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Conscious Living. Inspired Action. with Tifani Wagner

Conscious Living. Inspired Action. with Tifani Wagner

By Tifani Wagner
This audio blog is a personal collection of musings, rants, and whatever else comes to mind.

I'm a Spiritual Minimalist with an interest in Collection Integration and helping people connect with their still small voice. I work with self-identified Overthinkers from all walks of life. Whether you're a Type A Personality, a Free Spirit, or anything in between, you're welcome here.
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Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water
Being Judgy McJudge and digging out of thinking in absolutes. --- *Self-Discovery Series* Not just meditation. I'm not asking you to sit still. I'm not asking you to quiet your brain. I'm not asking you to control your thoughts. All I AM asking, is that you allow yourself to receive from your greatest source of truth... YOU. The next round starts September 7, 2021. Click here for full details. --- Right now if you hop on my email list, you'll get a free copy of my Conscious Change Workbook. It's a self-paced guide to creating change without overwhelm. The journal prompts and exercises help you identify habits and behaviors where you are READY to make change, and the bite-sized format shows you how small actions matter. Sign up for the email list to get your copy.
August 29, 2021
My Should turned into I Want
Guilt over an inspired action and my take on limiting beliefs.
August 15, 2021