you enjoy our talk! As we do with all guest podcasts we start off with a stoic quote, "Look to nothing, not even for a moment except to reason." I enjoyed talking to him about this quote.  For the full show notes check out: That is part one of our conversation, I hope you enjoy both the episode and the show notes to this episode. If you would like to connect with me you can do so at: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: If you would like to connect with Keto Neo, you can do so at: Website: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook:
April 15, 2019
023: Keto Diet Myths - Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Today's episode of the podcast we are talking with Whit and Ash about diet myths.  Full show notes can be found here:  If you want to learn more about the 31-Day Primal please sign up at
April 02, 2019
024: New project announcement!
Today new have a new project announcement along with a change in the release schedule. To keep up to date with the 31-Day Primal Challenge updates, then sign up for emails @
March 30, 2019
022: There and Back Again - A Keto Tale
Not a ton of show notes today, just please enjoy the episode.  If you get the title reference without looking it up, email me, and if you have a health journey to share, I may have you on the podcast.  As usual if you want to connect with me, hit me up on: instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
March 26, 2019
021: Enjoying time off
I am on vacation this week, so I will be a short episode, I hope yiu enjoy it!!
March 22, 2019
020: Nourishing Our Gut With Kristie Rice
 Today we are joined by a special guest that was kind enough to share her story. As we do with all of our guest episodes, we dive into the stoic quote of the day. Today's quote is: "Do not be ashamed of help." - Marcus Aurelius Throughout the episode, we keep coming back to this quote, because it is very true. When going through these lifestyle changes it is important that we reach out for help when it is needed. Likewise, we should also try and offer guidance when we can. This is why so many of the keto advocates I have talked to so far offer some type of formal or informal coaching because it offers mentorship, guidance, community, and support. Without those things change is not sustainable. Change starts from the fire of a strong why, however, the fire is nourished by a steady income of mentorship, guidance, community, and support. These are all interconnected. If one of these is lacking change can be difficult and hard to sustain.  For the full show notes checkout (there is a detailed breakdown of what we talk about): If you want to find more about Kristie check her out on: Instagram: Life APPS Blog: As usual if you like what you have head you can follow me on instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
March 15, 2019
019: Finding your Why and understanding the 5 pillars of health
Today we are going back in time. This episode was supposed to come out much earlier, but some how it fell through the cracks. I hope you enjoy it!!
March 10, 2019
18: Breakfast Ideas and Food Quality
Today we start the episode off with a talk about breakfast on keto, if we are not wanting bacon and eggs. Here are some possible ideas: Fasting until noon (if you are not hungry) Fatty coffee (if you prefer to eat later in the day) Eating leftovers  Burgers  Fathead dough breakfast sandwiches (or any keto bread substitute) Duck eggs  steak and avocado Really you can have anything for breakfast, it all depends on what appeals to you in the morning. If you like what you are currently having then more power to you, but if you are looking for a change I hope this helps.  We then move on to catch up with Whit, she is 6 lbs down, which is awesome, she actually started losing weight after EATING MORE food. Yes you heard me, she is eating more, and losing weight. I have been trying to get her to increase her food, so this is AWESOME.  We also talk about what I have been doing lately.  Lately I have been trying a carnivore muscle building program, which I have been seeing some great results with. I have been getting strength gains, losing weight, while also increasing calories. Currently I follow a similar plan, but I tweaked it a bit we recorded this episode in November. Now I am still eating mostly meat, but I have added in one or two carb meals (of 5-15 g of carbs, so 3o carbs max) a week to see what happens. I also mixed up my training to be a Crossfit template. We then start a discussion about food quality. The main point the to buy the best food you can afford. While not being afraid to branch out to different food markets, that may be a bit cheaper, and of course visit a farmers market if you can, because they have good prices too.   As usual if you like what you have head you can follow me on instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
March 07, 2019
017: All things Mindset with Danny Vega
  Today on the podcast we are talking with Danny Vega. We start off the episode with the Seneca quote: “He who is brave is free” We have an awesome talk that explores the notion that freedom comes from the bravery to be yourself and to be decisive about it. During the talk, Danny shares the book, "The Courage to be Disliked" (which is now on my reading list.) Our talk really focuses around finding what works for you. If you are just starting out it is okay to incorporate more of the keto replacement to the normal carb fare, but the important thing is that eventually, we can step away from those types of foods to really allow ourselves the freedom of foods.   If you wanted to connect with him you can find him on Instagram at: Facebook: website: As usual, if you want to say hi to the voice behind the One Take Stoic you can find me at:   Instagram:  Twitter: Facebook:  Notice a theme? Anywho, I'll talk at you tomorrow!
