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18. Insourcing, innovation, and building an inclusive support culture, with Tammy Ward and Niko Miller

Ticket Volume

24. The risk of enablement and the power of Value Streams, with Daniel Breston
With half a century in IT, Daniel Breston has seen it all. Here, he shares some learnings on one of his favorite topics (Value Streams). Plus, he advises leaders on how to properly enable (and not "empower") their teams and gets a bit mad when Matt mentions the concept of "best practices" — all while mentioning Batman and quoting Sherlock Holmes. Daniel Breston is a retired coach, blogger, speaker, and writer with more than 50 years of experience in IT. In his own words, he has been "in almost all roles in IT, from Service Desk to CIO." He's currently a board member of itSFMF UK, and once in a while picks up his old habits with part-time mentorships and workshops.
September 29, 2022
23. Flow Science, focus, and whole health: 3 essential ingredients to successful IT, with Simone Jo Moore
Simone Jo Moore's fresh take on how to look at work more healthily and efficiently is definitely worth a look. In this episode, she shares some ideas about Flow Science and explains how to be "in the zone" without overstaying our welcome. Self-defined as a "framework mixologist," Simone Jo Moore is a renowned author and coauthor guiding organizations and individuals in adopting a "Humanising IT" perspective. Among her books, you can find "VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied" and "ITIL 4 High-velocity IT." She's been in HDI's Top 25 Industry Thought Leaders for the last five years and is a WomenTech & DevOps Institute Ambassador.
September 22, 2022
22. Why do people hate the help desk — and how to land your first IT job, with Kevtech
Looking for your first job in IT? Then this is what you need to listen to. Kevin Apolinario (a.k.a Kevtech IT Support)'s efforts to lower the entry bar for IT are well known, and in this episode, he shares some questions to ask hiring managers, what skills are indispensable for help desk agents, how to show your experience in your resume, and a fresh perspective on whether you should get certified. Kevin Apolinario is Senior Desktop Engineer at Confidential and Senior Technical Trainer at a Technical Skills Development Platform. Better known as Kevtech, his YouTube channel "Kevtech IT Support" is followed by 37K people looking to build a career path in IT.
September 15, 2022
21. The truth behind ITIL 4: a tad of processes and a pinch of humans to make value streams, with Katrina Macdermid
If you're planning on taking the ITIL 4 certification (or are in any way related to it), this episode is a must. Katrina Macdermid (ITIL master author) sheds some light — not without a bit of controversy — on the fundamentals of ITIL 4, what it went wrong, and what it got right. Join the conversation, and take with you the recipe to create effective value streams. Katrina Macdermid is an ITIL Master, ITIL 4 co-author, consultant, and educator, and IT Service Management Maturity Assessor. Her experience includes tenures at Jetstar Airways, Qantas, and Amadeus. She won three global awards in ITIL training and is an advocate of incorporating Human-Centered Design into ITIL and IT Service Management.
September 08, 2022
20. The magic of connecting HR, IT, and culture for success, with Greg Sanker
What do IT and HR have in common? If you were thinking about tearing down silos once and for all, Greg Sanker (Taylor Morrison) has proof that'll back you up. In this episode, Matt and Greg discuss the need for communication between departments, the common concerns of areas that don't seem quite similar on the surface, and the way synergy could drive success. Greg Sanker is the Director of IT Support at Taylor Morrison. He's a consultant, speaker, and author with more than ten years in the ITSM industry. His areas of expertise include ITIL, Organizational Management of Change, Global IT Operations, IT Operations Management, and Business Processes Alignment.  
September 01, 2022
19. Digital Employee Experience: the path to a people-centric IT organization, with Jon Leighton from Nexthink
For far too long, technology has been seen as the most important thing, not the experience of those consuming that technology. Jon Leighton (Nexthink) is here to say otherwise. Find out what a people-centric organization entails and how you can approach that in your organization. Jon Leighton has been the Head of Customer Engagement and Advocacy at Nexthink for more than three years. Before this, he's been in BMC Software, was the VP of Customer Success at 4me and the Service Desk Leader at Southhampton City Council.
