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Through The Corporate Glass

By Through The Corporate Glass
Make informed career moves by listening to experienced people talk about their own career choices! From Engineers, Managers, Designers, Entrepreneurs and other professionals - you'll learn about key decisions they made, the skills they invest in and the mindset which helps them succeed.

We are four working professionals - Ashwini, Deepa, Dilip and Pramod - with many years of experience in technology, consulting and product management between us. Our each episode is a crisp 25-30 minutes of thought provoking conversation.

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51. Enterprise Architect - Roles, Opportunities and Learnings

Through The Corporate Glass

59. The world of Developer Advocacy
Have you ever wondered what Developer advocacy and Ecosystem building involve? What skills does one require to become a developer advocate? What are the challenges and opportunities in this field? How does this compare with other roles? Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystems at Cloud Native Computing Foundation answers these questions and shares his journey. Taylor has also been a founder, Site Reliability Engineer, Systems engineer and a Developer Advocate
August 10, 2022
58. Exploring the world of user experience
Digital products are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We are increasingly aware about our experiences with these products - whether they delight us, make us happy or drive us insane. What does it take to design and build these experiences? What are the roles in an organisation that help drive user experience? What skills does it take to do this? We talk about this with Stephanie Williams, UX Director at GE Healthcare. Stephanie has over 17 years of experience in the industry. She started out as a usability specialist at Ford Motor Company, moved on to lead user research and design and now as a director, drives experience strategy and focuses on making it a part of how an organisation works. Linkedin profile:
July 12, 2022
57. Reflections: Blending the essence of 56 Episodes
It has been a year since we started the podcast. This is a special episode which we recorded in person to reflect on all the episodes so far. We identify the common themes and learnings across different industries, geographies and roles. We would like to sincerely thank every one of our guests for the candid accounts of their journeys. Hope this episode of insights and snippets from the interviews help listeners navigate and find episodes which interest them.
July 03, 2022
56. Building a strategic mindset
Strategy - It can mean many things to people. It can be used in a personal context or professional context. As we think about our own careers, it becomes important to understand how all of these come together. How do we tie what we do with the organization's strategy? We talk about this with Kostubh Vashishth,  VP Product Management - Customer Engagement & Marketing, GE Healthcare. In his career spanning over 20 years, Kostubh has defined and driven strategies in Product management, Enterprise Architecture, Management, and Business Consulting. He has worked across different industries like Healthcare, Travel, Telecom, and Retail. He is passionate about driving teams and the organization around a common mission.  Linkedin profile:
May 27, 2022
55. How Open Source Development can shape careers
What role can open source play in career development? How does one contribute to and create new open source projects? How do you build a community around an open source project? We chat with Ben Pfaff, Principal Researcher at VMware Research to explore these questions. Ben is a systems researcher focusing on Software Define Networking.. He was one of the first employees at Nicira Networks in 2007 after completing his PhD at Stanford. There, he founded and led development of the Open vSwitch and OVN projects. He also contributed to the OpenFlow and P4 specifications. In January 2020, Ben joined the VMware Research Group. He is a Senior Member of ACM and a Fellow of the Open Networking Foundation. Ben has been a free and open source software developer since 1995, as a contributor to Debian and GNU and other projects.
May 23, 2022
54. The world of AI/ML
What does it mean to work on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning? Are there multiple roles and ways to contribute in the field? How does one assess interest, aptitude and garner the required skills? To answer this and share his incredible journey, we talk to Nimar Arora, AI/ML lead at Devrev. Nimar Arora did his BTech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, Masters from UT Austin and PhD from UC Berkeley after 16 years  working in the industry. He founded a company called Bayesian Logic, where he co-invented and deployed the NET-VISA generative model to help the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (a UN organization) detect and locate nuclear explosions on a global scale. Nimar's Linkedin Profile:
May 23, 2022
53. Taking a career break - How and Why?
Taking a break in your career can help you find balance and motivation. It can help build fresh perspectives and set you on a new path. What can help you make these decisions? How do you stay focussed on what you set out to do during a break? We talk about this with Pramod Biligiri. Pramod is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Bitken technologies. He has more than 15 years of technical experience in the software industry, including stints doing data infrastructure at Yahoo and Uber. Prior to that, he has worked on data-related projects at ThoughtWorks and Capillary Technologies. Linkedin profile:
April 12, 2022
52. Exploring the world of Business Development
What does business development involve? Does this vary between a startup and an established company? What are the skills required to be successful in business development?  We discuss this and much more with Hussein Khazaal. Hussein is a product and business leader with over 20 years of international product & partnership management, marketing and business development experience in startups and global organizations. He is currently the Category Lead for networking business development for AWS & AWS Marketplace. Hussein's Linkedin Profile: Mentioned in the episode: List of BD [Business Development] roles within AWS Marketplace : Sr. BDM Networking, Automation and Orchestration Sr. Business Development Mgr, AWS Marketplace, Emerging Tech Principal Business Development Manager AWS Marketplace - Business Applications Product Management Roles: Principal Product Manager Tech, AWS Machine Learning Marketplace
March 25, 2022
51. Enterprise Architect - Roles, Opportunities and Learnings
Technology strategy for an enterprise plays a crucial role in generating value for an organization. Architects are at the very core of this strategy. In an enterprise, you will find the different types of architects like Application architects, Solution architects, Software architects and enterprise architects who come together to define and drive this strategy. What do each of these types of architects do? What is the nature of the problems that they solve? What does it take to be an architect? We talk about this with Sandip Bhakta, Principal Enterprise Architect at GE Healthcare. Sandip has 2 decades of experience in the industry. As an enterprise architect, she has designed complex and large scale digital solutions across various industries - Financial, Defence, Media and Healthcare. She is passionate about technology and its many possibilities Sandip's Linkedin profile:
March 11, 2022
50. Making Sustainability the default choice for all
Have you wondered what it takes to make an impact in the sustainability space? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities? What roles do the community and the customer play? We explore these questions with Ganesh Shankar. Ganesh is a serial entrepreneur in the Sustainability/ ClimateTech space with a career vision towards making Sustainability the default choice for all. He is currently the Founder and CEO of FluxGen Technologies, with a goal of De-Risking Industries from the Water Crisis. He has also co-founded "The Sustainability Mafia" ( a for-impact organization, with a mission to multiply the impact of sustainability leaders through goal-oriented collaboration . His genuine interest in solving problems for the greater good as well as his motivation to guide and mentor those entering the industry are very inspiring. Ganesh's Linkedin Profile: Mentioned in the episode Sustainability Mafia: FluxGen Technologies: Industrial IoT course at IISc:
February 25, 2022
49. What does it mean to be a problem solver in the sustainability space?
How does someone with an engineering background break into policy design? What does it mean to be an effective problem solver in the sustainability space? How does one contribute to evidence based policy making. We talk about this and much more with Hari Dilip Kumar. Hari is a generalist problem-solver at heart, with a decade of rich and varied experience in sustainability and social impact. He has contributed significantly to ground-breaking projects recognized globally for innovation and impact by organizations including the United Nations. He cofounded FluxGen, a sustainable technologies company in Bengaluru. He then worked at MicroEnergy International (Germany) on the concept of swarm electrification, and headed research & product development at Solshare, an international joint-venture social enterprise creating clean energy marketplaces in rural off-grid areas of Bangladesh. He also researched systems issues at Public Affairs Centre. He currently works with startups, corporates, academia & non-profits on a range of sustainable development challenges, helping them with business development, technology & design, and policy analysis & advocacy through Solvesustain a recently founded company. Hari's Linkedin profile: Mentioned in the episode: Solvesustain: Donella Meadows: Limits of Growth: Going down the rabbit hole: The paper from MIT: Cal Newport's take on Passion: The tools: Phil Stutsz, Barry Michels: Mindset: IDEO: Human Centered Design: Carbon accounting: Evidence based policy: Initiative for climate action: Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore:
February 11, 2022
48. Thinking out of the box with Dheeraj Pandey
Building game changing products and transforming industries require thinking outside the box, questioning the accepted state of the world and making bold choices. How does one develop this aptitude, attitude and exposure. What are the challenges and what is the cost of making these bold choices? To delve into these questions, we have with us Dheeraj Pandey, Co-founder and CEO of DevRev, board member at Adobe, co-founder of Nutanix. He is also the co-founder of Param Hansa Values and Param Hansa Philanthropies and is on the board of advisors for the Department of Computer Science at UT Austin. Dheeraj is a true visionary, who constantly questions the status quo and has built companies that have disrupted industry norms.  Linkedin Profile: ShowNotes Web 3.0 - MAYA -,able%20to%20accept%20and%20embrace.  Simon Sinek - Deepak Malhotra - Brene Brown - Mike Robbins - Nicholas Taleb - SleepWalkers - Negotiating the Impossible - Sapiens - Only the Paranoid Survive -
January 28, 2022
47. Remote work hacks
With the onset of the pandemic, remote work has become the norm for many of us. While this was new to some of us, there were others who had chosen to work remote pre-pandemic. Their experiences and learnings will certainly be useful as we transition to the hybrid mode of working. We explore some of the challenges and possible solutions with Ashwini Vasanth Ashwini is an engineer at DevRev. She has worked for 10 years in a traditional office environment and has spent over 5 years in a hybrid environment. I have always seen Ashwini explore new areas, ideas and, ways of working. She is always willing to share different aspects that have helped her through her experiences. When she is not coding and building products, she writes poetry. Show Notes: Ashwini's Linkedin Profile: Ashwini's blog: Eisenhower matrix: Donut app: Apple Timeout reminders:
January 24, 2022
46. Organizational culture - How values shape our career journey
Organizational culture refers to the values and behaviours that the company promotes. As individuals, we have values which are deeply ingrained in us that drive our decision making and actions. How do these personal values relate to that of an organization? Does organizational culture shape our thinking? What happens when there are differences between our personal values and organizational culture? We talk about these with Shiva Kannan. Shiva is SVP, International & Commercial CIO at GE Healthcare. He is responsible for GE Healthcare's digital technology strategy and execution across 120 countries. He has over 2 decades of experience in the industry and has played diverse roles. As he shares his learnings, you will find yourself reflecting on your own journey and thinking of ways to try out some of the things that he speaks about. Linkedin Profile: Shiva Kannan:
January 14, 2022
45. The Diverse skills that drive innovative software products
How do choices shape our perspectives and ability to think out of the box? What skills are essential to creating innovative products?  We hear from people who pursued fields ranging from Physics and Econometrics to Computer Science, from fresh graduates to folks who have more than 2 decades of experience, from those who have questioned the status quo and those who have sustained their interest over decades. Though the journeys are so different and unique, all the people in this interview now work at DevRev, and have a shared purpose.  Linkedin Profiles of the guests in the episode Violex Ming: Harpinder Singh: Tjaša Šinkovec: Sunil Pandey: Lorinc Body: Nghia Nguyen: Madhukar Kumar: Bhavana Thudi: Dominik Damjakob: Anindya Mishra: Nimar Arora: Srividya Tata: Aditi Mishra: Mentioned in the Episode DevRev Customer 0: DevRey Day Events: Hackathon: Devrev Stories:
December 10, 2021
44. Idea to Product: Choices made by the founders of Typesense Search
How do you assess the merit of an idea? How do you decide whether you want to work on building the idea into a product and when and whether you must quit your day job to follow your passion? How do you monetize your ideas? Kishore Nallan and Jason Bosco, Founders of Typesense search,  answer these questions and share many personal learnings from their journey of 15 years in startups and big companies.   Kishore and Jason have had very successful careers working at many well known startups. Jason was VP of Engineering at Dollar Shave Club and Verishop and Kishore was a Senior SRE at Zapier and cofounded Wreally. They worked on Typesense for 4 years along with their full time jobs, until the search engine gained  traction before they quit their jobs to focus on TypeSense full time.  ShowNotes Kishore's Linkedin Profile: Jason's Linkedin Profile: Typesense Search: Kishore's blog: Open Core Model: B2B: B2C: B2C vs B2B: Hacker News post announcing Typesense:
November 24, 2021
43. A Career in Systems Programming
What does building system software feel like? What does a long term career in Systems Programming look like? What kind of mindset and skills are required to succeed here? What are some misconceptions about this field? We discuss all this with Arun Raghavan. Arun runs a system software consultancy called He has been a long term contributor to multimedia frameworks like GStreamer and PulseAudio. He has been developing software for over 15 years and has worked at companies like Nvidia and Collabora. Arun's LinkedIn profile: Episode webpage: Mentioned in this episode 1. Systems Programming - 2. GStreamer - 3. PulseAudio - 4. PipeWire - 5. Collabora - 6. - 7. Electronic Design Automation - 8. Bit banging - 9. I-square C - 10. System on a Chip - 11. DLNA - 12. H.264 - 13. Abhinav Sarkar - 14. V8 Javascript Engine - 15. libuv - 16. NodeJS - 17. Rust - 18. Lua - 19. Haskell - 20. NeoVim - 21. Arun's Twitter id - 22. Arun's email -
November 12, 2021
42. Technical Leadership: A Principal Engineer's view
How does one get into positions of leadership and influence, while staying on a technical career path? What does a Principal Engineer bring to the table at a top tier technology company like Amazon? To share his perspective, we have with us Saurabh Shrivastava, Principal Engineer at Amazon.  Saurabh has two decades of experience in roles spanning software engineering and management. Most recently, he was a Director at Nuage Networks before joining Amazon. He has a unique point of view on leadership in both the technical and management ladders. Saurabh's Linkedin Profile: Mentioned in this episode: 1. Decentralized Finance: 2. MIT Undergraduate Course in AI: 3. Nuage Networks:
October 22, 2021
41. Moving from industry to academia
Working in the industry and working in academia - there are a lot of differences between the two. You may discover your desire for academic research and teaching at any point in your career, including after you begin your career in the industry. How do you make the switch and what should you know before you do? We talk about this with Shruthi N, Asst. Professor in Department of Electronics & Communication engineering at BNMIT, Bangalore. Shruthi has worked in the industry for 3.5 years and has been with academia for 7 years. She cares about her students and is passionate about helping them find the best in themselves. Shruthi's LinkedIn profile:
October 15, 2021
40. Beyond commerce: Working on technology that benefits society
We have all dreamt of doing projects that benefit society at large, without having profit as the sole motive. What would such a job look like? And how would you go about finding it? We talk to Denny George, an engineer who has been applying his technical skills to civic causes for many years. Denny is the Co-Founder and Product Engineer at Tattle Inc, where he builds tools and datasets that help fight misinformation in India. Before Tattle, Denny built an app that let US residents manage their interactions with law enforcement agencies. He also built an app for non-unionized workers of Walmart to be more aware of their rights as workers. Denny's LinkedIn profile - Mentioned in the episode 1. Civic Tech - 2. Tattle - 3. MigraCam app - 4. App for Walmart workers - 5. Occupy Wall Street - 6. Quadrant 2 - 7. ACLU - 8. DAIICT, Gandhinagar - 9. Design for the Real World, by Victor Papanek - 10. IIM-A's CIIE - 11. Civic Hall of New York -