March 01, 2019
016: Why High Fat?!?! The Q&A Episode
As usual, we start the episode off with catching up with Whit and Ash. However unlike usual, we have a guest on the show, Zach (Ash’s brother). He is curious about LCHF (low carb, high Fat), and wants to ask me a few questions. Since he doesn’t mind being behind a mic I recorded our conversation.  We only had time for 2 questions but we go deep with them. His first question was about bacon fat. Specifically asking about why we do not shy away from using it is out cooking. The second part of his question focused on, why keto puts a focus on using fat as a fuel. More specifically, why we (meaning people who follow keto) view it as a more sustainable fuel.   To check out the full show notes checkout the newest post on my site:
February 25, 2019
015: Community and the 5 Pillars
Today we are bringing healthy eating, movement, sleep, community, and mindfulness together in a digestible way to help you implement these pillars into your daily life. To see the full show notes check out As usual to connect with me you can find me at: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
February 23, 2019
014: The Diabetes Talk
Here are the highlights from the show:  Quick correction, I said 1 in 3 people may have pre-diabetes or diabetes. Here are the current stats, according the A record high number of Americans—40%, or more than 100 million adults—are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Without significant changes, as many as 30% of people with pre-diabetes will go on to develop type 2 diabetes[1]. Those are some staggering odds. If we do not fix what we are doing we will just continue to get sicker and fatter as Americans. This is not meant and a judgment, merely as an observation. A second correction, when talking about Type 1 Diabetes, I first say type 2, however, I do clarify. This episode we do not go into the normally catching up, mainly because this was originally supposed to be part 2 of the last episode, but by itself, this was almost an hour of raw recording. I was not going to subject you to over an hour worth of podcast so, here we are. If you want to catch up with us check out episode 011: Keto and Being Vegetarian the first part of the episode was talking about how we have been. Even though we did not have the formal introduction to the show Whit and Ash do share their family stories about how diabetes has affected them. We talk about the preventable nature of most diabetes. Quick note: WE ARE MOSTLY TALKING ABOUT TYPE 2 DIABETES, NOT TYPE 1. As always we talk about the importance of a support system when making a lifestyle change like this. How do we quantify type 2 diabetes?: Type 2 diabetes At least one the following blood tests:     Fasting blood sugar of 126 mg/dL or higher on two separate occasions     HbA1c of 6.5% or higher     An oral glucose tolerance test that shows a blood sugar of 200 mg/dL or higher after 2 hours [3]  For the rest of the show notes check out the  Blog Post here  As usual, if you would like to get in contact with me, you can do so by one of the following channels Coaching: Contact me: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
February 19, 2019
013: Movement
  A workout does not need to be confined to a box gym, special clothes, and a drive time commute. All a workout is is a session of strenuous work or exercise. Unless you are a competitive athlete, you do not need to make it to the weight rack every day to get a powerful exercise. Why I say this I am not saying that Olympic lifts or a well-formulated CrossFit WOD is in any way bad. Quite the opposite. I am just highlighting that working out can be done with only your body weight or the stuff you have around your house. If you check out the  post for this episode  on site I a few workouts to help you get moving and get you working out with no commuting to the gym.    As usual if you like what you have head you can follow me on instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
February 15, 2019
012: Chronic Inflammation Part 3 Stress
Today is more of an off the cuff episode I did it in one take and I tried to make it less about me referencing studies and more about me helping you reframe stress. I have found that as I work with my clients, that learning how to reframe their life stress, many other problems seem to fall into place because that is where the rubber meet the road. I started writing out the episode I added references, and it was a well-researched script, but there was little in the way of tactical takeaways, So to combat that. The practical takeaways are in the recording, and here I wanted to share a bit of the research with you.  Check out the blog post for the rest of the notes.  If you struggle with implementing ways to destress, or if you need accountability to help you along the way reach out to me and I will help you in anyway I can.