August 25, 2022
18. Insourcing, innovation, and building an inclusive support culture, with Tammy Ward and Niko Miller
It's time for a bit of disruption! Tammy Ward and Niko Miller (ATB Financial) walk us through what it's like to expand a people-first culture into every process of a company. From a shift to collaboration and a focus on mental health to an effective process to recruit staff that doesn't depend on a single person, they've transformed the service desk, the IT department, and the leadership in their company. Tammy Ward is currently Managing Director, Team Member Collaboration & Enablement at ATB Financial, where she's been for the past 9 years as a People Leader. Previously, she's been in many roles on a help desk for energy companies in Canada. Former Best Buy Sales Associate, Nikolas Miller is the Senior Manager of End-User Support at ATB Financial, where he has also served as Product Manager and IT Analyst since 2017.
August 18, 2022
17. Problem Management: How to start, how to grow, and where to find problems with Brian Skramstad
Problems are everywhere, but you have to know what to look for to find the ones that really make a difference when solved. Experienced Problem Manager Brian Skramstad offers a view inside his head (and his processes) and provides a detailed description of how to work with data and make every effort count to solve problems right at their root cause (and not with just a band-aid). Brian Skramstad is the IT Service Management Principal at Allianz Technology. He's been in IT support roles for over 20 years in companies such as Medtronic and Thomson Reuters. His main focus is on Problem and Incident Management.
August 11, 2022
16. Is ITIL 4 falling behind? The future of ITIL, with David Cannon from nfiniti3
As organizations continue to innovate and push the boundaries of capabilities, we can't help but wonder if ITIL reflects that learning. David Cannon (nfiniti3) attempts to answer that and lends a helping hand to understand how the practices in ITIL reflect a broad spectrum of maturity and are giving cutting-edge teams enough to chew on for now. Plus, he discusses tooling-led maturity, increasing IT value, and how cost modeling will bring up skeletons in your closets. David Cannon is the Executive Vice President for nfiniti3. He's an ITIL expert with many years in the industry and a variety of companies and roles. Some of his former positions are Chief Strategist in cybersecurity firms, Consulting Director for Forrester, and Director of an ITSM Practice at BMC.
August 04, 2022
15. Tier infinity: learning, retention, and loyalty in small IT teams, with Danny Kateli from Midrex
In small IT teams, the first and last tiers are exactly the same. Danny Kateli (Manager of IT Operations at Midrex) knows this by heart and shares some tips on loyalty, learning processes, and employee retention. If you were wondering how to keep your team motivated, how to engage with them, and how to facilitate a family-like environment that keeps your teammates around, this is the episode for you! Danny Kateli is a retired military officer with experience in facilities management, recruiting, project management, and leadership. He worked as an IT Field Delivery Manager and IT Service Delivery Manager at CompuCom with a focus on process optimization. Afterward, he moved onto his current role as the Manager of IT Operations at Midrex, where he's in charge of network infrastructure, data center maintenance, IT security, and the Service Desk.
July 29, 2022
14. The ABC of building a Service Management Office, with Melissa Teater from Jamf
Melissa Teater (Director of Support and Experience at Jamf) shares her experience creating a Service Management Office to help expand a 20-year organization globally. The goal is to implement ITIL best practices across the company — hoping that a Service Management backbone would provide stability and scalability to their processes and platforms.  Melissa Teater is a 25-year veteran of Information Technology infrastructure, support operations, and service level management. She has extensive experience developing strategic support solutions for global operations, focusing on exceptional customer experience. In her career, she has also led large teams to thrive through employee development, continuous improvement, and process efficiency. Melissa is a communication expert with the ability to integrate managed service providers to suit business needs.
