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Tier One Podcast

Tier One Podcast

By Harry @ Tier One
A show about guns and the people who master them - 1 hour interviews with leaders and heroes in the gun space.

Packed full of knowledge to help you become a better shooter.
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1. Rex Tibor // The art of long range shooting

Tier One Podcast

10. Tier One // Craig Coote - 3 Microns between success and failure Want to hunt Ibex in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan? Want to create a brand, from scratch, that turns into a world beater and becomes the go-to brand of choice for the world's most elite military units? Our guest Craig Coote, CEO of Tier One has done these things and more - in this podcast we'll dive into the detail behind precision manufacture in the gun industry and mountain hunting in the wilds of central Asia;  Where does increased accuracy down range actually come from? Why are most firearms and accessory manufacturers using inferior machines to produce so called 'precision' products? How to prepare for the mountain hunt of a lifetime - what gear to take, what to expect, and how to make sure you have fun! The story behind Tier One What's in the pipeline - new products, new technology There's a massive REVOLUTION coming in manufacturing techniques - what is it and how is it going to change the industry forever All this and more in this episode of the Tier One podcast, brought to you by Tier One - The world's finest rifle accessories.
March 18, 2021
9. Unknown Munitions // How to Start Reloading
Sick of the ammo shortage? Want to improve your accuracy, consistently, with your current rifle? Jake Mushaney from Unknown Munitions is going to walk you through the process of making your own ammo like a pro. Check out // You’ll learn: What’s the biggest mistake home reloaders make, and how to avoid it What to spend your money, and what you can save on Demystifying ES, SD and other mind-fogging acronyms The most important factors in ammo manufacture that influence accuracy and precision The exact process Jake uses to make premium ammo, and which you can follow to the letter at home Unknown Munitions makes very high-end, custom ammunition for discerning hunters, professionals and competitors. There’s a science behind making an excellent round and in this episode Jake cuts through the crap to bring you the bare bones, repeatable process for making your own top quality ammo. Enjoy!
February 19, 2021
8. Colton Bagnoli // "Life is Full of Flyers"
Colton is a SWAT team sniper, magazine editor for Western Hunter, gear tester (you name it, he's probably tested it), avid hunter, and all round decent guy. We cover in this interview: How to get into the shooting industry What's the advantage of a custom rifle build, how does it compare to off the shelf options? What brands consistently produce high quality products, and how to you define quality when you have access to just about every product out there? How to select the right glass, and how important it is! Hunting Elk in Montana Bourbon recommendations from an aficionado Thanks for tuning in!
December 31, 2020
7. Artemis Hunting // Tomo Svetic
On this episode we talk with Tomo about his work running guided mountain hunts in the mountains of Croatia and middle Asia.  Artemis Hunting - check them out and go on the hunt you always dreamt of. Animals include Mouflon Sheep, Marco Polo, Ibex, Deer and tons more: We cover in this episode Hunting Mouflon sheep, Chamois, Marco Polo in the mountains of Europe and Middle Asia How to prepare for a mountain hunt - rifle selection, practice, and benchmarks to hit before you set out on your hunt How a Navy Seal overcame 4 missed opportunities on the mountain to finally bag the animal he had dreamt about since childhood And more...! We got over an hour of conversation with Tomo but still had so many questions to ask him, hopefully we can dive even deeper on another episode. Thanks Tomo!
September 25, 2020
6. Modern Day Sniper // Caylen Wojcik
This episode we chat with Caylen Wojcik - ex-US Marine sniper, currently a long range rifle instructor and founder of Modern Day Sniper, a hugely successful podcast and training company.  Check them out at Caylen is an awesome guy, very knowledgeable and keen to share his skills and knowledge with shooters of all skill levels.  We cover: Mindfulness behind the rifle - how awareness and open mindedness are the real key to improvement How to snipe an infected sheep in Windy Valley with an audience - and you've only got 2 rounds... The Sniper's Hide drill Caylen's words to live by...
July 20, 2020
5. Zero Compromise // Nicholas Gebhardt
In this episode we chat with Nick Gebhardt from Zero Compromise Optics about what makes their scopes so impressive We cover; Where the company came from and how it started How executives from Kahles and Nightforce ended up forming a new entity God is in the detail - the small improvements to traditional scope features that add up to huge improvements in quality and longevity  How to custom build your own amazing rifle stock! Training with a .22 and how it can make you a much better rifleman (this is a common theme across our interviews, worth taking notice!) Check out Zero Compromise Optic at
July 4, 2020
4.2 Frank Galli // How to be a long range legend pt.2
Check out Frank's new book, Precision Rifle Marksmanship: The Fundamentals - A Marine Sniper's Guide to Long Range Shooting: Amazon Find Frank on: Points covered: What critical piece of your setup to spend money on Dry firing, drills that will massively improve your accuracy WTF - Frank's mantra The future of the long range sport and industry Check us out at
May 25, 2020
4.1 Frank Galli // How to be a Long Range Legend pt.1
Episode 004 - Part 1 In this two-parter we chat with Frank Galli, founder of and an incredible long range shooter and instructor.  Frank covers the following for us in this segment: His early career and founding in 2000 How PRS style matches were pioneered by Frank and his colleagues and PRS itself was fleshed out and founded on the snipershide website Weaponized math - Frank's own methodology, super interesting and totally innovative How to properly true your ballistic calculator and the BIGGEST MISTAKE people make when they buy new gear. What is essential gear for long range, and how to choose from the insane amount of gear out there.  Check out Frank at and on Instagram @shlowlight
May 15, 2020
3. Nick Bazzone // PRS Training & Tips from a US Marine Sniper
Feat. Nick Bazzone, competitive shooter and SNCOIC at the US Marines Mountain Sniper School.  Covering, in order: Wind readings - using mirages, reading the landscape Getting started in PRS - what is it, how does it work, what rifle should you start with? The weight not an issue How does Nick train for PRS match performance?  Isolating training (not kung flu isolation) The perils of mountain training...keep your gear under positive control!! Practising smooth transitions To dial or not to dial You do not have to be fit for PRS (but it helps) Paper drills - timing it - How important is muscle memory in PRS? The 3 things you must know when you step up to the stage Train ups - what they entail What's the future of PRS? Words to live by Instagram: web: 
April 4, 2020
2. Chas Bales // Warhorse Development
Episode 002 Featuring Chas Bales, founder and CEO of Warhorse Development, making some of the world's best shooting bags.  Supplied to elite military units across the world and a favourite of PRS competitors in the USA Points covered: Why did you start Warhorse, what's the back story? What's the story behind the bag names? What makes a good bag The Big Medicine PRS competition & train up What's coming up for Warhorse - a new sling is in the works... Chas' words to live by Artwork by:
March 19, 2020
1. Rex Tibor // The art of long range shooting
Episode 001 Featuring Rex Tibor from Rex Reviews & Points covered, in order: Getting started shooting as a 4yr old in the badlands  Developing a good feel for the rifle  What's a good, solid baseline setup for long range shooting?  Does practice help or hinder? Who makes a good shooter? The answer might surprise you...  The Y chromosome factor - how this ruins your shooting!  The slobber factor  Breaking through the ice...  Technical analysis: you have never figured it out & how to advance the science.  Bullet stability - heating of the barrel - cutting the chamber manually means every rifle is different - twist rate isn't everything - listening to the bullet from halfway down the range Learning from old artillery manuals - the incredible value of forgotten ballistic knowledge  Rex's seminars in 2020  Temperature effects on rifle setups  Rex's words to live by Training: Rex Reviews YouTube: Instagram:
February 19, 2020