February 10, 2019
011: Keto and Being Vegetarian
Today, as usual, we are whit Whit and Ash. We changed up the way we are recording again. We are seeing if we can record while we are meal prepping for the rest of the week. Whit, Grayson and I went to the Farmers Market we have here in town, which was awesome! We purchased duck eggs, liver, and ground beef. While we were downtown we let Gray run about which tired him out, which is great for nap time. Ash has lost about 20 pounds so far (which is amazeballs), Whit, on the other hand, has not lost as much, but she is finding what works for her. She has started to rollerblade again which has both helped with her weight and her activity levels. Ash had a question for a friend about doing a vegetarian keto diet. My first go-to reference book would be Ketotarian, by Dr. Will Cole. However some quick tips for right now would be to start liking avocado, coconut, and high-fat nuts (ideally Pili nuts, or macadamia nuts). Also Dark Chocolate (80% or darker) is a great source of good fats, along with eggs since Ash's friend is a vegetarian and will eat eggs and dairy, like with a normal keto diet you would want to focus on low sugar fruits. A day of eating may look like this: An avocado egg (cut the avocado in half and put an egg in either half and bake it in the oven), paired with a fatty coffee/tea. Lunch would be a cobb salad (minus the bacon and chicken): 2-4 hard boiled eggs 6-8 oz romain (or an arugula, spinach, or a spring mix) 1-2 oz sliced bell pepper 2-3 sliced radishes 1 sliced avocado 3-4 oz of blue or fata cheese chopped chives The dressing: 3T balsalmic vinegar 1 T Dijon Mustard 3T olive oil Another dressing (ranch like): 3-4T Primal Kitchen Mayo 1/2t dried parsley 1t onion powder 1/2t basil 1/2t dill 1t lemon pepper 1t pink salt The final meal could be stir fry veggies with a tempah in a nori roll (seeweed wrap). 2-3T avocado oil 4oz sliced mushrooms 2-3 cloves crushed garlic 1T grated ginger 1 bag broccoli Salad 1/3c Coconut Aminos Cooking Method: 1-2T avocado oil to a hot pan. Add mushrooms to pan and stir-fry until almost cooked through. Mix in ginger and garlic, until fregrant. Add Broccoli slaw and soy sauce and stir-fry until vegetables reach desired consistency. 2-5 minutes. Sprinkle sliced scallions and drizzle sesame seed oil over everything, give it one last quick stir and serve immediately. The best thing about the dressings is that they make end up with totally different taste profiles. Hopefully, this helps you wrap your head around ketogenic vegtarian. Again if you go meat free, make sure you are getting enough protein, fat, and limited carbs. Also , do not forget about supplementing with Vitamin B-12. "Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that he
February 06, 2019
010: Coaching Talk with Jonathan Shane
Episode Notes Today I am interviewing Deeper State Keto Coach, Jonathan Shane. Before diving into his story we talk about The One Take Stoic quote. You can find the notes for that episode here. When we get into the meat of the episode we focus on using a coach to help you get to your goals. It's important to note, that a coach is there to help provide accountability and structure to obtaining your goals. Eventually, we all run out of things we can internally learn, and in order to grow, you may need a guide to help you notice your weak spots and refine your current approach. Having an outside observer can sometimes be the difference between reaching and going farther than your goals. Coaching is very individualized, no two coaching plans will look that same, because an approach for a person gaining weight will look very different from a person trying to help their ADD or healing their gut. It will all change depending upon your goals you who you are as an individual person. The main point is that sometimes we all need assistance, and it should not be bad that we need to ask for help. As we progress with the conversation, Jonathan shares his story with me. When he was younger he struggled with his weight, and in turn, he struggled with his relationship with food. It got to the point where he would throw up his food, anything from junk food to healthy food. It wasn't until his mom found out where he was throwing up that he could really address and heal from the food issues. Around