July 21, 2022
13. Want to write a great resume? Focus on the outcomes, with Robert Fedoruk
Your resume should be more like a brochure — and less like a research paper. Robert Fedoruk (ServiceNow expert and a.k.a. The Duke) gives unfiltered advice on how to make your resume stand out from the pile. Spoiler alert: it all has to do with outcomes. A self-described big mouth, Robert Fedoruk is known for being blunt and speaking his mind. He has over 14 years of experience in the ServiceNow ecosystem. He's a freelance consultant, coach, and speaker. Plus, he's the co-host of "CJ & The Duke Podcast."
July 14, 2022
12. Experience, leadership, and ESM are all related, with Jason Wischer
What do experience, ESM, and leadership have in common? Jason Wischer — consultant at KANINI and renowned leader — expands on the relations between these areas and gives a few tips on how to mix perspectives to be a good leader. So, if you want to make purple, listen on! Jason Wischer is an advisor and consultant at KANINI, passionate about customer experience. Before becoming a freelance consultant, he spent some time at Crossfuze, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Thomson Reuters, and HDI.
July 07, 2022
11. The experience management shift in service management, with Alan Nance from XLA Collab
Why does experience management work so well? From org change to service management and an optimization framework, Alan Nance (XLA Collab) answers the questions about this newly popular approach to improving services and products. Alan Nance is a leader in Experience Management, specifically in XLAs. He is the Co-Founder and President of XLA Collab, Advisory Board Member for HAL24K, and External Advisor on data, digital, and innovation strategy for the Royal Schiphol Group.
June 30, 2022
10. Robots everywhere! Robotics and AI in ITSM, with Mauricio Corona from BP Gurus
Trend or fad? Mauricio Corona (BP Gurus) has been following AI uses throughout the world, from Mexico to the Middle East. He bedazzles audiences by showing how humanoids can provide service, including in the ITSM industry. In this talk with Matt, he shares global trends on ITSM, enabling products and services using artificial intelligence, and implementing robots as part of an omnichannel communication strategy. Mauricio Corona travels around the world bringing service management and business maturity to many countries while collecting experiences of the use of AI and robotics. He's the Chairman and Owner of BP Gurus, an active SDI Chief Transformation Officer, board member at ACIS_IT, Head of AI graduate programs at Universidad La Salle (Mexico), and Professor at Actuarial Science Faculty STEM Anahuac (Mexico).
June 23, 2022
09. IT4IT: How it started and what version 3.0 will bring, with Micro Focus CTO Lars Rosen
Who's better to talk about IT4IT than one of the framework creators? Lars Rosen spills the beans about what to expect from IT4IT version 3.0, shares his experience using the standard, and even walks down memory lane to explain to Matt how such a collaborative work is pulled off. It all started with an idea no one wanted to listen to and ended up being a robust alternative to ITIL. And here's the story, in first person. Lars Rossen created the first version of the IT4IT Reference Architecture, which formed the basis for the standard in The Open Group. He's currently Micro Focus Fellow and CTO and continues to be the lead architect for the IT4IT initiative. He's an engineer and a researcher with an MBA focused on technology management and a Ph.D. in computer science.
June 16, 2022
08. The face of service: support managers need inspiration too, with Megan Engels
Megan Engels' (VP of IT Support for Peoples Bank) answer to "What keeps you coming back to work every week?" fires up a much-needed talk about the people on the service desk. How to approach them, how to motivate them, what soft skills are essential, and how to know if this is the job for you. A key episode for managers and agents alike. Megan Engels is the IT Support Manager for Peoples Bank. She's an experienced IT leader concerned about making IT accessible for everyone. She's got over 20 years of experience at Peoples Bank and almost 15 in IT.
June 09, 2022
07. Where does good service come from? A sneak peek with Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark (ITSM consultant) has quite a unique career path. Along with Matt, they tried to figure out where good service comes from (spoiler alert: everywhere!). Catch their full talk on ITIL, difficulties of ESM, and the basis for a great ITSM solution. Kevin Clark has 15 years of experience in IT service. He's a self-described passionate advocate for excellence and quality in Service Management, with a particular interest in the machinery behind good service. He's currently a Senior Consultant, and he's worked with brands such as ServiceNow and HP.