October 08, 2021
39. It is your career, build it like a product!
Most of us do not manage our careers actively. What if we had a model to guide us through the process? What if the model was derived as a result of decades of experience and observation in both industry and academia?  Dr Raj Yavatkar, CTO of Juniper Networks, introduces such a model for career building and talks through how it can be applied to our own careers. Raj is responsible for charting Juniper's technology strategy and for leading the company’s critical technology innovations. He has been awarded more than 45 patents, published over 60 research papers, authored five Internet standards, and co-authored a book on Internet QoS (Quality of Service). He is an IEEE Fellow and holds a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University. Raj's Linkedin Profile: Mentioned in the episode 1. TechCrunch Article: 2. List of Raj’s technical publications: 3. Raj’s contributions in IETF: 4. Four Steps to the Epiphany: 5. Andy Grove:
October 01, 2021
38. Archaeology - A journey into our past
History is not just a series of events. It is about societies, cultures and ideas that have shaped our present. Archaeologists play an important role in this journey of understanding our origins. They make sense of the past to help us build our future.  We talk to archaeologist Dr. Madhavi Kunneriath. Madhavi has an M.A in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from Deccan College, Pune., an M.Phil from the Dept of Ancient History and Archaeology at Madras University, and a Ph.D in Quaternary and Prehistory from Paris. She cares about helping people understand how knowing the past can impact the way we think today. Mentioned in the episode: 1. Town planning in Harappan civilization - 2. Sanitation in Indus Valley Civilization - 3. Scientific techniques in archaeology -
September 24, 2021
37. Note Taking and Information Management
To be effective at work these days, you have to make sense of a large amount of information on a daily basis. What strategies and tools can you harness to organize information quickly as you come across it? Can this also help you choose which skills or concepts to learn? We talk to Chirag Jain about these ideas. Chirag has worked as a Software Developer at Google, Uber, and Directi. He has a keen interest in note taking and personal information management, and shares some of the techniques that have worked for him. Chirag's LinkedIn profile: Episode webpage: Mentioned in this episode 1. Notion: 2. Chirag's Tech Talk Notes (in Notion): 3. Sublime Text: 4. Roam Research: 5. Obsidian: 6. Zettelkasten:  7. Tim Ferris: 8. Atomic Habits by James Clear: 9. GTD (Getting Things Done): 10. Alan Kay: 11  Simon Willison's Today I Learned: 12. Chirag's Twitter id: @cjthedev 13. Chirag's email: 14. Work At Tech:
September 17, 2021
36. UX Design: A balancing act
User experience design is fascinating in the way that it balances artistic skills, aesthetics, imagination and utility. Have you wondered what it takes to be a successful UX designer and how they strike this balance? How can you break into the field of design?  To enlighten us about the creative as well as the practical aspects of UX Design, we have with us, Brighton Vino Jegarajan, Staff Designer at Nutanix. Brighton has over a decade of experience in the industry, spanning both UX design and software development. Brighton's LinkedIn Profile: Brighton's website: Brighton’s workshop: Mentioned in this episode Visual Design: Interaction Design: Industrial Design: 10,000 Hour Rule:
September 10, 2021
35. A Primer on Compliance in Information Technology
Complying with regulations is critical to building trust with customers and employees. In this episode, we explore compliance in Information Technology through the eyes of Girish Ghatge, Sr. Director, Risk & Compliance at GE Healthcare. Girish reflects on his exciting career journey spanning nearly 26 years. His candid observations help us understand what it takes to navigate the challenges that come with working in the compliance space. Girish's LinkedIn profile: Mentioned in this episode: GxP guidelines: FDA: SOX: HIPAA: GDPR: PCI: Computerized System Validation: Information security management:
September 03, 2021
34. The Ins and Outs of becoming an Engineering Manager
Going from being an engineer to a manager can be a big change in your career journey. How do you know you’re up for the challenge? How can you best prepare for the transition to management? Deepthi Kulkarni gives her candid take on these topics and more. Deepthi is a Director of Technology at Afterpay, a payments platform that enables financial wellness for Gen Z and millennial shoppers. Before that she spent five years leading various teams at Redbubble, an online marketplace. She worked as an engineer at Flipkart during the company's high growth phase. Deepthi's LinkedIn profile: Episode webpage: Mentioned in this episode: 1. Afterpay - 2. Redbubble - 3. The First 90 Days, a book by Michael Watkins - 4. Manager README - 5. SBI (Situation, Behaviour, Impact) - 6. RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) -