this same time of recovering, he found his faith and that caused him to really start to battle with the issues and start to win. He wanted to treat his temple as nicely as you would your church. This helped spark his true health journey that leads him to become a health trainer at a local country club, a tumbling coach then finally a personal training director at another gym. None of these jobs really panned out for him, even though he felt a passion for helping others. This caused him to momentarily quit on his dream to pursue a pest control job. While in the thick of that, he found Keto again. The first time he tried Keto it didn't quite pan out, but this time he had done his research and knew how to implement it successfully. Around this time he reached out to Robert Sikes to gain more knowledge about bodybuilding since Robert is one of the most well known fully keto bodybuilders. He had reached out to other big named Keto folks, but only Robert had responded. They talked back and forth, and in February of 2018, Shane decided he wanted to do a bodybuilding show. Once they picked a show and as Jonathan started to get ready for the prep to his show He started to share his journey. While doing so people started to message him telling him that his journey was helping them through their struggles. During this time Jonathan reached out to Robert about joining his brand and sharing his mission. In early October he became a coach for Deeper State Keto and he started off with on client and over the course of 3 and a 1/2 months, he now has 16 clients that he works with. As of now there are three different DSK (Deeper State Keto) coaches to choose from including Jonathan, they do plan on bringing on more coaches, but for now, it is just three. We also talk about the number of health coaches and that is it awesome that there are so many other health coaches out there. When there are more to choose from, there is more of a possibility that the consumer can find a coach that clicks with them. The competitive nature of health coaching also encourages the quality health
February 03, 2019
009: non-scale victories and knowing what works for you
Episode Notes Today it is just Ash and I. We start off the episode with talking to Ash about her keto diet, and we catch up with what she has been doing. We are on the way to a Dentist's appointment for her, so she gets a bit loopy towards the end. While we are catching up with her we go talk about a few of her non-scale victories. Like her clothes fitting better. She's been having a lot of awesome success with keto, and it's not just a number on the scale. In some cases, the scale might not change, but your pants my fit looser. If that be the case your body is changing in a favorable direction. After talking about her non-scale victories, we talk about how she knows herself well enough to know that she can go off plan from time to time without causing her to tailspin into bad choices. This an important thing to note. If you choose to go off plan, make sure you do it in a way that works for you. She has the control to indulge in junk food if she wants to, however, I do not have that same luxury. I know that if I indulge in the wrong thing I know that it is hard for me to reel myself in. So what I do, is I avoid them completely, because that is in my best interest. It all comes down to knowing yourself. Knowing about what you can and cannot deal with. If you are more like Ash, you may be able to have the take out food, the real bun and so forth without it affecting you too much. If you are more like me, however you may have to indulge responsibly. Yes, that sounds like a beer commercial. But for me, it is an addiction that I still struggle with if I consume the food that does not agree with me. Like I say in the episode, I am like a kid at a birthday I will eat until my tummy is full and I pass out. I know myself well enough to know that there are things I can and cannot handle. Thank you for joining me on another episode! As always, if you want to say hi to the voice behind The Thriving on Fat Podcast you can find me at: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Support Thriving On Fat by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on the Thriving On Fat website.
January 29, 2019
008: chronic Inflammation Part 3 Sleep!