June 02, 2022
06. A crash course in software asset management, with Aaron Davenport
Aaron Davenport, Software Asset Manager at HCA, breaks down software asset management and talks first steps, roadblocks, GDPR, and certifications. He even surprised Matt with an asset management strategy walkthrough! Aaron Davenport is a software asset management specialist, process owner, and organizational change expert. He also has an MBA in IT Business Administration. He's currently a senior consultant specializing in license optimization, and he's worked with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Flexera Software, ServiceNow, Oracle, and Adobe.
May 26, 2022
05. Expanding beyond Service Management: DevOps, SRE and BRM, with Suresh GP
Suresh GP (Top 25 Influencer in ITSM and Global Ambassador of the DevOps Institute) goes beyond service management to discuss with Matt how to bring value to a business through DevOps and SRE. Plus, he digs into customer experience and teases an opportunity for IT to stay relevant. Suresh GP is a founder and managing director at TaUB Solutions. He has more than 19 years of IT experience in areas such as service management, IT governance, business relationship management (BRM), agile, and DevOps.
May 19, 2022
04. What are XLAs and why do they matter? With Rae Ann Bruno
Matt and Rae Ann Bruno (ITIL, metrics, and processes trainer and consultant) deep dive into user experience to explain what Experience Level Agreements are and why they matter. Plus, they reflect on the relationship between SLAs and XLAs and answer the crucial question of who should be in charge of implementing them. Rae Ann Bruno has over 15 years of management experience, with an emphasis on process re-engineering, employee development, and business alignment of IT services. She's a consultant and trainer in various areas of ITIL, knowledge-centered service, service desk improvement, communications, internal marketing, metrics, and ITIL process improvement. Rae Ann is currently the President of Business Solutions Training, Inc.
May 12, 2022
03. IT leadership: Managing the 3 types of IT employees, with NJ Robinson
Not everyone can lead; some people are just drawn to it. NJ Robinson (expert in IT leadership) joins Matt to explore how leading in IT is different, the three types of team members, and how to adapt to each one. NJ is a collaborative, forward-thinking IT leader with a 10-year track record of applying leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills to transform under-performing teams and make good teams great! He's a national speaker and leads in his current role for the 794th Communications Squadron. Find him on LinkedIn and
May 05, 2022
02. Governance too slow? Time to speed it up! With Dan Aragon from Best Buy
Governance is a balancing act of speed and risk. Best Buy's Dan Aragon certainly has some experience on this topic, and he doesn't hesitate to share! Join Matt and Dan's discussion on managing processes, maturity, governance, and incident management for a take on those subjects. Dan Aragon is a passionate and caring service management practitioner experienced in building practical and successful service management delivery teams and processes that create value in organizations. He has years of experience owning IT processes in Financial Services, Health, and Retail organizations. His most recent experience as a Director of IT Service Management Process at Best Buy has him pushing Service Management governance to do more for the organization.
April 28, 2022
01. Why IT needs new management methods, with Rob England
What is, what isn't, what should be and what shouldn't be service management. Join Matt on a philosophical chat about IT with the former IT Skeptic - yes, we asked what happened with our favorite blog (and he answered!). Rob England is known for contributing to ITIL Service Strategy, The Unicorn Project, The Agile Manager, Open Management, The DevOps Handbook, and as the lead author of the VeriSM digital framework. Founding groups like itSMF New Zealand and WellyBAM (Business Agility Meetup), Rob connects IT professionals across regions and continents. Working with Dr. Cherry Vu as part of their consulting team for Teal Unicorn, they change organizations and leadership with a myriad of business challenges.
April 21, 2022
Trailer - Ticket Volume, a podcast for IT professionals
Join IT Industry Analyst Matt Beran to chat about service management, technology, business, and news and trends for improving IT experiences in general. Every week, he discusses a different topic with an IT leader - from ITSM and cybersecurity to networking and more! Never miss an episode by subscribing to our profile. Ticket Volume is powered by InvGate, your gateway for better IT.
April 13, 2022