August 27, 2021
33. How can a professional masters program realign your career?
Can graduate school be an option for those wanting to make a mark in the industry? To explore the professional masters program as a possible answer, we talk to Eric VandeVoorde & Karen Hull from Purdue University. Eric is the Director of Professional Engineering Master's Programs and Karen Hull is the Engineering Management Graduate Program Manager at Purdue. We discuss the questions which arise while choosing a graduate program, the challenges that students face and stories of how students have shaped their careers through this program. Eric and Karen have a front row seat to the decision making process and provide great insights based on their interactions with a diverse group of students over the years. Eric's Linkedin Profile: Karen's Linkedin Profile: Master of Engineering Management, Purdue University:
August 20, 2021
32. The value of Mentorship
We have teachers to guide us through school &  professors to guide us through university. But when we enter the corporate world, do we seek out similar guides and mentors? We discuss the role of mentorship in career building and talk through practical aspects of identifying mentors with Deepa Vijayakumar, who has been both a mentor and a mentee. Deepa is a Technical Product Manager at GE Healthcare and has over 15 years of industry experience. Deepa's Linkedin Profile:
August 14, 2021
31. Hiring Software Developers - Going beyond the resume
Are you approaching hiring correctly? Is a focus on resumes over practical skills costing you in this hot market for talent? And why is it so hard for us to let go of our existing approaches to hiring? We discuss all this - and more - with Krishnan Nair, CEO and Co-founder of GeekTrust. a job platform designed for software developers. Over the last six years, GeekTrust has placed more than 500 developers. Prior to starting GeekTrust, Krishnan worked as a Delivery Manager at ThoughtWorks for almost a decade. Krishnan's LinkedIn profile: Episode webpage: Mentioned in this episode: 1. GeekTrust -  2. Funding received by Indian startups in H1 2021 - 3. Gartner Report on IT Services growth - 4. An article about attrition - 5. GeekTrust coding problem -
August 06, 2021
30. Breaking into Employer Branding
Have you ever wondered if there are roles at the intersection of business functions? Can you  bring a unique value proposition, carve a niche for yourself and in the process define an entirely new role?  To talk about how she achieved all this in the context of her role in employer branding, we have with us Melissa Sheehan. Melissa is currently a Principal Program Manager for Employer Branding at Nutanix and has over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing. Episode webpage: Melissa's Linkedin Profile: Mentioned in the episode 1. Great to Place to Work Survey: 2. Glassdoor: 3. Sample Employee Profile Showcased:
July 30, 2021
29. Demystifying HR
Human Resource Management (HR) is an integral part of an organization. In this episode, we trace its history, talk about focus areas like Performance Management and how one can pursue a career in HR.   We talk to Sudipta Das. Associate Director-Performance Management, Flipkart. Sudipta has worked across multiple industries - Manufacturing, IT and Product. He is passionate about helping people as they reflect on their career and growth. Episode webpage: Mentioned in the episode Industrial Relations: Sudipta's Linkedin Profile:
July 23, 2021
28. The transformative power of Deep Work
What is Deep Work and what are its benefits? How can modern software companies organize themselves to enable employees to do Deep Work consistently? How does a culture of written communication fit into this? Swanand Pagnis, CTO of CoLearn, explores different facets of this topic in a wide ranging conversation. Swanand has put Cal Newport's principles of deep work into practice over his many years of technical work. Swanand has worked as a Director of Engineering at Deserve and as a Principal Engineer at He conducts a workshop on PostgreSQL and runs the Ruby on Rails and PapersWeLove meetup groups in Bangalore. Episode webpage: Mentioned in this episode: 1. CoLearn - 2. Deep Work by Cal Newport - 3. Tiny Habits - 4. Atomic Habits - 5. Getting Things Done - 6. Loom: Video messaging for Work - 7. Tuple: Pair programming app - 8. Rescue Time - 9. Papers We Love Blr - 10. Bangalore Ruby Users Group - 11. Swanand's LinkedIn profile - 12. Swanand's website - 13. Swanand's Twitter - 14. Swanand's PostgreSQL Workshop - 15. Swanand's SQL Workshop -