Episode Notes It is time to turn down those thermostats, cover up to get warm and cozy, and put on those blue blocking glasses because it’s time to talk about sleep! Sleep is one of the weirdest things you could do. If you think about it we are spending perfectly useful time pretending to be dead, rather than getting things done, right? Well maybe not, but many people view sleep as optional or worse like it is a waste of time. So first let’s look at sleep at its most basic. During sleep we are allowing ourselves to rest and repair from they days stresses, even if it is good stress. So in order to get the gains from your workout or move that study you read from short term to long term memory, you need to sleep to get those gains be them gym or intellectual in nature. The problem is that many of us think we are doing all the things right, when really, we are either nocking ourselves out with sleep drugs, or we are blasting ourselves with bright lights and caffeine all day and we are expecting ourselves to somehow be ready for bed after have the equivalent a milkshake each time we have a caffeinated beverage. I can understand this state of mind, because I was there. Why should you value sleep? So we know the draw backs, but sleep? Easy! Because without it we would die, it is also a necessary process our to file away what we learned for the day like I mentioned before. Generally speaking your eyes are closed and you lose consciousness, partially if not fully; this causes a decrease in body movement and there is a lack of response to outside forces, save for someone shaking you awake. The Question still is, why does pretending to be dead restore me? To be simplistic, being awake and moving around breaks you, and can ultimately break IE kill you, this is called being catabolic. So the flip side should restore you or build you up, this flip is sleep and is sleep this is an anabolic process. Since sleep in an anabolic state you grow and get rejuvenated from your sleep. Think about when kids go through growth spurts they not only eat more, but most importantly, they sleep more. When you sleep you build up your immune system, skeletal system, muscular systems it also allows your body to balance hormones, boost metabolism brain function, energy as well as mood. Overall this helps to keep us youthful and vibrant [1, 2]. Now that I have hammered you with why sleep is important let’s get to the goods! Now we talk about how we can actually get a good night's sleep. A good night of sleep starts with you morning. When you are early to rise it make winding down for the night easier. On a technical note waking up early helps with further balancing your our hormones, in this case cortisol (the hormone that helps you wake up) and melatonin (the hormone that helps you mellow out) heck it help with all endocrine functions and the regulation of hormones, for sleep it is mostly these two that we need to worry about [3]. When we wake up too late it can lead to the “tired; yet wired” feeling when we are pushing it too hard. If you want a deeper understanding of what I mean, please check out the blog I wrote about my morning routine. Get out in the sun. Again like the last tip, getting sun, AM sun specifically really helps regulate the body’s natural melatonin cycle. Melatonin is produced in the brain by the pineal gland and it sends a signal to regulate your sleep-wake cycle[4, 5]. The sun mat
January 26, 2019
007: Gut Health, Type 2 Diabetes, and Vegans
Today we catch up with Whitney and Ash again. Today we try recording in the car for better acoustics, but it was a bit of a wash. Regardless, we talk about what is going well and not so well for the ladies. The last half of the show we talk about type 2 diabetes and how diet can play a role in mitigating the symptoms, and in some cases even reverse it. When we catch up with Ash, she tells us about her birthday plans. She chose to go off plan and eat the foods she normally would. It did not seem to affect her too much. On the other hand, when we caught up with Whit, the previous she had chicken Flautas, and a soda. For her, the cheat not only made her stomach upset, she gained weight, and it also caused her to have a narcoleptic pull, so bad that she needed a nap before she was ready to record the podcast. Whit asked again about poop again. We discuss the possibility of these bathroom episodes may be caused by your gut flora being repopulated. When you change your diet, your gut flora changes with it. So, the idea is when you go from the SAD way of eating to a low-carb, paleo or keto style of eating your gut is throwing away the unneeded gut bugs to adapt with the new environment. The same goes when you go from a keto, heavy in plants and fiber to a carnivore keto approach. The gut bugs that were there to digest the fiber are no longer needed, nor are they being fed. So this die-off period can result in gastric distress, but once all the old gut bugs die off you should be right as rain. I also touch on how feeding different gut flora may help with ADHD, Autism and other neurological dysfunctions. The book Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter goes a deep dive into the topic of gut flora and health. I mention that the book is Grain Brain, I misspoke, that is also a book by him, however, it is not the one I was referring to. After we move on from that topic, I give you the recipe for my high-fat cheesecake. It is super yummy. Here is a link to the recipe. The soda Whit mentioned is Bai, she enjoys it, and it keeps her soda cravings at bay. We also talk about fasting, if you ever choose to fast, make sure you are keeping hydrated and do not skip on the electrolytes! They are key. These are the electrolytes I use. If you do not have electrolytes, bone broth is also great to help you recoup electrolytes. Now we move on to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes happens when we become resistant to insulin. The high insulin comes from an excess amount to glucose in the bloodstream. Because too much glucose can be toxic. The problem is that, much like with alcohol, or caffeine, we can build up a tolerance to insulin. This means that as we intake more carbs/sugar (glucose) than our muscles and blood cam use insulin needs to come in and usher it away. As time goes by more and more insulin is needed to usher away the same amount of glucose. Eventually, you become so resistant (tolerant) to the insulin that you cannot make what you need, this is where insulin injections come in. The sad irony is that you can fix this by cutting the carbs, and sugar. Eventually, you can heal your resistance. In some cases, not fully, but it can become manageable. There is hope. You can fix yourself. I also reference the Virta Health Studies, this is the link to the page where you can find the study I referenced, as well as all other the studies they have published, showing how effective well-formulated ketogenic diet can be. We also address a Vegan approach to a keto diet. If you choose to go, Vegan Keto, you will need to supplement with vitamin B12, and limit your carbs, while increasing things like avocados, coconut, macadami
January 22, 2019
006: Fasting, blood sugar, and HIIT
Episode Notes Today we are catching up on where they have been as well as getting in a bit of a Q&A to answer a few of the questions that they have had as we are going along on this health journey. We spend the first few minutes catching up with Whit. She has been dealing with some time of the month cravings. She is also trying to lose more weight. Intermittent fasting has been helping her shift the scale in her favor Ash is still having an easier time with it. She is seeing slow yet consistent weight improvement. She hasn't dealt with the same cravings that Whit has been dealing with, also her constant hunger has started to subside. We also discuss what intermittent fasting is, and a few ways to go about it. There is your standard 16:8 fast, which is 16 hours of fasting followed by an 8-hour eating window. During this eating window, you would eat all of you meals then once the 8 hours is up, you fast. It's not as crazy as you think since you are fasting while you sleep, so you are only fasting 8 (or so) of your waking hours. The fasting schedule that I fall into is a 20:4 fast, where I fast for 20 hours and my eating window is only a 4-hour chunk. On occasion I also do an OMAD (one meal a day), this is where I have one HUGE meal, and for the rest of the day, I either have water or a fatty coffee. It is important to note the intermittent fasting is not a calorie restricted regimen, you are eating the same amount of calories, only in a shorter window of time. Ash also asks about ideal blood sugar values. My ideal blood sugar numbers come from Robb Wolf's "Wired To Eat", as well as podcasts I have heard him on. An ideal fasting blood glucose(sugar), that is taken after at least an 8 hour fasting period, should fall between 70 and 90 mg/dL. An ideal blood sugar range 2 hours post meal, should be 95 – 115 mg/dL. When I test Blood sugar of ketones I the Keto Mojo, it can test for both blood sugar and ketones. Whit also asks about poop, if this topic bothers you sorry. However, a lot of the problem with pooping when first starting a new eating style has to do with a changing gut microbiome. As your gut gets more acclimated to your eating style, the better your poops will be. Having a huge "S" shaped poop just means you have more fiber, it is neither good nor bad. Because some people do great on an all meat diet, and others do well on an all plant diet. After Whitney successfully makes Ash squeamish about the poop topic. Ash asks about working out. Specifically about how to workout without a gym, or limited ability to walk outside. We talk about Long Slow Distance walking to get to your weight loss goals as well as a shorter more intense Tabata or HIIT protocol, I outline those different approaches along with others in this article. Thank you for joining me on another episode! As always, if you want to say hi to the voice behind The Thriving on Fat Podcast you can find me at: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Support Thriving On Fat by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on the Thriving On Fat website.
