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The Infinite Zero Experience

The Infinite Zero Experience

By Ti0
Welcome! 🙂 On this podcast you can learn about the infinite zero experience - the endless journey of integrating the beautiful mysterious paradox called reality.

You can also listen to other topics like:

- The Yoga Beyond: going beyond pop-yoga and the postures to connect with deeper levels of reality

- Consciousness Nomadism: an experiential philosophy that adapts to reality as we evolve

- Faceless Beings: A realm of individuals who connect beyond the superficies of appearances and impressions

And a lot more related to the development of consciousness...

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The Yoga Beyond: An Introduction
The Yoga Beyond.. Beyond beyond.. Beyond what? And what is beyond? Listen and find out more in this post:
June 11, 2021
Intro to Consciousness Nomadism | Comads | Faceless Beings | Community of Individuals | Ti0
Welcome to the Infinite Zero Experience. This is a brief introduction to several concepts we are going to be discussing on this channel, including and not limited to Consciousness Nomadism or Comadism, Faceless Beings, Comads, a Community of Individuals, and an introduction to Ti0 who is facilitating this space.   To learn more you can explore  #ConsciousnessNomadism #FacelessBeings #CommunityOfIndividuals #Comadism #consciousness #nomadism #DigitalNomads #psychedelics #spirituality
June 11, 2021
Coming Soon: The Infinite Zero Experience
Welcome to The Infinite Zero Experience. Subscribe to be notified as soon as we launch the first episode.  On this podcast you can learn about the endless journey of integrating the paradoxical nature of reality, a new style of Yoga called "The Yoga Beyond", and an experiential philosophy called "Consciousness Nomadism".
February 21, 2021