July 16, 2021
27. Entrepreneur: To be or not to be?
Becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult choice, one that opens the door to many opportunities as well as risks.  Have you wondered about the thought process that drives one to be a founder and the trade offs involved? To share his exciting journey, we have with us Rajan Bala, a senior manager at Amazon in Tornoto and the founder of Aravanai, a non profit organization helping entrepreneurs in underprivileged  communities. Previously, he was the Co-founder of Hiku labs, a Silicon Valley startup which made shopping frictionless. Podcast Show Notes Aravanai: Hiku Labs: Rajan Bala: Rajan’s Story on Yarl Stories:
July 09, 2021
26. A take on Data & Analytics in Enterprise IT
What role does Data and Analytics play in Enterprise IT? What should one keep in mind when implementing analytics within enterprise systems? And what skills do you need to make analytics effective? To share her learnings, we have with us Nisha Raghavan, Sr. Director (Data & Analytics), GE Healthcare. Nisha has over two decades of experience in this industry. She is passionate about data and has a ton of experience in dealing with its complexities. Mentioned in this episode: 1. Nisha Raghavan -  2. Master Data Management - 3. OLTP vs OLAP - 4. Data Lake vs Data Warehouse -
July 02, 2021
25. Employer Branding: Do's and Don'ts
How your company is perceived as an employer matters a great deal in today's competitive hiring landscape. We talk to Nisha J K to learn how employer brands are shaped, common misconceptions around it and how you can improve your company's branding. Nisha is a Co-Founder and Director at GreenPepper Consulting, who have been helping companies scale their tech teams. Over the last decade, GreenPapper has worked with more than 400 companies and onboarded 2000+ candidates. Mentioned in this episode: GreenPepper Consulting: Careers page of Full Contact: ThoughtWorks LinkedIn page: Swiggy Bytes blog post: Nithin Kamath of Zerodha: Kunal Shah:
June 25, 2021
24. The DNA of a Technical Marketing Engineer
We discuss the role of a Technical Marketing Engineer. Do you need to be an engineer or someone with a marketing background or both? How and why would one choose this career path? To share his journey and answer these questions for us, we have with us Jason Burns, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer. Jason has designed and supported network infrastructure in the enterprise for the past 16 years, connecting hundreds of thousands of end-users. His career has taken a winding journey from customer support, to consulting, architecting, and finally to technical marketing.  ShowNotes Jaon's blog: Videos put together by Jason
June 18, 2021
23. Relocating: A career choice
What aspects should you think about when relocating for work or for higher education? Embarking on this journey involves more than just managing work permits and visas. From the initial adjustment to dealing with being away from family and friends, there are many challenges that you need to overcome. We talk about these with Neil Castelino. Neil has a Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, United States and currently works as an Advanced Software Engineer at Elektronische Fahrwerksysteme GmbH, Germany. Links related to this episode: 1. Neil's profile on LinkedIn: 2. Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore -
June 11, 2021
22. Programming Languages: Why dig into them deeper?
When developers get comfortable with the basics of a programming language, they often stop investing more time on it. But are there benefits to learning a language at a deeper level? Is there something to be gained by understanding the concepts behind programming languages? We discuss these with Sidharth Kuruvila. Sidharth is currently a Tech Lead at Red Bubble and has worked as a developer for close to two decades across companies like Flipkart, VTiger and Applibase. He has had an abiding interest in programming languages and shares some of his insights in this episode. Mentioned in this episode: 1. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2. Java Flight Recorder - 3. Scala MapValues -$$MapValues.html 4. Scala "for comprehensions" - 5. Pivot Table -
June 04, 2021
21. Breaking into Product Management
While choosing a job as a product manager, should you consider a startup or an established company? How does an internal facing role compare to an external facing one? How does remote work sit with the role?  We continue our conversation with Luke Congdon. Director of Product Management at Nutanix to find answers to these questions. Luke’s blog is an excellent resource for all things product management and provides some great guidelines for those wanting to break into the field. LinkedIn Profile:
May 28, 2021
20. Product Management: Under the Hood
Have you wondered what Product management involves? What drives, challenges and motivates product managers? What skills do you need to consider a career in product management and how do you acquire them? To answer these questions, we have with us Luke Congdon, Director of Product Management at Nutanix. Luke has two decades of experience in the field. He is a featured speaker at the Product School and a graduate business network advisor at Santa Clara University. He writes a wonderful blog on all things product management @ Linkedin Profile:
May 21, 2021
19. Applying Process methods at work and beyond
Processes are inherent to what we do everyday - both at work, and in daily life. Process methods like LEAN and Six Sigma help us identify value adding steps and remove inefficiencies from our activities. We explore the world through the eyes of an expert in process methods - what problems they solve and the ways in which they impact the world around us. We talk to Prabhukumar MJ, Sr. Director & LEAN coach at GE Healthcare. He has over two decades of experience in driving business transformations. He is a passionate coach and always finds a way to make a difference in people's lives.