January 15, 2019
005: Inflammation Part 1
Episode Notes Good morning all!! Today we are exploring the wonderful world of inflammation... alright before you tune me out, turn me off or move on to another form of entertainment, hear me out. This is an important topic to address on our health journey together. Becuase many of us deal with it at some point in time and I believe it is important to understand at least on a surface level. Here are the key takeaways from the podcast: Diet is the food we subsist on, and it is commonly broken into carbohydrates, protein, and fat. There are essential proteins and fats that we need but do not make. 9 types of essential amino acids, which are found in protein 2 types of essential fatty acids, or fats. These essential fats and proteins are found in meats, dairy, nuts, produce and so on. Carbohydrates do not contain any essential components. The ingredient in our food that makes us fat is actually excess carbohydrates and sugar. This can happen when we fill our body with more fuel than it actually needs. When the livers’ sugar storages are maxed out the excess is turned into storage for a rainy day. This stored energy is better known as a triglyceride. These triglycerides can lead to an increased risk for heart disease, not fat that you eat. Triglycerides also tend to be stored in adipose fat cells, which are normally around the stomach, hips, butt, and breasts. Excess sugar leads to increased inflammation. Inflammation seems to be part of the root causes of things like: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, neurological diseases, and arthritis just to name a few. It is also important to note that chronic inflammation that seems to be an underlying factor in things like autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and even in some autism cases. Dietary fat. To reiterate, the fat we eat is not harmful to us, as long as it comes from fish, meat, including red meat, fruit or fruit oils such as coconut, avocado, and quality olive oil, butter and full-fat dairy or nuts if you can tolerate them. Quality sources of fat are safe to eat as long as it is not coupled with a high carb or sugar meal. If we want to break this vicious cycle we should limit our carb and sugar intake so our body can use fat instead of store it. This is called fat or keto-adaptation. Our body can either burn sugar or fat for energy. If we use carbs, we have to refuel more often, like eating frequent small meals all day; if we use fat for energy we can go longer times between refueling. Many people equate these two energy sources to a wood burning stove, grill or campfire. Carbs would be like paper or twigs, they burn hot and fast; fat would be the coals or logs, they burn consistent and last a long time. Another common analogy would be to look at this food energy as a bank account. Glucose energy is your change, you always have a little floating around, and you use it as soon as you can. The fat energy are like dollar bills, you have a reserve that you keep refilling as you get low, for example, I like to keep between 50-100 bucks in my wallet. Your bank account is the triglycerides and excess fat you are storing. When we limit carbs to our individual carb tolerance we become more successful and losing and keeping weight off. So. what is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that helps us regulate blood sugar levels because too much blood sugar can be toxic to our system. (Aside from being a master hormone regulator) Ideally, we make a small amount of insulin to deal with a given amount of carbs so our blood sugar stays normalized. However, if we become insulin resistant our blood sugar tends to r
January 11, 2019
004: Cheating, Gremlins, and Co-hosts
Episode Notes Time for the weekly update with my Monday co-hosts! While we catch up with Whit and Ash, we talk a bit about leptin, ghrelin and their roles in satiety when switching from the Standard American Diet to a keto aligned diet. We also talk about Whit having to tweak her diet to fit her needs. Ash addresses her food cravings. Whit has me outline how I have tweaked her diet to help her lose weight. Quick correction, I can a classic keto diet is a 1:1 fat to protein, I misspoke a classic keto diet is the therapeutic 3:1 ratio. Also in regards to her carb sources, we failed to mention that the bulk of her carbs comes from the nuts she has for breakfast. We discuss changing variables to help see results. It's important to remember that we are all different, and what works for us may not work for you. Whit asks me to talk about using food as a tool for happiness. It seems like much of our culture deals with emotions by eating them away. Modern junk food seems to hijack the reward centers in our brain with hyperpalatable foods that leave us craving more. If we are coping with foods, it can lead to a vicious cycle of binge, fast, binge. From there we talk about the stigma associated with "cheating," and how you are not truly cheating anyone. You are only keeping yourself from your goals. We also talk about Gretchen Rubins abstainers and moderators, and how that can be factored in on how we should approach keeping junk food in the house. We finish off the podcast by talking about food addiction and learning to enjoy the people you are with instead of just the food you are consuming. Support Thriving On Fat by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on the Thriving On Fat website.
January 07, 2019
003: The Crossover
During the life of many franchises, there comes a time where one hero is not enough. Where one show will not get it done. I am just sharing with you how starting this podcast and what not has helped my with my overall goal with the Thrivingonfat brand my goals in the future. As usual, if you want to say hi to the voice behind the podcast you can find me at: Instagram: Twitter: Notice a theme? Support Thriving On Fat by donating to the tip jar:
January 04, 2019
002: meeting the co-hosts
Today we get to know Ash and Whit. I hope you enjoy the episode. Support Thriving On Fat by donating to the tip jar:
January 03, 2019
001: ToF Introduction Episode
Thank you for tuning into the first episode of The Thriving on Fat Podcast!! Today we will be talking about what to look forward to in the episodes to come. I also give you a brief Intro about myself and my Monday co-hosts, and what to expect on the Friday show. Support Thriving On Fat by donating to the tip jar: Find out more on the Thriving On Fat website.
January 01, 2019