May 14, 2021
18. Thinking beyond work: Nurturing your hobbies
Modern workplaces can be demanding and stressful. How does one cultivate and pursue hobbies outside of work? And what benefits can such activities bring you? We talk to Chandrahasa Reddy, who has been developing software for 15 years. He has always made time to write short stories, direct plays, remain an avid photographer and stay active in book clubs. Chandrahasa shares some experiences from his journey, techniques that have worked for him and tips that others can use.
May 07, 2021
How can participating in Corporate Social Responsibility develop your career?
Can participating in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives contribute towards developing our careers, while promoting the social cause? To share her perspective on balancing a demanding job with social responsibility initiatives at Nutanix, we have with us Jennifer Rowland. Jennifer is a Senior Manager for product at Nutanix and heads Webscale Women - a global program to support and enable the community of women at Nutanix. Jennifer has two decades of experience in engineering and product management. Jennifer’s Profile:
April 30, 2021
Technology choices in Enterprise IT
What drives technology choices in the enterprise? Do these choices play a role in your career journey? We explore these questions with Feby Thomas, Principal Enterprise Architect at GE Healthcare. Feby has over 17 years of experience in designing and building systems at scale. He has defined technology strategy and roadmaps in business domains like eCommerce, Content Management and Customer Digital Experience.
April 23, 2021
How do you acquire new skills during your career?
Technologies related to developing software evolve at a rapid clip. So how does one constantly learn new skills and stay relevant? To discuss this, we have with us Kamal Govindraj (, a Product Engineer at Udaan. Kamal has worked for over two decades in the software industry. He has been a constant learner and has also trained people on technologies like Java and Spring. He was an Architect at Flipkart and led engineering at a high frequency trading firm.
April 16, 2021
Women in Consulting
In this episode we discuss what it feels like to be a woman in Consulting, which is known for its "Up or Out" culture. Our guest today is Amita Shanbhogue, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting. Amita has led several successful transformation projects in the financial services and healthcare sectors. She holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Business from the University of Pennsylvania.
April 09, 2021
What to look for in your next job? A Full Stack Engineer's perspective
How do you choose a company to work for? How does your choice influence your journey as a software engineer? What does a full stack engineer do? These are questions which typically need to be answered for us to make informed career choices as software engineers. To give us his perspective on these questions, we have with us Ziv Kennan, Staff Engineer at Nutanix. Ziv is a passionate problem solver who contributes to multiple layers of the Nutanix stack. 
April 02, 2021
How do habits shape your career and life?
Habits define us more than we think they do. How can we build better habits that have a positive impact on our careers and our lives? We talk about this with Shreejay, who has a personal framework that has helped him learn and sustain new habits.  Shreejay Mehta is a Sr. Director at GE Healthcare. He is always happy to share his learnings and help people get better at what they do.
March 26, 2021
Inspiring women: Their Journeys, Their choices - Part 2
This is the second episode of our series with Inspiring Women. We hear from women about  exploring career paths, finding one’s passion and adapting to changes. We have in this episode: Viji Srinivasan - Director, Technical Program Management, Nutanix Gauri Kapoor - Senior Engineer, Nuage Networks, Nokia Dr Neera Jain - Asst Professor Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University Dr Sophia Yang - Special Assistant To The President & CEO (Europe) at Wuhan DDMC Culture & Sports Co., Ltd Sowjanya Shetty -  Director Sales, Microsoft Amulya Murthy - Software Engineering Specialist, GE Healthcare Anitha Bhat - Product Manager, GE Healthcare Heera Sharma -  CEO @ goLaadli : Usha Gangadhar - Senior Manager, Enterprise Application Engineering @ GE Healthcare Kiruthika Devaraj -  Director, Hardware Engineering @ PlanetLabs
March 22, 2021
Inspiring women: Their Journeys, Their choices - Part 3
This is the third episode of our series with Inspiring Women We sometimes find inspiration within our current contexts and sometimes we look for it outside. This drives us to make different choices. In this episode, we have: Viji Srinivasan - Director, Technical Program Management, Nutanix Mary Beth Stockton - VP-Technical Product Management, Product Quality & Sourcing, GE Healthcare Subhashini Sukumar - Senior Enterprise Business Architect, United Healthcare Bhavya Rajagopal - Technical Test Lead, Infosys Karen Hull - Graduate Program Manager, Purdue University Priya Vijayan - Senior Director-Technical Product Management, GE Healthcare Sowjanya Shetty - Director-Sales, Microsoft Punitma Malhotra - Founder & CEO of Blue Astral: Usha Gangadhar - Senior Manager-Enterprise Application Engineering, GE Healthcare
March 21, 2021
Changing Jobs: When? How? And Why?
Changing jobs is never easy or desirable, but it's a reality all of us have to deal with. So how can one go about this? What are the things you can try before actually changing your job? And how to do well at your new job? We discuss all this and more with Paramananda Ponnaiyan. Paramananda heads the engineering team at Kawa Space, a startup that provides APIs for insights from satellite data. In the past he has worked in the Ops Tech team at Gojek, as an early engineer in Zynga Bangalore and for nearly a decade at Cisco.
March 19, 2021
Inspiring Women - Their Choices, Their Journeys..
This episode is a part of our special series, compiling responses from inspiring women in a variety of roles and fields.  We hear from these amazing women about their choices and the impact it had on their lives. We have in this episode,  Swetha Vijayakumar: Design Historian & Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Berkeley  Mary Beth Stockton: VP-Technical Product Management, Product Quality & Sourcing, GE Healthcare Anusha Ganeshan: Senior Manager, Cloud Engineering at Oracle Priya Iyer: eCommerce Project Manager, MilliporeSigma Raina Shivashankar: Assistant Professor of Medicine and practicing gastroenterologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital  Sangeeta Relan: VP-Engineering @ Nutanix & Board member at Home of Hope Priya Vijayan: Sr Director-Technical Product Management, GE Healthcare  Shalaka Sarfare: Firmware Engineer at Apple  Bargavi A K:  Sr Enterprise Application Engineer,  GE Healthcare  Jennifer Rowland: Product at Nutanix (AHV) I Webscale Women Lead (DEI)  Sushma Parameshwar. Staff Technical Project Manager, GE Healthcare 
March 12, 2021
Choosing a career in Consulting: Pros and Cons
What is it like to choose Consulting as a career right after graduation? What are the challenges and rewards? To talk about this, we have with us Sushmitha Yarrabothula, who works for Deloitte. Sushmitha is a Consultant in Deloitte’s Core Business Operations practice, helping clients design and drive strategic transformations that intersect both business and technology. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, holding a M.S.E. in Systems Engineering and a B.S.E. in Bioengineering, with minors in Computer Science and Engineering Entrepreneurship.
March 12, 2021
A deep dive into Technical Program Management
Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Technical Program Manager and whether you should consider this role as a career option? To take us through the world of program management, its challenges and rewards, we have with us Rajeev Ramamurthy. Rajeev is a Senior Director of Program Management at NXP Semiconductors, San Diego, California. He started his career as a cellular algorithms software engineer at Nokia, moved into engineering management and subsequently transitioned into a program management role.
March 07, 2021
The World of Consulting
In this episode, we look at the world of consulting with Dilip Adiga. Dilip talks about what consultants do, their skills and why companies hire them. He is currently a Senior Manager at Deloitte. He started his career as an engineer and later discovered his passion for consulting.
February 26, 2021
Demystifying Enterprise IT
In this episode, we explore the world of Enterprise IT with Vinod Sharma. We discuss the kind of problems solved in this space, the differentiating factors, the career progression ladder and even a few growth hacks.  Vinod Sharma has over a decade of experience in Enterprise IT, and is currently a Product Manager at Google.
February 19, 2021
Exploring startup ideas on the side while staying in a full time job
We talk to Suraj Atreya, who likes working on hobby projects that interest him. He was also able to convert one of them into a business. We discuss what drives him to start these projects, how he manages his time and energy, and much more.
February 12, 2021
Software Engineering, Consulting, Product Management & Sales - Can a career span all of these?
If you started your career as a software engineer, do you need to stick to the same track through your career? Can you get into consulting or become a product manager while still being rewarded for your experience as a software engineer? To answer these questions and share her incredible journey, we have with us today Anusha Ganesan. Anusha has been a software developer, technology consultant, product manager and is currently a cloud engineering manager at Oracle. Wondering what prompted her to make these changes and how she navigated them? Listen to this episode to find out more!
February 05, 2021
What does it take to move across technologies and domains in your career?
In this episode, guest Ashwini Vasanth shares her career journey of over 16 years, spanning different technology areas. She also addresses the challenges of learning new domains while balancing career progression. Ashwini works as a Staff Engineer at Nutanix.
January 29, 2021
Series Intro: Welcome to Through The Corporate Glass
Host Pramod Biligiri explains how this series will go about exploring career choices. Our other hosts are Ashwini Vasanth, Deepa VijayaKumar and Dilip Adiga.
December 28, 2020